Saturday 23rd of January 2021

Oh my God, Biden Has a Peloton And Wears a Rolex.

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Oh my God, Biden has a Peloton and wears a Rolex.
The New York Times is now trying to paint President Biden as elitist and out of touch because he has a Rolex and a Peloton. Did they not notice the gold toilet guy who was in there for the past four years? Is the New York Times now being written by actual sewer rats?

What's the worst presidential scandal, the time when Biden wore a Rolex, the time when Obama ordered Dijon mustard, or the time when Trump encouraged a insurrectionist mob to violently seize the Capitol in a vain attempt to overturn an election that he lost?

Two weeks ago, our democracy was teetering on the brink of collapse at the hands of a violent, white supremacist cabal directed by the President of the United States. And now the New York Times is showing its fairness by attacking Joe Biden for wearing a Rolex. Shame on you.

If Donald trump can grift Americans out of millions of dollars in golf trips, incite a riot, has a fucking gold toilet, then dammit STFU about President Joe Biden's ROLEX. Jeez.
The NY Times needs therapy. Is That a Rolex on Bidens Wrist?
How refreshing that the most scandalous thing the President did today is to wear a fancy watch.
Lmfao at the NY Times writing a whole-ass gotcha article about Biden having a Rolex after doing all kinds of mental gymnastics for 4 years to avoid being too mean to the transparently corrupt, racist, democracy-destroying former game show host who literally owns a gold toilet.

Dont attack the NYT because they wrote an article on Bidens Rolex. They werent Trumps friend and they probably wont be Bidens. Its the brown suit all over again. Lets all be glad that a mans fashion choices are the worst things he did all week.

Its pathetic and sad that this kind of topic is what fascinates the media and readers today. Personally, I think that he has earned a Rolex (If thats even what it is, of course).
When I'm a 78-year-old man who has dedicated my life to public service, lived through the death of a spouse and more than one child, and am elected president in the midst of pandemic to clean up after a sociopathic idiot, I'm wearing a fucking Rolex, too.

Headlines complaining about Bidens peloton and Rolex after 4 years of a dude with a literal gold toilet are beyond parody.
This may be the single most embarrassing nytimes article I've ever read.
Thank God. Were back to good ol days of stupid-ass, meritless scandals like watches, tan suits & Dijon mustard. Much better than scandals re insurrection, white supremacy, children separated from their parents, corruption, strippers, abuses of power...

"Is That a Rolex on Biden's Wrist?" - nytimes, 1/22/21.
Biden has so far avoided tan-suit-gate & dijon-mustard-gate. But watch-gate could be what brings him down. He should've just done something unimportant, like blackmail an ally to force them to interfere with our elections, or incite a violent coup attempt.

"If AOC is a Communist who hates happiness why does she get to wear nice clothes?".
The competition for the spot in history books on "Which article was the most absurd in the middle of a mass death event" has gotten much stiffer. Joe Biden's watch.
Gyms are closed and a lot of people have bought at home gym equipment. Also the Rolex may have been a gift. Peloton may have gifted him a Peloton. Who gives a shit!
How much was the golf simulator that Donnie had installed in the west wing worth? And little ol me has a Rolex. Was a Christmas gift from my (now ex) hubs in 1974 for $250.
Joe biden having a rolex is disgusting.
Did China buy the ROLEX for JoeBiden ?
Tan suit all over again. And he has a Rolex He didnt have to pay 130,000 for a prostitute.
This article is beyond pathetic nytimes. I mean really, did your writers run out of crayons doing this? Is That a Rolex on Bidens Wrist?
I generally love nytimes. I rely on it for deep, fact-based reporting and the lyrical writing of folks like DanBarryNYT and AlexVadukul. I've written for it myself. But dear Lord, the editors really need to remember why journalism is important.

I don't give a damn if Biden wears a Rolex. I give a damn that he has more than half a dozen sexual harassment allegations and a history of groping girls and women.
Commies LOVE Rolexes. Castro often wore TWO on one wrist. Che also loved his Rolex. Same as Dopey Joe JoeBiden - just plain folks!
I used to collect watches. A Rolex is a nice watch. But on the high end scale, it is only barely. IWC, Blancpain, Patek, etc, yes. Rolex, OK. You have to be well off, but not filthy rich, to buy a Rolex. I'm not offended that an American president wears one.

