Thursday 26th of November 2020

Public Health Warnings: Dont Travel For Thanksgiving Holidays. Americans: Hold my Beer.

I didnt fight two wars and lose two legs to be told I cant spend time with my family. As a matter of fact, I did it so YOU could choose how YOU spend your thanksgiving. Honor sacrifice and tell the commies to shove it.

Its Tuesday before Thanksgiving so you should know that if the minimum wage had increased at the rate of productivity since 1960, it would be $22.50. Instead, its $7.25. That's $15.25 per hour that's disappeared from the pockets of low income workers the past 60 years...

It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon. Congratulations to GenFlynn and his wonderful family, I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is literally tomorrow.
Thank you to Minuteman Press of Natick for printing and to Amy B. Moran for designing these street decals to remind our community to be safe while enjoying the Thanksgiving holidays. Find them as you walk through Main St. and Washington St.

As a reminder, the McGaw YMCA will be open from 6:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 26 for Thanksgiving. From the Y family to yours, have a wonderful holiday!
Can we just go ahead and cancel the holidays? Theyre even more dreary, depressing, and heart this year. I didnt have a Christmas last year and I think thats going to repeat. I wish I couldve canceled Thanksgiving, too.

This guy is thankful this Thanksgiving for backpedaling and pleading ignorance! Whatever gets the votes. Ill tell you all you need to know, my man.
Im with YapBoum2 - Freedom shouldnt mean harming other people who are more vulnerable.
Do you guys have any Thanksgiving plans?
Happy Thanksgiving! We are open today until 9pm, CLOSED tomorrow, and open Friday from 4-10pm! Hoping everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! We are thankful for each and every one of you! Salute!
Thanksgiving finna be a movie.
Big boy, this Thanksgiving try not eating the entire Supermarket. You'll feel better and you won't be 400 lbs overweight. You're an embarrassment.
NEWS ALE Red Flag Warning begins Thanksgiving night. Santa Ana winds, low humidity and high fire danger expected.
Thank you to Nelba_MG of the anagraceproject and to Omar, Mallory, and Christina of New Britain Youth and Family Services for all you do to make a difference in our communities! Happy Thanksgiving!
My hometown dive bar that we all go to the night before thanksgiving is so much better than yours bro you dont even know. You wouldnt last a SECOND at this spot! My town is built different and Im never leaving. Remember state? Unreal. Wheres your little sister? Haha relax bro!

I hope you all have a safe & happy Thanksgiving.
Feed-the-Troops Tradition Continues Despite COVID-19: Thanksgiving is going to look a lot different for just about everyone this year thanks to the global pandemic. Unfortunately, that includes our service members stationed overseas. Large.

Lets all do our part this Thanksgiving to keep people safe and healthy. Celebrate virtually, if you can. Wear a mask. And as always, listen to the experts. The choices you make could save lives.
Thanksgiving with Caution & Helping Others READ IT HERE.
Usually Id have already spent it on the Thanksgiving gathering, but theres not really gonna be one this year.
When does your family usually eat their Thanksgiving meal? I need to settle this with Cal.
Couple who called off wedding due to COVID make catering deposit for Thanksgiving meals NBC Chicago.
Here are 3 Thanksgiving dishes meant to serve up to four people.
Cris Collinsworth previews thanksgiving dinner.
Patriots Lawrence Guy helping needy families this Thanksgiving.
$50 Giveaway for someone that needs help buying Thanksgiving dinner! for Pickaw Tag some friends Follow me & sponsors: TxGamerChick madre_lovee Sirge00 Shayman808 Good luck & please remember I am thankful for all of you & these amazing sponsors.

Branco Cartoon - Political Football .
First the NFL takes away our bye week because another team cant get their Covid situation together, now they take away our Thanksgiving primetime game for the same reason. Smh.
Hello my friend! HaPpy Thanksgiving.
Earlier today DouglasEmhoff and I visited dcck with chefjoseandres to thank the staff and volunteers for their hard work during this Thanksgiving season to feed those who are hungry. Hurting families must be made a priority and given the relief they deserve.

Consider adding a land acknowledgement to your Thanksgiving holiday tradition. You can find resources in the link below!
All this ouid plus I realized I still have s from before. No roommates all weekend. Copious amounts of drugs and a recently deposited paycheck? Baby BAYBEEEEE Its about to be a real happy thanksgiving over here.

Be safe tonight everyone, thankful for another day and the amazing people in my life Vnulb Happy thanksgiving 2020 ya dirty bitch.
Do you think we'd be better off with out thanksgiving?
The NFL needs to stop canceling and moving games! If players can't play they can't play! Teams can put players in that can! Stop messing with the teams and the fans! Play the damn games as scheduled! Now we get stuck with 2 crappy games on Thanksgiving! No more Det and Dal plz!

Sending love and prayers to you honey. Sorry your Thanksgiving wont be too festive. At least youre all gonna be together. I hope you can eat more soon. Gotta keep your strength up. 10 days is way too long. Take care of yourself boo. [?]nulb.

For those who have lost loved ones I know this time of year is especially difficult. I will be thinking and praying for each and every one of you at your Thanksgiving table.
Thanksgiving for me is always a time of introspection to reflect upon what I am most thankful for. Given the current circumstances, I am certainly grateful for my own health and that of my family, as well as their love and support.

President-elect Biden just gave the best speech by a president since Obama. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Your mom ever start cooking thanksgiving food a day before thanksgiving.
This Thanksgiving, tens of thousands of Americans are waiting in hours-long lines at local food banks. In a nation as prosperous as ours, the rise in hunger is a terrible policy failure. But the fact McConnell wont act to help these families? That failure is a moral one.

