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Monday 11th of January 2021

: "taylorswift13 Has The Top-Selling Album of The Year in U.S. For Historic Fifth Time" Congrats Taylor READ.

Thinking about legally changing my name to "Taylor Swifts baby".
Jonathan Taylor in his rookie season with the Colts: - 1,552 Total Yds - 13 TD - 3rd in NFL in Rush Yds (Reg Season) The future is bright for.
Why is Taylor sending no body no crime to country radio and not right where you left me.
To see what I saw down in the snow in Oak Cliff today - Torii Hunter, Clayton Kershaw, Trevor Story, Taylor Hearn, Demarcus Evans, Delino DeShields, Josh Bell & others handing out food & supplies to neighbors was very moving.

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Why isn't mtgreenee in this video? she got the memo to dress casual, she did she is flying under the radar, we cannot let that happen.
Taylor swift replied to oli rodrigo who has called taylor mom, with a thing mama swift said, on mama swift's birthday. there's a sort of perfection in all this.
Guys that was clearly taylor.
"I would request anyone looks into Black Lives Matter to look into what that organisation does and what they stand for because it's scandalous that the world and the world's media has got behind Black Lives Matter.

Taylor Swift's albums weeks in the Top 10 of Billboard 200 Chart: 1989 59 Fearless 58 folklore 18 Lover 18 Red 17 Taylor Swift 17 Speak Now 15 reputation 12 evermorealbum 4 Beautiful Eyes 2 = 220 weeks so far.

No need to talk Bad Blood by Taylor Swift.
First time listening to Folklore since Evermore's release. Started off with this is me trying(an excellent song) The day she announced this album with those titles and that artwork we already knew what we were in for but G*d damn, Taylor is too f*cking good at what she does.

Taylor Swift now has 2 daughters named "Oli".
Is this good enough? BussItChallenge dress by.
Artists with the most weeks at 1 on Billboard 200 Albums history: 1. The Beatles 132 2. Elvis Presley 67 3. Garth Brooks 52 4. Taylor Swift 51 4. Michael Jackson 51.
Andy Taylor Barebacks Daniel Greene ]WATCH HERE ~].
Cant wait for the movie.
US Radio: POP 20. ( 3) TAYLOR SWIFT willow: 21.727 165 Spins 0.679 Aud HOT AC 15. ( 1) TAYLOR SWIFT willow: 11.098 45 Spins 0.336 Aud AC 20. ( 3) TAYLOR SWIFT willow: 12.608 6 Spins 0.032 Aud willow is now inside the top 20 of all main radio formats in the US.

Taylor swift taylor swift driving driving me crazy.
Retweet if you stan - oli rodrigo - one direction - ariana grande - harry styles - niall horan - zayn malik - louis tomlinson - liam payne - blackpink - bts - taylor swift - nicki minaj - shawn mendes - camila cabello - melanie martinez follow everyone that rts.

When taylor swift said "meet me behind the mall", this is what she's talking about.
Her and Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Yes. Oli started strategically posting about Taylor when she was a child, knowing that exactly ten years from then she'd release a song and use Taylor to get to number one. So true. A marketing genius.

Based on rising Covid positive & quarantine cases with district staff & students, we are making the decision to return to ALL distance learning for the week of Jan 11. All schools within the district will operate on distance learning schedules. For update.

Congrats to taylorswift13 on topping the Billboard 200 again with Evermore!
Well done Lyle Taylor. BLM is a bad organisation that has misappropriated the cause of fairness.
No need to talk, bye Bad Blood by Taylor Swift.
Happy birthday to me, siri play 22 by Taylor swift.
Close your eyes and type Taylor Swift, no cheating.
I got this awesome gift from a friend on discord of Celine enjoying Taylor's boobs! :3 Art is by Cainesart 3.
No thoughts just anya taylor joy.
Me everytime I see phil, mike, marissa, nick and john taylor on simply complicated.
Be an NFL-caliber quarterback who can make throws 10 yards downfield? (This isn't a new issue for Mitch.).
Artists with Most Weeks at 1 on the BB200 2020s decade so far 11w Taylor Swift 5w Lil Baby 4w The Weeknd ,& Roddy Ricch 2w Lil Uzi Vert, Juice Wrld, YoungBoy, Pop Smoke, Ariana Grande, BTS, Harry Styles, Luke Combs From November 23rd 2019 to January 16th 2021.

You'll be great!
FROM HARD DISK TO ...HARD DICK IT'S A SNAP! Innocent Braden Taylor may say hes too old for his chiseled stepdad, Chris Damned, to tuck him in at night, but... Part1.
WHO COULDVE SEEN THAT COMING: Taylor Swift comments on Oli Rodrigos post about being on US iTunes Chart. Taylor says I say thats my baby and Im really proud. Olis song Drivers License is currently number 1 on most charts. 43k TikToks made using song in 24 hours.

