Saturday 16th of January 2021

Time to Turn The Signal Back On. Season 2 Premieres Sunday at 8/7c! Stream Next Day Free Only on The CW.

Social Media Says

The 3 journalistic units most devoted to demanding online censorship are CNN's media reporters, NBC's "disinformation team," and NYT's tech reporters. Here's the latter laying the groundwork for making encrypted apps Signal & Telegram the next targets.

For those wondering about SignalApp's scaling, WhatsApp's decision to sell out its users to Facebook has led to what is probably the biggest digital migration to a more secure messenger we've ever seen. Hang in there while the Signal team catches up.

Signal is experiencing technical difficulties. We are working hard to restore service as quickly as possible.
"If a Biden administration wants to signal that America is back, after four years of an America First foreign policy, U.S. military bases around the world could provide a concrete signal of Americas enduring commitment to its alliances to friend and foe alike.".

Democrats playing a very cynical game by finally embracing $15 min wage at the same time they embrace national prop 22. The real impact will be a direct signal for all businesses to lay off expensive hourly workers and convert to app workers with no min wage and no 40 hr workweek.

Every venue for communication and information dissemination that is independent - meaning outside ruling class & corporate media control - will be targeted for censorship. Early today, NYT targeted Telegram and Signal. Now this: AP warns about podcasts.

With all the craziness going on, its a step in the right direction seeing notifications of everyone leaving WhatsApp, and coming to telegram and signal. You DO have the right to privacy. The argument if youre not doing anything bad you have nothing to hide is loser talk.

Im not seeing an FBI Surveillance WiFi signal in my area, but I am seeing this.
Come to Signal.
Accident: Signal Mtn Blvd. at turn lane to US-27 North.
Signal has some ways to go, I certainly wouldn't recommend moving from one platform to the other, but it may potentially be a future alternative.
I promise you that you can survive well over 12 hours without their app. Signal is free, without ads or trackers and it is 100% encrypted. This is a non-profit organization on which millions of users have landed in just a few days. Be kind, use SMS/phone & email meanwhile.

Most parents have no clue: datasecurity WhatsApp does collect too much data, much more than Signal, Telegram and iMessage. But when compared to apps like Facebook, Messenger, Google, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, it collects very little.

Our Private Time is Here signalapp Use Signal.
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Switching from WhatsApp to Signal (or something else)? Here's what you need to know.
Signal has won this round.
$PRO TIP Three Stars in the North: Three white days, but notice each day opens lower than last. Bearish reversal signal. Lower highs, and size of candles diminishing.
Time to ditch WhatsApp? The best alternative chat apps available on iPhone and Android.
On a different note, is 'wire' safe? Compared to Signal & WhatsApp?
Stop dismissing inner signal as noise. There's a message there if you pay attention.
I didn't see the pie signal!
Again, you're confusing two bits of true information that have no logical connection. It's true that these apps were not designed for US organizers and that a lot of US devices have backdoors at the hardware level, but that is not a problem inherent to Signal's software.

Republican rep who voted to impeach: I wanted to send a signal that this can never be acceptable from an American leader.'.
Given that signal is blowing up, time for my public service announcement: signalapp is a government op. it was created and funded by a CIA spinoff. it is *not* your friend.
It only works in a certain kind of chat that's just between two people.
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Mhm mhm ok i have the dog ready at your signal.
Perhaps this is a naive point, but isnt one of the ways that people signal their group membership by criticising non group members for not being as smart or good as them? That sort of thing seems to make up about 80% of twitter.

Signal back. I had to actually talk to her for the last 20 minutes. Very disappointed she can't grasp radio waves, foliage and structure density degrading cellular signal penetration. She's used an iPad a hundred times. She should understand.

Is my mixed signal PCB Layout correct for EMC and Signal integrity( pic attached) ?
I think the signalapp apps DDoS'ed the server. Servers ran over capacity due to influx of users and started to return HTTP 508 which was not handled by the app and millions of apps started retrying the connection at once. Judging from recent commits in.

If you're a major corporation panicking over the bad press you're getting for spending millions of dollars to elect people who tried to overthrow a fair and free election, maybe that's a signal that you shouldn't be spending money on politics.

In case youre wondering why people are moving to Signal.
Ours is Signal Piracy Detection Service because some rat bastard was piggybacking off of ours before we got a new setup.
Words are the least reliable form of communication. Someone's energy, behaviour, body language and silence will tell you more than any other signal. Listen closely.
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Which is a better option when it comes about privacy..? WhatsApp or Signal App!? LIKE Vnulb.
Signal gone?
Its a status symbol mostly. Its just an ongoing culture war thing where republicans have to virtue signal each other by constantly screaming about/showing off their guns.
Now if only there was a way to "edit" a sticker pack on Signal... this, causes much sadness.
Install signal.
Actually yes. I didn't expect the first clear signal this early and this clearly. The EU proper cocked up the vaccine situation and people will die because of it. Germany is steaming ahead by now ignoring the EU but France and Ireland? I hope Ireland ignore the EU too.

