Monday 6th of February 2023

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Lauren James Takes on The Spurs Defence And Scores an incredible Solo Goal to Give Chelsea The Lead.

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goals assists Mahrez22 been involved more goals against Spurs than other opponent.
Kyrie Irvings preferred destination Angeles Lakers. TheSteinLine Lakers want Kyrie - Nets want both picks Christie Reaves - Lakers dont want give either - team likely more players Nets (Jazz? Spurs?) - Lakers hesitant 4yr/$200m.

points clear Spurs 12 points clear Chelsea 13 points clear Liverpool What weekend.
Only us can compete with Arsenal, these bums are losing to Spurs.
City-spurs well exceeding expectations. what game this been far.
cheering every spurs attack.
Manchester City were versus Spurs today knew also lost versus Everton. Meanwhile, produce masterclass humiliated Spurs their home. Tells about worthy Premier League trophy this season.

Tottenham icons Harry Kane surpasses late Jimmy Greaves become Spurs' all-time record scorer with 267th goal club.
sorry City title race then Just reminder that City Arsenal have play each other twice. Spurs then just points behind City.
gotta respect Kane keeping Spurs somewhat relevant.
"Spurs front three beating City's back four Harry Kane comes close making Tottenham.
Kusema ukweli city will always struggle against spurs hata just like manu against arsenal.
Spurs Spurs Spurs finish what you've started please.
Spurs City Corner, Manchester City. Conceded Ivan Perisic.
Anybody score.. just looks like Spurs want more.
Emerson royal having good game tbf. maybe best spurs shirt.
Everything Spurs have done this season benefitted their biggest rival.
wants place greatest this generation needs silverware aint getting that spurs doubt gets hnited bayern would better option.
This game ends spurs 1-1.
need Spurs game guy. Make city drop point.
People comparing Rodri Casemiro. Currently watching this Spurs time circles around like isnt even pitch.
give spurs this 3points next season need travel this stadium anyway.
Carragher calling Spurs Romero clever switched Thatll mean cheat then.
Lets take moment laugh this asshole Whose club getting butt whooped spurs right
They look ideas. Spurs will this out. Huge Arsenal after their defeat yesterday.
Well joining spurs first sir.
Wonder considers switching midfield 3-2-2-3. overload Spurs midfield. Rodri-Gundogan-KDB-Bernardo box. always weakness attack this Spurs system.
Time spurs double their lead last minutes.
Tracy McGrady dropping points seconds against Spurs.
Best team world hold Spurs, behind you.
Nobody trusts Spurs this.
Trump Administration- captain bone spurs, hides bunkers throws ketchup tantrums lied nothing about Chinese Balloon! shocked. only thing shocking didnt have over Mar-a-asshole.

Mobile ]]LIVESTEAM]]*Tottenham City FREE LIVE STREAM Link Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City Link Enjoy Streaming.
Should genuinely just give spurs points every season skip this game, fucking point.
HALF-TIME Spurs City Harry Kane's 200th goal Spurs ahead break.
Please NO! No Spurs No! No cancer needed! Go Spurs
HALF-TIME Spurs City Harry Kane's 200th goal Spurs ahead break. Hope City won't give them beating like first leg. Spurs Arsenal China TOTMCI Spurs.
dominated this Spurs side their ground.
head: - leaving most creative player bench - playing stupid system that gets countered worse than hitler when went east - bozo moments costing goals - ignoring most dangerous players runs behind defence - spurs away, we're cursed.

torn. Whilst NEED spurs favour spursy cant bring myself WANT them win.
Been watching Spurs since September this best atmosphere I've experienced far. They team really fighting this, playing with aggression purpose belief (who knew). It's invigorating.

Mine eyes have seen glory! lucky have Spurs fans been them both? Well done Harry, didn't think possible.
Grealish getting absolutely battered Spurs defo most fouled player.
Brady only where possession game could feel like possession game.
think spurs should switch "kick ball really high" tactic.
United dominated Spurs October entirely because midfield > their midfield.
Spurs today right?
Spurs assistant manager idek Better than Ljinders.
Better split picks down middle, Nets 2027 pick spurs 2029 pick.
Arsenal fans supporting Spurs while Spurs fans supporting City, this chaos.
Looks like Spurs will this out. must game Disappointing performance tonight.
Ronaldo turns today here best league world scoring Hatrick Spurs. Phenomenal game.
Spurs doing Arsenal favour would very, whats phrase?
have fucking spurs away after arsenal dropped points.
City have score soon, right? Spurs need second.
spurs today even hate them.
that last time when spurs were
Bravo Harry!!!! Come on You Spurs!!!!!
Hang there spurs.
help Spurs. This favour wouldnt forgotten.
This tweet about Spurs.
Come on you spurs.
Vhala Spurs Shut back door North London.
Spurs kind team give with minutes left lose 3-1.
Spurs away needed stillll.
City losing this horrible spurs team.
great witness history!
Arsenal fans only supporting Tottenham enemy their enemy City Spurs lead courtesy goal from Harry Kane lets things
Youre dumb didnt spurs before game.
Weve made Spurs look good. Everyone else rolled them.
surprised many fans settling city should lose, even worried about spurs.
Instead playing from back please have goal kicks questions City defence??
Spurs have lead, will second half play out? Follow.
Until game over, Spurs cannot fool familiar with their game.
Spurs might come chances they've missed.
Arsenal fans over place Spurs supporters today.
Advantage spurs.
Howwwww losing spurs this doesnt make sense all.
Grealish's fault refs don't book Spurs?
Desperately want Spurs win.
Spurs players hurting city players getting away zero cards shown them.
Very rare team attacking with last line instead Bernardos role front Lewis-Rodri meaning seeing that times. Grealish-Haaland-Alvarez-Mahrez front wants Bernardo infiltrating those pockets behind Spurs double pivot.

These spurs gassed just cant hold
Bissouma is coming on for Spurs.
Lauren James ball tomorrow when Chelsea take Spurs.
Naaah should head count spurs seem have extra ground Also what Kane doing.
Very possible. They're barely spurs lowblock, will they fare against disgusting midblock?
Spurs have players Nets would value multi-team trade involving Kyrie Irving, per.
Spurs fan, love respect everyone that's been willing take benefit team past. However, everyone argue nobody should expected that knock player chooses deserved money.

Haaland spurs. What player.

What You Really Think


The entire James family.

This lady will perform better in the male team than Mason Mount.

Too easy for her.

She plays like Hazard.

James fc.

Goal of the Month for sure!

Better than Havertz and mount.

James family! Only scoring thunder goals!!

Nice packed out stadium.

It was a stunner thats for sure [?].

What a player!!!

Shes amazingggg.

Better thank Mount in my book.

Any way of moving her to the mens team ?

James Brother and Sister the deadly duos.

Please how can we add her to the mens team? GOAL OF THE SEASON [?] contender.

Call me crazy if you like... But Lauren James is better than Kai Harvertz . Swap them plz . We need some of these in our frontline... Fofana too can offer this... But the Man, Potter thinks otherwise... Clueless Coach.

Is Ashley Nevilles hair stuck on??

Get her in for Havertz.

Watching this my babe is just a joy.

Reece was right, when he said that Lauren's ball control is better than some guys in PL, lol.

She could start for the mens, some family of talent the Jamess.

Promote her to the mens team and take Ziyech out.

Better than Havertz.

What a goal that is!!!



This guy must have some gene that gives all his kids technical ability how tf is she better than Mount and Gallagher.

Can't we like swap her for havertz.

Cant get enough of the goal. LJ is just magic.