Friday 19th of March 2021

First Leg: Tottenham 2-0 Dinamo Zagreb Second Leg (AET): Dinamo Zagreb 3-0 Tottenham Spurs Are Out of The Europa League .

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Mislav Orsic That is a STUNNING hat-trick with Spurs now on the brink in extra-time!!!!
First leg: Tottenham 2-0 Dinamo Zagreb Second leg (AET): Dinamo Zagreb 3-0 Tottenham Spurs are out of the Europa League .
C - Chelsea I - Inter Milan R - Real Madrid C - Chelsea U - United S - Spurs. That's Jose Mourinho's managerial career since he left Porto in one tweet; CIRCUS.
Man City - Qualified to UCL QF Chelsea - Qualified to UCL QF Liverpool - Qualified to UCL QF Arsenal - Qualified to UEL QF Man United - Qualified to UEL QF Spurs.
Man United fans watching Dinamo Zagreb 3-0 Spurs followed by AC Milan 0-1 United.
Bagsie Heung Min Son when Spurs have to find the funds for Mourinho's contract.
Blimey. Spurs have blown it. No words... other than to say what a hattrick from Mislav Orsic.
Thought spurs were going through comfortably tbf they were negative in the first half against us. Did Kane an bale play ?
Spurs out spare a thought for some section of so called fans who lost twice today.
Liverpool are through. City are through. Chelsea are through. Arsenal are through. United are through. Spurs are Spurs.
Arteta had to hold in his laugh when he heard Spurs had lost.
NEW for Patrons SPURS SCHADENFREUDE INSTANT REACTION (Plus Arsenal-Olympiacos) yankeegunner stillberto 22 minutes of laughing at spurs! Then Arsenal: dwae Headlines Stock Rising Stock Falling.
Camera pans to Ledley King, Tottenhams greatest ever player whose career exists entirely in the imaginations of Spurs fans.
We're all thinking the same thingwe can now laugh at Spurs bottle jobs.
This was Dinamo Zagrebs manager delivering his pre match team talk to his assistant and Spurs are losing?
Spurs bottling with Jenas on the commentary.
Every word Mourinho told BT Sport in emotional interview after Spurs humiliated.
Both havent had a perfect season...but they dont complain like spurs fans...its ridiculous somwtimes.
Mourinhos contract negotiations is what should have been shown on All&Nothing. Given his recent past, how were Spurs not more cautious around him and not more insistent on protecting themselves financially?

Now I can laugh at Spurs.
Now spurs are out of Europa I'm praying for a Arsenal vs united final.
If Im Ezri Konsa Im phoning Southgate and saying are you having a laugh mate, Eric dier over me what games are you watching.
Let's go fuck you spurs.
Ross: I try and be happy and then I remember Im a spurs fan.
I can't even laugh at Spurs properly cah Man United always has to make it difficult smh.
Yes! Bleedin spurs bottlers.
Hope we get Spurs in the draw tomorrow.
Be proactive after diagnosis so you do not generate bone spurs![?].
If youre calling big 6 if youre a Spurs fan do not speak pleased.
Those Spurs lots are super dirty sha... JM has no excuses. Just saw his post-match comments and hes accepted the blames and apologized to the fans.
Can you imagine if OGS took over from Pochettino and did this to Spurs?
Mauricio Pochettino: When you talk about Spurs, everyone says you have an amazing house but you need to put in the furniture. If you want to have a lovely house you need better furniture. It depends if you are going to spend money.".

'One of the signings of the season' Spurs face a formidable barrier to goal in AVFCOfficial's Emiliano Martinez this weekend, writes.
If you're wondering how bad it might be for Mourinho, Diego Maradona is 100/1 to replace him at Spurs, and he died 4 months ago.
Arsenal Wenger appointed Steve Bould as his assistant coach so that after he leaves Steve Bould would go on to manage Arsenal academy so that he will sell Robbie Burton to Dinamo Zagreb who will knockout Spurs from Europa league. Arsene Wenger has done it yet again.

Hi both, I now support Man City so I have nothing to say to this comment other than the fact Ill take enjoyment out of winning the league and CL. P.s I never specified the season for spurs winning the EL anyway, meant next year x.

Monday: Zagreb lose their manager as he is sent down for fraud Thursday: They come back from a 2-0 deficit to knock Spurs ou the Europa League! This game. This silly game. We love it.
On aggregate over the tie: Dinamo Zagreb (1.72) 3-2 (3.75) Spurs.
Yeah fair play to Zagreb, they scored 3 goals, won the game and knocked Spurs out, but with top players like Harry Kane and Gareth Bale, and a top manager like Jose Mourinho, youd still fancy Spurs to go on and win the tournament.

Let's All Laugh At Spurs.
Unreal bottling from Joose and Spurs this.
Harry Kane turns 28 in July and will be truly in his prime years. In 2015/16 he won the golden boot, and league and cup titles were in his sights. Is it time for him to move on from Spurs, in a pursuit to win trophies and regular Champions League football?

Spurs bottling all competitions after Mourinho got his desired players in the transfer windows.
Not what I wanted but at least Spurs went out in United's place. I'll take that and hey, hopefully we'll get United in the next round and destroy them easily.
Now that the game is over... LETS ALL LAUGH AT SPURSY SPURS AND JOSE!
Manchester United have won so now it's safe to laugh at Spurs.
It's always 'Kane needs to leave Spurs if he wants to win anything' and never Kane needs to be better in the decisive games. He is painted as some unfortunate victim and not a big part of a series of really talented, really expensive, consistently unsuccessful squads.

Only spurs out of the traditional top 6 are out of Europe.
Dinamo look better coached than Spurs and their manager is in prison.
Apparently Spurs are thinking about bringing their 2016 kit back as the seatbelt on it will save them from their end of season crash.
HHAHA the state of Spurs. What the fuck.
Wait Spurs got knocked out?! Ill just drop this here...
Watching Orsic absolutely murder Spurs and wondering what might have been if Slav had been backed to get him.
It took Emerson one touch to outscore Spurs in Europe this week, unreal.
Spurs gotta get relegated these jokes priceless.
A great week to be a Spurs fan .
Spurs and that pub team north of the border can't relate.
He sure is he is a spurs fan.
Love to see that i respected Spurs under poch but now they are just utter shite.
Spurs lost!
Spurs trying to look for a reason why they gave away a 2-0 lead against a team that just had there manager arrested.
That was the biggest Spurs a Spurs has ever spurred, even for Spurs!
Exactly. Twitter GMs are insufferable.
Dinamo 3 spurs 0 Hat trick de Orsic.
No break clause in the 3.5yr contract Jose Mourinho signed in Nov 2019 to become Tottenham manager hes among best-paid coaches in world football. So if THFC sack him before deal expires in summer 2023, hell be entitled to a major payout.

Arteta on Spurs going out: "It shows the level of opposition that people takes for granted. Every team in Europe is very difficult to beat.".
Leicester and Spurs ? Best league in the world I thought?

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E choke.

Next the caption should be "E choke".

E choke am?

E choke!&.

Mourinho is dusted.

It seems not suprising at all.

Football heritage.

E choke him.