Saturday 24th of September 2022

- Relegated From Their Nations League Group - Not Scored From Open Play in 450 Minutes - Worst Run in 22 Years Gareth Southgate's England.

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think Gareth Southgates tactical master plan giving hope order kill working beautifully thus far.
least Tomori squad. Southgate blindspot remarkable. Tomori bench stadium against forwards he's played against?!
Harry Maguire line start England Italy NationsLeague. 29yo centre-back having tough spell manager Gareth Southgate backing most trusted players. Maguire said confident relaxed.

disagree, these players play good enough club level. Southgate needs sort something out.
Southgate really entered united final form. ceiling peaked down from here.
Southgate Allegri Simone Tuchel that order.
Southgate going such this
Relegated from their Nations League group - scored from open play minutes - Worst years Gareth Southgate's England.
Well realistically southgate call worst england players them lose 3-0.
Southgate opted Maguire today, over Tomori, played best side Italy last season.
much over hyping that's problem England both their team coach, selects players based favorites based form, England will never qualify group stages Qatar Southgate continues like this.

Southgate will never anything with this Englad team because plays people name merit.
Rashford Sancho Englands best wingers thats what happens when dont them squad Southgate.
England have been relegated from Nations League Group will unseeded Euro 2024 qualifying. Hate think Southgate needs now, need manager with fresh ideas modern game.

England under Gareth Southgate...
Rashford Sancho coming Qatar Baby whilst Southgate drops them.
Stay V Southgate you're one.
Reload Southgate Roberto Martinez Ruining Generational Squads.
This isnt manager. simply just copies what best team Prem plays like. 2016/17 when Conte getting results with 3-4-3, Southgate took following season when City were dominant, went 4-3-3, really nothing rate about this guy.

Gareth Southgate contemplates becoming first history football relegated player, club manager international manager!
Every club Maguire played career manager been sacked each those clubs Southgate next.
Southgate out?
bye, Southgate.
Southgate shit.
This England team absolutely shot pieces under Southgate, sucked life most vibrant squad while. wouldnt allowed take this squad World Cup. From whos realistically available Wenger short term [?].

want World sack Southgate now! Scotland would beat them just now.
Sack Southgate. Hire Tuchel. England become good. Simple.
sure Southgate even bothers call Chilwell. doesnt just play him, continually ignores existence feels like. Feel guy, would selfishly rather this extra time with Potter right now.

Picking Chillwell squad giving single minute Euros after having best season career winning UCL, when knew Southgate serious guy.
Southgate: England's performance step right direction'.
Having said that, defences Iran should into hands Kane talented midfield that Southgate has. England *shouldnt* have problem group stages World Cup.
haven't watched match today can't much about aren't like England where they have squad shit Southgate crap. Flick isn't flawless isn't working with amazing squad IMO.

honest Southgate football like contes without week week training ground.
Doesn't matter form part from he's most creative player league. It's Southgate plays people talk about defence ability rather than crossing kane.
Harry Maguire this season: apps losses [?] goals conceded Picked England squad Gareth Southgate, football genius.
That's because Southgate bozo.
"There's going noise... it's take that pressure them" Gareth Southgate says England need stick what gotten them success previous tournaments order their form right.

Gareth Southgate with this England team.
England have failed their last games. This their worst since Gareth Southgate took over manager. Real concern before Qatar.
Their style play mirrors Southgate personality.
very good confidence builder England Team wait forgot they havent game five Gareth Southgate footballing genius.
Fuck Southgate. right thing walk away. You're ruining these players international careers!
Never once sang Southgate your one. England Southgateout.
England relegated from their Group trenches Nations League Southgate could relegated sitting room.
Gareth Southgate going World Cup, managed relegate Middlesbrough well English National Team sure whether amazed disappointed.
Sack Southgate immediately England want look even respectable World Cup.
Gareth Southgate confirms leave post following ENG's UEFANationsLeague relegation.
Gareth southgate touches kids.
Southgate says life short spend football.
Southgate enemy doesnt least resign. Putting personal interest ahead country.
might learn defend though? It's Southgate appears interested
England should sack Southgate before World Cup, football nonexistent, tactics negative substitutes reactive!
CHRIS SUTTON: just accept this? Gareth Southgate doesn't play heavy-metal football lack bravery confidence harming side.
Gareth Southgate been relegated with both teams he's managed.
Ratio southgate out.
"It's shambles- What's point?!" "Toney lost half opportunity." don't know what Southgate's thinking." DanKane34 thinks Gareth Southgate made mistake leaving Ivan Toney England squad.

didnt even know England were playing tonight. Thats little care about international football Gareth Southgate. Both items disgrace both should have been sacked decades ago.
Wouldn't worth winning with Germany Manager. rather group stages with spastic Southgate.
England booed after Italy loss fans call Southgate SACKED.
would never Tuchel, Pochettino, Zidane, Bielsa, even Wenger available replace Southgate before World Cup.
He'd probably want gain momentum with chelsea first, just come back from huge injury we've awful season far, hardly blame southgate using scored euros final year ago.

What upsets most about having Gareth Southgate England manager World Cup? Wasted talent.
many games southgate when wasnt expected?
Southgate using this performance reason dropping Saka. Chilwell Shaw were squad there logical reason play Saka position, he's just trying keep "favourites" happy.

We've super Gareth Southgate He knows exactly what need Tavernier back, maguire back, chillwell back, goldson back, Jones back, stones back, tomori back, moore back milner midfield, carrick midfield, kane to.

have problem with Trent starting England because doesn't deserve based recent performances should have came some point Italy. Southgate questionable decisions again.

Southgate tried defending that shit show.
most talented players years Southgate idea deploy them.
died Maguire sword. Looks like Southgate will too.
anyone that wanted Southgate contract. hope enjoying worst football history, another years.
Collectively theres pattern forming with this England team. unit, putting dreadful performances. This creeping now. Theres lack idea. Jason Cundy worries Gareth Southgate ahead World Cup!

After defeat Italy It's difficult critical performance," said England manager Gareth Southgate.
Southgate NOW! Killing talent!
Gareth Southgate right England.
Southgate good manager.
England fans have ripped into manager Gareth Southgate another diabolical tactical display during their Nations League defeat against Italy Friday, September
Southgate scam. This dusty manager need off.

What You Really Think

The FA love him as he does as hes told. Going nowhere.

If anyone else was as shit at their job as him would have been sacked ages ago.

Need to do a tory party new leader - disown last 12 years.

Not so long ago you lot said he was the best thing since sliced bread no he is an idea you guys make me laugh.

James Maddison.

So much attacking talent at his disposal that is going to waste Nobody can deny that Sancho and Rashford in the or they are in would have caused Italys back line problems tonight yet neither have been selected to even travel.


Time to go or else we will be out in the group stages.

I think I know your thoughts.

You suck as much as Ralph.

Can you post the headlines of you saying he is the best you had in like 100 hrs bcs he took you in a world cup semi and euro final. Im am not defending him i dont care about england but these fans say he is out of his depth yet just 2yrs ago he was the best in the world is funny.

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