Tuesday 15th of December 2020

New HisDarkMaterials Tonight on HBO & Hbomax! ( by Andrew Scott, I'm Fairly Sure, I Could be Wrong).

Social Media Says

Twenty-four years ago, Mattie Scott turned her grief at her sons murder into a decades-long fight to confront the tragedy of gun violence & to end all forms of violence across the nation. With great pride, I appointed her to cast my vote in the Electoral College today.

Pro-Tip in life: Never take COVID19 vaccine advice from a pandemic muzzling governor who pledges fealty to Trump and buddies with Scott Atlas.
As a kid, you watch The Santa Clause and adore it because of Santa. As an adult, you realize how fucked up Scotts life is and how everything in the movie fucks it up even more. Poor guy.
It's Sunday! You know what that means! I woke up at noon yesterday and thought wow I shouldn't tell anybody and shamefully put out a new Scott The Woz episode on shovelware the next day and act like it's Sunday. It IS Sunday after all.

Cant wait to watch the new scott the woz video on this beautiful sunday.
Lil pump travis scott. thatll either be fire or complete dogshit.
NEW: Can you blame CUBuffs fans for wanting to tell Pac12 commish Larry Scott where to shove his Merlot? The CUBuffs deserve better than to be the redheaded stepchild of the Power 5's redhead stepchildren. DPostSports column.

Me listening to the new playboicarti and KidCudi track on the 25th.
2024 National Republican Primary: Trump 56% Pence 11% Cruz 5% Romney 4% Haley 3% Carlson 3% Kasich 2% Noem 2% Rubio 1% DeSantis 1% Cotton 1% Tim Scott 1% Pompeo 1% Rick Scott 0% McLaughlin & Associates 12/9-13.

Will Scott Morrison spend summer on holidays or seeking to restore the relationship with China?
Nice win tonight 79-25 over Hilliard. KTurner2023 w/23 scott_taliah w/19 GeniyahDurante w/15 fantasia_james w/11. Balanced scoring tonight and our 3rd game ina row with a different leading scorer! Lady Knights up to 8-0.

To be fair, it did not save N'Keal Harry.
When Scott said "Hey all Scott here" i felt that.
That's travis scott.
If you think Travis Scott makes bad music then explain the existence of this song.
Oof. That is not a good trade-off.
Sunday Scott and I will be announcing 5 winners, of five $100 ebay gift cards given away by our parents Rules 1) Follow FullyPoseable BrianBreakerODR and ChickFoleyShow 2) this post 3) tag three followers YOU NEED TO LISTEN If your name is called, Slide into our DMS.

Here's a wow stat: Aaron Rodgers has more touchdown passes (39) than JK Scott has punts (38) in 2020.
Brazil nut, Bertholettia excelsa, in memory of esteemed botanist Scott Mori (1941-2020). Scott was a specialist on the Lecythidaceae & Amazonian flora. Descanse en paz ]Pl. Aequinox. described by Humboldt & Bonpland XavierKonejo].

What the fuck, Scott.
Dear Florida, Please explain this to me. How does one state elect four irredeemable assholes? Ron DeSantis Marco Rubio Matt Gaetz Rick Scott?
Scott Newton has been the photographer for ACL for decades. 45 years ago he took this photo of Willie and Charley Pride at Soap Creek Saloon in Austin. I saw it and asked Scott if I could tweet it. He agreed. He's taken SO many great photos. See them here.

The basement apartment of Kimberly Scott.
Scott Pilgrim Girls - Yoga Class This drawing was part of a Collab with MiRaK0nsfw I hope you like it OwO.
Scott sinning on a Sunday? Shameful.
Desantis at 1% and Rick Scott at 0%. At least there are good things to trump being at 56%.
Can someone stop me from purchasing another kendra scott necklace i lost my first one and i am sad.
Just incredible.
Babe wake up new scott the woz video.
Its official! Thanks to everyone who motivated me to finish! This one was more for being a positive example for my city and showing my kids and nephews anything is possible if you work for it!
I understand that there are children on the internet insinuating that Cudi was trying to be like Travis Scott on MOTM 3... not knowing that he physically gave birth to Travis Scott 13 years ago when he dropped MOTM 1 i'm gonna have to ask y'all to not say things... respectfully.

