Wednesday 11th of May 2022

Nike Lawyers Say They Obtained Fake Pairs of Air Jordans on StockX, Slamming The Platforms Authenticity Guarantee in Their Lawsuit.

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Nike escalated legal battle with sneaker marketplace StockX, saying purchased four pairs counterfeit shoes platform.
Nike lawyers they obtained fake pairs Jordans StockX, slamming platforms authenticity guarantee their lawsuit.
just wanna know which Nike lawyer employee tasked with buying bunch sneakers StockX looking fake ones. Nike confirm theyre fake? they have authentication method? What they with shoes? have pair?

hope Nikes lawsuit against StockX beginning fall resellers.
StockX's very spicy response Nike lawyers claiming they bought fake Jordans platform. Says "hundreds Nike employees including current senior executives StockX sell products.".

Innovative program mean program that pitched guys year half still have emails back hope nike kills yall.
StockX after reading Nike bought four pairs fake shoes them.
folks commenting this StockX Nike stuff annoying because folks have fucking clue what they talking about.
need answers just bought from last week shit fake want money back.
StockX responded Nike's lawsuit: resell platform says, "that hundreds Nike employees including current senior executives StockX sell products." that much more, link below.

Only beef stockx return policy customer service. they burn ashes.
Perhaps Nike should, idk, make more shoes available sale directly consumer manufacturing scarcity with lotteries other bullshit which only pushes more customers places like StockX first place. Nobody WANTS that shit!

StockX some fake shoes long they drop ticket
gonna when they hear copped pair from stockx.
mud, it's beautiful day.
StockX crazy GOAT come fakes imma sick.
StockX selling fakes shaking boots.
hope Nike wins this lawsuit they Stockx goat. People should able shoes retail, shoes arent even affordable anymore. wanna make money damn job!
Step every release, step lower retail cost significantly. Watch fast StockX fake markets completely
good folks stockx have swung back.
stockx packages.
Nike suing StockX selling fake sneakers. DETAILS.
That stockx yall keeping your shoes means absolutely NOTHING now.
Stockx tryna save themselves.
yall snatch them green StockX tags lol.
hope yall here buying shoes from StockX.
Saying that StockX Knowingly selling fakes WILD. Like they KNOW shoes fake push them through anyway. Nasty nasty work, Nike beast courtroom.
couple Jordans from StockX, they look real idec this point money gone.
StockX trying these fakes thru before Nike SWAT team busts doors shuts down.
even shit stockx just goat.
Everything need know about ongoing Nike StockX legal battle THREAD.
Nike lawyers StockX sold them fake Jordans FULL STORY.
Nike wins this lawsuit against Stock them selling fake stuff does that mean money back stuff ever ordered from StockX?
StockX getting sued selling counterfeits LMFAAOOO knew yall walking around with them Gordons.
This stinks Nike wanting their "oficial" marketplace reselling their sneakers. It's suing create negative media towards StockX, warranted not. Only eventually send press release Snkrs Resell marketplace where guaranteed real shoes.

light Nikes findings need purchases re-authenticated.

What You Really Think

Shut em down.

My sis bought a purse for a friend on StockX. She has the same one directly from the brand manufacturer. It was clearly a fake from StockX so she complained. They investigated and found the purse bought thru StockX is genuine.

This just threw me.

I knew them joints were fake!

I paid $203 for this mess.

Figured this was coming.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the fall to resell culture. Take them all down.

Da toe part look sus asf ta me.

Im glad they are bringing down resellers. Im sick of seeing one person showing over 100 pairs in boxes stacked up in their house. All i want is a pair of AJ1 travis scott, AJ1 bred and Kobe 6 but couldnt cop it at retail. Adidas needs to be next to check.

Listen everybody selling fakes how you think all these sneaker shops in the middle of nowhere can just so happen to have every single hot release that comes out.

This makes it hard to give the arm and leg they are asking for per pair of shoes 200 to 400 dollars.


Is nothing sacred anymore.

Smh my Kobes are probably fake too.

Funny lawsuit that will not go anywhere and in a week will be forgotten. Nike is the best at getting attention and clicks. All this is is a little razzle dazzle.

Yeah what you arent showing is the rest of the article which goes on to say it is NFTs that Stock X is selling. Nike is saying they dont want customers to mistake the NFT for authentic sneakers. Stock X aint getting sued for selling fake kicks yall, its like false ad.

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