THE OMEN SPEAKS I canceled my online subscription to the N. Y. TIMES... I found it disgusting they are trying to use click bait to lure me in to articles dissing President Biden to get ratings. The Rolex Watch was the last straw.

There was a violent attempt to overthrow the our government but Biden has a Rolex and probably a tan suit.
Apparently President Biden was caught wearing a Rolex American democracy has been destroyed If he wears a tan suit tomorrow, Russia automatically takes over.
First his exercise bike, now his watch. NYT just typing up GOP talking points abt Biden supposedly being hypocrite. shallow, lame stuff;.
Feels nice to get back to criticizing the US President for inconsequential things.
Really, NY Times, really? We've just had the tackiest president in history flaunting fictional wealth and you pick on his watch? Is That a Rolex on Bidens Wrist?
A Rolex?! Awesome MrPresident ... you deserve it Mr.
Conservatives are apoplectic over Biden wearing a Rolex? Good thing he's not wearing it with a tan suit, because the shit would really hit the fan. FFS, these morons.
Yes, it's Rolex on Biden's Wrist! He knows what time it is! Time to make so damn changes roun'herr!

What You Really Think

So close knit ...

WhatAbout defense...

It never occurred to me their poor little child was in the corner of this picture, like some prop. Heavens, the gall of these two! Bloodless, heartless monsters.

At least he wears a mans watch.


Is that what we're bitching about? So does Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish (he has several Rolex's). Get fucked, whoever thinks this is a point of valid attack on Biden.

Most people focus on the gold, but what sorcery is making Melania's dress (?) Stick out like that? Wind? Fishing line?

To be fair...they can't live there anymore.

Tan suit, Bare arms!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Poor his years on this earth, the poor kid has the same expression.

Imagine that!

And lives in a huge white mansion in DC with loads of servants! And he works from home. What a life!

It is just like Obama's tan suit! I am telling you!

In other news, Biden leads a fairly healthy lifestyle, exercises regularly, and can tell time.

As long as your arguing against this kind of attack on anyone with wealth then as a republican I fully agree with this sentiment. Who care if bidrn has a role or peloton, good for him!

GAHHHH, these are the next two articles of impeachment coming from the brain donor caucus of the House GOPee.

This hard as fuck.

That... doesn't look like Melania. Just me?

Ive seen this photo but the woman doesnt look like Melania.

That is the most disgusting photo Ive ever seen.

Don't see any Churchill bust in that room.

And he sold us out to China to get them. Hes never had a real job in his life.

We are once again in tan suit controversy territory. Goodness our President can tell time and much better than the last four years of tv an executive who watched tv all day.

Im a sad rube and have a Peloton, you can make monthly payments FFS. -nulb.

But this? Hahaha.

Great new about the Peloton. It will keep him off the golf course for the next 8 years.

Aside from the obvious, when I see that pic I wonder who or what is pulling her dress. Or has someone left a window open?

You DO realize how f*cking absurd these articles are, right?

So does my sister and shes a firefighter. This is so f**king stupid. Unbelievable.


I know...right.

For the next 4 years this will be the case "Biden declares martial law because he lost his dentures" Democrats, Well...*Insert Trump pic* "Biden challenges intern to push up contest for looking at him funny" Democrats, But...*insert Trump pic*.

Poor little Barron. Dressed in a suit and tie, not even smiling. Looking at him is the epitome of Money cant buy happiness.

Melanies nose and boob jobs costs more then that watch.

That photo is so depressing and awful at the same time.

I hope he doesnt wear a Khaki tan suit! It will be over! Done !

That poor boy has always looked so sad.

One made a fortune, then went into politics. The other made a fortune in politics. Think about that...

Wheres Bernie?

Even the boy's toy cars are giant limosines.

