Saturday 27th of June 2020

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What part of "support the troops" includes ignoring Russians paying bounties to Taliban forces to murder American soliders? TraitorTrump's part.
A Russian spy unit secretly offered bounties to militants in Afghanistan for killing American troops, U.S. intelligence officials found. realDonaldTrump has known for months and done nothing.
This is the longest I have ever listened to Mike Pence speak and I can now say with conviction that he is a sycophant, a total mental lightweight and an a.. hole...
Stop calling ME TraitorTrump! Of course I knew Russia was paying a bounty to kill US troops in Afghanistan. I've known since March! BUT I COULDN'T SAY ANYTHING TO PUTIN! I'm still working on MY Moscow Trump Tower hotel deal! 100 Stories HIGH! FIVE STAR HOTEL! MAGAS will love it!

This story needs to be on Page 1 of every newspaper for a month. Putin put a bounty on the lives of American soldiers--and Trump rewarded Putin by trying to pull our soldiers out of Germany and put Russia back in the G7.

Trump did three things after he found out Russia put a bounty on American troops. 1. Ask Putin to help him win reelection like he did last time. 2. Sent a $5.6 million aid package and ventilators to Russia. 3. Tried to get Russia back in the G8.

Can we please all agree that this experiment of having a dumb TV host and shady real estate developer with no government knowledge, 5 children from 3 marriages, 6 bankruptcies, 46 charges of sexual assault, and 35,000 lawsuits as president is not going well at all?

If knowing Russia paid terrorists to murder American troops, and then acting to help Putin instead of condemn or punish him isn't treason, then what the hell is?
Hillary was RIGHT: TraitorTrump is a goddamn PUPPET for Putin, and he needs to be removed before more Americans are killed by his treason.
Last November, Trump used the returning caskets of servicemen killed in Aghanistan as props for a photo op. This year, he did nothing as Russia paid to have their fellow soldiers killed.
NOTE TO AMERICA'S TROOPS: Donald only protects troops who are made of metal or stone -- and fought for the other side.
Two days ago, Trump laid a wreath at a memorial to American war dead while doing nothing about Russia paying insurgents to kill Americans. His presidency is a disgrace to anyone who has ever served this country.

Trump thinks kneeling for the flag is disrespectful, but paying the Taliban to kill Americans earns you an invite from Trump to the G7.
This entire charade is a Trump reality show along with the GOP & right wing media. They don't give a damn about the military, our Vets, or patriotism, or their "conservative values". It's a con to sucker the gullible sheep into the cult.

The Trump administration has sat on information about Russian bounties for dead American soldiers because they need Putin to help them try to win in November. Your leader is trading American military lives for his re-election, GOP. Hope you feel super patriotic.

Was warned last year about a pandemic that could threaten American lives & disrupt the economy. He did nothing. Trump knew in March that Russia offered bounties for dead U.S. troops in Afghanistan. He did nothing. Yet he had time to golf.

While Trump was committing treason he was defending statues of traitors.
When four Americans died in Benghazi, the GOP accused Hillary of causing their deaths and investigated her 10 times. When we learn Putin paid Afghanistan militants bounties to kill American soldiers, & that Trump knew about it ... fucking crickets.

In the era of TraitorTrump and TeamRottencrotch Mommy, is THAT the one what Donny rawdogged?
TRUMP Refused to condemn Saudi Arabia for killing Jamal Khashoggi. TRUMP Refused to condemn China for having concentration camps. TRUMP Refused to condemn Putin for putting bounties on American Troops' heads. Why? Because TraitorTrump wanted their help in the 2020 Election.

Is trending 2. We must make it 1. Pass it on.
It's Helsinki all over again. Will he again trash our intelligence community to believe Putin?? Stay tuned.
He's a slow thinker... needed the last three months to formulate an appropriate reward for his best bud Putin.
Knows who each one of these people are. They work for him.
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All the time Trump has been talking about his great trade deals I didn't think he meant he was trading the lives of American soldiers.
You are a disgrace along.
Fuuuuuccccckkkkk you, Lady G. You sniveling little sycophant. You and your handler are both fucking traitors.
My VETERAN buddies were angry when trump abandoned the Kurds. I can't describe their rage over trump pushing to bring Russia back into the G7 after trump knew Russia offered bounties to Afghanistan militants for killing US soldiers.

