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Tuesday 9th of June 2020


Others coming out now: so far Christina (tbf she tweeted earlier), Priya, Sarah, and Molly. Do with their different statements what you will.
Arrest the cops who killed Sarah Grossman.
Seems to me that BBC Scotland political editor Sarah Smith is paid to withhold any good news about Scotland. Tis only explanation for her not doing her job properly.
I was taught more about how spaghetti strap tank tops were intolerable than racism.
Meet Poppy and chat about racoons with us LIVE tomorrow at NOON! We'll see you today for another Keeper Takeover! ? Sarah Fredrickson.
The pleasure is all ours, Sarah! We Love sharing the skies with you, and we can't wait to see you onboard with us again soon! -Heather.
But, I am shadow banned.
She didn't call trans men women or shout down, imo. I ed several of hers that make her case clear: compassion, anti-discrimination, she would march for trans rights. But that you can only menstruate if born male is a biological objective fact. Sorry we disagree, of course.

So Amy Winehouse is trending, so please have the best reaction to winning a Grammy please.
Baroness FloellaBenjamin on the Black Lives Matter protests ??
Excellent news ?
You are lucky Libby. Michael is one of the best going around.
Sarah Needs of the Biomedical Technology Lab RSofPharmacy spent 3 months on an innovateuk funded iCURE programme learning how to commercialise an affordable OpenHardware imaging robot for microbiology labs. UniRdg_Research OpenResearch case study.

A news station played Trump's claim of "inspecting" the bunker in the "daytime" again last night. I couldn't help but think of the great job Sarah did on that one too. She captured brilliantly his paranoia of being found out. It's as if she knows what's going on in his head!?

Sarah Jane if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times... this is a police box for police people.
A need is a necessity ?
Thank you Sarah! Love ya!
Sarah was not sure how much the Doctor had had to drink so she tried to stop him falling on the floor.
"I've gota gawjuz girl cald Sarah shez amazin" Jordan Henderson's bebo.
Another great one Sarah!
Sarah, I am not much of a movie fan now with some of the big names I once used to like. If you find out where that feed room photo is please share it.
A nuftie? Is that like a WoW nuftie, or something else?
Blm has disappeared from my tl so here are some petitions you can sign.
Which episode would you like to see sa MMK Replays? Mine: Gina Pareno's "Rehas" episode or "NPA" with Cherry Pie Picache and Sarah Geronimo. What's yours?
Well done Charlotte ???? x.
Reminder that this is how the Minneapolis Police Department initially reported George Floyd's death.
Kevin Sorbo has just recorded some more amazing videos for fans including this one for Sarah. Get yours today at.
The beautiful Sarah. ??
Call for applications for PhD scholarships in Forestry.
Glenn Campbell's claim that Jackson Carlaw was 'getting under the skin' of Nicola Sturgeon is politically motivated invention in the same way that Sarah Smith claiming the FM 'enjoyed imposing longer lockdown than England' was. Neither comment is politically impartial.

I have to share this with you A Tory Councillor from Essex, Stephen Canning wrote a derogatory tweet to me for calling out Sarah Vine for what she is. So I looked Stephen up & found this gem with Patel,Grimes & Cleverley from a Young Tories Alcoholics club.

I joined twitter because of One Direction and now I want to defund and abolish the police.
This applies in this situation with Sarah and everyone else injured or taken by police brutality. R.I.P.
Sarah Kendzior's perspective is very useful, but corruption is only part of the picture. There are proactive agendas at work in the Trump Adm. 1 are the theocratic evangelicals, pushing towards the Handmaid's Tale. Another other are the white supremacists...

Miracle (Sarah's Version) feat. YOSHIKI hits Top 10 on iTunes Classical Charts in 15 countries! Watch the new music video & subscribe!
The bizarre thing is ... watching the original is actually funnier than Sarah's - for the first time. Those around the table have no idea what he is talking about ... "are you lobsters the same as their lobsters". FFS.

Legend ?
SAME. I was not okay lol.
Sarah, darling, I absolutely adore you. Keep using your amazing talent. Stay safe always.??
This weeks teamtuesday is with Kate & Sarah. Both are Healthy Lifestyle Advisors who will be working with you to improve your overall health and wellbeing. We promise Kate won't be advising you to eat crickets... unless you want to give them a go?

Hyungs JK: GO OUTSIDE AND FIGHT! .............. Hyungs JK: COME BACK INSIDE!
The exam timetable is issued & to be attempetd in 11 days with no study material available,no Bus facility enabled to respective colleges,most of the colleges in containment zones. How do u expect us to write exams?

I love you Sarah Cooper ????
And Hove schools asked to extend compulsory relationships and sex education to include gender identity.
It doesn't seem to be widely known yet that one of the cops who entered Breonna Taylor's home and killed her as she slept is an accused sexual predator (specifically, accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman). I hope this accusation gets the attention it deserves.

Oh no! Really sorry to see this, Sarah. Would you mind sending us a DM with your email address and our customer care team can look into this as soon as possible for you.
"Tieflings have reddish skin tones-" "Dragonborn don't have tails-" "Drow/Orcs/Tieflings are usually evil in alignment-".
Goose leg ?!?!?
Sarah. You figured out the formula! (Psssst, a comedic voice and style that is unique to you and your talent alone.) ?????????
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They liked Sarah Palin too. Go figure.
Sarah Dines: Remove the racist caricature of a black man's head from the Green Man sign, Ashbourne - Sign the Petition!
Thank you very much ???
Hi Sarah would you like to be added to Puffer Fish mailing list? Can sort you features and interviews and send tracks for pre releases date too.
amazon JeffBezos vechainofficial Absolutely, vechainofficial has truly stepped up to address the coronavirus pandemic with authenticating N95 masks with itemsdapp & now BYDCompany which is working to create N95 masks as well, see the article below.

Qual sarah.
Sarah HYPHEN Louise no less (as one of my old primary headmistresses insisted on calling me).
New artwork for sale! - "Incommunicado" .
Inde ???
Sarah looks so cute pls ??
"We are all called to renounce everything, even ourselves, out of love for God. We have to live out this radical renunciation, each one in his state of life, and experience the truth that God's love is enough." Cardinal Robert Sarah.

These are GREAT Sarah!
Buy a lovely zine and help fund support for trans survivors of sexual violence and a charity that provides specialist support for bereaved people following a state related death ?
Yes please.
It's a toss up between Sarah Smith and Glenn Campbell as to which is the most vehemently anti-SNP. Listen to Campbell's final remark when he tells viewers that Carlaw is getting under Nicola Sturgeon's skin, because she treated his attack with contempt.

A saint is someone who, fascinated by the beauty of God, gives up everything, even himself, and enters into the great movement of return to the Father that was initiated by Christ. We are all called to it. Cardinal Robert Sarah.