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Thursday 2nd of July 2020

FT: Sheffield United 3-1 Spurs Spurs Last Season: Champions League Finalists Spurs This Season: 9th Place, Nine Points Out of Fourth, Seven Points Out of Fifth.

FT: Sheffield United 3-1 Spurs Spurs last season: Champions League finalists Spurs this season: 9th place, nine points out of fourth, seven points out of fifth.
Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho says he would not swap Giovani Lo Celso for Bruno Fernandes after Spurs missed out on the Portuguese midfielder last summer.
Can we stop complaining about team news. This is Arsenal's fifth game in 14 days and they go to Wolves on Saturday before playing Leicester, Spurs, Liverpool and City in the space of 11 days. Rotation is a must.

Another one for the Spurs trophy cabinet.
Spurs one was interesting today as well. Very strange.
Just a reminder that Amazon have been recording Spurs for all of this season for an 8 episode documentary.
Not a spurs fan making fun of liverpool after getting smashed by SU.
Oi this Spurs season is going on Amazon why do I keep forgetting this LOOOOOL.
I dont think he was suited to Spurs when he got the job tbh mate.
Dier's haircut also tracks the trajectory of Spurs since the Champions League final in 2019.
Leicester lost Chelsea lost Spurs bantered Liverpool getting spanked Mood.
How about the Spurs giving away free tickets to local children from low income neighborhoods? Go Spurs.
His left breast is falling fam, look what Spurs have done to The Special One.
Wait then spurs after???
"I prefer not to speak, if I speak, I'm in big trouble.".
Not sure how anyone can blame mourinho for spurs being awful. how is it his fault when they also played shocking under poch for a year?
Whilst completely acknowledging that we had an absolutely awful VAR decision go against us, this performance unacceptable. Sheffield Utd lost three on the bounce before this match and were without three first-team defenders. A pathetic display from Spurs.

That previous belief of Kane retiring at Spurs feels more fanciful by the second. He won't stick around for another rebuild, nor should he.
Arsenal better take their chances now that Spurs lost today.
Our worst season in decades, and spurs still manage to embarrass themselves more than we have.
When you see that Spurs have lost but then realise that Sheffield United have gone above your in the table.
Trump quit using us that have served as a prop. You are an embarasment to this country bone spurs.
Just about spurs lost got me Abit happy!!..still vex over rudiger!!
Childish behaviour that hasnt really lives the spurs history. Only wanting instant success by adding water! Shucks.
I watch this every time Spurs lose and it makes me feel again.
Spurs have taken 56 points from 44 games Thats bottom 8 standard. We are a bottom half team paying the most expensive ticket prices in world football. FFS. GET THEM OUT.
Kane has to be the most underrated player in the world best striker in the premier league honestly needs a move playing in a very poor ageing spurs team.
Found spurs performance curve.
Its now 1 win in 9 for Spurs. Have a nice night, everyone.
Can't imagine Spurs top players wanting to stay another season without silverware. Kane and Son will definitely leave.
Im a spurs fan. Let me do the math. The score 3-1. If thats goal counted 3-2. Stop making excuses for poor performances.
Said the spurs fan Arsenals worst campaign since 1993 and youre below them in the golden years.
Pochettino's final 20 PL games at Spurs W6 D6 L8 Mourinho's first 20 PL games at Spurs W9 D4 L7 It was terrible today but let's not pretend it won't take time (regardless of who is the manager).
United sacked him because he couldn't bring unity in the dressing room... I hope you're well informed For your info.. Those spurs players are very very very terrible... It's not the coaches fault.
We really had our worst season in almost three decades and Spurs still found a way to out-banter us. Never change, SpursOfficial.
Jose Mourinho warns VAR will turn fans away from football after Harry Kane goal chalked off in Spurs defeat.
It's like that, huh Spurs fans? FiveThirtyEight predicts Spurs need a miracle to make postseason.
When spurs fans was calling ole a clown.
I watched this guy turn the fanbase on our two best players & leave the team morale the lowest its ever been! We warned you Spurs man about Moureen!
Was a terrible appointment for spurs shouldve just stuck it out with Potch.
Some gulf in football ability between Spurs and now watching City and Liverpool. How do we ever close that gap again?
Last time we lost like this was vs spurs if I am not wrong and what a turnaround we had after that Hoping for similar reaction after this match.
Maybe, but Jose isnt really creative. He knows what he wants to win and he wont get that spurs. We need a strategic redirection IMO. A new poch to rebuild us. Anyway, doesnt matter he isnt going anywhere and isnt his fault either.

Just a reminder this entire season is being documented for Spurs by Amazon.
Every thing spurs !!!!!
The funniest thing about this Spurs situation is that Levy gave Jose a 4-year contract so when he eventually sacks him after leaving them in a gargantuan mess, they also have to pay Jose a PS20m severance fee which will feel double that as they also have a PS900m stadium debt.

