Saturday 21st of May 2022

Phil Foden Has Won Premier League Young Player of The Season Over Trent Alexander-Arnold And Bukayo Saka.

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Phil Foden Premier League Young Player Season over Trent Alexander-Arnold Bukayo Saka.
Arsenals Premier League chance creators last five seasons: Mesut Ozil (17/18) Martin Odegaard (21/22)* Mesut Ozil (18/19) Nicolas Pepe (19/20) Bukayo Saka (20/21) Impressive first full season.

James Maddison scored more Premier League goals than Emile Smith Rowe (10) many Mason Mount Bukayo Saka this season (11) last England call-up November 2019.
Saka/mount more impact their clubs sides.
Family gatherings amazing until someone starts talking about "saka wakazoti ukuitei mazuvano".
Foden when TAA, Saka, Mount Rice deserved more. Insane lmao.
Foden didn't seem very deserving this season. Should have been Saka IMHO.
individual award. That shouldnt count, like goal scorer Then they mustnt give Salah award they must give Tavares, like doesnt make sense they give Saka award when better than Foden every aspect game?.

Saka better than Foden this season, he's pick. Saka played City numbers would doubled. Pulling years when don't have quality striker.
Saka tryna YPOTY next season.
Saka should YPOTY; without Arsenal would 13th position table, can't same Foden.
Phil Foden great player, seeing being named Young Player Season sums problem with modern-day awards. popularity contest. Nothing more, nothing less. Trent, Saka, Rice Mount would have been more worthy winners.

Reason awards like POTY Young POTY pointless Saka Trent POTY award Young POTY award goes Foden
this proves anything shows Saka shouldnt even nominated.
Saka country down.
People actually calling saka Trent, Mount Rice dfkm.
before anyone asks... Saka!
Trent Saka nominated player year where Foden wasnt Foden wins young player year that makes sense
Saka goals assists ***.
Saka better option.
Bukayo Saka more goals than Trent Phil Foden combined this season, he's young player season. Thanks
understand Trent shouts. saka riceeee Rice hasnt even been better than Rodri, cant best young player hasnt dominated position league. Saka me.

Saka absolutely robbed.
Trent Saka were more deserving young POTY cant surprised.
Premier league League ends there! ***...I'm even interested debate Phil Foden Trent Mount Saka.
love Foden Trent allowed that category wins hands down. Then honest, would have picked Rice, Mount even Saka ahead Foden this season. played front most year didnt even goals City team that create chances fun!

Foden against beaten other players POTY YPOTY, tell does that make sense. becoming very overrated what performances are. Trent Saka rice Gallagher deserved more. media propoganda working.

Bukayo Saka nominated Premier League Player season, while Foden didn't. Foden gets young player season. Make more sense.
Foden wins YPOTS Saka nominated both YPOTS POTS neither win? Crazy logic!
Saka been better.
Shouldve been saka trent nominees player year young player year just impossible.
Watch gooners turn Saka very soon... Lol.
pure quality, Trent should have YPOTY award, spirit fairness (Trent already being established all), Bukayo Saka should have almost without contest.
Bukayo Saka love with Arsenal intention leaving club. ]Fabrizio Romano].
those complaining about Saka being robbed trying stats justify don't: Foden: 2,038 mins p90 Saka: 2,901 mins p90.
Foden Saka equal??
Mount, Saka Trent have better seasons Fodens >>>.
Trent played games,2 goals, assists Foden played games, goals, assists Saka played games, goals, assists Rice playd games, goal, assists Gallagher played games, goals, assists Mount played games, goals assists Who clear winner?

Saka played premier league matches years, played across positions. allowed exhausted tired
Arsenal fans using race card Foden beat Saka YPOTS award.
Crazy that given given that Trent, Mount Saka have better seasons than him.
sure what Saka tbf?! either way, pick one, Saka.
happy announce brand We'll dealing with woven cotton boxers shorts men. Trent Saka Messi Robbed Wearboxers 1MillionMarch4PeterObi Davido.
Bowen, Saka, Maddison, Trossard, Ward-Prowse most points
Chelsea fan, think should have this award slightly ahead Saka Mason Mount. Phil Foden didn't even play better than Reece James even Conor Callagher. They'll just push this young into ending like Rashford with extra hyping!

Saka disappeared when team needed him. foden better minute anyway.
Saka contributed more goals game, created more chances more goal involvements opposition whilst playing significantly worse team. Complete robbery.
Reece James, Mount, TAA, Rice, Gallagher, Saka. better campaigns than Phil.
Saka clear.
real Trent grown man, closest would Saka, Mount shouldnt even mentioned.
Clearly with agenda. You've made valid claim Saka your arguments.
Bukayo Saka plays tomorrow, he'll youngest Arsenal player play every single Premier League game single season since cesc4official 2006/07.
think Foden Trent have more reason YPOTY than Saka.
know they about Bukayo Saka young player season when they start hyping Foden like this.
Bukayo Saka seen better than Phil Foden nominated Player season Phil Foden young player season then does this mean Bukayo Saka will Player season? Surely does because otherwise doesn't up.

Haha Saka shouldn't anywhere nearnthe nominees! Same with JWP!
Saka Foden this season: Foden 1 Liverpool 0 Arsenal 0 Chelsea 0 Spurs 0 Saka: 2 Spurs 1 City 1 Chelsea 1 Saka been robbed, story.

Politics even football will foden young player season over Saka Arnold.
saka trent tbh.
What Saka
Saka played every game Arsenal almost carried them finish which deemed impossible start season! Foden started half Citys games this season less wins YPOTS Because team league! individual award!

