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Sunday 10th of May 2020


11-year-old Gui Khury is the first skateboarder to ever hit a 1080 on a vert ramp Khury wasnt even born when Tony Hawk hit his record 900 back in 1999. ( ).
Tony Gwynn would have turned 60 years old today. Mr. Padre had a legendary career: First Ballot Hall of Fame Inductee 8 NL batting champion 15 All-Star 5 Gold Glove Award 7 Silver Slugger Award 3,141 Career Hits .338 Career Batting Average.

Tony Gwynn played for 20 years and struck out three times in a once. Incredible.
TANKS! That was fun!
Khabib watching Tony Ferguson lose.
Tony Hawk was in Yuma eating tacos?!
conor sleeps gaethje and tony with ease.
Tony Ferguson isn t human.
Dustin vs Tony.
My favorite part of this video is Randy wanting the first pitch to be a strike. A foot off either side of the plate was the norm. Tony would hit .600 in today s game.
. is right - allowing employers to permanently change workers conditions with 24 hours notice is a massive overreach by the Government. The Senate must disallow this assault on working people under the cover of .

Tony Ferguson just got destroyed by Justin Gaethje.
Luda s remix for Splash Waterfalls w/ the Tony Toni Ton Whatever you want mashup was something special!!
Tony Ferguson is something else how did he take all that and still stand what a fight mind.
Got this sticker with my fucking loved it.
*Justin Gaethje after landing clean shots to Tony Ferguson s face for 5 mins straight*.
Tony Ferguson lost . I did not see that coming.
Justin Gaethje Batters Tony Ferguson To Clinch UFC 249 Lightweight Title.
Tony is the New Orleans Saints of the UFC.
Dominick Cruz and Tony Ferguson let me down.
This actually made me laugh Tony absorbed so much punishment and didn t hit the ground once. He underestimated Gaethje and paid the price. But man; what human being doesn t go down after that.
Tony Ferguson can eat punches like no one else.
Khabib Vs Tony defo curseddd, but what a performance Gaethje.
ok Im down bro but let the division pan out. Dont just throw Connor up there like that cuz rn Gatheje is up next and the Tony fight has been long over due n after that when and if Khabib vs Connor 2 happens we can fasho put money on it cuz the first one wasnt cuz of the layoff.

1922 committee, infiltrated by EU loving, bought and paid for globalist henchmen. Tony Blair s world government friends. Infiltrated through all world governments. It s not a battle we are fighting, it s a war!

Tony Gwynn could have gone an additional 0-for-1,182 and still had a .300 batting average for his career.
Feel bad for tony. He d be fighting for the real belt if the rat didn t dodge 4 times.
Australia has not been a democracy since Tony Abbott took the reigns. It is certainly not now.
It s Justin Gaethje vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov. Winner gets the belt. Conor McGregor vs. Tony Ferguson. Winner fights the winner of Gaethje/Khabib.
RT KLFY "Tony Spell also claims that his phone was tapped and a camera illegally installed at his home, and that he was followed. ".
say it! say that tony is overrated.
Tony Hawk just came to our family restaurant! :).
Higher poll ratings than Tony Blair ever had says otherwise.
Heres an idea Tony, stop fucking around with things that no longer concern you. You had your chance at running the country and fucked it up big time. No one cares what you think.
Brother u will be on fire anywhere. Just it was good luck to Cannot think that he fought this Cant wait to see you on the Octagon. Love and respect brother.
Khabib when Justin Gaethje shows up instead of Tony Ferguson.
Reaction to Justin Gaethjes win vs. Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 SportsCenter -
A recap of the Tony Ferguson-Justin Gaethje fight.
Never say never but I think we just lost Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson forever. I guess it was just never meant to be friends.
Super Sky Point on the 60th B-Day of the best pure hitter of my lifetime, the always classy Tony Gwynn. You are missed.
Hope you re having a splendid Sunday.
Just watched your Tony/Justin breakdown. Not one mention of the fucking terrible cornering and gameplan by Tony/team? It was shameful that they gave him zero tactical advice or any type of game plan adjustment. Flat earth retard Eddie Bravo might ve just ruined him.

