Monday 11th of January 2021

Skiers Appeared in The Streets of Madrid, Spain as Storm Filomena Covered The City in Record Snowfall. The Snow Prompted The Closure of Madrids international Airport. More Business.

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Storm Filomena brings 'exceptional' snowfall' to Spain.
A crowd in the Plaza de Callao in Madrid took advantage of the record levels of snow brought on by a blizzard that blanketed large parts of Spain with a massive snowball fight.
A persistent blizzard has blanketed large parts of Spain with 50-year record levels of snow, halting traffic and leaving thousands trapped in cars or in train stations and airports that suspended all services as the snow kept falling.

For the record, George Orwell suggested every decent person kill one fascist. And then he went to Spain and threw grenades at fascists.
Spain knows how to do a snowball fight [?]nulb.
20 In. of Snow SPAIN got! Here IN NEAST- NYC area-ZERO- Days Wks of boring lo -mid 40s Coldest usually snowiest time of yr! Would've been great escape from horror of TRUMP GUILIANI DON JR & REPUBS & these dangerous insurrectionists! No accountability -TRUMP still in -unhinged.

For the record, Orwell suggested every decent person kill one fascist. And then he went to Spain and threw grenades at fascists.
Spain but the s is silent.
We've been in Spain for like 3 months and so far the weather has never once been what people say about it???
Im still wondering wtf that means If he was born in Spain Im pretty sure hes gonna stay Spanish for the rest of his life, no? xd.
Tomorrow is the day! Welcome to Spain! We love u here! KeremBursin HandeErcel sencalkapimi LoveIsInTheAir KeremBursin It makes me happy to listen you speak in Spanish! Hosgeldiniz!.
Snow just makes things look so serene. photooftheday photographer love instagood art picoftheday nature dailypic travel design inspiration sony.
Storm Filomena, described as the worst in 80 years, is wreaking havoc in Spain. Four people have died as troops were deployed to rescue the drivers stranded in their vehicles.
Olympiacos are considering the case of one big man who is located in Spain at LigaEndesa. More to come soon. nulb.
Sitting cooler Madrid, Spain.
SPOTIFY GIRLLIKEME ]Jan. 9] 55. Global ( 7) *NP 25. Mexico (-1) 32. France ( 10) 34. Peru (=) 41. Colombia (=) 79. Chile (-2) 126. Spain ( 13) 128. Argentina (-12) 168. Canada ( 29) *NP Charting in 26 counties.

Country - Spain.
Spanish queen.
I interrupt your doomscroll to let you know it hasnt been snow covered like this in 61 years in Madrid, Spain. People are into it so Im going to share some videos. This guy has been waiting for this his entire life.

This is worse than Histon. We were a league one side against an inform side two league below in horrendous conditions then. We started this game with Spain and England internationals. Appalling.
Update: Conversion to votes is not yet functioning. No need to collect stars yet. Picture c/o /ASTRO_Spain.
Spain without s bestie.
The 4Q was basically a defensive disaster. Gave the Suns every switch they wanted (i.e. Booker-McDermott), miscommunicated against Spain actions, and were indecisive about whether to double against post-mismatches, leading to long closeouts.

This is the moment spontaneous snowball fights broke out in Madrid, as residents enjoyed the biggest snowfall in decades. Police have had to break up snowball fights following warnings of the risk they pose from potential transmission of COVID19.

Oe girl yu've to cumm' in Spain.
Researchers found earlier travel restrictions could have prevented spread of first wave.
Sad to say, this appears to be a uniquely British problem. I've recently been in France and now in Spain. I think it is a legal requirement but everyone appears to understand and abide by it. You never see anyone in a supermarket without mask.

Interested? Paper "The present crisis, a pattern" International symposium The Economic Crisis,Time for a Paradigm Shift Valencia, Spain Hypothesis that coming crisis can be explained by transition theory January 25, 2013.

Spain snowed and canada barely had snow this winter... wtf.
As Karen Carney once said fuck off back to Spain.
The latest Social Media Spain!
Actually fuck off back to Spain. Useless.
Take in theres a snowstorm in Spain which is a subtropical country and the snow it gets is more than in toronto.
Casilla needs to go back to Spain.
It's now no wins in 8 league games for Valencia, who picked up a point in their last fixture. That point took them out of the relegation zone, but only on goal difference. They're away at Valladolid tonight, who has lost 1/5 coming into this.

