Monday 23rd of May 2022

If You Take a Job And They Pay You Five Dollars a Day, Give Them Seven Dollars a Day Worth of Work! - Bill Russell.

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QUALIFYING Leclerc Verstappen Sainz Russell Perez Hamilton Bottas Magnussen Ricciardo Schumacher.
George Russell splits Ferraris, with Charles Leclerc still fastest.
this 2012 Russell Westbrook converted this wild finish steal!
them race they crash russell wins also verstappen bring proper driver.
Verstappen pits second time, with undercut Russell here. Bull smells victory here.
Russell Bottas. Maybe Alonso.
Verstappen three-stopping he's softs (using them round outside Bottas Turn 12). Perez surely two-stopping, think Russell too.
bill machinery better. Russell WAYYYYY better driver than verstappen.
hugely enjoying this Russell angry Verstappen fight.
Perez should hold Russell prevent undercut max.
George Russell laps.
Equal machinery, george russell better driver than verstappen.
Leclerc dominating this encounter, he's call power unit squeaks last Turn shades Bahrain 2019. Russell/Verstappen tussle battle lead!

People saying George Russell better than Lewis.
George Russell. Minister Defence.
Russell done more Leclerc than Sainz this season.
Russell driver day!!
Molly" Owner Surrender. vetting. year Husky mix. gets along with dog's, cats, children. still young that typical husky personality. loves play outside, loves sing! 50230797 Russell County-Phenix City AL.

Mercedes wrong here with Russell? Seems like racing Bottas podium instead Bulls 2nd?
Russell just siddung inna
late russell overtake.
Russell whole second slower than Verstappen.
hope Bottas' sake that Sainz doesn't, that Russell Verstappen) retire. Just want that first Alfa podium since 2012...
Verstappen definitely going come front George Russell, behind will smoke this time round.
George Russell reacting getting told Perez one-stop with "Blimey!".
George russell manifest safety begging you.
Come Russell podium please.
George Russell leading Spanish Grand Prix. repeat. George Russell leading Spanish Grand Prix.
Driver will George Russell.
Russell leading race!!
Finalmente domina George Russell, siguiente vuelta pits SChecoPerez hasta final carrera. 1 Verstappen 2 Perez 3 Russell 4 Bottas 5 Sainz.
repeat between Russell Verstappen this time Bull flutters open closes again.
Hamilton Alonso points before half distance. Russell does some great defending against both What's next?
Whoever controlling George Russell doing decent today.
Verstappen absolutely surges down inside Russell into Turn Mercedes puts lovely back around outside into Turn holds second place! Verstappen tries back outside can't make happen. Great racing.

Please retweet HELP FIND SUZIE SCOUT MISSING FROM TETBURY GLOUCESTERSHIRE 2022 Jack Russell Terriers 1Female 1Male Cherington Pond, Avening SIGHTINGS 07548065724.
Watching Smoke Signal, 1907.
Easily DOTD, hope Russell pull something off.
George Russell radio always behind Lewis?
swift stop Leclerc just 2.2s with good lead. 5.7s Russell.
Where Russell now? didn't point, lucky with Max's working.
scrupulously truthful, even truth inconvenient, more inconvenient when conceal it." Bertrand Russell.
George Russell FENDS Verstappen with switcheroo. back.
This project very bright future, because really think this project perfect true. This very cool project. Let's build good strong.
With little over laps remaining Spain, here look current Top-10 Verstappen 2. Perez 3. Russell 4. Bottas 5. Sainz 6. Hamilton 7. Ocon Norris 9. Vettel Alonso.
George Russell doing mega Mercedes, really cannot deny that.
Charles Leclerc lost power race. George Russell race leader!
Russell 22.4 sec.
Russell >> Hamilton.
Lando Norris driver like championship-contending too. Norris, Leclerc, Russell, championship fight would neat.
Starters Game 1: JK McKnight (Russell) Andrew Tomolonis (East Carter).
Half-way through Spanish Grand Prix: Sergio Perez P2 George Russell sec) P3 Verstappen sec) P4 Veltteri Bottas sec) ... P7 Lewis Hamilton 9.2).
Russell need split bulls.
when pits, comes behind Checo maybe even Russell. Still problem. difficult going pass Checo? I hope there team order.

What You Really Think

Love to be $2 in the hole every day.

Huh? This is one of the dumbest things Ive heard all week. They gonna get 5 dollars worth outta me until they recognize..

Sounds like the shit management feeds new hires.

Despite everything that went wrong lastnight it was still a 6pt game.

So many people don't do this!thus!! Thank you for posting it.

Best i can do is $4.99.

Nah you get the work you pay for you want extra you pay extra.

Lesson from next rich person :!work hard for pennies!

Cant do it.

And 10 dollar haircut.

How much are you payed for your work and how hard do you work in exchange? Do you feel you give more than 12mil/year's worth of work? That's a lot of work.

Lol bad message for people who are not millionaires good sir.

Who is lonely like me?

Best player on the team.

That's called Hustling Backwards.

$5 for work and $2 for flopping.

This only applies to sports I think, my retail ass job is getting $2.50 at best.

Naw they get nothing at 5dollars a day be sleep half way thru.

Tonight was 7 dollars a day of work after that ankle injury team just didnt limit the turnovers.

Seems my boss has hacked someone's account here.

In the construction industry this is called being a suck ass. Ill pass.

Stop flopping lmao bum ass.

Drama queen.

And flop and act like your doing more than you are.

Ya you might get tree fiddy out of me but not much more.


Get back the standing hair, thats better Feng Shui!!

.Why are your passes always so terrible???

Hmm... work smart!

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