Sunday 13th of December 2020

Tony Ferguson is Not Human.

Social Media Says

Tony Ferguson is not human.
Tony Bobulinski had multiple meetings with Joe Biden to discuss the Biden familys shady China business deals. FBI is now investigating those deals. The same reporters that buried that story before the election are now ignoring the fact that Joe Biden is implicated.

] TTs WW06:01 ] Tony has entered the Top Trends => 7.
Charles Oliveira defeated Tony Ferguson to extend his eight-fight win streak in the UFCs lightweight division.
Like the song, just not sure who Tony Montana is??
Second batch: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Thor !
Eleveld propofol PK-PD model showed predictive precision <30% for arterial plasma concentrations and BIS predictions with a low (population) bias when used in TCI in clinical anaesthesia practice.
The After Party : HBD Tony iLLISSION is LIVE *CLICK ().
Or option c, I searched tony Ferguson on Twitter and this tweet came up.
Tony: HE MURDERED MY PARENTS AND YOU KNEW!!! Steve: I know but hes my best friend Proceed to jump Ironman...lmao Steve and Bucky two grimey Brooklyn niggas.
10:00pm: Tony BennettAll Of YouSteppin' Out.
Delusional salty hater...ur little tony got mauled dominated by this new guy . Khabib left by his own choice so stfu.
Just ran a verified search and not one of Rodney Reed's big celebrity supporters tweeted about the ABC2020 special that interviewed the family of the victim Nothing from KimKardashian or DrPhil Why is that?

Tony Ferguson slams MMA media: "You guys are watching me get f**ked over left and right".
Who are the beautiful babies?
UK to Ban Asylum Claims from Migrants Caught at Sea Leaving Safe EU.
This was my 1st bday in this new city all alone lekin mai aatmanirbhar hu to khud hi ko cake khilaya aur timer se picture bhi li Jokes apart, this year has been wonderful for me.I never imagined that Ill hve my own show before turning 21 but you guys made it possible.GratitudeVnulb.

Full Fight: Tony Ferguson vs. Charles Oliveira UFC256 12th December 2020.
Proud of Tonys GUTS TO SHOW UP no matter the opponent! Hell be back.
Just sold! Get yours! Miami Orgy 2019 Hardcore 6 on 3.
Reminder: Tony Bobulinski met with Joe Biden to discuss the Biden familys China business deals. The FBI is now investigating those deals.
Im gonna tell the story of Tony Ferguson to all my kids, my grandkids and my great grandkids.
Tony from survivor is a straight schemer omg.
I confess mine are currently in a storage unit in Yonkers. My goal for next year is to retrieve and organize them.
Should i redo my entire layout and pinned AGAIN for tony.
Were they? Video cuts off but looks like they were trying to subdue someone acting erratically.
I want to tap just by watching it. i wonder how Tony's feeling right now.
When the pay scale is 2 per tweet, the consternation is understandable.
Tony Rebel - I Can't Recall.
Senators ChuckGrassley SenRonJohnson Attorneys for Hunter James Biden have refused to cooperate with the committees. It should be noted that, collectively, President Trumps family associates produced documents agreed to appear at interviews...

Peter parker e tony stark.
Didnt he not score a point?
We consider and appreciate the feedback from our valued customers as it helps us to improve the overall customer experience. We assure you that the same will be forwarded to the concerned department for their consideration.

Trump committed treason to get into office. He committed treason to try to avoid leaving office. He needs to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison and he will.
The only damage tony landed was an illegal leg kick.
Did i close my fist around something delicate? did i shatter you? its the metaphoric symbolism of Steve promising to never hurt Tony when he married him, and also the literal physical injuries he inflicted on Tony in Siberia,,,.

If i cant relate to you anymore, who am i related to? its the way Tony was Steves most important relationship in the 21st century, the person to give him a family, a HOME.
In 1972, a young boy named Tony Goodman borrowed a book about pirates from the Marin County Free Library. He never returned it.
Hahaha khabib 29-0 bum ass tony lose 6 fight kid.
UFC 256 results and analysis -- Charles Oliveira dominates Tony Ferguson.
Hunter Biden referred to his father and the emissary for CEFC China as his office mates in a 2017 email. Recall that Tony Bobulinski said that Joe Biden was to receive a 10% equity stake in a partnership with CEFC.

