Monday 11th of January 2021

Live Look at Steelers Fans Right Now.

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Football Saturday: 1:05 PM: Colts at Bills 4:40 PM: Rams at Seahawks 8:15 PM: Bucs at Washington Football Sunday: 1:05 PM: Ravens at Titans 4:40 PM: Bears at Saints 8:15 PM: Browns at Steelers Football Monday: 1. Alabama vs. 3. Ohio State The best 3 day stretch of the season.

Im sick to my damn stomach over these steelers . What a damn disgrace.
IT'S GAME DAYnulb if you're ready for.
Its called Heinz field because the Steelers are spending this entire game playing ketchup.
Relax. Cuomo took the day off and decided to coach the Steelers.
Loading up madden right now; only way Im getting a Steelers dub tonight.
Mike Tomlin in the Steelers locker room during halftime.
Pissing me tf off ***nulb.
If Steelers come back Ill give everyone who rt this $1000.
Steelers fans be like, they can still win look at this.
LOL. Don't hold your breath dude. Not gonna freakin happen. So %$ sad.
You posted a photo saying it was your lucky jersey, i think you were wrong about that.
Straight up not having a good time.
Browns up 35-10 over the Steelers at the half.
Stay aggressive Dont sit on lead.
Very tough day...happy for my Browns being in the playoffs, but they are playing the Steelers, my son Brian's favorite team. Today is Brian's birthday so I took his Steelers gloves to him. I love you, Brian.

We can talk once its over. still lots of football to play. well see. obviously i want a steelers win. but i dont think the browns being more talented has anything to do w this. we need to sit ben honestly. -nulb 4int in the first half is inexcusable.

Come on steelers Im not giving up hope yet.
The Browns right now are giving the Steelers the same treatment they gave the Titans a few weeks ago! If I'm the Chiefs, I'm nervous.
Pittsburgh Steelers fans watching right now 35-7 Browns :34 2nd Q.
Steelers woke up fealing dangerous today Possession 1: Fumble results in CLE TD Possession 2: Interception Possession 3: punt Possession 4: Interception Possession 5: Punt from CLE 38 Possession 6: Interception Possession 7: Mickey Mouse Touchdown.

If Steelers players gave tickets to their friends and family for this game imagine what they do for their enemies.
My power has been out since like 6pm. Glad I dont have to watch the Steelers get whooped. On to round 2. Goodnight.
Steelers got them proud boy colors on they should of changed -nulb.
Mike Tomlin about to be like George Knox in Angels in the Outfield and flip over a table in the Steelers locker room.
Steelers went out sadder then us.
At what part of this game do I get to clown the Steelers.
I think its time to start looking for a new QB Steelers because Big Bens time is tik toking.
Good cuz I loveeee seeing the Steelers lose.
If Bills played Steelers, would expect to see the same from them as well?
At this point, the Steelers are fucked. Ben is done. Thanks for the service, but get the fuck out. And take Fichtner with you.
I said my peace a long time ago about Mike Tomlin. The Steelers dont fire coaches so it is what it is. It astounds me that an organization with that much history of success wouldnt even get a 2nd or 3rd round QB in the room behind that fat slob. The sacred cowism is unreal.

The bengals broke the steelers.
The browns honoring OBJ tonight and absolutely shitting on the Steelers.
The Browns lead the Steelers 35-10 at halftime Only 3 teams in NFL history have overcome a deficit of 25 points to win a playoff game: 1992 Bills (Wild Card Rd vs Oilers) 2013 Colts (Wild Card Rd vs Chiefs) 2016 Patriots (Super Bowl LI vs Falcons).

NFL writers petitioned the football gods, saying I have said the Steelers are actually bad all year. Please validate my takes in front of a national audience. And the football gods said lol bet.
Remember when people thought the Steelers would go undefeated this year?
I honestly don't mind these guys at all. I guess it's just me lol !
2020 Steelers season.
Just as everyone figured: Browns 35, Steelers 10 AT HALFTIME.
When you say 3 score meant to the Steelers right???
Atleast Im not a Steelers fan.
Steelers have another record ahead of them if they want to win.
Yall not but you see whats going on with the Steelers and browns lol playoffs strange things happen.
Shai leading the undermanned Thunder to a win on the road over the title contending Nets. Baker leading the undermanned Browns to a win on the road over the title contending Steelers. Good night for Oklahoma sports fans.

Need someone to blame for your Steelers bet?
I told my brother the Steelers were going to lose. I just didnt think it would be this bad.
The Washington Football Team seeing other teams expose the Steelers.
Steelers have been eliminated from the 2022 playoffs by default.
Steelers losing 35-7.
Steelers right now...
Now the Steelers know what its like to play Dublin in the championship quarter final!
.Kareemhunt7 WILL NOT BE DENIED. .
Im shaking rn. My 1 year old son just said his first words. He said is it true the Steelers were 11-0 because of a cupcake schedule I said yes son, and the browns will own them in the first round of the playoffs It was one of the realest moments ..

Browns offensive line got an enormous boost from Bill Callahan. Steelers offensive line has noticeably declined over the last two years after losing Mike Munchak. When you get a great offensive line coach, don't let them go.

Well Colts Seahawks Washington Titans Bears and Steelers.
The answer is Yes... The Steelers didn't come close to reaching that 1st down on the 4th & 1 play at the Browns goalline, but (of course) the referees gave it to them anyways.
Steelers out here looking like the old browns.
Take your cornholing Stephen A.
Some Browns fans are also orange guy supporters so maybe for them the game is over and theres no way the Steelers can come back and win it. They should not even return to the field.
This is the FIRST TIME the Steelers allowed 35 first half points since the 1970 merger.
Steelers ready to go home lol.
Edit on that last stat posted as people (rightfully) pointed out: If the Steelers come back to win it will be tied for the 2nd biggest deficit a team has come back from in a playoff game ever. Only bigger one was when Frank Reich led the Bills back from 32 against the Oilers.

What is happening,. 28-0. Steelers getting what they deserved.
.JamesConner_ scores from a yard out NBC.
If Steelers make a come back it will be cool! If Browns pull this off and win it will be just as exciting!
You go in and score 7 after the half the Steelers break.
This game takes the cake over the Tebow playoff loss. Absolute embarrassment Im just sick about it but guess this is a look into the future till we find the next Long term Steelers QB.
Congratulations to BobbyAdrianne07 ! You win a Steelers coin!
As much as I would have liked to see them play the Steelers, this is the playoffs. Bring on the Ravens.
What a day. My guy Lamar shuts up the haters, Nickelodeon was airing a football game and the Steelers are getting EXPOSED.

What You Really Think


Soy boy in full effect.

Never let this one die.

I thought Seattle had a bad game.

I mean that was an awful first half, but this has been a shit team the last 2 months ***nulb plz retire Ben.

Never gets old.

The Antonio brown jersey is an excellent touch.

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This mf got a AB jersey lmao nuff said.

This guy also plays softball every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and treats every game like game 7 of the world series.

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