When you realize you re never getting Khabib vs. Tony.
Tony Ferguson would not go down.
Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse - Body And Soul.
Ive been saying it for years now Khabib and Ali were waiting for Tony to lose or take a ton a damage before he stepped inside the octagon with him haha.
Well done Oxfam, UNICEF, Red Cross, Live Aid, and all the other organizations that continuously run multi-million-dollar advertisement campaigns depicting charity porn to sustain that image of Africa globally.

Conor fans changing their profile pics from Tony to Justin post.
Tony took an L to get the mcgregor fight.
I dont think Tony was expecting Justins gas to last so long. I certainly didnt.
Tony got that work All you Ferg stans are so sad rn.
He should ve fought Khabib at 229. He fought someone else. He should ve fought Khabib after that. He fought someone else again. He should ve fought Khabib tonight. He fought someone else again. If you don t like Tony Ferguson,

Today! with Dr. Ji featuring Mrs. , UK Journalist & Documentary Maker On "RAMA-The Perfect Man" LIVE @ 8pm IST Moderated by ji & ji with IT support from.
And now I need a cold shower.
The neo soul era was special, man. D Angelo, Erykah, Maxwell, Jill, Lauryn, Musiq, Bilal, Angie, India, Anthony, Alicia, Leela, Raheem. So many great artists, songs & albums. Even before them - Raphael, Tony! Toni! Ton !, Groove Theory, Zhan .

TONY BLAIR received a financial reward from the EU in recognition for his services to European integration just years before he helped to double Britain s contributions to the bloc budget, unearthed reports reveal.

After the initial emotion wore off, Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje embraced.
Who voted for this?
"This is a really dangerous change": says Labor will seek to overturn changes which reduce the period of time for which employers are required to consult over changes to pay and conditions.
Petition to let Khabib vs Tony go ahead still.
Justin hit him so hard, Tony didn t know what the hell was going on for a second. Herb stopped it, Justin by TKO. Hats off to Tony Ferguson who took a beating unlike many men can take.
They re two endings for a guy like me, a high profile guy. Dead, or in the - Tony Soprano.
Tony Ferguson out here looking like he just fought Tony Ferguson.
"When the dust settles, and we begin to arrive at the much-heralded new normal , we will have seen the immense potential for ICT to build social cohesion.".
Ah, Tony the Globalist and war criminal!
I was under the twatter shadow for 6 days, it was pure torture. I seem to be back to normal. Its peculiar tht it happened right after an upgrade. I feel for you buddy. Good Luck.
Justin Gaethje: 19th win by KO/TKO in his MMA career. Tony Ferguson: 1st loss since May 2012 (UD loss to Michael Johnson).
With half our population and 30 times more dead. They are welcome to it.
Tony Ferguson showed that he can take punches real hard and still be standing. Man if any of those punches touched me i d be dead.
Tony Ferguson right before Herb Dean stepped in.
You question other peoples Fair enough, are your beliefs as worthless?
(President Donald Trump) : RT PitchingNinja: I still have no idea how Tony Gwynn hits this Big Unit 1-2 slider for a double.
Good. Now Tony Gwynn is a partisan issue. Perhaps the best hitter of his time. Why is the POTUS tweeting about him? I thought he was too busy to fix many of the things that broke on his watch, like the entire economy. I m sure the REPO market blowing up in September was Obama too.

(President Donald Trump) : RT FieldYates: Tony Gwynn played for 20 years and struck out three times in a once. Incredible.
(President Donald Trump) : RT MLBONFOX: Tony Gwynn would have turned 60 years old today. Mr. Padre had a legendary career: First Ballot Hall of Fame Inductee 8 NL batting champion 15 All-Star 5 Gold Glove Award 7 Silver Slugger Award.

(President Donald Trump) : RT BaseballQuotes1: Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn talk about reading pitchers, and getting a good pitch to hit.
Sooooo basically no khabib vs tony? Uh okay.
Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn talk about reading pitchers, and getting a good pitch to hit.
He ll come undone. He s too stupid to use this crisis as the gift it could ve been.
Tony is a fucking warrior regardless.
Now no need for tony vs.
Tony Blair.
Tony Ferguson looking like he fought Tony Ferguson.
LOL at 2 judges giving Tony round 2 for that late round knockdown. Fucking absurd when Justin was smacking Tony around the entire round.