Thursday 2nd of March 2023

It's Survivor Wednesday!! Good Luck to The Cast of Survivor44! Enjoy Today, Enjoy This Moment. It's Going to be One Hell of a Ride!! Welcome to The Family.

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This most beautifully shot reality show ever seen life.
Premieres tonight at 8/7c on CBS and Paramount ! Pop Crave will be returning to cover the season and share exit interviews with each weeks eliminated castaway. Stay tuned!
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Someone talk carolynwiger !!!!!! Shes kind love authentic self!!!!
Carolyn needs her own reality tv show.
literally obsessed with carolyn nation eating good.
Will not be shocked in the slightest when it is revealed that Carolyn is related to Debbie in some way.
Helen looks scared Carolyn LMAO.
love Yam. Bring back Bruce survivor drug counselor drugs.
thought boat going show other tribe saying, "Now, medic will randomly pick visit.".
Helen looks scared.
Carolyn looks like she would be Kim Zolziak 's sister.
The whole cast after the season.
need Carolyn pivotal swing vote MULTIPLE TIMES this season.
YeahI dont care for Carolyn.
love Carolyn.
Carolyn is so quirky.
Carolyns laugh says it all.
Shes so me.
Bruce Bruce! This best dudes play game! Perrbruce with.
love crazy Carolyn.
fuck with carolyn heavy.
would Matt take that kind risk?!
Every survivor alum caption today: years life changed forever. myself other crazy people flew island play best game ever. those people? became family. closer than family. cast survivor44 welcome jungle.

Carolyn we love u mom.
This blonde chick's fucking bananas.
An alliance that leaves Yam Yam and Carolyn on the outs? Yeah, I'm not okay with that!
Carolyn favorite, even competition.
love carolyn needs talk people.
Girlie getting your insecurities before first actual challenge HAHA.
Sheesh love Carolyn too!
women this season AMAZING.
LOVEEEEEEE Carolyn. What great casting find cause kooky zany hell.
Another boat Tika is so nervous!
Carolyn bringing some energy that missing from survivor past seasons.
think love Carolyn.
Quite start season! Survivor Twitter cracking tonight.
Glasses would first target gotta these superfans game.
Carolyn seems unhinged. sure good yet.
Helen listening Carolyn during their conversation
this Jenny whats face. Like back when teen.
Bruce said doing this real.
production tell players actively ignore bird cage? tribes completely okay letting cages just there?
POV youre cast on.
Carolynn and yam yam on the outs oh hell no!
gotta make moves talk people thats into game.
Carolyn throwing the rings in the first challenge.
Carolyn is the love child of Debbie and Shane.
Love you though, probst.
The medic team is working overtime already and its only day 1.
could take Carolyn seriously drug counselor because kinda seems like she's always drugs...
possible that Carolyn glasses Chardonnay deep times??
An hour into the episode and theyre just starting to actually play the game sheesh.
survivor player perpetually uncool friend will stop everyone from doing anything risky like climbing rocks.
doesn't medical sling shoulder??? Bruce crushes skull remains game?? That quack medic needs first person voted off.
They really just looked CarsonGarrett_ said look nerdy
Carolyn is stressing me out.
Carolyn just reminds sierra horribly tattooed eyebrows from worlds apart maybe thats shes getting nerves lol.
Dragging those coconuts - brutal.
Carolyn gives Trish vibes. like her. worried about her.
shes girl.
gonna need everyone their head game work with Carolyn STAT.
Carolyn great. love her.
Bless her heart.
Everyone lining knock this season. Yall gotta chill they probably don't even need Tribal Council before merge.
Carolyn already spiraling. Oh, shes gonna give us entertainment.
Carson literally bullying carolyn nobody talking about
Carolyn can get loud too!
Final this season really gonna "Final
Survivor: Final Destination great start!
Carolyn reminds Busy Williams.
This turned into Total Drama Island this season aint more evident, this premiere what when Chris McClain show day. Idk thats good thing thing.

Survivor medic getting winners edit already.
Carolyn very unserious woman.
Survivor cast season.
ever comes survivor; dumb sometimes theres NOOOOO WAYYYY HELL doing some dumb shit like that medivacked first day. Being first being medivacked worse than making finishing 2nd.

Jeff being woken doctors, letting know that Bruce dying.
Carolyn must be off poppers or something bro.
can't imagine anyone saying those things about carolynwiger Loud? Crazy? way.
What hell Carolyns problem PLEASE.
Carson either gonna really voted early just know.
Carson ripped months?
thought dude maybe don't climb that?!
told climbing cliff rocks, thats what gets like your down!
Carolyn great
Carolyn like modern Debbie here this chaos.
this season rice.

What You Really Think

Yeah what you said.

This shot.

It looks like the monster has possessed Jeffrey.

Should be 3 episodes a week like Australian Survivor.

Cant wait!!!

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