Monday 3rd of April 2023

Roman Reigns Trying to Figure Out How The Usos Lost The Tag Titles At.

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Todd said would different Roman feel Graham Potter, inevitable. dont change Tuchel Potter. Ridiculous decision start with.
years today, Nicki Minaj released Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.
Roman Reigns THAT good have reign that lasts more than 1000 days. just not.
They took away Cody Rhodes moment Roman Reigns over 1,000 days champ Kinda Bullshit.
So,Wrestlemania overall good time. Congrats everyone busted their ass... what terrible decision taking title Roman. they really just saving Dwayne? Morons, man. Thank AEW/ROH/NJPW etc.

watching Roman being manipulated Logan.
Youre roman reigns..
It'll take secs your time share pencil drawing GOAT Cristiano Ronaldo Don't skip Dash retweet abeg"[?] Osimhen Roman Reigns mayor sportybet mummy leao burna daddy Yvonne mourinho oyedepo north davido okay TinubuLeaveYorubasAlone hausa.

Congrats yall that re-edited Mayor Ekiti game posted betfuse telegram. Theyre posting another later today, join link below Talented savage Peter Kanaga Snoop Dating Roman Lawrence Cole Wizkid Davido.

Roman saying everyone fucking annoying saying doesnt need love because never same episode. WRITERS WANT DEAD.
Fans: "wow can't believe Cody lost, have idea whos gonna beat Roman now" Triple tomorrow.
Jey. point. sure. Theres still much story tell cant tell that story Roman loses Cody.
Where roman winning getting carried family 24374 time smart booking? We've seen exact same shit over years EVERY single roman match.
Cody wrestlers Roman fucking shit
teased Rock Roman next year Mania Vince's fascination with Beefy
Stone cold roman after mania win.
Keep trying tell bro. Roman said ain't gonna rematch, ain't gonna rematch. Cody like, gonna gimmie one! ain't working AEW, comes Mickie, Brandi Adrian...How folks seeing this? Sides, chase better than catch...Loving this!

WrestleTalk boys seemed super jazzed about that Roman/Cody finish.
Yeah need Roman hold belt years just this.
ROCK will dethrone Roman mania40, be..
expecting Roman Reigns retain tonight.
Live Reaction Roman Reigns'
Romans 1000th Universal champion 27th. King Ring Saudi Arabia 27th. Coincidence? Should have seen this coming. Celebrating 1000 reign Saudi Arabia slap face.

Today Forest Hut An Introduction Silent Retreat London Roman Koester Unsplash.
Seth taking titles summerslam. been building years now. only have beaten roman during reign, story there, chemistry there. theres literally ELSE. cause seth doesnt cody shouldve.

Ruined mania with Roman winning even worse cant supposed greatest time himself needs help from dude wouldnt even roster wasnt related Roman fucking pathetic.

Roman weak little puppy can't him.
Logan telling roman needs cause ruthless while knowing full well that only reason romans even having that conversation with cause most emotionally vulnerable conflict-averse children.

Thank ggglni your excellent post what building! TL;DR Monerium provides Regulated euros crypto rails With ramp like Roman Janus future past, look both DeFi TradFi.

possible support shiv kendall eating logan while feeling that roman still cares father deeply while also being lack love connors life like only push over flight stairs logan.

FUCK Roman Reigns FUCK Solo Sikoa FUCK Ibeast FUCK Randy Orton coming help Cody FUCK Jimmy Uso FUCK Uso FUCK Triple H FUCK referee FUCK Steel Chairs FUCK Vince McMahon FUCK WHOEVER THOUGHT THAT GOOD IDEA AND LAST DEFINITELY LEAST. FUCK WWE.

Roman reigns ASS!! Straight dumpster juice
Roman Reigns.
Mehnn hate Roman Reigns Wrestlemania acknowledge him.
imagine Helluva Kick left Roman falling into Crossroads 1-2-3? Sami handing belt Cody?
over Roman Reigns days Universal Champion?
Evening world trends Roman MondayMotivation MenangkanKemajuanRakyat PrabowoPersatuanIndonesia BikinIndonesiaNyaman WrestleMania AgustD_SUGA_Tour_in_bangkok PrabowoSubianto enflasyon ** [?] ** [?].

wasn't booking Sami being entertaining/having personality, neither which Roman bloodline know anything about. There financial metric that says Roman draw. Nothing changes because him, except burying entire roster.

Being forced Roman soldiers, walking between Jesus' arrest crucifixion described Gospels might have taken 11/2 hours (about 1km).
Thinking about that scene season where logan hits roman hard that tooth comes kendall immediately tells ever touch again then roman immediately forgives dad. history repeats itself whatever.

Small fish ocean size team Roman Arkadyevich would never entertained potter manager.
Thank alyx being voice reason. Cody going beat story over. story whole thing bloodline when they turn Roman don't help they will then lose.

