Thursday 19th of November 2020

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42 years ago today I survived a mass shooting & massacre at Jonestown. Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated along w/courageous journalists Don Harris, Bob Brown of NBCNews & SF Examiner photographer Greg Robinson. Embrace life. Respect the fact that you are alive & wear a mask.

Yeah. Work through it in your head. Even on a literal reading of the bible, where God made everything, the ONLY THING God made 'alive' was with man *only* through breath. -nulb.
Ryan plays a very CARRICKTER in this.
Ooooo I wish Ryan and susan would date! Omg I wish he would ask her. That would be something she is so pretty!!!! To match his handsomeness. Come on kelly work your magic!
That scene! Whew!
Not Ryan Murphy.
It messes with your head! But in a way you cant explain just amazing.
Get a load of this guy calling another man weak lol.
Your head and your heart are in sync and you know what you wan... More for Scorpio.
Looking at our finalists Ryan Spencer-Jones High Performance Coach of the Year He understands me better than I know myself said one athlete of ryanshotput - testimony to the high regard he is held in at WelshAthletics More.

Cant tell if Im excited for tomorrow because I get to watch the Mandalorian with Ryan or if Im sad because I will undoubtedly fail my cardio final.
Ryan Jack and James_Tavernier then.
The Ryan Hall Roll delivers a heel hook submission victory over the legendary BJ Penn.
Herters? Ugh. If that ammo was any more dirty it would give you a lap dance and do some awfully sketchy things for a 20.
Youve probably been asked this a thousand times (sorry), but this is intentional isnt it?
The playful leopard cubs belonging to KwandweReserve's Fort Dam female have been spotted again. This is the latest photo of two of them taken by Ryan Hillier over the weekend. They're braver than ever and now learning to hunt. Lodge info here.

Sounds like Tim Ryan won't be running against Portman or DeWine in 2022.
Meg Ryan BOTD American actress who is primarily associated with the romantic comedy genre. One of these was Rob Reiner's delightful When Harry Met Sally... (1989) where Ryan plays the empathetic put prissy Sally Albright who displays a knack for faking an orgasm.

Ryan Phillippe Says Parents Shunned Him Over Gay Role - Towleroad Gay News.
Hearty Congratulations to Ryan & Team:).
Alright, I'm feeling scrappy today: Gen X'ers are better than boomers.
Gary Ryan Blair has a very simple philosophy when it comes to goal achievement. If youre going to work hard to achieve a goal, you owe it to yourself to find the shortest path. If that thought sounds appealing, heres what you have to do.

Birthday shoutout to Meg Ryan born November 19, 1961 in Fairfield, Connecticut. Nominated for 3 Golden Globes, she is without a doubt one of the queens of the rom-com with films like When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail, and Sleepless in Seattle.

]Media] Jungkook is featured in an article about the best known celebrities who have parteciped in the program "The Masked Singer" along with Bella Thorne, Ryan Reynolds etc.
Lets talk about kemp and elections fraud!
Thank you all so much for the lovely and kind words after todays interview on the RyanTubridyShow about my late brother Darragh.
Allowed to sexualy abuse 5-6 year old female children for over 17 years Ryan Dobson high school teacher was allowed to rape his female students for the last 11 plus years Because nobody cared Mandated Reporters they are or were nobody cared. The Westchester DA Scarpino WCPD /4.

Ryan may enjoy this tweet from Canada !
Most career losses with passer rating of 140 - Matt Ryan/Tony Romo (3) 130 - Matt Ryan (4) 120 - Jeff Garcia/Ben Roethlisberger/Matt Ryan (6) 110 - Drew Brees (15) 100 - Drew Brees (27) 90 - Drew Brees (45) 80 - Drew Brees (65) 70 - Drew Brees (86) 60 - Drew Brees (105).

THE ADAM PROJECT, starring Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, and Zoe Saldana, is coming to Netflix! The action-adventure film will be directed by Shawn Levy. ( Getty).
Why, cause you are gonna do something to ensure that? Nut job.
I know right?
-they seem to managed to use the inherit immersion of VR and just quadriple down on it. Every action seems to be more intuitve and natural to the player because they are the ones who do those actions through their own movements, not just with keystrokes or analog stick slides.