Scott has the power to bend time to his will and make it Sunday again.
Great start to the Pitcher Plus program as the first two groups got underway. Very informative session led by Scott Kaylor of PtZoan. We are on the path to healthy, quality arms coming from LPHitHouse. Looking forward to having everyone else later this week!

Not scott shot-gunning a beer at this Airbnb.
The question is who is Bentley Scott Pendragon?
Happy sunday scott.
I was so confused yesterday. Happy Sunday, Scott!
Scott Morrison now wants mature discussions with China After beating his chest like a hairy gorilla for so long.
Why travis scott lookin so tasty tho?
Guarantee travis scott is gonna rock these.
I am sitting here watching highlights of FSU from the Winston and D cook era and it got me thinking if these last few seasons are my penance for having been able to watch them play together at such a high level it might have been worth it.

Naomi couldholdanote Scott.
I finally got my Trav Scott merch.
Great letter ... in a completely different universe than Barrs.
Let's go everyone! Liberals, conservatives, moderates, let's set aside our differences - we're THIS CLOSE to having "Attorney General Scott Baio" - just for one month, but, LET'S DO THIS !
Congratulations JacQuizz.
Every dollar spent at the moment is borrowed money we do not have a spare million to chuck at an old mate so they can come up with a MARKETING CAMPAIGN designed to make Scott Morrison LOOK GOOD, Gallagher said. After a year like 2020, Australians DESERVE BETTER. 4/.

Merry Sunday Scott!!
Scott Morrisons department & his political office have REJECTED freedom of information requests for access to taxpayer-funded research undertaken by Jim Reed, a long-term researcher for Liberal party pollster Crosby Textor. While the content of the substantial research 1/.

Babe its 10 pm on a Sunday, new Scott the Woz upload.
Shorter: "I'm so fucked".
Yall gotta check this out in honor of Mayor Scott, aka Lor Bippy, aka Mr. Get it done, aka Mr. Shut It Down its going up we LIT!
Rainey Bennett also worked as a book illustrator for Scott Foresman Publishing, and even wrote and illustrated his own childrens book in 1960 called The Secret Hiding Place.
This is how u get to all travis scott concerts.
Hey Coach! Scott Fisbeck here. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for all you did for Chris at St Joes. Wish hed been more mature at the time and realized what he had but its all good. Just wanted you to know I appreciate all you did for Chris.

Just lucky. Zero talent, skill, humanity, integrity, decency, accountability, transparency, honesty. Luck***nulb Paul Bongiorno: Scott Morrison's COVID luck cannot last.
Dolph Lundgren, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Scott Bakula, Robert Downey Jr.
Travis Scott - SICKO MODE.
Scott The Woz II - Scott The Woz.
A new Scott The Woz video.
If CU Buffs have a spine, they'd politely ask CSU Rams to visit Boulder for a football game on Saturday and tell Larry Scott and the knuckleheads in the Pac-12 to take a long walk off the deep end of the Santa Monica Pier.

Scott it's monday.
"I am tired of knowing nothing and being reminded of it all the time." F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night.
Travis scott burger.

What You Really Think

Im looking forward to watching this season. Did you enjoy working with Andrew?

Im building a Lee Scoresby inspired gunslinger character for D&D and Im v excited.

Looking forward to watching the last part on Sunday evening on BBCOne in the UK.

I wait for it all week and. The day of I forgot appreciate the reminder.

CUTE! I like it! Damn, I wish I had the money to get HBO.

Can't wait!!

Photo looks more like a brilliant watercolor, minus the trash can. Gorgeous lighting with a dash of fog.

Damn, Andrew's good at photography as well?!

Hola te amo, bye.

Is this the new taylorswift13 album?

Not my favourite part of Subtle Knife LeeScoresby. When I first read it, I put that book down for 2 weeks. Thats all I have to say about that.

This show is so good. I can't.

Evermore vibes.


That leather jacket though...