Wednesday 28th of April 2021

The idea That Anyone Leading a Political Party Could Believe That it is God on Our Side, is Just The Stuff of Real Danger in my View. Fmr Prime Minister MrKRudd.

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Kevin Rudd calls national security review Darwin Port lease.
most-read stories online stories this morning. People want know more about prime ministers their faith. After all, Kevin Rudd used hold doorstops outside church Sunday.
Mould exhibition reveals women have pushed British sculpture many directions. Ahead FutureNow2021, A_C_Collections Natalie Rudd discusses show challenging male-dominated narratives post-war art.

dont always agree with Rudd tonight. last hearing reasoned arguments concerning promotion belief system over others. Thanks Rudd.
Dont think Kevin Rudd have single example that. Just called religion wacky which outright discrimination.
Funny the former leaders, Rudd, Hewson, Shorten seem to be light years ahead of the current offering. Almost as if the problem with them wasn't them but the screaming media.
What pleasure listening Kevin Rudd abc730. waffle. Just sensible analysis delivered that suggests doesn't think audience stupid. Thank MrKRudd.
Anyone Kevin Rudd 7.30? really laid Scotty! Albo should taking notes!!
Rudd never said that doing God's work called lead though.
Unless Kevin Rudd also took microphone, preached loudly steps minutes, invoked behalf Australia wife, took taxpayer funded all, this bizarre assertion about much equivalence Daryl Somers Snoop Dogg.

Rudd wasn't pulling punches tonight abc730!
Fuck Yeah, Rudd giving Morrison bollocking also.
Kevin Rudd 7.30 just reminded what smart politician sounds like.
Rudd good China abc730 Also good religion Morrison.
Yep, agree with Kevin Rudd this one. Julia Gillard, atheist, also chosen God?
hate Rudd, even more principles than Morrison. There multiple examples Morrison being caught lying faith...what stupid, loaded term. that believe fairy tales more accurate.

think Rudd publicly doing Morrison Liberals abc730 with full knowledge support Albanese. effective criticising Morrison's wacky Christianity, that would considered line actual leader Opposition said it.

obviously don't follow Australian politics. campaign really nothing with Murdoch. Murdoch read room realized what happening supported rudd purely interests. Similarly markedly soften attacks Biden.

Great interview tonight. Rudd tells like
Rudd Excellent work tonight 7.30.
This very good interview with Rudd.
Rudd: "These issues raised today were on the table prior to the defence update of 2020...This is just another re-announcement from the government, splashed across the front page that was announced two years ago.".

Hear hear Kevin Rudd. ScottyTheChosenOne waaaay line.
there's video Paul Rudd, dressed EAH, singing about being green.
Kevin Rudd stating fact that Morrison believing that chosen dangerous disturbing 7:30. Says Morrison needs tell religion affecting political decisions calls wacky. Call laying hands without consent outrageous!

first look live-action adaption R.L. Stines FEAR STREET trilogy. Starring Sadie Sink, Benjamin Flores Emily Rudd Gillian Jacobs, trilogy horror films will release Netflix over Summer.

Calls sees Rudd given excellent representation belief fact that invite media church they just turned difference from invites them thinks he's messiah.

Kevin Rudd been trending day, someone tell back room please.
Kevin Rudd spot regarding shifty Morrisons Pentecostal weirdo preacher crap 7:30report tonight.
Rudd doing very effective shadow leader Opposition.
Rudd said abc730 tonight whole footing tactic attempt Morrison, Dutton Pezzullo distract/camouflage policy failures vaccinerollout, rape allegations, consent videos, NDIA, sports rorts, quarantine, conference, bushfires, climate change etc.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson heading Dublin meet Irish prime minister, Varadkar, Monday. back London, dealing with high profile minister Amber Rudd dramatically quitting cabinet.

Rudd right theology political perspectives. Australia secular country, society doesnt like bothering others, people suspicious overtly religious evangelicals Australians like keep church state separate.

Rudd become national embarrassment.
Kevin Rudd calls Scott Morrison called religious speak behaviour wacky. Praise lord. Finally some sanity.
labors past shown affected more personally than anything ever done. Rudd/Gillard were joke. Just look labor that's enough turn anyone them especially level. Albo just like Turnbull.

Kevin Rudd bells cat: Morrison Dutton talking distraction from their failures. dangerous, unnecessary, throws fuel relationship with China.
Rudd nothing hide, unlike almost every member this didnt weasel words workshopped excuses.
right Jenny Rudd answered that tonight with Leigh sales your facts right crowey.
Rudd didn't hold back... Nice.
Rudd MrKRudd correct. language diverting attention from their disasters. Bjelke Petersen call feeding chooks.
Rudd allowed speak length It very sensible stuff.
Liberals sign year lease Port Darwin read Kevin Rudd
Your taxes paying ABC's love affair with Kevin Rudd. Your money funding activism.
same Kevin Rudd called himself "God botherer"?
2021 12noon, Jennifer Rudd seminar UYSEG YouandCO2CCE email Zoom link.
Don't remember Kevin Rudd talking about "the evil one" "miracle victory" being shown sign "the eagle"... really can't compare Morrison's belief systems previous PM... This story about this PM.

Darwin Port lease Chinese company Landbridge should reviewed, former Kevin Rudd says.
Strong well-appreciated words from Kevin Rudd. Transcribed from.
Fckn Rudd. That's all.
absolutely entitled that view would absolutely defend your right hold However professing Christian Rudd does have that liberty. bound obey
This precurser next election where will brand himself saviour. Keep calling Rudd. Murdoch form calling fake news WMD's example. find disgraceful that both would troops danger like this.