Yeah that's exactly what happened, he didn't think Gohan was fit for the role, so he went back to Goku with his successor theme.
My opponents do not dare even talk about the repair tokens. Under a Ryan presidency everyone would be secured universal repair tokens.
Oh god. Joan fucking Ryan. What a despicable human being.
Guy used to have the entirety of fenway singing Bob Marley he's first ballot man.
Well done Ryan. Source me a PS5 to celebrate.
Same thing with me.
Keep your head up dont let one person fuck up your day.VnulbVnulb.
I'm so glad that you're coming home to Timberwolves to help Ryan Saunders and help mentor the young players on this time. You're the leader this team needs! Welcome Home.
Yeah I dont think Im allowed to say mine.
How bout Ryan Swope who helped Johnny Football pull that unforgettable upset of the Tide in Tuscaloosa 8 years ago this month?
I hardly ever dip my toes in this pool but once in a while Props to you Ryan Vnulb Vnulb.
Twickenham preview: Byrne Legacy, Ryan captaincy, POM consistency and Lowe animosity ( rugby_ie).
I'd be up for that but Ryan will only manage 1 bottle.
We will take it up here in NH thank you ryan.
Proof that podcasts change lives! (Youre welcome.) Whether you got off of the corporate ladder and into business ownership on your own or life gave you a little push, we know youll be able to relate to Ryan & britneycrossons story. Tune in now.

CISED: The Almighty Ough x Ryan K. Smith ]SHO STORY] me we = FREE.
I missed my Brian. I got a Ryan. Yuck.
I saw a lotttt of bitching about the new Twitter update for all the fuckING FLEETS BEING POSTED.
No worries, hope you manage to pick one up soon. Stay safe! Ryan.
The claim mentions improper safety equipment on the boat.
GOT7 <Breath of Love : Last Piece> TEASER IMAGE YOUNGJAE 2020.11.23 MON 6PM "Breath (Yu Fan Wei Jian Ji )" PRE-RELEASE 2020.11.30 MON 6PM <Breath of Love : Last Piece> ALBUM RELEASE GOT7 Nong E Zhui IGOT7 Cong Cheng Wei.

Vidic was nothing more than a war torn Ryan Nelsen, let's be honest.
Ryan Bones, Skyy Knox Retweet, Like & Follow!Vnulb anulb Watch video ->.
I have actually said this to myself before in regards to my family. (Im the black sheep/scapegoat).
U cant do tht ?
This is my religion...
Jeremy Ryan Slate Pt2of4: The Blue Collar Wicked Smart.
Are you surprised by how small the basis is, relative to say March or mid 2019, given how close we are to ATH now? IMO the term structure will steepen significantly before the peak of the bull market - curious to hear your thoughts Ryan.

NulbCalling Linebackersnulb Central & Southern Illinois Hudl in the Commentsnulb College Recruiters are.
Hey, Ryan, thanks for your patience. Wed like to put you in touch with a support agent for a closer look. If you DM us your Dropbox accounts email address, well email you there to get things started!
T.J. Watt's career stats vs. all other 1st round edge defenders in the 2017 NFL Draft.
Milford Daily News did a spotlight on Ryan Gagne for being named 2020 Business person of the Year ! Congrats Ryan, your hard work does not go unnoticed. To read the article, >.
Other names here doing secret private equity speaking gigs: Paul Ryan, Nate Silver, David Axelrod, Karl Rove, Paul Begala, Fareed Zakaria, Robert Costa.
Eagles: Darius Slay Cowboys: Michael Gallup Football Team: Chase Young Falcons: Matt Ryan or Julio Jones Buccaneers: Mike Evans Panthers: Christian McCaffrey.
Weird how the possibility of taxing the rich is simply never an option that's raised by these people.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 11/22/1963 in a public square, with an obelisk in its center, which had been home to a Masonic Lodge.
Meet these two? Yes, please! Enter for a chance to win a virtual party with Hugh and Ryan. Ends Dec. 20.
Good morning, Ryan -- send us a DM with some more information about this. I'd like to look into your concerns with FordPass for you. Thank you!
DWTS boss says Lottie Ryan never got her time to shine as 2020 winner.
Colby Cosh: Ryan Reynolds' risky football gambit.
Nine years ago today... The EdmontonOilers explode for five 1st period goals en route to a stunning 9-2 victory over powerhouse Chicago. Taylor Hall snipes his 2nd career hat-trick. Ryan Nugent Hopkins-five assists. Jordan Eberle 1-3-4.

