Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Rockets Win.

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Rockets have now lost 20-straight games.
Rockets Win.
I am crying actual tears ITS A PAY ITS A PAY ITS A PAY THE ROCKETS WIN!!!!!!!!!!
The raptors managed to: -let their fans down -let the league down -let rockets fan down.
Raptors lost to the Rockets. Houston had a 20 game losing streak. They should just pack it in.
I usually like to see the rockets lose, because I am petty and have issues w/ the team from almost 15 years ago. BUT, I know how it feels for your team to be horrendous & Coach Silas deserves better. Fans deserve better, even those that cheer for the rockets.

Houston Rockets.
The Rockets snapped their 20-game losing streak with a W against the Raptors.
How the rockets lose 20 (yes, 20!) games in a row and still not have the worst record in the league?!?!
THE 20-GAME LOSING STREAK IS OVER John Wall dropped a triple-double to help the Rockets end the streak.
NBA community consoles Stephen Silas after Rockets' 20th straight loss.
Most modern rockets are switching to methane based fuels which can be produced from CO2 Sabatier reactions.
Wait what the rockets won an actual basketball game??
The Rockets are on a 1-game winning streak!
The Rockets just beat the Raptors. They had a 20 game losing streak, but a win means that their streak is snapped!
Sources: The Boston Celtics are the current frontrunners for Aaron Gordon, having matched the Rockets offer of two first-round picks as part of a larger offer. Pick protections unknown.
John Walls triple-double leads Rockets to win, snapping losing streak at 20.
Na the rockets seem pretty legit.
The Rockets halt their 20-game losing streak with a 117-99 win against the Raptors. Last time the Rockets won a game was against Memphis Grizzlies on February 5. They are 12-30 in the league.
Live look at all of us on Rockets Twitter.
Rockets lost 20 straight????
Y'all lost to the Rockets. THE ROCKETS!! get outta here.
Where were you when the Rockets snapped their 20-game losing streak?
Good night to everyone See ya in the morning Rockets Win.
How are the rockets supposed to make the playoffs?
I feel like DJ Augustin and DJ Wilson were really solid contributors to the Rockets tonight in helping keep the bench unit afloat. That stuff matters.
The 20 game losing streak is over!!!!!!!
H-Town Rockets got the W, fr.
After a 20 game losing streak the Rockets FINALLY GET A WIN!!!!!!! Thank You.
The streak is over!
I forgot Eric Gordon is in the Rockets.
Bumble cofounder becomes world's youngest self-made woman billionaire. Here's her net worth.
The Houston Rockets won tonight...They are now 1-20 over their last 21 games.
Who tf is jaesean tate apparently he was the player on the rockets today.
If the Draft lottery doesnt have the Rockets, Magic, Thunder, and Cavs in the top 4 then its dumb as shit.
Well, the Rockets won today.
He choked too tho. He was bricking like hell in late in those series. Dude never played up to his own standard against GS, the Spurs or any elite team. Im not even saying the Rockets shouldve won Im saying he shrunk in those situations just like Bron in 2011***.

Exactly one month ago I tweeted this not actually thinking wed go losing, but finally I can say YES, the Rockets finally won a dang game.
Rockets finally won a game of basketball.
"Kyle Lowry It's time to pack it up" The Toronto Raptors fall to the Houston Rockets 97-112.
Rockets snap 20-game losing streak as Raptors continue to free-fall. .
This is the look of a coach whose team just ended a 20-game losing streak. "It's like, indescribable," said the Rockets' Stephen Silas, who fought back tears a day earlier after loss No. 20.
Houston Rockets finally snap their 20 game losing streak with a win over the Toronto Raptors tonight! Video.
Rockets still suck.
Rockets starters NOT named John Wall in Mondays win over TOR: 27-39 (72.7%) John Wall in Mondays win over TOR: 8-30 (26%).
SpaceX is developing rockets needed to make life multiplanetary full & rapid reusability at large scale. Even if SpaceX fails in that goal, the rockets will still be most advanced on Earth. Starlinks purpose is to provide Internet to the least served & to pay for Mars.

And let that be a lesson to you all. Nobody beats the Rockets 21 times in a row.
And that 1 time the rockets had a chance to make the finals so once again without kd the rockets couldve done something.
Rockets mood.
Whats the problem? Do what we did. Chemical rockets are very old tech. Halt govt rocket work. Provide purchase guarantees to private firms based on performance. And provide start-up $$ as needed. Prices come down, performance goes up. Govt focuses on new propulsion.

The Houston Rockets traded PJ Tucker for 2 players, CURRENTLY, better than PJ Tucker. Fixed it for ya.
Houston Rockets 12-30.
They also don't trust each other as a team right now. That much is obvious beyond allowing the Rockets to punk them in the 4th effort wise. Where's the ball movement and decisiveness on offense? It isn't there.

"The guns and the bombs, the rockets and warships, are all symbols of human failure" - LBJ.
Houston Rockets Derrick Jaxn Delivering Christian Wood.
They are aiming too low. Only rockets that are fully & rapidly reusable will be competitive. Everything else will seem like a cloth biplane in the age of jets.
Coogs won yesterday & Rockets won tonight, so it definitely is. Good night H-Town.
They let me down because i wanted the rockets streak to continue.

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