Tuesday 5th of January 2021

Team News Fraser Forster Will Make His First SaintsFC Appearance Since 2018/19 Thiago Starts For LFC For Only Second Time in One of Three Changes. ]?]nulb.

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1-0 down, Thiago booked and Boris Johnson announcing a new national lockdown to remain in place until mid-February. What a disastrous 60 seconds.
Thiago is likely to start on the bench again at Southampton. awlfc ]neiljonesgoal].
"Thiago Alcantara is back, and he is ready to finally get stuck into the Premier League." By.
Ox needs to come out Haven't seen him all first half Hendo in the mid free thiago more And eithr nat or rhys at cb we might have a chance tonight.
Thiago conceded as many fouls in the opening two minutes (2) as the entire Southampton side conceded in the first half against Liverpool. One of them was very costly.
You'd wonder how much thiago has in him.. No idea what changes he makes unless he matches up man 4 man and goes 442 with Milner n shaq coming on for ox and thiago on the hour.
Thiago watch out _majesticmaya is on the case.
Plus Thiago is better in a double pivot rather than a lone 6.
Thiago gave the free-kick away.
This is as bad as weve been under Klopp these last few weeks. Ox and Thiago look rusty. Front three all short of form. Trent looks woeful and were clearly not comfortable at the back. Its all very worrying. Buying a good CB would make such a difference imo. Jota back too obv.

Thiago is good.
I think Gini and Ox haven't supported Thiago well in midfield. Trent's been poor yet again. One decent cross field switch pass. Trent's lacking in confidence at the mo.
Hasnt been great either mate, could argue any of the three could be hooked. If your going for like for like then youd take Thiago off, but I think Chamberlain gets sacrificed here. Saying that Thiago looks like liability with this yellow over his head.

Liverpool should bring on Thiago.
Yep could work would allow Thiago to be more involved further up the pitch.
Thiago is getting a red card 2nd half and you lot will buy me Nandos all year.
Have Thiago and then a tiny attack and youve Henderson none stop hoofing ffs.
Need Armstrong to take on Robertson and Diallo to keep driving at Thiago.
And in this strange new bizarro world Thiago Alcantara is struggling to cope with the intensity of Southampton's midfield.
Haven't seen Liverpool being so lacklustre in a long time Thiago is struggling . Midfield barely present. Are they feeling the pressure.
Thiagos passing ability is unmatched. Identifies space so well.
Im watching us have Thiago go in to 50/50s with Armstrong like were Burnley. How about some structured possession Klopp you weapon.
Starting Ox & Thiago who havent started for months against a high pressing team probably wasnt wise, theyll both probably be off soon. Probably have to risk Rhys/Nat to get JH, in midfield.
Their midfield is average minus Thiago. U can see how much they rely on his creativity through the middle. Other than that its just cross and inshallah.
Thiago Silva vs Man City.
Ox is not up to the level of fitness yet. Thiago struggling to impose himself.
Agreed - we have Thiago playing FFS, we should be able to pass the ball around the box and thread the needle in to the front 3.
Be it through Klopp running him into the ground or otherwise, Thiago Alcantara will flop at Liverpool. Will come nowhere near matching the hype around his signing.
Klopp turning Thiago, one of the greatest midfield magicians of our generation, and one of the most effective low block breakers itw, into a workhorse on par with Milner has to be some kind of a crime.

Thiago seemed a bit off the pace and uncomfortable the first 30 minutes. Interested to see how he/Liverpool adjust in the second half, as Southampton press continues. Firmino barely getting a touch in first 45 & second defender rushing in every time Mane gets on the ball.

Short goal kick .pass it over and back 7 or 8 times then smash it long .very clever that with Thiago in the midfield.
Get hendo bk in the center nothing happening and Id even put Fabinho bk there put the kids on leave Thiago on tho this is depressing seriously couldnt handle them twats start winning leagues again come on city thats the way Im feeling now we have lost it wow.

Thiago Alcantara is literally playing at 8 have some respect.
Hoofball with Thiago in the side this is next level terrorism.
Get Rhys Williams on. Put Henderson in Midfield and take Thiago off before he gets sent off.
Hes not . hes class but if Thiago cant do anything creative, Keita has no chance.
LFC showed in extra time some of the stuff they needed to do earlier in the half. Thiago moved over into the right pocket, TAA was able to play an effective switch pass. The forwards were finally able to settle against the Saints backline as the midfield pushed up.

Not a fan of Thiago.
Thiago tryna get sent off so he can go home to tweet a gain szn.
Thought the Thiago yellow was... any other ref lets that go... no malice in it... Our own worst enemies for the rest...
Thiago looks lost, sub him for Williams or Phillips and push Hendo up the field also sub Ox for Shaqiri, should bring a bit more creativity.
Were struggling to play out from the back, due to Southamptons pressing. As soon as Trent, Ox or Thiago look over their shoulder they have a man on them straight away.
Thiago was lucky not to have been sent off.
I was hearing Thiago PFA POTY shouts bro doesnt even have sauce like that. Respect Gundogan.
Klopp cant afford to do his usual wait until 75 mins to make a sub. He needs to change something now. Get Ox off and get Jones on - swap Gini and Thiago around and let Thiago try and link with the front 3. Weve been so poor.