BORDER : DAY ONE Tracklist.
Cryptocurrencies, still experimental in nature, are not regulated and have no tangible value. Learn more.
Jeremy Ryan Slate Pt 3of4: The Blue Collar Wicked Smart.
A message from PlayStation President & CEO Jim Ryan as PS5 launches across Europe: "We created PS5 for you" _.
Ryan Dorsey has filed a lawsuit regarding the death of his ex-wife, former "Glee" star Naya Rivera, who accidentally drowned in a California lake in July.
Thanks Ryan.
Happy Birthday, ryanhoward! Ryan played in four games for the IronPigs during the 2012 season. Do you remember seeing Ryan Howard play for the IronPigs?
Happy Birthday Meg Ryan! What's her best movie?
Don't worry, we understand you. We feel you. And it's okay to feel that way. Ems!
Good morning. Matt Ryan is not the problem.
Season 10 has added a contortionist with grotesque skills to its cast. Watch SpencerNovich's audition here.
Ryan Mountcastle & Kwang-Hyun Kim claim their place today in the Topps All-Star Rookie Team! BUNT20 //.
Gatekeeper fans who basically tell you what you can or cannot like.
1. this is the greatest act of athleticism ive ever witnessed first-hand. 2. dan has never appreciated anything in his life.
"Dave was at my wedding... he's a very close family friend, and his kids are really close with myself and my brothers and sisters.".
Happy Birthday to Meg Ryan & Jodie Foster! Did you know Meg was offered Jodie's role in Silence of the Lambs? Which of their movies do you like? - Mel McKay.
Done! Aralin ko na step bukas neirl_ryan see you on Saturday!
Also raise the minimum wage which will mean immediate money back into local economies. Working poor spend their money. This is why debt relief would benefit everyone in pretty short order.

What You Really Think

Sooooo, Loose?

BIG...if true!!

Lol, I guess thats good.

Well no duh.

Typical smartass brother response.

Damn Smart Ass Brothers!

Love it! On point.

Does the car has lights?

Thanks for information.

Martin is the Man!!!!!


Lead sleds that is all.

No way really Martin?! :0.

Thats some cut and dry shit right there.



How many times did he whine that Kurt was testing him too hard?? And how many times did it take to get through tech??

So better than last gen?

Thanks for the insight.

Ask him if Lap and backmarker cars will be able to get out of the way easier.

Very Martin of him.

Nada nuevo bajo el sol.

Same energy.

Shouldve said but pushing the gas pedal but thats just my opinion.

Holy shit.

Haha! Man of few words...

Ask him how many times it will take him to get thru tech in this next gen.

Not wrong.

Martin - man of few words.

Can we not get a spoiler alert warning first?!?

OMG that is too funny!!!! ROFL.



I like that answer.

Seems legit.

THAT is SUCH an MT answer!

Yo NASCAR I thought you said they'd drive like a spaceship?????

Damn martins really changing how I see the next gen car.

Interesting if true.

Big if true.

Who knew.

Killer feedback man!

And you expected something different???

Damn...I was hoping for it to drive like a F1.

Thats an improvement, right?

Raikkonen approves.

Woah omg!

The depth of thought astonishing. The economy of words breathtaking.

Woah, Truex Jr. is going to get suspended for saying that!

Shouldn't someone fact check this?

Wants to be deer hunting and not driving in circles.