Sunday 8th of January 2023


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Or what about living with family if they don't feel comfortable with a roommate? /s.
And if the slightly longer commute makes them run late I believe most of them say you will be terminated.
They need to stop living above their means.

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The fact that that would save them enough money to literally change someone's whole generational line and all they'd have to do is minorly inconvenience themselves is so fucked up.

There seriously needs to be a private jet excise tax. Those things are ridiculous.

I hear you, but I think the message is good. They keep attacking the working class for our spending habits and then turn around and say higher taxes will ruin them.

I think fairness needs to come from both angles here. Pay us more, absolutely; but also, tax the billionaire class more and get them to actually start paying their fare share. Taxes serve an important function. I don't want to completely get rid of taxes. I'm proud to pay the taxes that provide the roads and pay the firemen and build the schools. I'd gladly pay more too, if it betters our society. Case in point, there was a local option school property tax hike that I voted for, because it means that we're educating our kids with better technology and paying teachers more. Billionaires send their kids to private school and don't think they should then have to support the community school systems. This is a bullshit libertarian take. We live in a society and the tide raises all ships. They take advantage of the infrastructure at a disproportionate rate (the roads our taxes pay for carry their trucks around more than anything), and pay into that system at a similar but reversed disproportion. Yes, make them raise our wages and support a living minimum wage. But also, tax the fuck out of their opulence. We're the majority, we absolutely can have it both ways, this is a fucking democracy.

That's because whatever country you're in is spending tax money wrong. But also it's implied if the rich pay their fair share, the poorer can pay less taxes to support the same state budget.

You know what should be a fucking law everywhere? If a well regulated and trustworthy source says there was 9% inflation this month, companies should be forced to automatically increase pay by that amount!

You pay more tax than billionaires as a percentage of your earnings. It won't give you food on your plate, but it's still important that they pay.

>I want to see laws that force billionaires to pay the minions under them a fair wage with raises that match inflation. I think this sentiment is totally unanimous with everyone here. The problem is that inflation is the hidden tax of the people, it is the way the government pushes it's exorbident debt upon the backs of the people. Inflation shouldn't exist, it should be called taxes to give a clear message to every citizen that times are tough. The cause of it is *not* because the middle class and below are hoarding money and causing the markets to grind to a halt. No, it's a chain reaction caused from the wealthy elite hoarding their hundreds of billions of dollars. The market stagnates because they have 80% of the total market assets (free flowing money), which causes the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air to relubricate the economy, kneecapping the only thing keeping the proletariat (us, the middle class and lower) from starving and living in boxes on property that isn't ours to begin with. The wealthy elite must be forced to spend that money because as it is now, they are (un)intentionally depriving everyone of us of our worth.

These are completely related issues. A business owner facing a 50% income tax on any extra profit they take, and a business owner facing a 10% income tax on any extra profit they take, are going to make different choices. The latter business owner is happy to take the extra profit as extra pay for themselves, pay the 10% tax, and build personal wealth. The former business owner is more likely to not take that extra profit, and instead give raises to employees and build good-will, reputation, and employee loyalty. There is no surprise that the divergence between the top 0.1% and bottom 99.9% happened precisely when business and top personal income tax rates were drastically cut in the early 1980s. The calculus changed. It incentivized profit-taking.

The thing is, if the most wealthy are not taxes accordingly, no matter how high the working classs income is increased, the wealthy can still overpower us and raise prices further, causing that increased salary to be worthless. Example: Salary A increases from 30k to 50k. You can now purchase a more expensive house. A few people do this. Wealthy person sees a drop in available properties and offers more money, cash. Houses are now more expensive again.

A progressive tax rate provides funding for infrastructure which helps everyone else out. Still a poor substitute for communist revolution, but compare, say, California in the '60s to California now.

While I take you point, there is no social infrastructure without adequate taxation. This is why the marginal tax rate in the most socially progressive countries is so high. You're also dead wrong on the feeding your family part. That's what social welfare is and it's paid for with taxation.

Thank you im NOT a fan of the cry to Tax Billiomaires as the son if a Tax accountant i realize their wealth is NOT real until they cash it out which is why they're only taxed once they convert to real money. I love this idea, of make them pay employees instead. Wages should be tied to the inflation rate. Pay me more when inflation spikes. I mean youre charging customers more why arent my wages going up? Roll out a Flat Tax or a 1% federal sales taxes NO LOOP HOLES everyone pays its a usery Tax meaning a Billionaire is gonna spend more so theyll pay 1% and will raise far more.m9mey then govt would ever need.

Forcefully raising wages beyond the supply and demand of labour on a large scale would actually cause more inflation.

What if I said both things should happen? Wages feed my family but their taxes will fuel society. Infrastucture, research, and disaster relief.

All he does is tweet for a living and hes still failing at his job.

The price is even cheaper (at least marginally) now because a shit ton of Aussie farmers planted Avocado trees a decade ago when they realized the demand was there and theyre harvesting more than ever and so many did it! Or at least thats what Ive been told. Plus the coffee culture adds a pretty funny second layer Aus wise.

Fuck work hours. If I can finish a task in 30 minutes that takes someone else 8 hours to do, we should be paid the same rate regardless of time taken. That rate should reflect the value of that task to the company. If I don't do a task, how much money does the company stand to loose? Great, I'll take X% of that. Stop paying people just for owning things.

How old are you?

No it wouldn't. That's a conservative red herring that gets brought up any time someone suggests raising taxes or instituting a wealth tax. There are not enough loopholes in the world to close and fix the unfairness in the tax system. The unfairness is inherent in the structure of the tax system. Real changes that could help (if you dont want to do a wealth tax): -raising current rates on the wealthy -ending the double subsidy for capital gains (both the reduced rate and the realization requirement) -a global minimum corporate tax (which we now have a soft version of but could be better).

Just take their money from them. Do you really think they deserve *all* of it? If theyre not going to use it to better the country, well do it instead.

You can get avocado toast for $3, I honestly dont get why people associate it with financial irresponsibility. Also: Avocados: 0.68/unit Everything bagel seasoning: 2.12 Bread: 1.32 Lime (to keep the avocado mixture turning brown): 0.25/unit You can literally make this at home and for about $5 eat it for a week.

If you like avocado on toast it's good. You'd have to try it though, like most food combinations.

That's why we gotta eat them. Cure Elon musk into a ham, carve it at the table with some crackers, manchego and grapes.

If they worked for it, you would have a point. But that would be *actual capitalism*, not the corporatism/neo-feudalism we have now. What "work" do these people do, exactly? It's all about mergers and acquisitions and stock buybacks and manipulating imaginary money; it has nothing to do with *providing a product or service*\--you know, that thing that's supposed to be the basis of capitalism. You are correct, however, that our current government does suck at pretty much everything.

Call people ignorant, then go in to say some of the most ignorant bullshit ever written. You are almost a parody if not completely ridiculous.

Suck my pee-hole!

When you own land, you have the right to decide who gets to use it to do business and to set the price for doing business there. As citizens of a democracy, we have collective ownership of the country, and we retain the same rights. If enough of us ever decide that we want to let people get rich here for free, then we'll switch to a system like that.

I think I could come up with a lot of ways to spend 500m.

So you want to tax them & take their ability to vote for their representation?

Too much money in the hands of too few individuals stifles economic activity. Billionaires and millionaires need to pay more in taxes to stimulate the economy.