Wednesday 20th of January 2021

A Farewell Message From First Lady Melania Trump.

Michelle Obama graciously hosted Melania Trump at the White House immediately after 2016 election to ensure a smooth transition. Melania Trump has done absolutely nothing for Dr. Jill Biden. Some people are givers, others takers.

A Farewell Message from First Lady Melania Trump.
You can both believe that Biden will probably be a terrible president and still be happy that Trump wont be president anymore.
McConnell condemning Trump right as theyre both losing power fosters a narrative where all the blame for the last 4 years is heaped on Trump & McConnell walks away looking fine. His role in everything thats happened must not be forgotten.

Under the bus he goes: McConnell commemorates President Trumps last day by specifically blaming him for a riot.
McConnell just said the Capitol mob was fed lies and provoked by Trump. Seems like a clear signal that trump will be convicted in the Senate. Thoughts?
US Rep. NikemaWilliams, who holds the seat once held by John Lewis, just introduced a bill to bar Donald Trump from ever entering the U.S. Capitol.
Sean Spicer, Trump's ex-media chief, applies to join White House press corps Absolutely not, nuh uh, no effing way.
The stunning corruption of the Trump regime has made clear for all time the value of absolute transparency in the White House. RepAnnaEshoo and my bill will require that never again will an occupant of the Oval Office be able to hide their tax returns.

What gtconway3d believes: "I believe there is hope for the country, because I believe truth wins out in the end. I believe its already starting to.I believe many who supported Trump are beginning to see their mistakes, and that his influence will wane.".

President Trump approval rating at 51% Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.
Open letter calls for publishing boycott of Trump administration memoirs.
Trump is a Captain Hook villain. Prove me wrong.
408,947 Americans are dead. Trump should spend the rest of his life in prison.
Trump went four years in office without once saying a critical word about Putin.
20 hours from now the portraits of Trump and Pence will come down in all of our embassies and federal buildings. They will be replaced by portraits of JoeBiden and KamalaHarris. Thank God.
Interesting to see BBCR4 pushing the notion that Johnson wanted Trump to lose... There seems to be quite some revisionism going on to save Johnsons blushes.
Only pressure on FDA should be to get science right. Hopefully that's where we are going now.
Agree, Mitch. They were provoked by tRump and other "powerful people", i.e. you and your fellow Republicans who have backed tRump to the hilt. Resign, now! All of you!
Chuck Todd should be reporting how on Donald Trump s last day in office 3,557 New COVID19 cases and almost 400,000 Americans have died since...
This will get overshadowed by other news today but it's a big deal.
So they're purging the reality-based people, and elevating Maria Bartiromo, the clearest voice of Trump's lies.
The only thing funnier than Donald Trump being a failed one term president who was impeached twice is the fact that Hillary Clinton lost to him.
CNN: Republicans in Congress begged White House for pardons for their incitement at the US Capitol. But after learning it'd expose him personally, Trump refused. Looks like Republicans won't ever learn that Trump is just out for himself until they're behind bars.

While Trump is making pardons, he should give pardons to those who truly deserve it: Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht.
How it started...a Trump embrace after VP Pence took the oath in 2017. But going their own ways quite separately in 2021.
He came in w the support of the American people & leaves w the support of the American people. The establishment, in the meantime, is as small as they were when he took office "Pence, McConnell, and McCarthy Are Skipping Trumps Departure Ceremony".

I am not the least bit surprised that Proud Boys need supportive tweets from Trump in order to stain their My Pillows with knuckle babies.
Don't forget that AmbJohnBolton revealed that Trump gave Xi a green light for Uighur concentration camps. That means Trump and his administration okayed "genocide and crimes against humanity.".
The Muppet Show is coming to Disney Plus and Trump is gone tomorrow. Im so happy.
Tiffany Trump announces engagement to Michael Boulos one day before Biden inauguration.
Trump was warned the pardons he once hoped to bestow upon his family and even himself would place him in a legally perilous position, convey the appearance of guilt and potentially make him more vulnerable to reprisals.

Today is the last full day of Trumps presidency.
Thought you were talking about Trump lol.
So, your last day in office is spent in total head-up-your-ass ironic denial, huh? Not unike the rest of the Trump staff, I suppose...
Did Trump release his tax returns yet, or are they still auditing them.
Mitch McConnell could have acknowledged Biden as winner in the first week of November and gotten the rest of the senate GOP into doing the same. He didn't bother. He is also responsible for the coup attempt on the 6th. Not forgotten. Not forgiven.

Fck the deficit. No one cared when Trump was giving tax breaks to his friends.
I will 'love' to see trump convicted in federal &/or state courts & sent to prison. I will also adore that 'light' shining thru the dark gloom spread throughout this nation.
Trump Supporters will never quit on President Trump. Democrats will try to "cancel" us!! Will not work!!! 75 millions Trump's supporters stand with the President. Do you hear me Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Alyssa Farah.

Reports that Trump has let himself be bullied out of pardoning Assange, mistakenly believing Senate Republicans won't vote to impeach him if he caves. Once he's out of power, they're going to vote to impeach him anyway. Which, wellthat's one way to be remembered.

I would like to thank President Donald J. Trump for: 7 million new jobs Middle-class income up $6,000 Record low unemployment 7 million off food stamps Historic tax reform Rebuilt military Massive deregulation This is just the beginning of the America FIRST movement!

