Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Ryan Garcia Really Iost to This Man.

Social Media Says

Ryan Garcia knocks Gervonta Davis, give $10,000 someone retweets this tweet follows.
Ryan garcia really Iost this man.
this swaggy drunk Listen this talk about Ryan Garcia getting beat Gervonta davis, Lakers Hachimura.
Ryan Garcias ribs.
Current delays can allow you to rest. Whether an outing gets c... More for Pisces.
RINGSIDE VIEW: Floyd Mayweather reacts Gervonta Davis dropping Ryan Garcia RD2.
Ryan Garcia's nose leaking after that liver shot, whole body just shut down.
Ryan Garcia mexicans gone saying nigga week.
Ryan Garcia Tank live wild.
Gervonta Davis defeated Ryan Garcia with punch body Round
RYAN GARCIA Beats Gervonta Davies Fight year T-Mobile arena tonight, I'll give PS100 CASH Lucky People!! Enter: this Tweet 2 Follow.
room after watching Gervonta Davis Ryan Garcia.
Nobody: Ryan Garcia.
told yall Ryan gonna win!
With biting satire like that should probably take career comedy.
Body shot Ryan Garcia like.
SPOSMANSHIP Ryan Tank number phone both teams showed respect during post-fight press conference.
agree think Ryan will learn from this fight will continue belts.
Happy George's everyone celebrating!
Sometimes risks net the best results. Stepping outside of the ... More for Capricorn.
Canelo Alvarez when Ryan Garcia knocked out.
cryin they sayin Ryan even mexican white last name Garcia.
Heard it first from Joe Duffy on his radio programme... something to the effect 'Ryan's done 14 years on the Late Late, now he wants 14 years in the Park'.
Nobody: Ryan Garcia.
Ryan Garcia came praying still made lose LMFAOOO.
Ryan Garcia's liver when realized that took Negro shot instead Casamigo shot.
Ryan Garcia speaks after losing Gervonta Davis.
Drake dropped million Gervonta Davis defeat Ryan Garcia.
Float like butterfly sting like bee, putting money Ryan cause that guaranteed.
Ryan Garcia Gervonta Davis FullFight Highlights Knockdown Ryan Garcia.
been much it's better that Ryan waited better though.
Conor McGregor giving support Ryan Garcia dressing room after Gervonta Davis defeat: wanna again, wanna with rehydration clause." RyanGarcia].
Ryan garcia after tank davis body.
Thank Ryan always coming little making feel special. Caleb says Ryans best friend mummy loves Incredible night LEAGUE!!!!
Ryan Garcias liver after body shot.
Ryan Garcia soon locker room.
Mortgage deals PS163,000 were just what Ryan needed from Have look here.
Gervonta Davis wins Ryan Garcia will send person likes this tweet $1000. Must following.
Ryan quitter, ruined classic that waiting happen. Both Haney Shakur body Tank, thats what took away from this fight.
Champion Design commission previous rookie adopt designed! What super treat! Thank much! /DorkKnight_Ryan.
Cenat pulled adinross collect $10,000 from Gervonta Davis Ryan Garcia fight.
When seen Gervonta Davis came with Chief Keef knew gonna beat Ryan Garcia.
"Foster, Foster! Jersey NOW!" Ryan Reynolds interrupts Foster's post-match duties grab little souvenir from Wrexham's night...
Ryan Garcia Bradun Lee.
Drake places $1,000,000 Gervonta Davis beat Ryan Garcia.
Ryan Reynolds McElhenney paid $2.5 million world's third-oldest football club. team division English football pyramid almost chance making Premier League. Still, genius move. Here's why.

Must said. Ryan Reynolds shown nothing class since arriving Wrexham. Treats every opponent with utmost respect often reserves praise Notts County interviews. Football needs more owners like him.

Millie women were once girls controversial grime scene told Gary__Ryan theyre reclaiming their story their friendship.
someone ladies didn't codify federal abortion rights into point during last years while he's been power?
Andy Ruiz, Ryan Garcia, Frankie Sanchez. dudes left Canelo's want work shows.
love Conservatives tell have nothing worry about while celebrating over turn Wade.
MUST WATCH: Post Fight interview with TANK Ryan Garcia Gervonta Davis remains undefeated while serving Ryan Garcia only first knockout, first loss. What fight. What fighter.
Gervonta Davis Ryan Garcia HEATED ahead their fight SportsCenter ESPN.
comment isn't intended diminish Ryan. have remember that Tank been fighting this level longer than Ryan even been pro. Tank present, Ryan future.
Gervonta Davis knocks Ryan Garcia seventh round.
real reason Queen Ryan refused
Gervonta Davis stops Ryan Garcia round body shot.
Tank Davis Ryan Garcia exchanged phone numbers post fight presser.
Gervonta Davis' ring walk ahead Ryan Garcia fight being labelled 'hardest ever'.
Ryan Garcia coming them songs they playing adoption commercials.
Just another office Matt Ryan.
Happy WorldBookDay! Consulate team reading "The Queen Dirt Island" Donal Ryan ahead next Book Club. would like part Book Club, come along join Zoom May. Register attend here.

Twitter after Tank Ryan with that body shot.
Gervonta Davis after knocking Ryan Garcia: "I'm definitely face boxing, abso-f***ing-lutely.".
Spewed Tony Bellew reacts Gervonta Davis KOing Ryan Garcia with brutal body shot.
Time thorough Autopsies every "sudden death", using staining technique used Ryan Cole, tissues were damaged spike protein not!
Since January 2021, Ryan Garcia fought only times stayed active that time fought more times against Lightweights like JojoDiaz, Jorge Linares, Isaac Cruz Rolly Romero might have fared better Davis.

cant believe anybody Ryan Garcia winning.
Gervonta Davis says Ryan Garcia best boxer he's fought career far: while lasted." ShowtimeBoxing].

What You Really Think

Dancing doesnt diminish boxing ability.

He didnt lose bro made him take a knee like KAP.

Garcia took all of them body shots until he couldnt take no more .

Lmao shiggy vibes.

You damn right.

Yup he sure did.

He was talking sm shi too.

Really damages the credibility of social medias stamp. Yall crowned him worthy. Just shows who yall crown aint like that. In all arenas.

Yuuppp and he did tank knocked dat ass down.

Batman loses to joker lol whats your point.

A shame.

He did.

Sure did.

You can be as silly as you want when you can beat everybody ass.