Saturday 6th of March 2021

The Tyrant Returns in Exactly 2 Weeks... Tune in on Thursday 18th March at 9pm on Channel4 For All New.

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We are increasingly concerned for the missing Sarah Everard, 33, form Brixton. She was last seen on 3rd March in the area of Clapham Common. She was wearing the green jacket and black and white trousers as on the photo. Please and call 999 with any info, ref 21MIS006196.

So close, Sarah...
The tyrant returns in exactly 2 weeks... Tune in on Thursday 18th March at 9pm on Channel4 for all new.
I smoke weed & make money fuck I look like worrying bout you.
Sarah was walking from Clapham to Brixton on Wednesday evening and hasn't been seen since. Any s much appreciated please.
Kyrsten Sinema flippantly tried and failed to emulate John McCain. Instead she ended up with a sort of Sarah Palin meets Marie Antoinette energy.
Boy loy wax niii ?
No bc Sarah was so cocky, talking all that shit before hand.
The shelter system reported 900 COVID cases on February 23. Today it is 961! This is out of control! How does the City still claim that congregate settings are safe?
Professor Sarah Gilbert awarded Albert Medal for work on Covid Oxford vaccine.
Your amazing work is noticed by the world. Great job Sarah.
Have you seen this 33 year old woman whos gone missing in the area after a walk back from Clapham Common to Tulse Hill at 9pm on Wednesday night? Friends/family trying to spread the word in case anyones seen her or her stuff. Pic shows her possible route.

22 years ago "Cruel Intentions" starring Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar was released! The film was a commercial success and went on to become a cult classic.
Me to me.
I actually think Sarah Smith is just thick and got the job due to her family connections.
Im a newbie to onlyfans and i hope you can be one of my first few fans.
Me too.
Sarah Paulson and Sandra Bullock a thread ;.
Sarah's a writer to watch. No doubt about it. Read her stuff. Then, read whatever comes next. Jump on that bandwagon now.
And weirdly they don't cry about how hard their lives are.
ZahiMusic Gamma_Monkey stevenison Biotech_SD ownedbyvets brandonittus Alyssas_CC TraderSara _TheBlindTrader Omg I'm at the top.
The best thing I ever did was invest in me...
If youre a member, you can hear even more of our conversation with Instagram star Sarah Pabody.
Even my schizophrenic family members, of which I have many, all love this. Like, the real John Nash is an asshole, and the disease portrayal wasn't 100%, but it's accurate ENOUGH and well done ENOUGH.
Exquisite photo of Katie Stute and Kenny Corrigan for New England Academy of Dance captured by Sarah Starling.
I empathise - I get brain fog because of an autoimmune disorder. I regularly do things like absentmindedly put a mushed up banana in my cafetiere of coffee! Would not recommend.
I can't believe I'm typing this, but Sarah, who I was at uni with, has been missing since Wednesday night. Her friends say this is completely out of character, and are really worried. Please please share, and call 999 ref 21MIS006196 with any information at all that might help.

John McCain stood in front of America, and said that imbecile, Sarah Palin, was worthy of being Veep and possibly President. He sold his soul to the Tea Party in order to be nominated, and opened the door to Trump to come through. Thanks for abso-fucking-lutely nothing, John!

The cops yall like on tv shows: Derrick, Sarah and Tony. So truly I dont want to hear it when it comes to Latoya.
My brain says Sams Club but my heart says Costco.
Caterina scorsone camilla luddington and sarah drew.
My favourite film!
Please keep any eye out for Sarah and let the police know if any sightings of her. This is very out of character of her.
Biden will never get that letter. His wet nurses will his it under his bib.
I respond to Sarah Silvermans apology after opening up about my emotional experience at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Click link in bio to listen to This is...Live now.
I've got you covered Sarah.
What kind of rub? And what kind of fuel?
Happy bday Sarah!!
10 days left to apply for a PhD position within the first large-scale Flemish exposome project.
Artist Sarah Madden paints portraitures with purpose. Find out how feminism inspires her designs.
Most of them were answered in episode 9. The missing people were Agatha and Sarah. Ralph is faje Pietro.
Its definitely under-recorded and most easily spotted at this time of year before blackthorn gets properly underway.
I think it works b/c each time there's a different set up for each different reveal. As soon as you get past one version of the family twist behind you, you get hit with another completely plausible one. (Other characters hinting about it also make it fair and not coincidental.).

Also, no love for Attack on Titan in this joint? Theres a villain reveal in season two thats in my top five for sure, mostly because both the twist and how its given fuck with your expectations. A character literally blurts it mid-episode and mid-sentence out of guilt).

Yep. His favorite was the librarian, Sister Mary Patrice...she was like 80 lol.
Sarah I really appreciate every word you said! Thank you so much.
Sarah na sua real women vote for trump era.
On page 413 of 565 of Heir of Fire, by Sarah J. Maas.
Oxford vaccine professor awarded prestigious accolade.
Wait but Oceans 11 is the kind of twist where if we knew what the characters knew there wouldnt be any suspense? Like, if we knew it was Dusty, picking up and saying 9-1-1 Emergency Response the whole sequence would have had zero tension.