The difference is Joe Biden has been a civil servant for over 40 yrs. he labels himself as an average Joe. So why do we keep hearing about his luxury items? It's no secret The Trumps had millions before their administration& Ivanka,Jared & Trump refused their govt salary all 4yrs.

Wow, and I thought insurrection, climate change catastrophes, racial strife, pandemic, joblessness, hopelessness, environmental degradation & fraying of national/community identify & civil discourse was bad...

Bidens day to day watch is a mid sized Omega Seamaster quartz (worth about $1,000 ish). The steel Datejust he wore to his inauguration is at LEAST 25 years old and worth less than $4,000 (cost ~ $1700 when new) That lion probably cost more than both watches combined.

That dress though.. Also I had the very exact same lion ( but with colourful hair ) as an 80s kid. Loved it. I still have it, but his bottom is on the floor now. he is 32 years old after all.

Hey that's great news I also heard he buys Bitcoin $BTC $XLM.

Talk about a dysfunctional family. No wonder Barron looks like he would like to run away. Whenever there is talk of Joes Rolex, let us post this picture. Over and over. Somebody find the one of Melania on the grand piano with herchest pushed up to her chin.

And a catheter..

...and a soul? ...and a brain?...and an actual woman for his wife (vs. a plastic, vapid prop)?

Im not gonna lie. I looked for Bernie.

1 man earned it while the other sold out his Country for it.

I thought Barron was supposed to be really tall?

I would hope, that for all the money Biden laundered through his son from China and Ukraine, that he would at least have some great stuff.

Call me when he has a gold toilet.

If you dont think that this room looks tacky, youre the other.

Is that a real lion his Uncle slayed?

Ones a billionaires the other is a lifetime politician. There's a difference and you know it.

Orange and his cronies have cost us too much already. I am fine with never hearing about orange his cronies ever again. Unless it is about the number of years of their prison sentences.

It was a gift from me. But Barron's "Dinky Cars" I couldn't afford.

I see people wasted no time creating a tan suit controversy after four years of being Nazi apologists.

Oh sorry bruh. You want us to think he was the child of sharecroppers? Come on man!

Every time I see this pic I burst out laughing! From the kid on the lion, not sure why the hell that is, to the flowing dress to that shit eating grin. Or is it the obnoxious gold decor. Who does this? Oh, thats right...

Wow, that looks nothing like Melania.

Businessman vs politician. Dunce.

My god he's on the lion. Emotional abuse.

Biden a life long public worker not equal to a life long private businessman.

I still want to know where the other end of the fishing line is tacked down.

Ya boy Otto got a Rolex in Manhattan for a half a yard.

Rent free.

Curb your enthusiasm sport.

Trump is a straight up baller. Miss that guy a lot!

Last night, I watched the Bondarchuk's "War and Peace". After Moscow, Napoleon left the remnants of his Grande Armee to perish in the Russian winter. He lost 400,000 men. Likewise, Trump's left his followers to face the consequences of his disastrous attack on democracy.

Id have a peloton too, if I had the patience to wait 8 weeks for delivery!

Love to see that the obsession with Trump is very much still alive and kicking among liberals!

B!tch you're just mad that you can't roll like President Donald Trump.

One earned his in the private sector. The other on the government dole, never having worked a single day in the private sector as well as who knows what from giving paid access to foreign actors. So, false equivalency Saverio. Try again.

Immediately started looking for bernie in this pic damn it.

A Rolex lol.


Thats awful.

Biden has been in political office for 50 years. Trump was a business man. Your outrage is illogical and sad.

Such a sad family photo. Could there be more space between the parents and child? .. but he does look like hes having a lot of fun.

The grossest family alive.

Serious bad taste.

OMG! I know! Its not like he plays golf all day, has 300k Americans murdered by his dereliction with the COVID-19 pandemic, and put the deficit into record trillions! I mean, come on.

Please somebody, please put Bernie on that chair.

Rolex is made in China??


Gaudy as hell.

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous photo. It reminded me that President Trump disapproves of his older sons disgraceful fondness for shooting large mammals abroad. Lovely Barron seems to know that sometime its best to go with the faux. Eric? Don Jr?