Sunday 25th of December 2022

Sunak Asks a Homeless Man in a Homeless Shelter Whether he "works in Business", Then Proceeds to Talk About The Financial Services industry. Utterly Bizarre.

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Sunak asks homeless homeless shelter whether "works business", then proceeds talk about financial services industry. Utterly bizarre.
Incredible. Qualifications zero. Other than being fully fledged Rishi establishment toady guaranteed seat House Lords. Sunak turning Johnson without jokes Truss without Kamikwasi tendencies.

Rishi Sunaks Independent Adviser Ministerial Interests about independent foot. need watchdog lapdog.
Time will tell Sunak. Starmer sorry excuse opposition leader.
Sunak doing another media stunt Modi competition!
Sunak Hunt bank surcharge November. Estimated break Bankers enormous PS18bl over next five years. Sunak refuses discuss wages with nurses. Tories prefer banker profits over saving NHS.

Unsurprising from our oligarch PM. Completely out of touch.
criticise Sunak have nothing about this...
SUNAK: work business. DEAN: homeless. homeless person SUNAK: banking finance something youd like into? DEAN: just like through Christmas Excruciating! RishiSunak goes photo homeless shelter.

You've opening gambit from homeless expressing interest business. your desire dehumanise Sunak you've patronised other guy. This just sort fake news/click bait. It's standard awkward photo op.

Nurses stand with NursesStrike Truss unelected weeks power, cost PS30billion. Sunak doesn't care either. shouldn't suffering because that. couldn't thank enough everything have done family. Always. Thank V.

Billionaire Sunak fellow governmental billionaires millionaires know they *are* problem, don't they?
Rishi Sunak changes rules ministers their chauffeur-driven limos more Oh...
Truss' PS30bn blown consequently PS100s extra month mortgages, we're expected take chin. Half hearted attempt back fraud millions from Barrowman Mone, billionaire Ritblat paying less than lowest paid care asst. Sunak money nurses.

looks comfortable someone who's about their prostate checked. Especially when nurse comes with rubber gloves Ben's over.
postie would have work 32,000 years accrue wages match wealth Sunak Household. This system rigged.
thing with Sunak like many other Conservatives. They think this mans fault where would just arse could city. disaster country have such touch multimillionaire charge, bloody madness!

Cant believe didnt what type bread wanted toast.
Here Rishi Sunak asking homeless works business. Funnily enough, homeless replies: homeless.
"Where Rishi Sunak? usual, absent without leave. years negotiating deals, have never seen such abdication leadership that current posted-missing touch health secretary." Sharon Graham.

This takes biscuit! Sunak said photo-shoot feeding homeless. "Are business?" surprised replied, homeless." What question from Prime Minister allegedly understands plight homeless!

Rishi Sunak "Steve Barclay have said door always open.. talk about what make sure their jobs fulfilling rewarding"... just won't talk about pay.
work finance?" "No homeless" Holy mother fuck. Sunak zero awareness anybody else lives their lives.
Give bloody rest. chap mentioned business Sunak then conversation went from there. Didnt come across excruciating all. place isnt just homeless people either.
Rishi Sunak serving food homeless shelter most disgusting disingenuous stunt have seen from basically made disgusting disingenuous stunts!!! country instead this photo shit corrupt little multi-millionaire!!!

Sunak -believe theres business like making people homeless business. know theres only much wealth abstract from those actually work living before system implodes believe exploring that territory. Happy Xmas -now off.

Rishi Sunak hired James Forsyth, political editor Spectator close personal friend, join Downing Street political secretary. been tasked with improving communication with Tory link between policy unit party.

Rishi Sunak tells homeless person pursue career banking sector.
Keep going Sunak. have give enough rope. Even Ebenezer error ways eventually. hope Sunak gets some visits tonight. Bah humbug.
business"... business surlpus labour engineered "system" which Sunak other priests neoliberalism flourish. make mistake religion, natural order things, rather imposition privelidged convenience.

politicians believe photos like these capture anything other than their cynicism? Heres Rishi Sunak cosplaying cashmere homeless shelter staff member yesterday.
Yeah, sold gold often hear this about Gordon Brown? yes, costly move losing about PS11bn Sunak blamed losing PS11bn failing take insurance against rising interest rates thats groovy.

My column on Sunak, strikes, and driverless government.
Sunak: work business? Dean: homeless. Sunak: Whats your plan (Christmas) weekend? Dean: hoping street.
FBPE couldnt vote Labour because Corbyn Brexiteer despite offering with remain ballot. Okay. tell material difference between Starmer Sunak Brexit now? Starmer whip Labour vote hard Brexit when didnt need to?

While handing emergency food starving homeless riverside capital, London, holy Shite Christianist shopping festival, billionaire ethnic minority Hindu strongman, Rishi Sunak, blames poverty ignorance lucrative jobs business finance.

Rishi Sunak sorry excuse Prime Minister.
Sunak, who is he?
listened full audio. point does Sunak express concern that just told he's homeless It's winter, it's cold wet. Sunak doesn't help find shelter, whether he'd like into finance Makes Maybot look empathetic.

this down captioned dont miss single second this excruciating exchange between homeless clueless Rishi Sunak.
Fuck you Sunak.
Sunak pretending people caring Massive fail!
Just weeks Rishi Sunak promised honesty with public Since then Government lied public about practically everything from nurses Brexit media must step call this absolute boll**** out. Watch disbelief.

condemed them,and some these same were tweeting that Labour doing same thing before "virtue signalling"]and they tweeting about Sunak doing it?].
Just multi-millionaire Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asking homeless serving food homeless shelter whether works finance Normal stuff.
Given competition against Truss Sunak thats like saying that Putin most competent terrorist.
Sunak patronising arsehole.
Rishi Sunak explained that nurses' demands unaffordable. This because one-off wealth millionaires could only fund those demands next years. see, totally unaffordable x.