Yeah, so you die in the fall from a bacteria infection? Which is far worse than Covid.
Both teams was mentioned in the BBC Christmas special of 1972 Boxing Day: Spurs at West Ham, not sure who Alf really supported ?
This is Spurs 4 nil defeat all over again. U know what happened after that.
"Tonight we all felt confident, the spirit has been great. We showed exactly what we're about." Oli McBurnie's reaction to tonight's victory against Spurs.
Didnt realise spurs did transfers?
Here's another fun fact Harry Kane hasn't won a trophy with Spurs -on any of the seven days of the week -in any of the 12 months of the year -against any team he has faced.
But according to some Spurs fans their club is bigger than Inter and Eriksen took a step down now that hes here.
Jose Mourinho at Chelsea: "If I speak I'm in big trouble, and I don't want to be in big trouble" Jose Mourinho at Spurs: I cant say what I want to say, Ill be suspended, I dont want don't want to be suspended An upgraded version of Jose Mourinho.

More like Spurs fan. The most saddest thing for LFC right now is not losing to Man City but celebrating their title win in an already baron stadium - La Emptihad.
All I want for Christmas is in-person pressers before Spurs fire Jose.
United have Greenwood, City have Foden, Arsenal have Saka, Chelsea have Hudson Odi, Liverpool have Trent and Spurs have Oliver skipp.
Levy was hoping Amazon's "All Or Nothing" would bring us fans. We will just be memed for years to come. Don't think any spurs fans will watch it.
The Spurs were not shit when Duncan got there . Its a reason the Spurs were picking first in the draft .
I am. A West Ham win, spurs defeat, Liverpool being anally fucked and still clearly pissed. Perfect couple of days.
Spurs did help a little..
Going back to 17/18, we conceded 5 to City and 4 to Spurs. That sparked us up to go on a relentless run to back to back UCL finals & a 2nd place league finish last season & Champions now. We conceded 3 to Watford & now 4 to City. Maybe the wake-up call to get our shit together.

Any Spurs fan watching that shit show tonight not realising this team is DONE needs to wake up. We need an entire back four, CDM, wingers and a striker. Forget UEFA tin cup football. Its rebuild or bust.

Jose Mourinho backs Tanguy Ndombele to step out of the shadows at Spurs.
2019 Spurs/Liverpool ucl final Chelsea/Arsenal europa league final Chelsea/Liverpool super cup final.
FAKE NEWS, not surprised cause you read headlines and not articles. He supports San Antonio Spurs (basketball).
Sorry, just seen the disallowed goal for Spurs. That was a ridiculous VAR decision. Up there with when Chambers goal was disallowed at home to Palace.
"I think it's a little bit of a farce, that rule." Despite the decision helping his team, Chris Wilder was honest in his assessment of the VAR decision to rule out a Spurs goal. Watch.
Mourinho wanted us to Sell Martial & buy a 29 year old Perisic, wanted us to Sell Rashford for a 40 year old Willian, told us Pogba was a Virus. Worse is he wanted Alderweireld at Man Utd but he now benches him at Spurs. Don't miss him for any reason.

People messaging me North London is Red when Arsenal and spurs are sitting in 8 and 9th after 32 games North London is dead simple as.
We lost 5-3 to spurs and still won the league in 14-15.
Mauricio Pochettino emphasised over last summer a painful rebuild was required in order to take Tottenham Hotspur forward. How can Jose Mourinho or any manager/head coach succeed at Spurs without the tools. Time to invest.

Im falling out of love with Spurs man.
Spurs 2019 was Potch's Zenith and now we have Mourinho's Nadir...really had a lot of gd fortune last year and no disguising this year we have been terrible...
You know it's not about if it's good for you team, it about if it's shit for football. I remember that goal against Spurs lousy decision, today's decision lousy decision. It's making football shite.
Sheffield United 3-0 Tottenham Hotspur LETS ALL LAUGH AT SPURS.
"I would like to but I can't say what I think. I'll be in trouble, I'll be suspended." Jose Mourinho was not a happy man after Spurs' 3-1 loss to Sheffield, headlined by VAR nulb.
As at today (Joses appointment), Spurs are 14th while Man Utd are 7th. Im certain Spurs will finish above Man Utd at the end of the season. Come back to this tweet in May.
How depressing is it to survive a global pandemic but come out the other side of it still supporting spurs.
We've all been so focused on bantering Arsenal this season that how shit Spurs are has gone completely under the radar looooool.
Good work Bill, hope you're well. Love the Billy Hamilton at spurs.

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This is football.

Who is Jose going to blame now.

Jose Mourinho : The Special (3) One.


Jose cannot catch a break.