Wants to get rid of Obamacare. He could give a shit about Americans dying. That tells you all you need to know about what a Piece of Shit realDonaldTrump is.
Your president knew this and yet invited him into G7. Your silence is unbearably loud.
My heart is with all military families today. I can't imagine the feeling of having loved ones who put their lives on the line for their country, only for those very lives to be sold out by their commander-in-chief to Putin & Russia.

We keep drawing red lines of outrage w every awful thing he does. But his Zombies still support.
Commander in Chief goes AWOL as outrage mounts over report Russia offered bounties to Afghanistan militants for killing US soldiers. Trump's subservience to Putin is now putting our troops in mortal danger.

And I don't say that lightly. He knew Russia put a bounty on American soldiers and did nothing, except praise Putin.
Remember, after Trump found out that Putin is paying bounties for Taliban mercenaries to hunt US soldiers serving in Afghanistan: Trump had at least 2 phone talks with Putin Trump declared he'd REDUCE US troops in Germany Trump tried to end Russia sanctions at G7.

I'm old enough to remember when trump tried to invite the Taliban to Camp David. Was that before or after he learned that Putin offered them bounties to kill American soldiers, and then did NOTHING about it?

Once again felates Putin right in front of our eyes. MAGA? KAG? Deplorables you still in the basket?
Yes, today!
This is a bold face LIE! The republicans want to wipe out protections for pre existing conditions. They have no replacement! There is no such thing as Trumpcare it's a myth. TraitorTrump has NO PLAN to replace the ACA / Obamacare! They cannot gaslight us!

Treason caucus Moscow, 7/4/2018 SenJohnKennedy (LA) SenShelby (AL) SteveDaines (MT) SenJohnHoeven (ND) SenJohnThune (SD) JerryMoran (KS) RepKayGranger (TX) SenRonJohnson (WI).
Would anyone with a Trump 2020 sign, t shirt, bumper sticker, or red hat care to comment?
So, Republicans? You made Hillary testify for 11 hours about Benghazi. Trump KNEW that US soldiers in war zone were targeted by bounty hunters paid by Putin. If you expect any chance of re-election, you call Trump to testify for 11 hours.

We are in desperate times folks and it took less than 4 years.
If realDonaldTrump putting America first and working 24/7 as president is known as TraitorTrump, then count me in every single time. We have a true patriot as president.
Is Treason still an impeachable offense, or did Republicans rip that word out of the Constitution too? Just asking for the American troops killed by Putin-paid Taliban hit men.
Donald Trump: Stable Genius: Pelosi: Enemy Putin: Friend Romney: Enemy Kim Jong-Un: Friend John McCain's Ghost: Enemy Erdogan: Friend Khashoggi: Enemy MBS: Friend US Soldiers: Enemies The Taliban: Friends General Mattis: Enemy North Korean General: Friend.

You don't have a new plan. You have a goal to hurt as many people as you can before you lose in 2020. You are a TraitorTrump and puttinpuppet. Pathetic donnie lil' two hands.
The bombshell disclosure sent social media into an uproar once people discovered that the president has known for months without taking action.
So Putin can order the killing of US troops and TraitorTrump won't do a thing. How can you expect to get out of this pandemic. Corporate America really fucked it up, again.
When the GOP sends us their Presidents, they aren't sending their best! Some are rapists, some are traitors; and some, I guess, are good people.
Trump knew in March. Did he tell you about it, you liar?
? I wanted to put the 3 MAJOR papers reporting on the Russian bounty on American troops that trump has known about since March in one location: WAPO: WSJ: NYT.

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HOLLY YOU DID NOT LIE! Hilarious! And VERY well done!

?so good.


Omg, I can't ??

Oh, TrumpealDonaldTrump. You're so... loved.

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