Rudds comments scum earth socialist rubbish. This danger! don't agree with faith, that's fine don't pretend righteous when Rudd presided over Australia's worst government that actually killed people.

hope vanOnselenP heard Rudd "...& think most mainstream Christians would disagree with (Morrison) well." bet. Many quite horrified Morrison's brand Christianity, similarly those other faiths.

thing that does head same people never forgive Bill Shorten role knifing Kevin Rudd dont appear have given single thought Scott Morrisons knifing Malcolm Turnbull.

Left attacking Scott Morrisons faith rather have believes God Than thinks God Like Rudd did.
implying Rudd someone listen Seriously whole theatrical abuse Language annoys core. knows what does mandarin. Less Rudd stronger are.
Completely false equivalence. CroweDM pulled same stunt todays Melbourne sibling, suggesting Rudds media doorstops after church services were comparable Morrison flying official Govt plane attend Churchs conference headline preacher.

Rudd stellar job.
Kevin Rudd supporting secular government 7:30.
privilege listening three intelligent,caring thoughtful politicians today. Kevin Rudd, Bill Shorten Penny Wong. Such change from photo Scomo.
Paul rudd behind scenes man.
disaster. even party could stand him. just sour grapes over being backed Tell many Leaders snipe from side lines country? Rudd Trump about only think of.

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"Drums of War" China "God on our side". It all makes dangerous sense now.

Where is thou?

Absolute hypocrite.

Uh huh.

Why keep dredging up this D-head?

ABC killing itself slowly.

Why we still giving this bloke who has lost the plot air time.

Plenty of Christian leaders have been devout and not believed that God 'called them' to the role or that 'hugging' people was laying on hands, praying for them and that justified touching without consent.

Good on you Kevin .whacky indeed.

And yet Kevvy answered the questions put to him by journalists as he left church of a Sunday, ensuring their regular attendance, and regular reports of his attendance at church. leighsales should have Tony Abbott on to balance this god-awful interview with another.

Note for Leigh's researcher: "devout Christians" don't belong to wealth cults, worshipping money only. Scott Morrison is anything but a devout Christian. Snake oil salesman at best.

Imagine a Muslim leader saying that ??

Kevin doesnt have to assert that god is on his side. When you consider yourself to be god thats an irrelevancy.

Our PM is a religious fringe dweller, obsessed with greed and believes his cult is better than regular Australians. Root of the corruption in this government.

We agree that it is not okay to discriminate against people based on sexuality or race, so why do you think it is okay to discriminate against Scott Morrison based on his religion?

Rudds comments are scum of the earth socialist rubbish. This is the danger! You don't agree with faith, that's fine but don't pretend to be so righteous when Rudd presided over Australia's worst government that actually killed people.

Morrison is a fruit loop, the sooner Australia realises this the better off well all be.

Thank you! Exactly!

Where is the balance and alternative views? The ABC wonders why no conservative goes on their programs.

Says it as it should be. We are a secular country, and should be governed as and by that definition.

Why are some ex-PMs better after theyve been punted by the ballot or their own party (Rudd and Turnbull)?

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We can safely say that it WAS NOT God's will for a professing Christian to be on abc730 disparaging the faith of a Christian brother. I've NEVER heard ScottMorrisonMP disparage your faith mrKRudd...He's twice the person you & your vindictive twin Turnbull will ever be.

It wasnt the idea of God on our side it was practising his religion on us without our knowledge let alone the fact 30% in census practice no religion That bit is not the job of a PM to lug that on all of us I also dont want them as fake councillors encroaching Public schools.

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Spot on Kevin.

Christ. Complex. Delusions.

Read your Bible MrKRudd Romans 13:1, NIV: "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. ... For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.".

Kevin Rudd has still got it. Delivered excellent commentary, on Governments shameless political beating of the drums of war. Wow! Inciting WWIII, just to avoid talking about rapes in Parliamentary offices, Global Warming targets and Aboriginal deaths in custody and...Shameful.

Rudd is 100 per cent correct.

Good answer.

Good grief Leigh. Its not Morrisons religion, its his use of it thats at issue. Its the nonsense of being chosen, to quash dissenting views in the face of his chosen one status. He has no virtue and has to assign it to himself as a bestowal. Such sickening hubris.

Anyone who believes that God is on their side, no matter what that side may be, is wanting their worldview to prevail over others. This invariably leads to conflict, bigotry and discrimination. As evidenced all throughout human history.

Well said Mr Rudd.

Couldn't agree more.

Absolutely nailed it. All non Bentecostals reject ScottyFromHillsong's ACC declarations. He should reimburse the cost in flying him to and from it ... there's no justification spending taxes for him to proselytise for his cult of less than 400,000.

It's absolutely wrong, how scumo gets away with shit like this is beyond me... Australia if you don't vote this prick out... you are soooo dumb how have you even been alive long enough to vote...

Kevin Rudd is spot on.

This man knows how to answer a question, no spin, no word salad just straight to the point and actually answers the question!

So are we now living under Scomaria Law? He and his brother Stuie can keep their creepy hand off us.

Which God? Lucky the leader of a tiny country on the wrong side of the world managed to pick the right religion out of thousands.

Colonel Sanders just happy to get his head on TV is the real danger...

Is Scott Morrison not entitled to his beliefs . Same as anyone else?

That interpretation by Leigh that God directs the lives of Christians is very different to what I was taught in church in my formative years. I was taught that Christians follow the teachings of Jesus to come to God, not that God controls them. Free will etc.

Well done Mr Rudd, thanks for pointing out Morrison's incongruities and lack of transparency re his religious beliefs.

Pity Rudd was a god botherer himself.

Kevin Rudd calls Our Dear Leader whacky.

This discussion has already been had.

I wonder how many psychiatrists are watching Scott Morrisons behaviour with concern.