Friday 24th of September 2021

WATCH: Joy Behar Announces TheView Co-hosts Sunny Hostin And Ana Navarro Left The Table Mid-show After Testing Positive For Covid-19.

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TOMORROW VIEW EXCLUSIVE: Vice President KamalaHarris sits down with TheView co-hosts LIVE first in-studio talk show appearance since taking office watch 11e10cp ABC.
Well apparently super health cautious ladies TheView super spreaders they lecture about!
THIS MORNING VIEW EXCLUSIVE: Vice President KamalaHarris sits down with TheView co-hosts LIVE first in-studio talk show appearance since taking office watch 11e10cp ABC.
Harris contact with hosts prior show, White House official says after co-hosts TheView test positive Covid.
Fully-vaccinated Sunny Hostin Navarro have tested positive COVID They seemed find right Kamala Harris appear
Sunny tested POSITIVE visit? Healing prayers ladies! TheView showing real time critical have COVID testing. need keep safe course keep public safe too. BuildBackBetter with testing, shots masks.

often Oval Office every morning receiving classified briefings.
When vaccines were approved beginning, said that once youre vaccinated cant catch covid?
Sara awesome under pressure!
Friday: Whoopi with sciatica again, Sunny, with Covid, coughing. Monday.
Today wildest hours television ever witnessed.
What entire fcuk?! hell does anyone potentially this close KamalaHarris without ALREADY testing negative before building! Incredibly irresponsible disrespectful of.

Sara have been tap-dancing just thinking their feet, kibitzing with audience, over half hour while secret service makes this still happen (maybe?). GIVE these Emmy!! serious.

Wow... LIVE y'all. Kamala Harris appear TheView when this happened.
Sunny Hostin, Navarro Test Positive COVID Mid-Episode, Exit Live Broadcast Watch.
Sunny have been asked leave studio because they tested positive COVID.
Navarro Sunny Hostin just tested positive Covid right before Kamala Harris interview. this tweet recently coming down Sunny wearing mask U.S. Open there social distancing Delta Variant dont give damn!

Something fishy about that exit. only minutes. they like they joebiden. off.
Thank you, Broadband announcement TheView. 3,000.000 children will have access knowledge they would have missed
Whoopi home watching this like.
Well it's back...Mad disease spreading like wildfire View!!!
Alright over. This show books. comes shoulda, woulda, coulda questions. havent been this invested daytime show while.
Caitlyn Jenner co-hosting next week? that what just heard??? When will media stop boosting this woman!
Kudos Vice President Harris communication team. important keep your boss safe.
Well today's show show! Sunny test positive Covid live show leave stage. Harris answers 5mins worth questions from stage room highly promoted episode.
KUDOS JoyVBehar SaraHaines maximizing time with KamalaHarris have substantive despite abbreted interview with Haiti, abortion rights, vaccinations more. also announced WhiteHouse $1.2 billion school children broadband plan.

this absolute MESS!!!
mind unless have legitimate *medical* reason can't! make 'personal choice' take vaccine it's different than making 'personal choice' drive drunk. It's about *you*!

THANK sarahaines asking about Haiti, following
ananavarro both tested positive COVID-19 live TheView!
Sunny test Positive Covid.
View slowly turning into Terrible jokes aside, wishing ananavarro sunny speedy recovery. Hope they only contracted mild form virus back soon!
Sunny tested positive coronavirus. hope they okay.
were excited that Harris gonna TheView this week min. Sunny Ana.
example fully Vaxxed super spreader event TheView today! Watching JoyVBehar face realizing Media platforms gonna have field with this absolutely Priceless!
Plaid suits Vice President Kamala Harris very well.
just loved todays show! park, holding down those surprises! Live ultimate. sunny Anna, hope test negative soon. Neither looked symptomatic.

Sunny Hostin Navarro abruptly leave TheView after testing positive COVID. Watch.
Guess that wasted outfit huh.
Vice President Kamala Harris made plain.
personally think TheView irresponsible allowing them stage before their tests result were back.
Wendy, Sunny, Ana Whew, chileI hope three okay.
Never disappoints matter what.
glad there still time left Kamala Harris interviewed. think always handles herself with kind confidence presence that always stands contrast evasive passive-aggressive Mike Pence, Trumps right-hand sycophant.

Petri dish communicable diseases this point. Hostin Navarro were whisked with COVID JoyBehar coughing lung live
Very quick split second decision made team live air. optics would have been awful. Crisis management real time.
Sara both exhaled loudly after TheView wrapped today's insane episode, saying "WOAH." They're offering rapid tests everyone audience.
wish people would address Vice President Kamala Harris. Period. TheView just Kamala.
Obviously this wasnt planned TheView couldnt find proper (earpiece) KamalaHarris?
Kudos sarahaines JoyVBehar todays show proved what live looks like both ladies great handling all. sure very stressful challenging show. They great producers well.

hate that Sunny tested positive love that Sara like: 'We've this. guests? Only hosts? Well, entertain you.'.
Good TheView JoyVBehar sarahaines keeping theview live today saving show! Love studio audience ?'s!! Gotta love live well recover safely sunny ananavarro
ANNOUNCEMENT: Biden/Harris admin will funding billion schools across broadband access help children!!! America back!
hope everyone great take some time enjoy TheView. Great Sara. well soon Sunny Ana.

What You Really Think

The two latina co-hosts just happened to be pulled off set right before the interview w kamala? Bc they tested for covid?? weird that they were let on set at all. suspicious even, knowing they were likely to grill her about the the situation at the border.

So why arent they isolating Sara and Joy instead of exposing potential Covid carriers to the person whose a heartbeat away from the presidency?

Did they get the COVID shot? Don't we hear daily from the self righteous that the shot keeps you safe?

Wow, good thing, so now THEY know they have it. Hope they're OK!

They need to put all hosts of TheView and KamalaHarris in an isolation unit together for 14 days minimum. Heck throw SpeakerPelosi in there, who partied maskless with JoyVBehar days ago.

Are they not all vaccinated? Why leave?

Joy and Sara need to get PCR Covid tests STAT.

Sunny looked terrible the other day.

Uh shouldnt they have waited for the test results before going on air or is this stunt for dramatic value thereby putting cohosts, staff and the entire studio audience at risk. How irresponsible.

Wow, I guess they weren't wearing their masks! Should have been double vaxxed and masked!

DeSantis must be made to pay for this!!!

Kinda blows their narrative uh?

Wow... Really scraping the bottom of the barrel.


Shouldn't they also have to quarantine being so close to carriers?

Why even get vaccinated*** if you still can catch it??

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