Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Titans Fans After Another Missed Kick.

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Derrick Henry wore a suit honoring victims of racial injustice ( Titans).
Derrick Henry sported a suit with names honoring victims of racial injustice. ( Titans).
If you woke up feeling like it was time to Titan Up.
*sigh of relief*.
REDEMPTION. Gostkowski nails the FG and the Titans beat the Broncos, 16-14 ( NFL).
Titans kicker Stephen Gostkowski tonight: 0-3 field goals 1-2 extra point attempts 10 potential points left on the board.
Davis says Tannehill kept saying take it one play at a time to the offense on the last drive that lead to a game winning FG.
FINAL: The Titans earn the Monday night win!
Stephen Gostkowski missed his first 3 FG attempts (1 blocked) as a Titan before sinking the 4th to win the game on MNF. Bad News: Gostkowski's career FG pct dropped from 87.4 to 86.8, moving him from 5th all-time to 9th in a single game (min. 50 att). Good News: Titans won.

.616evans4 on ejection: I overreacted, and I have to make up for it moving forward.
A kicker that cost the team 12 pts. Sure.
The King.
Your players of the game? Ill say: - Corey Davis - Jeffery Simmons - Harold Landry.
How I waking up in the morning because the Titans won week 1. nulb.
Gostkowski on removing his shoe at one point: I would have taken my pants off to make that last kick.
Gostkowski after winning the Titans the game with a 25 yard FG.
Good morning Titans. This morning tell this to yourself. You are not too old nor too late to achieve anything. Dive into your inner depths and bring out that secret hidden beneath for you were made for greater things.

Dont scare me like that again.
Tennessee Titans fans to Stephen Gostkowski tonight.
Sweet feet from JerryJeudy. BroncosCountry : TENvsDEN on ESPN : NFL app // Yahoo Sports app.
Titans player to Jerry Jeudy Get off the field bitch.
Gostkowski finally delivers in Titans' 16-14 win at Denver.
At least he is funny.
.MelvinGordon25's first TD with the Broncos puts Denver in front, 14-13! BroncosCountry : TENvsDEN on ESPN : NFL app // Yahoo Sports app.
The Titans pull off the W on a last second FG, 16-14.
It aint always gone be pretty but it feels damn good to get a win opening night nulb.
MASSLive: Former Pats kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed first 3 field goal attempts with Titans .
I was on my 6th dream aka big nap. It was a close game with 3 missed field goals from my titans. Thats no bueno.
Smart of the Broncos to save those two timeouts. No idea what Fangio was doing on Titans final drive. Total game mismanagement by him.
Corey Davis on the game ball he got after the Titans win: It felt good to get it. It's been a long road for me personally. To have coaches and players believe in me, that means a lot.
Stephen Gostowski has gone from the 5th most accurate kicker in NFL history to the 8th in this one game.
Bet on the Titans but aint watch the game. Woulda killed someone if i saw them missed FGs.
The only thing that brings me 2 Twitter is to HypeTacha that being said, Tacha is a beautiful soul A confident woman A goal getter A pacesetter A serial entrepreneur CEO of everythintacha Queen of the brekete kingdom President of the titans Titans should I increase the volume?

Not in his mind but verbally probably something like that.
1-0 baby. 1-0. All that matters. On to the Jags .
What the Titans kicking team sees.
Week 2 NFL power rankings 1. Kansas City Chiefs 2. Baltimore Ravens 3. New Orleans Saints 4. Seattle Seahawks 5. Green Bay Packers 6. Tennessee Titans 7. Pittsburgh Steelers 8. San Francisco 49ers 9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10. Minnesota Vikings.

.Titans into Broncos territory at the two-minute warning, trailing by one. : TENvsDEN on ESPN : NFL app // Yahoo Sports app.
And add 10 yards to each kick since the uprights are weirdly off the actual field of play.
I hope someone in the press-conference with Vic Fangio asked why he didn't use a timeout before the Derrick Henry play (when he got pushed out of bounds). They let about a minute come off the clock before the Titans took the timeout lol.