Some think that the time gap between SecPompeos tweets are a signal.
Original post and discussion on Reddit.
Thank you and excellent mock up on the Signal creative u/worried-carrot.
This reads as a signal as to the location of Rep. Tlaib's office. Note the date and time. Every one of those who conspired with the insurrectionists must be removed.
A "gut feeling" is a chemical signal that your stomach creates to warn the brain of danger.
Why can my Acousticom2 not pick up any signal of radiation? And: why is my mobile, when I take it out of the foil, showing in the first seconds? Could you explain that?
WhatsApp will no longer require users to accept updated terms of service by 8th of February. Too late. Trust has been shaken and so many people have moved to Signal and Telegram despite attacks on their platforms that froze and slows them a little.

Why its time to drop WhatsApp and switch to Signal.
Ive been trying to read this and i realized it's "no signal" GAHHHH is this a hint for the next cb.
I highly suggest checking out Session. It's like Signal but with decentralised storage servers and an onion routing protocol to make it more secure. They also use a thing called loki-core in the backend. I'm not affiliated, I just think their cool and need more attention.

I'm now on Signal, Telegram, Wickr, and Wire Also trying out Jami and Antox keeping my options open and stuff.
Lawsuit filed over ships in LB/LA ports striking whales --- .
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Not WhatsApp or Signal! NIA probe reveals terrorists in India, abroad using THIS secured messaging platform.
LTG Ridgway, CG Eighth Army; MG Palmer, CG 1st Cav Div; Col. Daskalopoulos, CO Greek Bn; Col. Harris, CO 7th Cav, Chipyong-ni, Kor, 23 Feb 51 US Army Signal Corps USNatArchives Enhanced by erikthehistorian (erik villard).

1) The consensus of the infosec community is that Telegram is significantly less secure than SignalApp. 2) Signal is an independent non-profit with a $50m endowmentthey can't be meaningfully influenced by money for a very long time. Telegram is a standard private company.

I wish cars had some sort of indicator or a signal even, to let other drivers know you intend on turning so they can plan accordingly.
The NY Times is writing like Signal is a bad thing.
Right isnt the whole point that it works... so that the feds can use it too... its just important to note that it wasnt made to work for you. signal can still surveil you but others cant. thats kinda just how it is.

This pigeon toed yella nigga better stop walking around the gym like he wants some dick. Because hes about to get the signal to come and get some. He seems so humble and thats my TYPE.
Because its trying to eliminate risks by not allowing you to register into one account with multiple devices. Safer is to register one device and then link other clients to it. If you are happy with Telegram - use Telegram. If you prefer safer option - welcome to Signal.

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Is signal a government honeypot? At this point, nothing would surprise me. Ditto for Bitcoin.
I understood the whatsapp changes do not apply to users in the UK and Europe - but the notification was sent to everyone. So why the rush to signal?
Minimum wage could be ZERO & small businesses would still fail bc all of you people don't shop local. It's utter bullshit that people virtue signal about small businesses while they're unpacking their Amazon Prime box. Even before the Pandemic I see folks going all small biz this.

This gotta be her outta pocket tweet signal incase she got kidnapped or something Yall go check on her.
Here's a more in-depth look into how Signal compares to WhatsApp in terms of privacy.
I haven't posted since I left the country but I have signal now.
WiP Master of Signal. Turned out to be quite a complex conversion but Im very pleased with the result. Hopefully get him painted tonight making him the 3rd consul of 2021! Thanks to ClaudeSavagely with sourcing bits!

Or, to be less generous, maybe a signal he was done with Star Wars after so much controversy and chaotic reshoots over four years.

What You Really Think

Hyped for this Sunday.

Was dying lmdeal save him wasmy life empty brendonself.

Can't wait.

Looking forward to it...I loved Ruby Rose in the roll but am very intrigued and interested in the changes and new dynamics.

I seriously can't wait just two days to go I'm so excited.

Awesome! Cant wait.

Just cancel the show, we know that you already know.

I cant wait till this airs in the uk.

Mmm no. without Ruby Rose, no thank you.


Can't wait to see Javicia!

Here for my batwoman.

No, that show is trash. Why is it even on tv?

Finally! Vnulb.

No Teaser today?

Turn on the signal!!


When can we watch season 2 over here in the uk.

Lets go!!!!

Is this a spoiler!?

I will check the sky for it.

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