Tuesday 16th of March 2021

Jane Gilmore: Scott Morrison Has ignored Women. It Shows in The Streets, And it Will Show at The Polls The New Daily.

Social Media Says

Is a pretty good hashtag.
We need to get it trending. ScottyFromGilead . Unsettle the pr*ck.
Finally ScottyFromGilead is asked how does he know that AllegedRapistChristianPorter is innocent when no one else has said so, not the NSW Police, not a Court of Law.
Righteous anger! No low too low for ScomoTheScumbag. A real kick in the teeth to the women of Australia. Vote of no confidence now!
Is too broad. Perhaps we could get LNPHandmaidens to trend in reference to female LNP politicians who have fallen into line behind ScottyFromGilead. Feel free to retweet if you agree.
Do it ScottyFromGilead ScottyTheRapistProtector . I dare you. I fucking double dare you. TickTockScotty CALL an election Mr Confidence. We're waiting for you.
How good is ScottyFromGilead. FinellaOakley? Best ever.
Sorry tweeters, I have no sympathy at all for someone who moans about "fertility troubles" with two healthy daughters. If they are that desperate for a son, why not adopt one? F*ck them all. Did we really vote for "Charismatic Movement" bigots to rule us?

"Morrison has comprehensively ignored the women he needs to vote for him" JaneTribune on a PM who has badly underestimated the groundswell of rage he has created.
Whats that I see? ScottyFromGilead is trending? Blessed be.
We warned the People that Trump was dangerous & they said "she'll be right mate" We warned the People that Boris was dangerous & they said "she'll be right mate" We warned the People that Morrison was dangerous & now the peoples eyes see clearly ...

This is a photo I took in Melbourne 7 years ago and I can't believe we have only got progressively worse. I guess I was lucky I didn't get shot. CommanderMorrison It's time to go. This is not.
Paul Bongiorno: A sorry moment for the Prime Minister Morrison gets it but demands women stay silent behind closed doors. Such is his contempt for women.
If you dont enjoy this or worse think its funny the answer is humbly apologise to the women of Australia and announce a self education campaign.
I thinks it's time for women in Parliament House to start wearing those small innocuous cameras and start recording the male BS that is going on.
I'm not usually a big fan of hashtags, but whoever started ScottyFromGilead - it's very good.
If this is the best the Govt can offer, we have to vote them out.
Thank you for not shooting us for protesting rape culture ScottyFromGilead. Blessed be the fruits.
I think they call that a dictatorship dont they? Thats certainly what it looks and feels like to me. When we, the people, become irrelevant in the minds and actions of the government, we are no longer living in a democracy.

A common reaction is that Morrison is just 'tin-eared'. But I think this shows his ingrained misogyny. Subtext: 'Just think yourselves lucky you weren't shot. But if you ladies don't behave yourselves and know your place '.

So Porter tried to high jack the day by announcing defamation against Louise Milligan & ABC and Morrison told women rallying to EndViolenceAgainstWomen they are lucky they werent shot.
According to ScottyTheRapistProtector and his simps, women should feel excited and privileged to meet him and grateful he didn't have marchers shot. FFS.
Scott Morrison slammed for bullets comment as women storm the country.
"It is unfathomable how a moment so big can be met with a response so small." murpharoo on a social turning point. And a PM who just doesn't get it.
A PM who uses the language of violence on the day of March4Justice. Just. Doesn't. Get it.
The PM might take time to reflect upon the fact that countries that fire upon their own people are quite often the same countries where the people get angry enough to fire upon their 'leaders'. It's a two-way street ScottyFromGilead , be careful.

With my two girls at The March4Justice Adelaide. Thank fuck we didnt get shot???
Lake Burley-Griffin 2022.
How good is a PM who uses the language of violence on the day of March4Justice ?
If Morrison has deliberately trapped you in poverty, its effing hard to get away from your abuser.
Based on Scott Morrison's attitude toward women, I'm suspicious that Jenny Morrison is being held captive, and her 'friend' is actually a prison guard.
Tegan's take on ScottyFromGilead . Beyond "boiling" now. I blew a gasket!
Walking back from Myanmar comment from y'day. Feigned indignatn between Dorothy Dixers.Why do we do it to ourselves? Watching LNPgrifters wade thru own BS, trying to carve out spontaneous policy & strategy. There is NONE. Prosperous lunches leave no time.

