Thursday 23rd of April 2020


I get nervous when hes not around. Thanks for sharing..
Tremendous. Jayson Tatum says he mightve still gone to Duke instead of taking $500K in the G League. Bradley Beal: "So Duke gave you $600K?"Tatum: "Hey, Duke might be the only stand-up school in the country."Beal: "Listen man, I was born, but I wasnt born yesterday.".
First-Round NFL Draft Pick 10 years in the NFL NFL All-Rookie Team First-Team All-ACC Academic All-ACC Jim Tatum Award winner (ACCs top senior student-athlete)Ebenezer Ekuban is a Tar Heel!.
Tiffany Tatum.
Its what?! [Another fireball has her rolling out of the way before she snaps her fingers to grab Tatums attention] To the safe room. Now. [Valentina didnt wait for an answer, racing down a corridor to her left. She reaches the end and pulls back a painting of her mother to.
Giving her a ring before getting her pregnant andgt;andgt;.
Danny Ainge said Jayson Tatum is welcome to use his basketball hoop whenever hed like.Ainge even would let him shoot around with his dog..
Third Eye Kiss.
Tatums Comic Tips!- An entire thread based on what ive learned about making comics.Quick note: Everything I talk about is based around my personal experiences and is only intended to encourage and help. I do not know a lot about professional comic making..
Tatum is able to deflect the fireball with her telekinetic abilities, but just barely as it impacts the wall beside her. Jesus, this thing is strong..
Fun Fact: In his 3rd year, Jayson Tatum averaged more points () than Harris has ever in his 10 year career..
Tatum the Chic.
Zion and J Tatum sounds good too me.
Jayson Tatum during the month of February: PPG RPG APG FG% 3PT%77 FT%Celtics went 9-3 through these 12 games. Future MVP candidate and definitely one of my favourite players.
Tatum goes to answer Valentinas question, but shrieks and ducks as a fireball is launched at her head. Thats your lizard! It didnt eat it, it shapeshifted! Another fireball begins hurdling towards the two women, the whitelighter seeming to have orbed away somewhere. -.
Happy Birthday Officer Tatum.
Channing Tatum is Migo.
WATCH: Hoyt Kogan And Torsten Ullman Spit-Roast And Tag-Team Nils Tatum Bareback -----andgt;.
In honor of earth day: which tree would you prefer to be transformed into by a witch youve scorned.
New Moon at 4 degrees Taurus Sabian symbol is: The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. While the degree of the squaring Saturn is 2 Aquarius: An unexpected thunderstorm. -andgt; The bridge to the celestial, with a promise of reward, appears after the angry gods force of nature..
reggi: I would settle for jayson tatumme: oh 100%both: why he gotta have a kid tho.
small kickbacks w people you ACTUALLY fuck w over parties full of randoms andgt;andgt;andgt;.
Lol thats funny.
Jayson Tatum and taco fall. Give us the W.
Check out Jayson Tatum Frequent Flyers 2019-20 Hoops.
10/4/1971 Raiders score a comeback win vs Browns, 34-20.QB Daryle Lamonica threw two TDs to TE Raymond Chester. RBs Clarence Davis and Pete Banaszak rushed for a TD. PK George Blanda had 2 FGs. Jack Tatum and George Atkinson had interceptions..
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I miss watching Tatum straight cook dudes.
Danny Ainge joked that his videos shooting hoops in the driveway were mostly directed at Jayson Tatum. Ainge said Tatum, who has said he doesnt have his own hoop, can use his whenever he wants..
I got harden and Tatum Ill see you in the chip.
The Valley has that type of heat where you get pissed off for no reason.
I wish i was as beautiful as all these girls on social media..
Start Luka, bench Tatum last two niggas got cut..
Ma inter temporada Boston trocou Isaiah Thomas por kyrie Irving, assinou com Gordon Hayward e selecionou jayson Tatum no draft..
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Another Item Sold! Lonely Loser Quarantine Humiliation.
Another Content Item Sold on IWC! Go Into Debt For My Birthday.
Bro this package really shouldve been here 5 mins after I ordered it the audacity.
We love it.
Imagine Tatum getting hurt? You think anyone wants to watch Grant Williams brick open shots? Vets wins you titles bro lol.
I was bummed when Pierce and KG left, Joe Thornton, Phil Kessel, Nomar, Pedro, Damon. Manny the list goes on. Now its Brady and Gronk the new era is here. Tatum, and Pastrnak dont leave us ya cucks.
At age 26, Kobe (same age Bron JOINED wade) took Nash to 7 in ROUND 1 (bron plays ROOKIE JAYSON TATUM in the ECF). IF YOU ADD WADE AND BOSH TO THAT 2006 LAKERS TEAM HE WOULD SWEEP FOR 3 POSTSEASONS IN A ROW. Lebrons a disgrace..
Tatums dropping knowledge.
Check out Tatums video!.
rose mcgowan as tatum riley / scream (1996).
Yes, Lonzo is better than Tatum.
its been 1 year and 1 month since this iconic moment in history.
Due to the Coronavirus, Walmart workers are not checking receipts at the door. Whatever you choose to do with this information is between you and God..
Bryson, Its great to see you on B. Tatum.
me once i hear that tattoo shops are open again.
literally nothingjust pain.
As much as I love Ben he isnt over Tatum.
Who this Jayson Tatum look alike.
Still a lot of life left in Jayson Tatum psa9 rookie..
Tiffany Tatum swallows for ! Gorgeous swallows from a fat cock! Join here!.
Every time i fall asleep tatum start crying i dont think my baby feels good..
Theyre all the same Tatum.
Me , Tatum , Anna and Ashleigh literally get so disrespectful in the group chat.
Tomorrows going to be rough.
Whos better Ben Simmons or Jason Tatum? Listen, theres no way Tatum is better than BEN Simmons . The only ONE WEAKNESS is shooting . But other things on the court he can do better than Tatum.
I did not select Channing Tatum.
Jupiter Assending is a fever dream. Tatum fake speed skating through the air? Then he grows wings? Beefy Snake body guards ?.
Im done debating man. Youre just dragging at this point.Simmons andgt; Tatum end of discussion I could really care less what you think at this point ive said what Ive said.
Kemba smart Tatum bird horford.
Happy birthday, Officer Tatum!.
Exactly. So Tatum gets defensive credit without many shotblockers or high steals per game players on his team. Simmons still gets tons of credit even with guys like Matisse, and Embiid on his team..
Alright man you can think that. I dont really care at this point. My whole point of my debate was that Simmons is better than Tatum period.
hate the celtics but Tatum.
TIL Channing Tatum did the voice of Superman in the Lego Movie.
Were comparing Simmons and Tatum. Not the.
Like Ive said before. Hes a better defender. But not as big of a margin you are saying. Tatum is above that level your saying hes at. Solely because hes the best defender other than maybe smart. On the Celtics..
But they did lmao Im talking about last year. The Sixers succeeded with multiple all stars on their team, young and old. The Celtics couldnt handle Kyrie Irving and 2 developing all stars in Brown and Tatum.
Tatum is literally the same size at theis..
Me thinking about my friends and how much I wanna hug them.
Maybe I should change my bio. But only real ones know..
He is an above average at best. Besides Theiss his team is pretty undersized so theres not much for him to be compared to. Simmons is a better defender no matter what you wanna consider Tatum as a defender..
Hang in there my friends..