Thursday 26th of November 2020


Social Media Says

Don't forget "MuH QuEeN".
"BeCauSe YoU HavE No COCK LOL" could in some twisted way.
Or literally every Euron's line in the last two seasons.

What You Really Think

And "I dOn't kNoW hoW to uSe iT".

It's just the kinda porn you can only find on the dark web.

Hehehe Varys no cock.

What are you doing step Valonqar?

Your step-mom stuck in the washing machine.

"step nephew, help I'm stuck in this ship's bed".

Who has a better story than my ~~step~~ sis? Fixed it for you.


She had god-tier boobies so its ok.

Anyone on here who says they didnt pop for that line is a filthy liar.

The north remembers.

The northerners will never forget.

That which is dead can never die. Long live /freefolk.

He he he he h eh. he said 'came'.

Yes... You could see their attention was on shocking the viewer from the first season. Almoat made me quit in the middle of the 2nd season.

Get back here, the war is not over.

*Yeah why tf was* *There so much nudity in* *The early seasons?* \- Utkar22 --- ^(I detect haikus. And sometimes, successfully.) ^]Learn&32;more&32;about&32;me.]() ^(Opt out of replies: "haikusbot opt out" Delete my comment: "haikusbot delete").

Its likely that all the early nudity created more interest and bigger audiences early. And they probably cooled down after they were content with the shows performance.

Audience cultivation.


She changed her contract after the first couple to stop getting naked.

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