This bloke is unbelievable. Gaslighting and lying. This is literally Trumplike. He is an absolute disgrace.
Why dont we start a class action on behalf of women and girls of Australia against our A-G and PM for not implementing research and reports with recommendations to ensure our human rights. We can go fund me.

Might actually be one of the more insulting hashtags to our prime minister weve ever seen. It would be a shame for ScottyFromGilead to trend.
I wish I could say I was surprised at this, I really do. He has shown time and time again how awful of a human he is.
To all our esteemed clients, we are still doing what we do best in writing to ensure you score an A in your final exam. Malcolm Roberts ScottyFromGilead.
I work with Aboriginal women leaving FV. I would be floored if any one of them had anything more than minimal super. A lot dont even have a safe place to go. I have worked non stop since 17 and at 50 have 80k. I am so scared of these gubbas, they DO NOT CARE.

So desperately sad that absolutely nothing will come of it. No chance the LNP want women anywhere but chained to the kitchen sink unless they can be employed to take the fall for men in parliament!
Australian conservative politics is filled with 'Aunt Lydia' types like Sarah Henderson - they gleefully do the bidding of their male cohorts no matter the damage to women in real terms. Their 'position' is safe that's ALL that matters. ScottyFromGilead barks & they jump.

Scotty is Gonesky!
In this 3 min. clip JacquiLambie shows more insight, courage & leadership than Scott Morrison has or will ever have in his entire career.
Also, if you're not enraged, then you're not paying attention.
Seriously. Htf is AllegedRapistChristianPorter still here? What does he have over ScottytheCoward and the rest of them? The lengths the ScottyFromGilead govt have gone to, to avoid independent investigation into IBelieveKatharineThornton.. how many would it take down?

I was already "boiling" (to borrow murpharoo 's metaphor) but when I heard this I blew a gasket. (Shades of The Handmaid's Tale) His remarks notwithstanding, yesterday was amazing to witness. Thanks Tegan for not letting this go.

Years from now, political analysts will pinpoint this moment as the moment that Scott Morrison lost any chance of the Liberal Party being reelected.
I wish that journos wld mention that ScottyFromGilead's Hillsong religion/cult places women beneath men in the hierarchy. Our PM is the ManchurianCandidate for Gilead unless the Rapture happens before hand.

What You Really Think

Idjeet has forgotten that 51% of voters are women And we are not happy Scotty.

Has forgotten that women comprise 50.2% of the Australian population.

Not if they only poll male liberal voters.

So women have only ever been ignored under this gov't. Am I right?

I hope you're right. I want this vile creature to disappear.

Well written Jane. Lets hope the voters of Australia remember all of this on voting day.

Written by Union run Industry Super Funds . gee not biased at all.

...ThePM is now (question time) saying his words about ]how good is Australia where you don't get shot while protesting] *Marching* were getting twisted. NEVER responsible, huh? What's TOTALLY TWISTED is why a PM would use a line like that. What a stinker.

The irony of Scumbo's comment about bullets is just breathtaking- while women March against violence, threats and harassment what do we get - a pseudo "leader" who implies violence is always possible and could be implemented at a moment's notice. Beggars belief.

Jane Gilmore nails it. ScottytheCoward though is the runner up Steven Bradbury of politics. The person who succeeds him will hold that title.

Who are the people that describe Morrison as a clever politician? He's just a marketer who knows his audience and will exploit it the cheapest way possible. As Jane Gilmore has pointed out, there's 10 million of us who can vote.

Cant wait to VOTE this evil creetin Morrison out, and he calls himself a Christian hes a bully and destroyer of peoples lives and livelyhood and even Jesus would be ashamed of him.

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