Wednesday 23rd of June 2021

Bukayo Saka Gets The Start For England Against Czech Republic Tonight.

Social Media Says

Southgate going with experience proven England performers again: Saka over Sancho.
Bellingham, Grealish, Saka... would make your England
Bukayo Saka gets start England against Czech Republic tonight.
Apparently saka more experienced.
needs Sancho when have Saka?
Imagine picking Saka Sterling over Sancho again!! Convinced Sterling sucking Southgate Sancho must fucking daughter.
sancho down pecking order fuckin saka gets place infront him.
Southgate going vastly experienced Bukayo Saka over Jadon Sancho, there. Really doesnt help himself sometimes.
People think rashford play good right sancho play better left grealish started there only competition there with saka foden Greenwood Greenwood dropped.

have Sancho Rashford squad still chose start Sterling awful last game Saka(who's this guy). reason England will never anything.
Wait Saka playing right???????
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Saka outperforming foden past games right he's more natural there.
will stink Saka drops masterclass tonight
Bukayo Saka getting work with fellow teammate, Jack Grealish, will help immensely come August season.
saka starting.
Saka right? long Walker bombs down wing, which didnt first game.
offence saka hows starting front sancho Sterling starting again.
Arsenal's Bukayo Saka been picked ahead Phil Foden Jadon Sancho
Sancho saka aren't competing with eachother. Different positions. Rashford though should given chance better target proper striker.
Saka over Sancho should sackable offence.
Southgate taking piss Sancho. Saying enough experience then starting saka, saka starting fine sterling still starting shocking. shit game (even thoe scored) worse game been form season city.

Yanited fans tears that Saka starting over Sancho Rashford. better then both accept
coward Southgate still cautious that plays AGAIN. doubt Grealish would have started Mount been picks Saka over Sancho, deary England [?][?][?].
Jesus Gareth make mind boggle. Saka over Sancho sticking with sterling everyone's hopes this tournament picking youthful attacking squad stick with your boring stubborn favourites...

think picked saka over Sancho because he's defensively better than sancho 2ndly, grealish playing naturally another attack type; good defensively basically saka gets balance Force just picking Southgate's brain.

Saka better than Sancho right. B: Foden hadn't been great first games C: agree with this.
Southgate said wasn't picking Sancho cause lacked experience then picked Saka lmaoooooo.
fully expecting Saka Sterling just normal 4231 system now. played sterling Foden their wrong sides expect play Saka wrong side.
Saka better than Rashford seems.
Saka getting start before Rashford Sancho criminal offence.
Foden completely dropped, Rice Phillips, Saka starting over Sancho? Southgate really ain't serious this motherfucker gone beg.
Time saka show these haters what about!!! danger right.
Bukayo Saka goals assists this season starting instead Jadon Sancho goals assists (over double less games). Gareth Southgate joke.
Talks about playing lads (Sancho) experience which anyway. then chooses Saka mean don't like England anyway it's just seeing that talent waste.
Wait, Southgate dropped Mings Maguire? Saka over Sancho? Don't England lose.
guaranteed England with Saka Greelish team.
Saka > sancho. Southgate certified clown.
Just we're linked sancho does mean have pretend better than saka.
Theyre fuming this Saka start, inject all.
This started Saka before Sancho?! must have done unspeakable things Southgate sure.
Gareth Southgate also starting Saka.
Starting Saka ahead Sancho? Make make sense.
SAKA, starting over him.
Saka sterling starting over sancho choose support England again.
Glad saka start tonight.
Gassed Saka, hope Grealish inject some excitement into this England team.
Saka over sancho wow, what southgate sayin about inexperience fuckin baffled.
understand that play Sancho over Saka surely support whoever plays. Saka still very good player reaction here makes look second coming 2021 Will Keane.

Leaving Rashford becoming very strange now. Personally would have trips back over Shaw delighted Saka starting. reckon hell dark horse have worldie performance tonight.