Gf cheated now Im fuccin her bestie.
Yea someone rt him he writing Steph think pieces for a preseason game and his 2nd game in a year lmfao.
Howdy Tony.
Congratulation tony sir.
This is the best Tony Bellew moment. It might also be Furys best moment.
Tony Silva State Of The Ark is starting now! Listen live here.
The Tao of Sun Tzu in Sales RSVPselling blog.
I am self-proclaimed YangGang... And you can be too...
Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Tony Hawk and Michael Phelps featured in this Guitar Hero commercial.
nulb money raised anonymously in the USA...will find its way to the UK This in itself is not illegal, but it does raise urgent questions as to...what steps the Electoral Commission should take to reassure the public that no electoral laws are broken.

Back L to R, Michael Prain, Geoff Walsh, the late John Shaw, Malcolm Fraser, Trevor Hawkins, Tony Walker, Mungo, David Hancock, Gary O'Neill, Doug Holden, and the late Paul Lockyer. One player AWOL or unconscious at time of pic.

I want a birthday song from Tony!
Indonesia's Trends on December 13, 2020 6:00 AM 1nulb RushMoney 2nulb HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift 3nulb fineline 4nulb KesejahteraanRakyatMerata 5nulb HarryStyles 6nulb Garbolnas 7nulb SONY XPERIA 1 8nulb umji 9nulb WHO IS SONG YUNHYEONG Tony.

The thing is, Tony was beating guys that were past their prime and the MMA fans started to hype him up especially once Tony became a meme. People ignored a lot of tonys flaws and just continued to believe he was invincible.

My friend had a parlay tonight and every fighter won except for Tony Ferguson... the last leg of his parlay was Brandon Moreno!
Tony just curbstomped a guy.
Tony winning 12 fights in a row and not getting a title shot is.
No surely not figgy and tony in the same night.
Friendly reminder to the people so upset that the Supreme Court followed the law that they're telling people to take up arms and overthrow the government: there's a word for that. It's treason.
Khabib only eating Tiramisu on a weight cut while Tony was able to cut twice.
Father time showed up for Junior Jacare and Tony. Cub punched father time in the face.
Tony would never have beaten Khabib, the fight to make and to enrich those involved is McGregor vs Nurmagomedov 2 UFC256 White wanted a possible Ferguson vs Nurmagomedov but Oliveira made him shit his plans, definitely an Oliveira vs McG is not worthy of a PPV no offense.

Biden staying silent about all this stuff, particularly now that there are open threats on his life, was absolutely the wrong play. There's no way to get out in front of it but he can definitely tell these nazi fucks what he's going to do when (...) he gets in there.

Meanwhile I go back to work in the morning and people wander around like nothing is happening and we do this for 12 hours. It's schizophrenic.
What a fucking fucked up night.
Brandon is a fucking dog yo, this man is a baby tony.
He loved kidd too. But hesba smart man, he can see that the coach is the main reason this team fails in the playoffs.
Congratulations tony sir.
Ok Im done lol.
Charles Oliveira dominates UFC 256 by running full Khabib over Tony Ferguson.
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My favourite thing is people telling tony hawk that he looks like tony hawk.
Wait why am i a loki stan acc when im clearly in love with tony stark.
New post: UFC 256 results and analysis Charles Oliveira dominates Tony Ferguson.
Will prob delete later.
Plan B Tony Dize - Solos.
No debate that khabib wouldve smashed tony now. The fight is way past its time.
Max Roach with a young Tony Williams.
Frank Ocean Thinkin Bout You.
The fall of tony ferg :(.

What You Really Think

Tony ferguson can beat khabib nurmagomedov easily.

He should retire now. I loved Watching Tony Ferguson's fights; what a warrior but he's not the same. Its about levels and opposition. He had a great run. Now imagine what Khabib would have done??!

Charles was lifting and slamming Tony as if he (tony) was a weight class lower.. i dont want to see khabib - tony no more.

All Tony did was stay in guard the whole fight. He had zero offense. Oliviera has excellent ground skills, but I expected at least some attempt to fight back.