Sunday 1st of November 2020

Tank With The KO of The Year! DavisSantaCruz ( ShowtimeBoxing).

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I taught him that back when he was "Lil Tank".
Trump Corruptly Uses DOJ/Barr/Whitaker in Effort to Tank Turkish Bank Case for President Erdogan. Lets talk about . . . Turkeygate. Because.
My lord! What a vicious uppercut that was. Praying for the health and safety of Santa Cruz there. The young man Tank Davis has some serious venom in that back hand shot. Incredible! ProperWhiskey fight night.

I cant stop watching how yo was SLEEP!! -nulb Tank the truth Rs yall better put some respect on his name.
Incredible ko gervonta tank davis vs santa cruz boxing new.
Do you mean to tell me that Morrison riding around in a tank in Queensland didnt convince everyone to vote LNP???
Santa Cruz: He wont last past the 6th round Tank .
Davis introduces Santa Cruz to tank warfare with a devastating, 1-punch knockout.
I know they calling Tank a Mayate with the hard TE!
You wont see a better uppercut than this. Its just not the power from Tank Davis. It was the sweet science. Its a beautiful counter punch that started with a faint from unique angle.
Ryan... you dont want tank lmaoo.
Inoue had the KO of the night...UNTIL Tank, but it was still a beautiful KO. Lovely counter punch that had Maloney's soul leave his body. Maloney tried to throw jabight hand, but Inoue slipped the jab and it was GAME OVER.

Hot water tank temperatures at: 2020/11/01 06:00:07 top=22.5 side=20.0 middle=19.5 stat=18.5 bottom=18.25 board=18.25 loft=11.0 CPU=34.2.
Is there a septic tank around?
Tank Davis knocks out Cruz.
This was really dope. Tank Davis with the Floyd Mayweather Tribute, same backwards sombrero too.
Floyd Mayweather (2007) and Gervonta Tank Davis (2020).
I will definitely say that leosantacruz2 brung the best out of Tank! We've never seen Davis punched that many times. He worked the jab great and used his length for a while...
You put on a GREAT performance tonight n made Tank Respect your abilities! Youll be champ again recover n hit the drawing board with your staff come back 2x champ.
There aint no safety on this glock. - Gervonta Davis to Brian Custer in the post-fight interview I believe you Tank. Santa Cruz caught one...
After a crazy round Tank sleeps Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz was boxing well v Tank until he went to sleep, Brutal knockout. HEAVY hands!
I literally had no idea who that was. I thought someone was doing a cosplay of Tank Girl before I looked at her handle.
Tank hit Leo so hard with an uppercut that he killed Sean Connery.
Omg that nigga tank caught a homicide.
Your fav is getting dragged for bullying but you out here doing this? The lack of priorites, no wonder their songs tank.
Random Mods - Counter-Strike vs Team Fortress 2 in Upward: Counter-Terrorists with Heads from Black Mesa (L4D2 Survivors) vs TF2 Zombies (CI), Engineer (Boomer), Zombie Heavy (Tank with Voice and Tank Rock Sandvich), Zombie Scout (Hunter with Voice) & Ass Pancakes (Jockey).

Tank punch niggas like he tryna put his fist all the way through your head.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Thats you next. You dont want none of Tank. Be serious kid.
Scott Atlas is a good reminder that a think tank named after one of the worst presidents in historythe Hoover Institutiondoesnt exactly have high, or any, standards.
Tank Davis Champion Baltimore and Philly. Back in the day.
Everytime I see a black cat ill and late it as goodluck from now on im rewriting the lies.
Tank letting that uppercut fly.
That Ryan Garcia pack finna hit different when he fight Tank.
Tank really like that...I wanted to watch that fight.
Tank u.
Floyd wouldnt let Tank near a caliber type fighter as Campbell, come on now. Floyd is building Tank up for the casuals who think tonights win meant something. Ducked Loma and the rest for a reason. Went for little Leo who had every disadvantage. Casuals loved it though.

