Monday 3rd of July 2023

I Like These Conversations. Give me Your Thoughts. You Already Know Mine.

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like these conversations. give your thoughts. already know mine.
Larry David, once injured Shaq during Lakers game.
Joell Embid would get abused by Shaq.
Nobody stops PRIME SHAQ.
never watched Shaq play huh.
Facts maybe jokic would give nice fight that haystack strong would still piece sauce.
thinks this???
Embiid doesnt deserve mentioned same sentence shaq Respect should earned your achievements.
They were flashy boys Shaq title teams.
Only player that could really lock Shaq? Possibly Prime Arvydas Sabonis nobody.
Were eating good!
Youre convincing anybody Shaq Kobe better all-time than lebron. Quite literally nothing supports that claim.
Shaq 27ppg 11rpg from field finals. When lock down?
Prime Shaq would have bodied Embiid.
SHAQ could probably bust Embiids court right now.
Shaq would DESTROY Embiid.
Every current center would Chicken.
this beat to..
hell players considered bust?? Kawame, Bennett, Oden.. those guys were bust because they high value coming into league means something lol?? It's about that. It's context. Stupid Bron played with Shaq DRose.

shaq does show rings from Lakers!
prime Shaq still wouldn't lock prime Shaq haha.
Shaq personally have never seen poster Embiid been poster plenty times ijs.
ever watched Shaq growing laughed this statement.
Joel would have some injury management games when faced Shaq.
Prolly give him 50 but hed be sick that game anyways.
animals bitch around.
only stop shaq dream.
Welcome to the bigmanalliance Joker.
Shaq Hakeem interesting. arguable. over Kobe downright insane.
Shaq would have destroyed y'all must have forgot.
Embid would flop, call, Shaq gets easy bucket. Every. Time.
Shaq wild!
Prime Shaq
I've seen enough, Embiid > Shaq.
Naw he would not.
Whoever made this probably years old. Shaq destroyed some greatest centers ever play game, Joel would just another added list.
Embiid wouldnt lock down current shaq.
You'll kill him in the post, but in the midrange, he'll eat you alive.
Post game interview.
Umm, your sidekick Shaq helps races. doesn't look color. always helping people!
Cant even dominate with almost zero centers. GONNA LOCK MOST DOMINATE EVER??? ***.
Love this shit.
Joel wouldn't stand chance.
This guy?
chicken alert.
Thats catering numbers right there.
this have never seen anyone physically dominate like Shaq late 90s/early 2000s. would make time greats like Admiral Mail look like little children. closest thing unfair seen professional sports short, Way.

Joel would talk month about matchup only head head match
Absolutely not!

Shaq every twice Sunday, yall your minds.
give trouble defense sure. not, make defend 10-15ft, drive, foul trouble. ***.
Before comment Embiid better than Yao?
There player past present that could lock Shaq. career against Olajuwon there nobody even close that good game now. Especially Embid whos made glass.

Hell nah.
know what does better than player EVER?? bangs!!!
bully court back day!
Honestly with game moving away from physicality being more about finesse, thats reason these type guys flourishing. Believe they wouldnt these guys court Shaq playing.

Welcome brother.
Jesus prime?
Really thought Keith Horn gonna lift contest there.
Maybe only prime Rodman.
laughing eating elbows like rest. They forget powerful were.
This conversation gives opportunity break favorite theories: Shaq been born 2000 years would have been greatest warrior earth would conquer entire continent.

Shaq would literally lock dunk over Joel arthritic body repeatedly. would utter bloodshed.
They finna baseball version Shaq chuck.
would ever lock SHAQ conversation required.
It's even conversation Shaq kills Embiid Embiid best offense falling floor hoping foul. Embiid doesn't even play against bigs wouldn't able handle best bigs game then shaq lol.

Joel Embid will never.
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Give clippers harden.
Nobody could stop prime angry Shaq. When calm head wasnt game, stoppable.
Embiid would dominated.

What You Really Think

Prime Shaq would have bodied Embiid.

I bet SHAQ could probably bust Embiids ass on the court right now.

Shaq would DESTROY Embiid.

No way.



A prime Shaq still wouldn't lock a prime Shaq haha.

Shaq me personally have never seen u get put on a poster Embiid been put on a poster plenty of times ijs.

If you ever watched Shaq growing up you laughed at this statement.

Joel would have some injury management games when he faced Shaq.

Prolly give him 50 but hed be sick that game anyways.

The only man who can stop shaq is the dream.

Shaq would have destroyed him y'all must have forgot.

