Sunday 7th of August 2022

If She Can Arc Like Sterling, Wife Her.

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like Sterling, wife her.
It's surreal seeing Koulibaly, Sterling Cucurella Chelsea shirts man. thing Chelsea aren't even done spending. many people jealous lmao.
Chelsea's signings looked excellent today man. Sterling, Koulibaly Cucurella were great signings this club. Tuchel Todd.
Quality doesn't hide. Koulibaly Sterling's stars bright beautiful. glad adding quality squad. These aren't gonna flop, million years. They good that.

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"The demand bigger than supply" Chelsea need spend No.9 likes Sterling, Havertz Broja enough challenge this season?!
sterling reach.
Sterling better than your girlfriends.
Sterling must descendant Noah. Taking after ancestor building Archs.
Spot Every time Sterling turned, Mount Havertz were man's land.
Pound Sterling.
Four Chelsea players made their debut club against Everton: Kalidou Koulibaly E Raheem Sterling E Marc Cucurella E Conor Gallagher Some have been waiting longer than others.
win My assessment --Same play --Labored victory.. same silly mistakes that pressure team. --Good start signings, pleasing watch. Sterling, Cucurella --More defensive signing needed. Midfield, Attack need strengthening.

Sterling really grounded today.
Raheem Sterling Everton.
close second! Cucurella's superb cross Sterling effort deflected wide! ]83].
Sterling bank.. will bank you.
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Cucurella really pleasing Tuchel. responded really well movement touches. Cururella almost assisted Sterling their debuts just then.
Mixed performances Chelsea stars Sterling, Koulibaly over Everton.
like Sterling, shes 100000.
state referees still haven't changed then...
Sterling making incisive runs behind thinking playing with Bruyne Bernado Silva. Kante Jorginho.
Adding Sterling, Koulibaly, Chukwuemeka, Cucurella, Gallagher Broja squad already pretty outrageous. Fofana Jong were follow, this could rank Chelsea's all-time great transfer windows. Great meal. Wonderful food.

Even dont like Sterling. Which other attacker performed better than today squad?
Beast Mode
Sterling class tonight, showed he's been part PLs. Wonderful player hopes high Chelsea with Thiago Koulibaly back.
Sterling better than most females Sterling >>>.
Theres still something missing that Chelsea front just pure poacher. Sterling being used free role asking ball-to-feet. needs another player combine with those tighter spaces. Whilst Mount/Havertz attack space. That Depay.

doggy sterling collect Chelsea this season.
Sterling problem.
Everton Chelsea Chelsea were actually quite flat throughout half moment quality between Koulibaly Chilwell opened Everton penalty which Jorginho scored. Sterling good, Koulibaly fine learning pace league.

woman should ever give excuse being able arc, even sterling sef...
That Cucurella cross Sterling goal would have been beautiful.
Same energy.. Sterling Pounded today.
another dream about sterling brain just.
that that slooooog. That game felt like soul being slowly pulled from body. Time slowed about half. barely managed with pen. offense toothless. Mount Havertz barely present. Sterling forced dribble time.

Instead make sterling give points, yansh ball.
Mina literally sexually assaulted Sterling didn't award pen...
Good win, good debut Sterling, Koulibally Cucurella valuable points secured Everton. title charge begins now!!
Even Sterling better than some girls.
Sabermemory 2012 Blew Eyes John Sterling: "Was Marvin Hamlisch Yankee fan? WHOA! ever!".
Sterling brada??????
Raheem Sterlings core lower half strength feeling absolutely emasculated.
Exactly, except Sterling though... Didn't look part
Raheem Sterling giving doggy style/vibes Football game love indeed.
thought next would pregnant sterling .lol.
Whereas your repeated attempts help suspects show yoursterling character, aye?
Sterling giving Hazard vibes . Silva 26years old, cant tell otherwise. Koulibaly rock ages . Kante everywhere
Sterling arch better than most ladies there!
Cucurella Sterling combo denied with heroic block Mykolenko Chelsea's over Everton [?].
While Nasarawa brothers were converting Lafiya, super_volunteer PeterObi were winning souls Galadimawa, Abuja. goal day. Come Nigeria 2023, this soro soke gen. will ready. Obidatti023 Doyin sheggz iwobi sterling offset Edo.

Sterling, Koulibaly Cucurella look like theyre great signings perfectly match what Thomas Tuchel wants. With sporting director upcoming transfer windows, Chelsea will build formidable team!

Sterling bending over like been doing this time.
came back were still shit even with sterling.

What You Really Think

What's going on here.

The best style.

Ladies, that is how it's done.

See Wetin Chelsea signed.

I'm sure you're talking from experience boss.

Wetin be this.

Dawg same thing came to my mind !

Ball has being the answer.. Not even pillow.


Saw this coming.

A sterling arc.

Lmao guyyy.

My dude goes down like a pro.

My brudda.

Sexy sexy sterling baby.

Who let the dogs out.

These niggas gay asl.


Ah na Sterling nu oy3 gay anaa.

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