I just wanna see tank vs Haney.
This all I saw tonight. Tank different bruh.
Cowboy bebop - opening: tank!
Bruh that Tank Davis knockout was COLD.
The media needs to stop disrespecting Tank. Hes the face of this younger generation.
Davis the tank.
Is evidently a lawless septic tank of inbreds that needs to be dealt with. - signed, Your Neighbor NEW MEXICO Biden camp cancels multiple Texas events after a "Trump Train" surrounded a campaign bus.
Tank vs Haney.
Not you other tank.
Tank said..
Haney vs tank is a super fight.
Tank does it again .. I knew he would I'll always back him to win and I'll back him if he loses. Loyalty is real.
Congratulations champ TANK.
Roughly six-in-ten online daters in the U.S. are concerned about data collection.
I'm really enjoying this hybrid. Was just under a quarter of a tank today so I got gas, put premium in at $2.51 a gallon and it still only cost about $21.00 to fill it up completely. And we've driven all over the place as of late, mostly for enjoyment.

I'm not saying the punch at the end wasn't clean I'm just saying when Tank was getting his ass handed to em he did something dirty to give him a second to breathe. His power saves him really. He boutta be another wilder if he don't stop playing with people.

Im literally being stalked right now at Longs Waianae. If I go missing, Im 51, 26 and heavy (aint nobody knowing my weight). I was last seen wearing a green tank top and maroon shorts. Ill let yall know if Im safe. The last time I got chased to my car.

Wanna see a dudes soul leave his body? Tank Davis is AS ADVEISED.
Conor McGregor was impressed by Tank's knockout punch.
Gervonta Tank Davis!!!! Knockout of the year!!! Wow!!!
Half Term fun at The Tank Museum from 10:00 to 17:00 today.
He is deadly! He is vicious! He is fast! He is power! He is ferocious! He is unbelievable! He is unbeatable! He is Gervonta Tank Davis.
Put some respect on this man namenulb Floyd got him one Gervonta Tank Davis ladies and gentlemen.
Please add the X1A brazilian light tank. It's based on the M3A1 Light Tank with a new diesel Saab-Scania 280 hp engine, improved suspension, improved armor, new fire control system, DEFA 90 mm (3.54 in) cannon and new turret.

Cinco de mayo Tank vs . Garcia!!!! WE WANT IT.
Tank with the KO of the year! DavisSantaCruz ( ShowtimeBoxing).
When you fighting tank rooting for you!!
Daisy out cold , guess that means a dab and some shark tank till I fall asleep.
Itll come down to defense cause they both have power and speed although Ryans length could be a huge problem. Hopefully their promoters wont get in the way cause Ryan wants Tank for his next fight after this warm up one he has coming up.

What You Really Think


Is this where he honed the technique...

So u think u ready for dat.

Night night.

That shit was quick!!

The Ref didnt know what to Do HELP EM HELP EM PLEASE.

The speed on this punch is just wow.

Commentator: If Davies thought Santa Cruz is gonna fall from his power Tank: Hold my beer. Commentator: .oh wow.

He set him up so smoothly.

We now have visual proof of a soul leaving someones body. That was a punch from the pits of Hell.

This bro.


Stop! tank prevailed in GervontaSantaCruz but TysonFury did worse to.

KO of the year Cruz will never be the same.

He folded! What you say?

My god that was a murderous uppercut. One of if not the best uppercut I've ever seen. Beautiful technique as well. Just an unbelievable shot.

Gervonta wont beat AlacranBerchelt ... he never never fought for the wbc belt when he was at 130 ...

The best part about this is the COMMENTARY!!!L LOL The guy was in the middle of saying (I paraphrase) THIS GUYS IS A BEAST, HE CAN ..ohhhhhhhhhh.


LIKE WEIGHT BULLY OF THE YEAR WHY CAN PBC AND FOX SPOS BE REAL AND CALL IT LIKE IT IS... tonight was nothing more than a natural 126-130 VS fat ass david who should be at 135-140! Que pendejos.

Damn!! Yes this man is brutal.

Shut Bernstein up Mid sentence.

Stop hyping this guy up, if he didnt ko him it would have been sad.

Get him to the hospital right away.

Hold that!!!

God damn!

Look like me!

Aint nobody in that division taking tanks power.

Goodness gracious.

Got me looking like JR.