Spain's number nine, England internation midfielder, a handful of first team players playing and we get embarrassed by LEAGUE TWO Crawley Town. Hand your heads in shame, boys.
Anyone wanna crowdfund a flight back to Spain for Casilla?
What did you smoke yesterday? We've smoked some beer can chicken with Orange Wood! SmokeyOliveWood Spain grill BBQ barbacoa ahumar ahumarcomidafoodporn.
I hope it was Kiko that Karen Carney told to fuck off back to Spain the other year.
The greatest snowfall in over 50 years hit Madrid, Spain today. Photos are from Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). Thanks to Fernando Serena for the report - posted with permission.
Historic snow in Alcala de Henares, Spain yesterday, Jan 9th. Thanks to Bea Zahi for the report - posted with permission.
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I dunno what the heck i did in my sleep between 3:45am and 7:30am that made my lips so fuckin chapped but im in Spain without the s.
Standing cool Madrid, Spain.
The greatest snowfall in over 50 years hit Madrid, Spain yesterday, Jan 9th. Photos are from Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). Thanks to Fernando Serena for the report - posted with permission.
In Majorca lives up to its name "lovely view" in Catalan. Did you know that it's currently the stage for a series of classical music concerts performed by the Balearic Symphony Orchestra?
Cafe y tarta: in Spain; of course.
Paralyzed by snowstorm, Spain sends out COVID-19 vaccine, food convoys.
Then and now 1: Ceremonials photo shoot (2011 - Tom Beard) 2. Glamour Magazine Spain (2020 - Lillie Eiger).
It's really not Brexit. Emergency authorisations have been granted in FRANCE GERMANY CZECHIA POLAND BELGIUM SLOVAKIA FINLAND HUNGARY CROATIA LITHUANIA ROMANIA AUSTRIA applications pending in DENMARK SPAIN NETHERLANDS and in Switzerland.

: Can Yaman,who has a huge fan base especially in Italy and Spain thanks to the series he starred in, played in the advertisement of a famous pasta brand in Rome.Our world-famous director Ferzan Ozpetek, who lives in Italy,shot the commercial. The handsome actor received .

Online Tournaments AAGOA 2021 (Spain & Portugal): Hearthstone (crossplay) (1vs1) LeagueOfLegends (1vs1) RocketLeague (crossplay) (1vs1) Tekken (PC) Valorant (1vs1) TekkenSevilla (not platform decided yet) *Prizes by MonsterEnergyES*.

Fuck me that some drop mind you when I move to Spain it was 1=1.48.
Two Thumbs Out by Peggy Boyd US: UK: AUS: My mother's travel memoir.
SPAIN: Officials tighten COVID-19 measures in Melilla until 20 January - Update.
I Love Spain. It has room to accommodate my crazy!
They already sold the show to 45 countries. They have started it in Spain. It is1 in social media. How they can cancel it? They must have some kind of contract or commitment to all these countries. I dont think at this point they go by Turkish rating only.

King Felipe urges extreme caution as Spain hit by worst snowstorm in a generation.
They over in Spain having a massive snowball fight and we over here terrorizing our own capitol.
The KLF - Kylie Said to Jason (1989). Cover location is the abandoned Spanish movie set which featured in the Sergio Leone film, Once Upon a Time in the West (1968). Spain photo: Mark Parascandola.
In Madrid, Spain starts at 4:27.
SPAIN 2021-01-09 Blizzard conditions cause chaos.
On the list of things to rethink post-pandemic: produce supply chains. I wrote about Spain for OGR_EN. MNCs and govts. can't continue to proceed business as usual. The exploitation of migrants is not a sustainable labor source.

It's worth the trip. To see the bridge, take their underground to Areeta. Lovely part of Spain.
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Whoaaa... Wouldn't want to be under that. More hazards from the enormous and historic snow accumulations in Spain Vilafranca del cid.
This mornings Arent Birds Brilliant! Comes from southern Spain to lift our spirts!
Dear Pelosi, Spain is a monarchy, not a democracy.
We are heading for a huge crash! And possible depression! EU banks have been left in a death loop Germany is owed more than PS950billion it can never recover, and Italy and Spain each owing hundreds of millions which they can never repay.

Kiko can fck back off to Spain ill fill in can't be any worse.
Why would I have bothered repeating that I'm in Spain? Yes, fines if seen not wearing a mask everywhere while walking etc "officially" - a rule I'm willing to chance in large green spaces and some streets.

You guys are so pressed for nothing. I didnt blame Spain for all of our problems and certainly dont think the others wouldve done a better job, Im just stating that the British founded some colonies with the intention of settling while the Spaniards focused on extraction. ***nulb.

Hawaii Siargao Which team are you? if Hawaii Like if Siargao QT/Reply if Spain.
Thanks God they did it. Those heroes saved Spain from destruction.
Oh I know Columbus was a monster. He raped and murdered and stole from the locals, all while thinking he had landed on in a country that was on the other side of the planet. He was a violent idiot and the only reason he was funded was because the king of Spain was one too.

What You Really Think

Spanish at least know how to enjoy it but British moaning about it and say EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS.

We haven't seen Harmattan since December here in Lagos, Nigeria. Global warming really hitting hard!

Such fun! [?][?][?].