Embid would flop, not get the call, and Shaq gets the easy bucket. Every. Time.

Shaq is wild!

Naw he would not.

Whoever made this is probably 12 years old. Shaq destroyed some of the greatest centers to ever play the game, and Joel would just be another added to the list.

Embiid wouldnt lock down a current day shaq.

You'll kill him in the post, but in the midrange, he'll eat you alive.


Cant even dominate in an era with almost zero centers. HOW HES GONNA LOCK UP THE MOST DOMINATE BIG MAN EVER??? ***.

Not a chance.

Joel wouldn't stand a chance.

This guy?

Bbq chicken alert.

To this day I have never seen anyone physically dominate like Shaq in the late 90s/early 2000s. He would make all time greats like The Admiral or The Mail Man look like little children. It was the closest thing to unfair Ive seen in professional sports In short, No Way.

Shaq> Embiid.

Joel would talk all month about the matchup only to sit out the head to head match up.

Absolutely not!

He did it.

Shaq every day & twice on Sunday, yall out your minds.

Hed give you trouble on defense for sure. And if not, hed make you defend to 10-15ft, drive, and try to get you in foul trouble. ***.

Before you comment ask Embiid better than Yao?

There is no player past or present that could lock up Shaq. He put up 22 and 14 in his career against Olajuwon and there is nobody even close to that good in the game now. Especially Embid whos made of glass.

Hell nah.

Maybe only one guy prime Rodman.

Im laughing Hed end up eating elbows like all the rest. They forget how powerful you were.

Shaq would literally lock up and dunk all over Joel and his arthritic body repeatedly. It would be utter bloodshed.


Lol no one would ever lock up SHAQ . No conversation required.

It's not even a conversation for me. Shaq kills Embiid and Embiid best offense is falling to the floor hoping for a foul. Embiid doesn't even play against bigs he wouldn't be able to handle the best bigs in the game and then shaq lol.

Joel Embid will never.

Embiid would get dominated.

No one is stopping prime Shaq I witnessed it. Period.

Mann thats not even a debate He stay getting up off the floor now..

Embiid would get absolutely DESTROYED!!!

No one. And I mean no one could lock up Shaq! The most dominant big man Ive seen.

Youd put up 45 & 15. Easy $.

He hasnt messed with the Diesel. No chance.

Why Embiid? He's not even an amazing defensive player.

Only Jesus can stop Shaq in his prime.

If David Robinson couldnt do it, neither could Embiid.

I think a lot of people in these comments fail to realize that Shaq dominated in the era of the big man.

No chance. As it was back then, nobody today could even mess with The Big Aristotle.

Joel Embiid routinely gets shut down by Al Horford who is 6 foot 10 and 250 pounds . What Shaq would do to Al Horford would be criminal. Stop it.

Ofc he wouldnt wtf.

Every time Shaq goes into the paint and touches Embiid ...

Barbaque all day bruh

Man if they dont stop with the bullshit.

Lmao Joel the injury prone flop master.

Shaquille Blue Chips Diesel ONeal.

I remember Prime Shaq, you ran the floor, you could move. You werent Cleveland Cavs or even Laker Shaq, you were an incredible freak athlete. No one locked you down.

No one is locking Shaq down aint no way.

Pffff no chance in hell, Embiid is soft.

Shaq causes Joel to fall down at least thirty times a game if they play. Joel is way better at falling down btw.

Shaq would fucking wreck these flopping hacks.

You cooking the shit outve him.

All Daaaaayyy!!!

A good match up, but Shaqs at the level of Wilt, Kareem and Bill Russell. Embiid is not even at the level of Hakeem and Ewing yet, but closer than the first group.

They gotta be on drugs.

Your videographer took a video of me at Camden Yards in baltimore holding up a sign that said BBQ CHICKEN and I need to see that video, I was front row.

I think he'd be a problem for Shaq because of his outside shooting. And he got good footwork and with the size. It would be interesting.

Fanboy never saw Shaq play and gives his opinion.

Which timeline they would play?

Reading the comments!!!!

Nah he's no way as dominant as Shaq was.

Lmao he wouldn't even want to play against you, better yet stop you.

Shaq All Day!

Joel is not a winner. Never passed semis.

In 20 regular season matchups, Shaq has gotten the better of Hakeem, leading his teams to 14 wins and six losses. Shaqs numbers against Hakeem are also more impressivehe averaged 22.1 points on 54.4 percent shooting, 12.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 0.9 steals and 1.8 blocks.