Foden, mount saka equally deserved it Tho wish mount it Im convinced yall dont like foden.
artists they hold hand.
these your talent grateful. Discovered Talent Scouts just create your free account. 1MillionMarch4PeterObi NigeriaFirst SpecialAttention monkeypox Elongate Saka Foden OceanPassiveIncome Messi Reno.

Saka been clearly rubbed.
No1s saying been good trent, mount saka have been better.
Saka probably deserves more than foden more than others.
Free kick isonu Saka suppose both Young player.
Which route would guys Salah Saka Maddy (double attack)/Bowen/Diaz Salah Gordon Kulu triple spurs Salah Dennis Toney.
these impersonation happens because Buhari president. supposed tribe must tagged criminal. Come think Buhari doesn't even know speak Fulfulde. suffer! NigeriaFirst 1MillionMarch4PeterObi Foden Saka Trent.

Hell most likely extend, with option extra much loves Arsenal, personally feel will look himself, reasonable release clause will mostly likely Sakas requirements sign deal. Similar grealish.

Ronaldo wasnt nominated. Ward Prowse Saka were. hope thats enough convince you.
Mail: Arsenal under pressure include release clause contract offer Bukayo Saka they look down exciting English talent long-term deal. Saka happy Arsenal wants play champions league football future.

Saka carrying struggling arsenal team into Foden comfortably coasting that city team. Saka, Trent should've that.
Best delivery ever this morning Freddie's birthday tomorrow! kit, trip Emirates last game season half time birthday shoutout.

What You Really Think

He deserve it 4 his efforts.



Foden is the shiny new English toy all the English pundits are falling over for 4 or 5 players deserved it more than him.


I can't complain his good too.

It should be Sakas as Trent is literally not a youngster.

Well done on your sh*tty click bait headline No bias to players of American clubs is there Behave tsk.

Broadway robbery it has to be.

Im convinced this page is run by a Liverpool fan.

It's your league it's your choice.

Oil Premier League.. Hahaha..

Dont see how.

Love this guy but i guess trent deserved more.

Well deserved.

PL is a Scam.

Nn nn nini bi nn nn nn n nn nn nn nn n nn jb.

Goalscoring and Man city champions. Not surprised.

Shouldve been Declan Rice by a country mile IMO.

Not surprised at all.

Saka Robbed!

WTF is Saka?

Yes, its not fair. Period! Even a corrupt politician would admit to how stupidly corrupt this is.

Why would Trent and saka win it.

He may be in the debate with TAA, but he's still better.

Deserved to win it, best young talent by a mile!

But Trent Is the best ever in the best ever team in the best ever defence.


This guy supposed to come after saka, mount and Trent in that order... Smh...

Mentioned saka you know what has he done lol just falls over all the time lol.


Espn can just pull a perez anf make their YPOTY award then give it to Trent.


Its a pity award, hell never win the UCL.

Mount invaded Ukraine, so he cant win this award.

"City have no fans" but a city player won a fan vote award??

Bravo well deserved.

Both TAA and Saka are better than him.

Fully deserved half decent player him [?][?].

Phil's better than both of them combined.

Best young player wins the award. I don't see your point here? Or is it just more attention seeking shite.

Looks like Espn has problems.

Anybody that have a problem with it.. Can go eat sh*t... Foden has bagged it and its well deserved.. Up City.

And pep will say Everybody in England want liverpool to win lol.

Man doesnt even have more G/A than a fucking RB.

I want trent and the whole liverpool team to shift into Seri A or Bundesliga or La Liga, these scumbags are doing what ever they can to downgrade us, like if you watch the previews of pundits you will get a taste that only 10-20% they say good things but the others are always ill.

Makes absolute sense.

They are compensating Manchester City with this to give Salah PFA player of the season.

It's a yoke.

Because Mount invaded Ukraine.

Phil Foden wins PFA Premier League Young Player of the Season For The Second Time in a Row Watch full video here.

ESPN admin must be bleeding.

Does Mount play golf?

As a neutral Norwich supporter, I think its fair to say Liverpool Chelsea and Man Utd fans would all agree and say the same thing, this was Sakas award.

And Mase Mount with all didn't receive any for second seasons in a row EPL is freak and they hate Chelsea just because it's owe by a Russian Billionaire.


No one drops in the pockets like foden.

Can you be any positive about mancity. Always negative. You are so bitter.

Had the young arsenal boys qualify for champions league, hako kakitu kangekuwa ya Saka, undisputably.

WTF.. what's going on.

Lol its just like the Harry Kane being the face of England when it shouldve been Sterling.

Im blocking you, youre sick and it shows.

He deserved it,,,He's really good.

Mount robbed.

Man City star Phil Foden crowned Premier League Young Player of the Season.

Phil CLchokeden.

The fact that the Foden winning it while not being nominated for player of the season says all you need to know about the agenda being pushed in the UK.

Hello liverpool fans who did you expected.

Saka been robbed.

Because he is a special talent.

Or BukayoSaka87 deserved that Award this year NOT PhilFoden Someone might easily say that they didn't make it because of the colour of their skin.

Alexander Arnold deserved it...

And Recce wasn't even nominated _kwasiakwa_ .


Foden deserved it no doubt.



Alexander Arnold deserves that.

Daylight robbery.

Thank God u guys recognise how premier has robbed bukayo and trent.

TBF all three a great players but as a City fan Ill take Foden winning.

Absolutely undeserved.