Monday 1st of May 2023

Tottenham Have Conceded 11 Goals in 195 Minutes of Football. The Last Time Tottenham Went on The Road They Were Down 5-0 in 21 Minutes. Today, They Went Down 3-0 in 15 Minutes. Pain.

Social Media Says

Harry Kane admitted that Tottenham have lost some values they held under former head coach Mauricio Pochettino [?].
Tottenham BRACING themselves from Chelsea Harry Kane. Could finally trophy joined Chelsea? (Source: talkSPO).
It's been less than week since this picture Bruno Fernandes recovering protective boot. Since then, he's played mins football, registering assist against Tottenham scoring match winner against Aston Villa. Built different.

Tottenham concedes will they sack interim coach that replaced interim coach that replaced coach this season?
dont even care United dont Kane just Tottenham deserves much better.
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Eric Dier should never play Tottenham Hotspur Football Club ever again.
Purple Gold until Tottenham sold.
Liverpool Tottenham lineups, live score highlights Reds minutes.
Antonio Conte: "They used here. They want play under pressure. They want play under stress. Tottenham's story this. years there owner they never something. Why!?" SPOT ON!

You LOVE talking about Tottenham.
Tottenham Hotspur football club, social experiment.
team with Tottenham's defense Chelsea's attack would fire!!
GOAL Liverpool Tottenham Salah.
think Tottenham deserve relegated much embarrassment they are.
When Dier going fcuk off. personally killing every game!!! Alli knew years gone. Always same Thfc Coys Dele Alli Eric Dier FIGHTING TOTTENHAM.
Tottenham shooting prayers from midfield minute mark lol.
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Third game Lindelof-Shaw partnership another tick. They seem understand each others' positioning really well. Shaw particular become such rounded player, consistently putting smart, technical displays.

Tottenham give refunds everywhere they
Liverpool cooking Tottenham like party jollof rice with Turkey easy just minutes Liverpool Tottenham need more spice goals this game.
Richarlison starts O Dier keeps place predicted THFC side face Liverpool.
Nah tottenhams first 10 minutes of matches needs investigating by met police.
15mins Tottenham 3goals down. they concede more than then think theyve sack assistant they appointed replace assistant they appointed after sacking Conte.
Tottenham fact that United didn't beat Tottenham goals speaks volume about United.
What exactly Tottenhams problem?
Tottenham losing already, such finished club man.
Tottenham fans have been spotted leaving Anfield after only minutes.
Italianglish funny! Tottenham team that understand everything.
Look that assist from Trent Arnold Curtis Jones. Liverpool will massacre Tottenham today.
Tottenham fans already leaving stadium just minutes play, after players promised them humiliation will happen again. There only three certainties life: Death, Taxes, North London teams giving their fans heart attack.

Peter Drury Tottenhams defense similar iPhone, just have slide unlock.
Tottenham Hotspur...the gift that keeps giving.
Liverpool Tottenham (LIVE).
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Tottenham another CHELSEA...embarrassing...But LONDON always, RED...
Liverpool Tottenham.
Liverpool Tottenham mins..
Tottenham Hotspur biggest comfort zone player Getting wages without pressure cup.
Harry Kane needs leave Tottenham will have legacy scoring most useless tally goals time.
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Tottenham fans leaving after minutes down away Liverpool. down after minutes away Newcastle last Sunday, feel sorry them?
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Tottenham battered everywhere they
Tottenham have conceded goals minutes football. last time Tottenham went road they were down minutes. Today, they went down minutes. Pain.
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Tottenham down Liverpool... only minutes.
Sir,Tottenham fans leaving early want refund again.
Liverpool always want embarrass premier league teams anfield stadium just cool. keep scoreline professional respectful possible. definitely going long evening Tottenham.

Tottenham useless!
Tottenham seem have mental problem that leads starting games badly. They good second half show against Manchester United Thursday after first half. that weak start also hunting them against Liverpool today after Newcastle collapse.

Liverpool Tottenham LIVE LIVE LIVTOT
Have Tottenham lost player Genuine question, there defender missing?
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Last game Tottenham against Brighton haven't since.
Come on Tottenham.
this rate Tottenham players going lose money playing soccer.
Tottenham's getting f****** same would salah would come house after this game.
team like Tottenham would that league perfectly.

What You Really Think

Waste club.


15 years Yamal winning a trophy before kane.

Man United should save kane from this embarrassment.

This fellas must leave.. enough with loyalty talk.. he need a new club..

Thing is, its not painful. Its laughable.

Cant believe united bottled a 2 nil lead against this spurs team.

Flucked in P7nchester like we wldn't notice.

How can Harry stay , its an absolute shambles.

Some fans actually taut Conte was wrong.

Get Kane some help man.

Lmao Spurs ! Conte was on 5th position , few points adrift of top4 when they sacked him but now they are 6th far away from the top 4 conceding goals like basket.

Tottenham is playing like they dont care to win.

They should just set up a Venmo to make all these refunds easier.

Deep Pain is only for 2 people right now 1. Kane 2. Sonny.

Why is this guy stuck in that club again?!?

NBA mode is activated for Spurs.

Every match day.

Harry Kane before the match.

Spurs are amazing! Just need to work on their spassing, shooting, movement off the ball, positioning, crossing, decision-making, man-marking, dribbling,ball control, tackling, counter-attacking, blocking.

Is de history of de Tottenham.

Another refund for travelling fans.

Delete them.

Conte was made a scapegoat for literally saying the truth.

Manchester united could have scored 4 , 5 goals but 10 hag subs cost us We are bottle jobs.

Tottenham defense.

Doesnt change the fact real madrid payed the refs.


But this is why getting drawing against Man United felt like a loss to us .

Finished club.

Spurs fans leaving early.

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