Schools and departments in Arlington Public Schools will be closed Nov. 26-27 for the Thanksgiving break. Enjoy your holiday!
With Ravens-Steelers pushed back, they should now move the Egg Bowl up to tomorrow night for us so we can watch that debauchery like last thanksgiving night.
HEY! Our Thanksgiving edition of "Inside the Birdcage" features a call to Puerto Rico with a seasoned veteran who has lived an intriguing life! It will be up tonight... hopefully. Stay tuned!
Your parents at thanksgiving: that boy sure can eat me: oh I know parents: what me: what.
I agree our healthcare system needs a lot of help. It's more complex than just reducing cost/increasing access. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! :).
Are you going to watch the 94th Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Me sleeping on a mattress, you in soldier's garb shielding me from thanksgiving food.

Thanksgiving Eve, is known as one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. Commit to sober driving. =.
Please read our official Family statement God Bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.
Happy Erev Thanksgiving everybody. We're nearly through this difficult year. Here's to inoculated in-person family celebrations in an emoluments-free 2021.
I didn't know mac&cheese was a Thanksgiving food until I was probably in high school, meanwhile my holiday wouldn't feel complete without red cabbage.
I hear that Dr. Anthony Fauci will be on MeetthePress the Sunday after Thanksgiving... tellingly, it will be his first time on the program since March 15.
Sometimes I forget that my mother instilled tons of cooking knowledge in me and I have lots of good recipes on hand... then Thanksgiving rolls around and Im just mad I dont have a complete Weaver-stocked kitchen to utilize.

Im the female in the kitchen cooking for thanksgiving.
L'Eagle wants you to be safe this Thanksgiving! We will be open with extreme safety measures in place from 9-2 tomorrow to satisfy your Thanksgiving cannabis needs and we ask that you do your part to help slow the spread in Colorado as well!

Ready for Thanksgiving Tomorrow.
I heard on the news that millions of people will not have a Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. 1 out of every 4 people will be a child without any food. Much of this is caused from job loss due to the pandemic & the government hasn't offered any help.

My granddaughter working on Thanksgiving cheese ball.
Thanks to all the coaches and staff at TFA_Athletics for their continued support. Hope all the ROYALS have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
(7) We hope that COUNTEN will be used widely and its generated data can be used to better understand conservation of ENS structure at health and its divergence in disease. Starting this Thanksgiving let us put the era of data discordance in ENS counts behind us. FIN!

Im not so sure 2021 is gonna be much better. But hey, Happy Thanksgiving Jerry_Remy You have been a constant for me as a Sox fan who goes back to the mid 70s.
Oh no !! Hope you and your family are doing okay ! Big love and happy thanksgiving.
Im not joking when I say at least one person will realize they are sick when they bite into Thanksgiving dinner with their family and can't taste it.
My grandma tried to taze me on thanksgiving 2 years ago.
Yes, Thanksgiving without family is sad this year. BUT Im making my cranberry chutney for me and Sam so it sucks slightly less. And this definitely sucks way less than getting Covid. Stay safe.
So with that, i have 4 extra tickets to the thanksgiving game tomorrow. or comment with who you would bring and why! Picking one random winner today! if selected make sure you guys follow all of the proper COVID protocols to make everyone including yourself feel safe !

My reflections on Thanksgiving Eve on the UWS 2020. Wondering how other UWSers are feeling.
Staff who work the COVID-19 Hotline and COVID testing are getting a much-deserved break tomorrow. These services will not be staffed. Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy No Turkey Thanksgiving! . You need to buy the best and most versatile meatalternative in the market! Get your Shroomeats today! .
9NEWS: Democrat Denver mayor flies to visit family for Thanksgiving after warnings to avoid travel.
How was your thanksgiving this year? them.
I miss a real Thanksgiving. I get it. Not having one. And I miss it.
cato_solomon RoxanaStone22 TheMicheleWojo chasingpossible GregInNEOhio ckwest542 AdenahTara dgordon52 ResistaSistaKim Thanks for the tag & Happy Thanksgiving!
Dont start Covid will make sure this team underachieves! Hope things are well...happy thanksgiving!
Ohhhhh on aggregate Im up on away goals. Not much I can point to and complain about. How are you?? I was about to ask about thanksgiving plans but ik you eat decadently like thanksgiving every week haha.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and many of us will be eating with our families. This year our Team made a donation to the MDFoodBank and supported local bakery touchetouchet by purchasing some of their delicious pies.

Baking Hawaiian rolls and drinking an apple cider bourbon cocktail. Thanksgiving holiday has begun over here.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Fred.
If someone do this on thanksgiving we fighting.
Joe Biden: "For those who have lost a loved one, I know that this time of year can be particularly difficult. Believe me, I know. I remember the first Thanksgiving and the empty chair, the silence. It takes your breath away.".

Biden's Thanksgiving message: "We need to remember we are at war with the virus, not one another.".
Firefighters show the dangers of deep-frying turkey for Thanksgiving.
I've got to step up my game. Have a good thanksgiving, man!
Dear sprintcare all I want for thanksgiving is for my phone to ship at some point today.
Hello - despite the confirmation email that says my order would be delivered today (weds) FedEx says it won't be here till Friday. Soooo... is this going to be ruined? Very disappointed that the Thanksgiving foods will not be here on Thanksgiving.

Wonderful news indeed! Wishing you and your family a happy and thankful Thanksgiving!

What You Really Think

For those who have decided to travel and be around people that are not in their household, please enjoy this family holiday because you could be dead by Christmas.

Anything going against the wacky words of Dr. Ding is recommended by 5 out of 5 real doctors.

Hold my mask*.

How many wont be here to travel in the new year? Darwins theory in real time...