Tuesday 13th of October 2020


Social Media Says

Butternut Squash Pasta.
Asher: It's nice to be wanted, y'know? Sage, stressed from a night of running from the cops:...Not by the law.
Must-have ERP for Electronics Manufacturers: Be a Market Leader.
(for the song thing) hi!
Cloudkai - Mayfair London.
I hurt when you are hurting. Cry when you are crying. I love when you are loving. I am happy for your happiness. Always.
Valorant headcanons.
Because it's needed.
Sage advice.
Superhelpfulkwame.com these clones would scream in ya face its your house and they ya parents with two different colored eyes...
Clear the energy/vibration in your home and keep it clear! Our homes are a reflection of us, a place to come to and unwind.
nulb nulb nulb Follow for more dikshaprashar.odes waves sage memoriesforlife poetry poetry_addicts poetryigcommunity...
Sage! <3.
Day Im not counting anymore. Owl, Salvia divinorum and vivianitedyeos.
And now, Sage. So we took a break from LoC for a little while to play with another setting known as Chaosdown. So we ended up...

What You Really Think

Ahhhh well then i guess because i stalk your blog as well haha.

It was "I stalk your blog" and the other one I don't remember but it was positive!