Thiago ankasa ein job be what?? Because ei.
Well played Sky Sports Thiago Alcantara.
Mad how everyone is saying how we're robbing our midfield to cover CB's. Whilst I agree to an extent, the same folk have been crying out for Thiago to come in...
Switch to 4231. Thiago needs another next to him. Being crowded out.
What about the wonderful Thiago? Thats his position.
They are all off. Thiago and Robbo with a yellow so soon into the game as well. Thought we would be brushing off the last few games and kill this one. Hopefully in the second half.
When you wait 10 weeks for Thiago to start a game for Liverpool and when he does hes shite.
Dont let Gini and ox being non-existent be the reason people want to slander Thiago. Just because hes been the only visible midfielder actually completing some forward balls and showing for the ball. Hes being suffocated.

Ridiculous. And then there's Marriner giving every Thiago challenge as a foul. Southampton can push and pull away and no foul.
Unfortunately weve got Ox who looks a spent force, Thiago who is coming back from zero football and our 2 best centre midfielders at centre back. The balance just isnt there as a 4-3-3. We need a tactical rethink. Quickly.

I dont believe Thiago is the problem.
4-2-3-1 with Shaq in place of Ox? Could bring the best out of Thiago as well and Shaq adds a bit of unpredictability.
Thiago off, only because of the Yellow. Cant see us Winning the game with 10 men.
Thiago been awful too.
Or take ox of and put thiago where hes good.
Ox has been absent all game..Thiago early booking has subdued him..only Gini with any industry in first half..
Would also be an idea to swap Thiago and Gini so we have a player who can create in the final third.
Thiago has been totally shut off by Southampton. They've set up really well and he can't play his game. He's been shite but so have the other players. Hopefully you can see the Thiago hype in the second half .

Thiago has completed 27/34 passes 79% and only 6 of them reached the front 3.
Man said take Thiago off.
I Swear , the league too hard , see how Thiago Alcantara just turn to Oriol Romeu in the premier league.
When are we applying Bundesliga tax to Thiago.
Thiago is yawing with his ucls he gets into your midfield anyway of the week and youre just scared to admit it.
Thiago/Hendo/Ox goal.
The things Mctominay is going to do to Thiago...
Thiago gave away the foul that lead to the goal.
They told me Thiago can play as a 6 for Liverpool. Against Burnley maybe, but otherwise lacks the mobility to cover ground like Fabinho/Henderson can there. He's a gaping hole in the side as TAA and Robertson bomb forward like hooligans and so need the cover from the midfield.

Phillips in for Ox. Move Hendo up to CDM. Move Thiago further up.
People here talking about Jota as if he would have been so different when none of our world class front 3 and even Thiago is being given any space. Southampton too good. Every player is making sure they get every ball back. Jota would have suffered too.

Hear me out, Thiago at RB.
Chamberlain just doesnt understand the role of a central midfielder. He doesnt know when to show for the ball and he doesnt understand passing angles. Thiago is getting suffocated because of it. He went from playing alongside Kimmich to this nonsense.

Thiago looks past it. TAA shadow of the player he was last year. Is this the beginning of the end?
Just get Henderson back in midfield with Thiago and Wijnaldum and stop experimenting.
Remember when the Mancs signed Schweinsteiger and he was a huge flop? Well that is us with Thiago. Absolute waste of money, get him out along with Klopp. Rather have someone with a bit of grit like Scott McTominay anchoring our midfield.

All those who wanked over Thiago, I hope you are happy now.
Its like I was saying the other day Paul we keep playing this ball back in every game then a half dozed back touches along the back 4 we need hendo in middle give Thiago space n take off ox n stick CB in.

TAA, Thiago and Fabinho all sluggish early on. Mane seems up for a fight, that's all. Ox is lost, I didn't notice him at all in the first half, take hin off and bring Minamino / Shaqiri on depending on how we want to approach the 2nd half.

Thiago is shit.
How is Thiago suppose to create from such a deep lying position? And is Ox actually playing tonight?
Thiago returns to the starting line-up for Liverpool tonight.

What You Really Think

Hoping the game would be off this is not an essential industry lets hope all football cancelled.

Here's some good news. The post-brexit immigration rules are already benefiting English football. Sam Allardyce wanted to sign 3 overseas players for WBA . None met the new FA endorsement criteria. Basically, they weren't good enough. No more flops like Joelinton in the PL.

Central defender's are so passe'.

Where is Che Adams? fpl pain.

Saints for the kill.

Henderson cb.

Hope youre gonna have your dive-o-meter on tonight... (Bet they dont).

Which inevitably means hell have a worldy of a game.

Curtis jones binned is tremendous news.

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