James Forsyth Rishi Sunak's political secretary. Worth resurfacing this tweet...
Labour brand Rishi Sunak's shelter visit 'excruciating' after asks homeless works business.
Sunak choosing Etonian investment banker Ethics Chief mocking all. They laughing loud.
"Rishi Sunak hired James Forsyth, chum whom best when James married Allegra Stratton, disgraced former spin-queen B*ris Johnson". start using N-word yet?
Happy countries seem favour strong welfare safety nets less inequality. People hate that tend forget that economic losing more common experience life than winning. every Sunak theres thousands shelf stackers.

There's common sense and then there's rich people.
volunteering homeless shelter? View must good from high horse dont particularly like Sunak asking about finance know helps your worldview many homeless people used have lives careers before things went wrong.

Rishi Sunak asks homeless works business before serving meal.
Man: sleep under hedge. Sunak: Great! hedge fund. Weve much common.
national service, I've feeling that someone touch with reality like Sunak would have benefited from year serving within community during youth.
Sunak hasn't clue about real life.
Rishi Sunak, Millionaire, serving food homeless shelter. hypocrisy. supported helped implement policies that rise homelessness.
Rishi Sunak says it's 'completely reasonable' block SNP's controversial gender reform bill.

What You Really Think

Why is anyone surprised about this.

This is utterly misleading. Listen to what he actually says.

A real man of the people absolutely gets the suffering of ordinary people.

Just an average ordinary guy chatting about average ordinary things. Hes a man of the people.

Why doesn't he just sit down and eat a meal with some of the guys there, who are living on the streets? Get over the awkwardness. Spend an hour hearing their stories, get a sense of what it's like for them. It would help him do his job, and would make a better photo op anyway.

Un fucking believable!

Kumar working a shift at the homeless shelter.

Imagine he did this without any camera crews about, now wouldn't that be a wonderful thing.


Staying on safe ground because completely outside of comfort zone. Poorly thought through PR effort.

Surprisingly, I disagree. Being homeless can happen to anybody at anytime. He wasnt born homeless and likely held a career before his misfortune. PM building common ground around a topic hes interested in is not shameless, cut him some slack.

Are you in business? No Im homeless, Im a homeless person. They really have no concept of the world outside of the millionaire bubble of theirs. And therefore THEY DONT CARE.

Maybe Sunak wants to try his own version of"Trading Places".

Its only bizarre if you didnt listen carefully enough.

Half way through he checks himself as he starts to ask, 'Do you have a business?'. Yes mate, this and that. Not VAT registered though as I'm mainly perched in the doorway of the old Debenhams with a sign above an empty Starbucks cup that says 'hungry and homeless'. Tories out.

Only when you omit that the homeless man turns the conversation to working in finance.

Ive still no words for this clip. Completely lost.

Is this staged?

Well the homeless man did begin the topic of business and that he was interested in Business. He is trying to show he is for British ppl but is he really?

He hasn't got a clue, doppy.

I'm sorry. This is horrible.

Is he out of touch or just brutally aware that his tories have even made even the middle classes first abandon Waitrose for Aldi and now Aldi for foodbanks?

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is your Prime Minister giving a demonstration of just how far Conservatives are detached from the reality of living in broken Britain.

Out of touch now, out of office soon!

This toe curling encounter signifies just how he has no grasp of reality having been brought up in an elite bubble. Inequality and homelessness have all increased due to mess his party has put this country in, and all he can offer is is mild platitudes its frankly embarrassing.

- so, so Off the Mark!

Inadequate in every sense.

The homeless shelter "Its a great place" according Sunak ? utter Madness.

He couldnt sound more out of touch.

Oh stop being a Grinch It's Christmas Spare a thought for those homeless Bankers earning millions bit still cannot afford to rent in Sunak's new friend here St Mungo's help a Banker helpline is busier than ever.

Some would say rather out of touch.

This man inspired me to donate to Hope he gets the help and compassion he needs tonight from St Mungos StMungos Cos it wont come from RishiSunak and the rest.


Strong "I only know very little about one thing so I'll talk about that" energy there.

Whats the plan? What are you doing this weekend.? To a homeless person? At the FOOD BANK?? Did I hear that right?

Good god! Whats your plan for this weekend? Sunak asked a homeless man. Is Sunak so far gone hes detached from the reality of homelessness?


It's nice to see that our un-elected PM has his finger on the pulse, when it comes to the people. He hasn't a bloody clue!

It's fascinating watching them try and pretend to be normal.

Why is it conservative MPs are always under scrutiny for stuff like this from the media yet labour and left wing MPs can do and say whatever they like?


This is just all show off. That's a nice plate of food by the way but the guy will go back to streets so doesn't need a fancy food, he needs accommodation!!!


That wasbizarre. How can someone (let alone a PM) be so out of touch?

Definitely a man of the people.

The man said he wants to get into finance. RishiSunak might be out of touch with reality of the masses but he was engaging the man on his stated aspirations. What happened to encouraging someone to improve their situation in whatever way they can?

Lost the plot, bitten off more than he can chew. Im sure he thought it was going to be a walk in the park.

Jaysus Im shocked maybe I shouldnt be, he hasnt a clue. I feel sorry for my British neighbours. Its not perfect here but Holy God in heaven.

What a thoroughly disgusting human being. His corrupt Tory government has caused this. Absolutely no idea what happens in the real world.