Does Southgate actually rate Saka over Sancho? mean must which fucking mental.
Saka over Sancho. Absolute mockery.
debate about Saka/Sancho, think rather Bellingham midfield two, push things bit.
Saka will more minutes than sancho
Looooool saka haters really angry. They cant believe
Fucking embarrassing Southgate talking about lack experience Sancho Bellingham after playing Champions League football, level Bundesliga football winning Pokal will play Saka played Arsenal team finished league bottled Europe.

Come Saka lad.
Different types of football fans at the pub.
Bukayo Saka Jack Grealish Harry Maguire team news Thoughts? Euro2020 build-up.
Yeah would have been nice Sancho love watching Saka play.
Saka Sterling starting over Sancho.
Saka starting love
course united salty saka ahead Greenwood.
just rather saka grealish sancho, grealish sancho linked well friendlys grealish saka think that would good attack Southgate love with Sterling.

This y'all rolling, shall see. Already qualified, this Euro Champs lineup, No...but what know? 1 J Pickford 2 K Walker 5 J Stones 6 H Maguire 3 L Shaw 14 K Phillips 4 D Rice 25 B Saka 7 J Grealish 10 R Sterling 9 H Kane (c).

only think he's pissed Southgate off. Nothing against Saka doesn't come close Sancho.
line egland squad lead Kane Saka Sterling Greelish against Schick and.
Southgate just being dickhead now. What that bollocks about being realistic about their experience when talking about Sancho then starts Saka whos been involved all?
Bukayo Saka very talented starting over Jadon Sancho Marcus Rashford CRAZY, especially with what Gareth Southgate said about experience.
wins Group Maguire, Walker, Grealish Saka start England.
love Saka realistically Sancho should starting over sure. Sancho highest winger world this season seasons with G/A... Southgate lost mind.

Hows saka starting over Sancho Rashford? Ehard
SAKA AHEAD SANCHO ahead saka have good game make look like idiot. Dont give fuck. Ridiculous decision. Sancho shits over you.
Haven't Even Heard England Players' years old. Phillips Saka?? ***.
earth Saka starting over Sancho? Ridiculous tbh.
Saka Grealish starting today, gonna enjoy this cook sesh.
Saka playing right instead Sancho apparently more experience than Sancho fook Southgate anymore annoying Self preservation manager another
Saka over sancho done!
people crying that saka starting instead sancho these Sterling getting free pass starting line
gone from talking about Sancho Rashford Saka, just totally blue ***.
Fucks sake. Playing saka ahead both rashford Sancho. That's they dont anything.
Saka being more experienced player than playing Jadon Sancho news guess Southgate must have different definition.
Vaclik Coufal, Celustka, Kalas, Boril Holes, Soucek Masopust, Darida, Jankto Schick. lENG Pickford Walker, Stones, Maguire, Shaw Phillips, Rice Saka, Grealish, Sterling, Kane.

Pickford Walker Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Bellingham Saka Grealish Sancho Kane Thats starting need kane smoke were gonna start goal hopefully.
Sancho tournament experience Saka starting.
Saka starts. Grealish too.
Saka over Sancho sure?

What You Really Think

Saka is better than overrated Sancho.

Are Rashford and Sancho injured bcuz this is bewildering to me now, Sterling gets another start lol.

Nah Southgate needs to get out saying Sancho isnt ready to start. But Saka is? hes not played a champions league game in his life for starters ***.

As an Arsenal fan, I'm excited to see him finally play at the Euros. But does Southgate have something against Sancho? Kind of seems like it...

Average player in my book.

Over Rashford, Southgate is sometimes difficult to understand.


Southgate is a fool Saka ahead of Sancho.



This man must seriously hate Sancho.

Make it make sense.

Greenwood in the mud.


Finished player, jus like penaldo.

Jadon Sancho must be dead right?

But no Sancho.

Czech Republic win.

Why arent they starting sancho!!!


What a joke . Sancho is clear.

Seriously Saka over Sancho?

The only thing coming home is a massive L.

Advantage Czech Republic.

Please win ***.

What are you looking at? He's better than Foden.

He's lucky Mason is out.


Rashford deserved the start more.

Loss confirmed.

Still dont trust sterling.

Better then penaldo.

Saka - grealish combo.

He should start for a real sport.