Twitter people of South London, please & share. Missing Sarah Everard Brixton Clapham Camberwell Herne Hill Thank you.
The Sarah Silverman Podcast - Ep 24.
Thats honestly pretty tough, but if I had to choose rn maybe Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 500 Days of Summer lol.
Absolutely superb Sarah. Here's next years dates.
30k for these it is well oooo.
Whiffed on the John McCain moment, ended up with more of a sarah palin vibe.
They are conducting human experiments with viruses in Uighur, Mongolia, and Tibet. The above is the message that Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa received from the cosmic being Yaidron.
Yaidron Message Chinese military personnel have infiltrated researchers, students, and even executives of major corporations. They are also involved in information manipulation and actual murder games.

What a Friday treat.
When watching the 1994 movie I was like "wait...why is this still going after the father coming back from the war? Isn't that the story of Little Women?".
Moira Rose - my new hero.
Another missing person. If anyone spots Sarah Everard or knows anything of her whereabouts, contact the police on 101 quoting CAD107.
Hope ur head is okey tho.
Paris responds to Sarah Silvermans apology after opening up about her emotional experience at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Listen to This is...Live now.
If you aint Sarah dont call me while Im driving.
Hey, Sarah's right (also about her opinions of the Dragonfly Science Team expressed higher up in this thread). I'm optimistic that I may be able to see them again this fall after the long virtual meeting wilderness time.

PLO at UN: "Israel aims to alter El-Ibrahimi Mosque's Islamic character & turn it into a synagogue." FACT-CHECK: The Tomb of the Patriarchs (Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebecca, Jacob & Leah) is sacred to all Abrahamic faiths. There are no plans to "turn it into a synagogue.".

You gotta google Sarah baartman and come back tell me about that chicken stock bs.But nje nje just shut up cause everything you have been saying in these comments is just kak yerr.
Why not? Roy blunt is a Democrat.
Certainly will by the time she's wrung him out. I'll give you a prediction now for free She'll keep some of Diana's jewellery.
Being real productive.
Palm springs award winning fancam nyles sarah.
Sending all our love and hoping with every fibre that Sarah is safe x.
Haha I have no good explanation beyond the last time I looked, I hated all of the available cases?? and idk I think it's just always clutched so tightly in my hand that it doesn't matter.
New Card Added! UR Sarah Kazuno lovelive V [?]deg[?]V[?]deg[?] Again . . . OMG Hardcore!

What You Really Think

Stuff like this is why people write fanfictions about you two.

Cannot wait!!!

Really hoping it's better than the last series which was ruined by that bloody awful Daisy May Cooper.

Spring has officially sprung.

Can't wait.

Lucky buggers. Our season of your show in Aussie just finished. Could watch it EVERY Day.V.


This is a brilliant promo shot!!!

Let the fun begin.


Show some respect AlexHorne and clean your back when gdavies puts his feet upon you.

You don't scare me do your worst, can't wait.

Is there a socially distanced audience in the same room...asking for a friend.

Can't wait!

Well I cant even see an egg or a rubber duck so I dont think this advert is genuine.

Fabulous news.

Are you going to be as generous as you were with S10 and release episodes on Youtube? For those of us overseas who can't access British TV, it was a joy and delight to be able to watch it legally and without hassle. For which I thank you, by the way. I hope to be as lucky again.

I assume family friendly versions will be on Sundays at 6pm?

Wow with.

Great poster. Love it.

So we're at Watermelon phase now and I guess, goodbye pineapple?


What a birthday gift indeed.

How Exciting!

A birthday treat.

Its going to be the longest two weeks. Cannot wait to see the shenanigans.

Hmmm don't wanna use the word 'sellout' but ..well.. series 10 was poor to say the least... let's hope for a return to form.

Whoever did this artwork deserves a medal!

Cant friggin wait.

Get spendals (Spencer Jones) on the next show hed be hilarious.

Oh my god! taskmaster cant get any better ...

OMFG!!! So excited and missed this!!


Omg where can I buy this poster so need this in my life right now.

That image of Alex Horne as a jester is rather sinister.

Yes, please.

Two weeks is to far???????

Twitter Auto crop gives that picture a whole new look!!

I love gdavies fact. Whenever I watch him on TV I have Greg based dreams.

Hmm, I'm not too sure about this new messaging, ad campaign and representation of taskmaster with exaggerated (even caricatured) emphasis on Greg's and Alex's dynamic. even the art style looks different in Channel 4 but I trust AlexHorne knows what he's doing.

Who is the artist? Cause thats brilliant.

14 sleeps =eek x.

Alex is looking dangerously like a watermelon.

This whole bullying Alex thing is just worrying. Ha ha ha please don't. Just give us the tasks. They're the fun torture.

As an American viewer and YouTube subscriber, will this be available?

Oh no! Where's that pineapple going?

Loving this poster for the new series V.

Nice rake. Looking forward to the new series.