Derrick Henrys 116 rushing yards tonight are the most in a season opener by a defending rushing champion since 2010, when Chris Johnson (also for the Titans) ran for 142 in Week One.
Derrick Henry's cleats ( Titans).
Titans bettors watching another missed FG.
Justin Simmons on the Titans 4th-and-goal TD: They gave us a really awkward look it was a look we hadnt seen.
My post game takes: Altitude significantly impacted Titans. Vrabel excellent total game coaching & calling. Corey Davis is back. Henry still had 116 yards. Secondary is super leaky. Tannehill a winner. Gostkowski head pulled out from guillotine. Down to !

Hah! I was just laughing at the vid cause you lost the game! Thanks for beating the donkeys though!
Just AWFUL!! Awful awful awful. Disaster of a first game. Broncos gave that game away. Just handed it to the Titans.
Every Titans -3 bettor thinking about what couldve been with all those missed kicks.
Titans bettors when Gostkowski comes out to win the game.
Titans jags might be a good game.
Sports Rage Late w/ sportsrage at midnight pacific MNF NFL NHL MLB CFB & more GeorgeKurtz on.
16. Falcons (17) 17. Jaguars (32) 18. Titans (19) 19. Bears (23) 20. Chargers 21. Football Team (31) 22. Raiders (24) 23. Colts (15) 24. Texans (21) 25. Broncos (18) 26. Browns (16) 27. Giants 28. Panthers 29. Bengals (30) 30. Lions (29) 31. Dolphins (25) 32. Jets (26).

.ryantannehill1: It wasn't pretty. But we found a way to win at the end.
Ryan Tannehill: I still had confidence in Stephen. Regardless of what happened before, the guy has made a ton of kicks in his career.
Is that a dub?? [?]nulb Titans //.
Including the postseason, the Titans made just 2 field goals over their final ELEVEN games in 2019. So far in 2020: 0-3.
Everything went wrong tonight and Tannehill kept his composure, made all the throws, and remained mistake free. We love a QB who doesnt lose his team games. Lets go 1-0 next week.
I literally watched and read attack on titans up to the recent season a year ago just to buy the merch and now I don't remember a single thing.
Retweet if your team is still UNDEFEATED ChiefsKingdom BillsMafia GoPackGo WashingtonFootball RavensFlock.
Didnt cost me money :), didnt cost any of my friends money. Won the game for the titans. Game winners as far as Im concerned are icy :). Have a good rest of ur night man itll be ok :). Ull be fine :) just gamble and lose more money next time :) there'll always be next time.

MyCole. MyTD. TENvsDEN : Watch on ESPN or.
Some of these questions are dumb AF. Is this the best we can do? I mean, seriously, "What were the guys saying to you on the sidelines..."???
Titans special teams was god awful. We take the DUB though.
Gostkowski puts the Titans ahead with 17 seconds remaining! Titans : TENvsDEN on ESPN : NFL app // Yahoo Sports app.
.ryantannehill1: There was no question in my mind Gostkowski was going to make that kick.
I did like the Titans bringing pressure on the last throw though instead of letting Lock sit back all day. That was one of the first times I've seen that on a Hail Mary and it worked very well.
Titans fans after another missed kick.
I would say something about that pfp but im not gonna go that low.
I guess the Titans OL is just allowed to tackle defenders now?
Between Mercenarie, Icons and Titans which has the biggest fan base .. Like for Tacha Retweet for Laycon. Commment for mercy.
This tweet is like the titans: it has a kicker but it really sucks.

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Hey Titans fans. Bama fan here... welcome to the club!!

Joe budden probaly isnt a titans fan.

U mean pats fans.


Carli Lloyd might be available.

Drew Lock Looks Elite This Game, Playing Like A Top 5 Player.

Another liquored-up kicker.

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