4 years ago, I started documenting every day of Trump's presidency. 1,461 days and thousands of cups of coffee later and here we are. I've put together a summary of Trumps entire term and an index linking to contemporaneous analysis covering every day.

The UK and USA are full of intelligent, diplomatic and honourable people. How the hell did we end up with Trump and Johnson. The US has moved away from populism its high time we did too. Congratulations to President Biden.

Think Trump is leaving tomorrow? Think again. Facebook and YouTube STILL show THOUSANDS of Trump posts & videos with his election lies and calls to "fight!" & tell Facebook YouTube: On January 20th, remove Trump from your platforms, PERMANENTLY!

The plot thickens. And again he will argue "no collusion." Right.
VP office makes it official. Pence not scheduled to attend Trump send off at JBA Wednesday.
We're just 24 hours away from Fox News complaining that Joe Biden's inaugural speech didn't include enough praise of his predecessor, thus insulting Trump's "75 million voters" and his promise to "unify" the country.

Facebook refuses to lift Trumps ban after he leaves office The Right Scoop.
Trumps willing to treat his fellow citizens like mortal enemies. He is the most divisive character in American history. Hes an effective vehicle for Putins aim of destroying the nation. He is dividing and conquering us and his followers have no idea theyre at war with America.

Tiffany Trump announced her engagement today. Trump looking up which one Tiffany is.
How it started: "I cannot tell a lie."- George Washington Where we are now: I cannot tell a lie from reality-DJT.
The end of Donald Trump.
The White House says President Trump will deliver a farewell address at 4pm ET today.
Lets all bid Donald Trump farewell in back-of-a-yearbook-for-a-kid-we-dont-like style. Dear Donny, What a crazy four years! Impeached twice lol! Have a great summer trying to stay out of prison! Hope youre not MA-Going to jail!

Except the only reason Trump came into power is because of MoscowMitch He is a traitor. He is a racist. He is the most rotten, disgusting person. He starves his own citizens. He causes poverty. He defunds education. He promotes hate and sedition. Nothing he does is for the U.S.

NBC reporting Trump not expected to pardon himself. I suspect legal advisors told him this would be so constitutionally dramatic it would practically force DOJ to prosecute him in order to force the issue to be litigated to SCOTUS.

President Trumps legacy will include a lot of low points and numbers. But todays low point and number may be the most telling because today the virus that Trump repeatedly lied about and downplayed has now officially killed 400,000 Americans.

Well yeah -- trump is no longer of any use to him.
Trump to 100 criminals.
Were less than 24 hours away!!! TrumpsLastDay Trump moving crew.
This trump doc on bbc 4 already should be renamed 'the redneck john wick'.
The prosecution of Assange is a direct threat to a free press & freedom of speech for every American. I urge President Trump to do the right thing: Take a stand for freedom & pardon Julian Assange as one of his final acts before leaving the White House.

What they support Trump?
"I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf." --Donald J. Trump, August, 2016. I want him to return our 144 MILLION DOLLARS for playing at his own branded courses for four years. Playing through the pandemic, even.

Trump's final first term approval rating looks to be the lowest on record dating back since scientific polling began.
Donald Trump - As you leave office, I want to say you are a disgraceful, pathetic, miserable excuse of a man. Your sociopathic narcissism, toxic faux-masculinity, racism, greed & corruption have done incalculable damage to our country. I only wish you were capable of shame.

These are the same ppl kissing Trump's ass hoping that Trump pardons Assange (as if Trump is loyal to everyone, but himself ).
A big final move on China: Trump administration declares China commits genocide & crimes against humanity against Uighurs and others in Xinjiang. Pompeo & State Dept. officials had intense debates. Biden campaign used genocide label. w/ ChuBailiang.

It's been 4 years, but I never forgot this image. Trump is plowing ahead into the WH while the Obamas--the epitome of kindness & decency--offer Melania support. Melania not reaching out to Jill Biden or being there to offer a welcoming hand reveals Melania's true nature. 1/.

On the last full day of the Trump administration, CBP separated two Haitian brothers, sending the 9-year-old to a shelter and deporting his brother to Mexico. Follow HaitianBridge and fams2gether for updates and calls to action.

Scott Morrison accused of 'pandering' to Trump and damaging relations with Biden.
Im feeling good today. In a few hours, sanity returns to the White House. Will we find things to tweet/talk about when Trump is gone? Send me some of your thoughts.
Just listened to this mornings episode of The Daily to hear about a Trump supporter talk about animals voting illegally in this election.

What You Really Think

Thank you and your husband, Donald Trump for everything done for Hispanic Americans! My family grew financially. We were proudly employed. These were the BEST 4 years! We can only hope that Fully VETTED Legal Immigration continues! Love and prayers to you and your family V.

I watched 10 seconds, cant do more. So excited to never hear about her again. Go to hell.

Amen you wonderful lady!

Like, go and look at some rugs, or something.


Go away and take Donnie with you.

So happy you are leaving. Absolutely the worst first lady ever.

Good to know you have a good heart. If only you could have practicalized this by welcoming the new first couple as you were welcomed. Anyway, I understand you are under the unspoken stress of not doing so, but I wish you all the best in your next endeavor. Stay Blessed.

You should be ashamed of yourself for enabling someone like Trump and having nothing but selfish needs. Youre one of the worst, if not THE worst, First Lady the United States has ever had in history. Along with your husband as the worst President in history.

Donald Trump vai mesmo entregar os Estados Unidos nas maos dos Chineses e dos Globalistas?