This supposed brave world CFC. Boehly-Clearlake consortium done something Roman Abramovich never sacking managers season. Despite promises running things differently, Chelsea back square one.

They shouldve made this match only title that they could keep Universal title roman have champion thats there every week, but, hopefully roman titles.

Tendencias Twitter Mexico Apr 2023: WrestleMania D-Day Roman Edge felix Shakira StrayKids Wrestling Bianca Gunther.
2023 WrestleMania recap, results: Roman Reigns defeats Cody Rhodes main event.
Edge finally defeats Demon Finn inside HIAC. Edge joins Samoa Roman Reigns only defeat Demon.
Whoever thought Roman Reigns wasn't gonna reach 1000 days insane lol.
Whats next Usos being They helped Roman where help when they needed
Here design buyer need kind digital business card design feel free contact Roman WrestleMania Vince Summerslam Drake Snoop Triple H DreamvilleFest Night 2 SuccesionHBO Clark Reese ACKNOWLEDGE HIM Bloodline Sami.

Safe Roman Reigns will officially 1000 days Universal Champion next month.
Didn't care since Mania Cared this match. Thought finally "Roman wins lol." right back giving fuck all, It's same shit since Roman wins. Rinse repeat.

Youre wrong. What deserve handed obvious. Roman bloodline best thing right dont throw that away cheep pop.
track greatest ever imo. Kevin Sami coming taking Usos then hitting their finishers Roman before Cody brought home. With crowd was, that perfect ending story. they fumbled it.

Roman won.
Still thinking about letting Cody have moment WrestleMania Roman defending Championships SummerSlam both Smackdown should have World Champion.
copium hitting that will one, bloodline started with Roman Jay, will with Roman Jay.
Triple when sees Vince grab headset during main event call audible Roman retain.
Roman reaching 1000 days more important, this hulk hogan 80's territory, that's something unheard modern should achieve reach that number. don't break something legendary single moment.

happy lost watching roman partizan, playing cod, motivation lose.
There's that they find replace Roman. It's just simple understand.
That's twice span like months I've gone 'yeah sure I'll check Roman's reign, this gonna cool!' been entirely disappointed match ending EXACT same both times Yeah, this stopped watching.

Roman retaining problem. Holding hostage belts long, keeping chances away from many superstars, disappointing.
holy trinity Roman victims.
Pianos Roman random character...
"This when cared most" don't know what future holds. What know were invested well liked babyface beat Roman because you're ready champion. You'll just invested next title defense with those conditions.

Roman teachings. There a OUNASS_NOON_PROMO_NON_TOYOU_TO_Fordeal_HM_and_Body_H&M YOU_H_AND_M_OUNAS_COUPON_SIVVI_NAMSHI_CODE_ONAS_DISCOUNT_ONASS_ Time behind your competitors out.
Kerry sitting this logan, kendall, shiv, roman connor scene.
Roman Reigns's title reign historic, been artificially extended make seem "historic".
Only don't talk whole India because don't give sh** about Roman Reigns.
Compared what point time? mean compared 10,000ya, Little 250ya then such statement valid. compared Medieval Minoan Warm Periods Roman Optimum, then virtually glaciers bigger than then.

waiting Rock challenge stupid because cant either. Roman about even more part-timer eventually gotta have someone beat dont know what theyre waiting for.

cant believe there idiots online cant believe Roman won. Saying stole Codys moment. WHAT MOMENT! Dude adversity since coming back WWE. Bloodline story carried last years. CLEARLY isnt over yet. Almost. yet.

That's point, Roman's heel, needs help caliber matches make opponent look really strong. Look Orton back day.
Roman ass..
Roman Reigns: busy smashing your favourite".
Roman Abramovich.
Roman's reign continues, where Cody's babyface adversity will complete once faces Roman again. yes, personally think Cody needs RR24' challenge again WM40 time needs Those year circle will come into fruition.

disagree with Roman Cody it's.
Imagine.. Roman gets called being tribal chief, always needing help win. Cody Rhodes Sami handicap match. Both belt each (finally splitting belts).

So roman's gonna have to fire gerri.
knew that USOs would drop belts Night Roman would retain Night lose belts Summerslam though.
Just like booking Roman win, THitUp fucked over, Kevin will having serious "discussion".
Roman moment Connor started singing.
Roman lasted episodes longer than expected tbh.
Have they ever listened since last January when Cody rumble didn't announce split gold? NOPE! They never did, will never happen told before.. Roman retains that's it.

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This is perfect!

You win the internet today.

Pretty much.

Honestly, this is the movie that they should have did a parody of for the Bloodline's Wrestlemania commercial.

So, if Cody wins tonight does that make him Ice-T?

Solo in the back though.

Bro lmao this a winner right here.

Bravo sir.

This is perfection.