Inactives: WR Marvin Hall CB Brian Allen S Jovante Moffatt S Tedric Thompson T Alex Taylor WR Ja'Marcus Bradley.
New leaked details for Generation 10 detail that the starter Pokemon are called Max Taylor, Bonanza Bros and Po!
You cannot be a good father to 7 different households. I want the Black community to be released from this narrative.
Taylor e harry.
Artist with the Most Weeks in the Top 2 of the Billboard 200 in HISTORY 1. The Beatles 199 Weeks 2. Michael Jackson 85 Weeks 3. The Rolling Stones 78 Weeks 4. Taylor Swift 78 Weeks 5. Garth Brooks 77 Weeks.

Passer Ratings from Wild Card Saturday games: Josh Allen: 121.6 Tom Brady: 104.3 Phil Rivers: 93.5 Jared Goff: 93.1 Taylor Heinicke: 78.4 Russell Wilson: 72.2.
If taylor swift straight why ivy? why cowboy like me? why dress? why dwoht? why treacherous? why wonderland? why seven? why dorothea? why betty? why hygtg? why twily? why cruel summer? why ours? why i know places? why daylight? why tolerate it? why gold rush? why gorgeous? why.

Suspense/thriller, romcom-ish, mostly fiction! i really like taylor jenkins reid lately.
Hard to choose. I have Josh Taylor in amongst that list as well. There's some great fight's to look forward to this year hopefully.
If you enjoyed our first episode on Lyotards Libidinal Economy, please listen, share, and enjoy episode 2.
Taylor swift & oli rodrigo as each other, a very necessary thread.
Marry taylor, kiss kendall, k justin.
Taylor and her daughter Oli.
Brave and profound words from lyletaylor90 in this interview. Agree with him or not, he deserves enormous credit for taking a stand. Do read it.
Wish you the best on your journey JakeChaney9 can i take your fishing spot with pops lol.
Imagine taylor swift calling you "her baby"... i would passout.
Taylor Swift now ties Michael Jackson as the fourth artist with the most weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart's history with 51 weeks each. We are very happy for Taylor, but as you know we respect Michael because he is a music legend!

Oli rodrigo taylor swift lorde making the best car themed songs!
Taylor Swifts Evermore Back at No. 1 for Third Week on Billboard 200 Chart.
Taylors daughters.
You mean like the police did at Breona Taylors house ?
Lenny kravitz, blackbear, taylor swift, sufjan stevens, niall horan, sleeping at last.
Off the top of my head, Taylor,phelan,Maher Dempsey,Monaghan,Dave Sullivan are all Irish world champions?I think there's more?
I thought that was Taylor Rooks for a second.
Taylor cAlled it a bridge. Idc.
FWIW if the Browns had any intent of playing Kendall Lamm as an emergency guard, they would've had Alex Taylor active. He is not. If someone goes down inside, it's Iwuagwu or Fabiano.
Uhm they sang i see fire together at the red tour. It was sweet because he was a bit shy. Taylor helped him out.
And when Oli opens for Taylor on her next tour.
Can a President under Impeachment still give Pardons to himself or associates?
Female artists with the most solo songs exceeding 100 million streams on Spotify: 1. Taylor Swift 31 songs 2. Billie Eilish 30 songs 2. Ariana Grande 30 songs 3. Rihanna 25 songs 4. Adele 18 songs.
Hello taylor swift.
I had a GT,never wanted to be on Bart Taylor's team after HellTrak.
FBI, NYPD told Capitol Police about risk of violence, officials say.
Taylor quoting her mom on her birthday is the CUTEST thing ever.
What did we do right to deserve taylorswift13?!
Updated NFC East QB rankings: 1. Taylor Heinicke 2. Dak Prescott 3. Jalen Hurts 4. Alex Smith 5. Daniel Jones 6. Andy Dalton 7. Dwayne Haskins 8. A retired Tony Romo 9. Dak Prescott in a wheelchair 10. Carson Wentz.

What You Really Think

She is a goddess.

Yesterday I stopped on my way to the hot springs in Idaho to take this pic, it reminded me of a field of sparkly diamonds that I imagined Taylor's hearts full of, so much for dreaming, I know she's got more in there, I look forward to being amazed,,.

I Love Taylor, but then who doesn't ? Republicon's,,.

Queen tingz only. yeah I said, tingz.

The Music Industry.

Cool now promote her u rats.

Lmao republic go give taylor payola like how you give other artist.

Omg my queen.