Saturday 20th of May 2023

A Suspected Undercover Chinese Police Station in Montreal Has Received up to $200,000 in Funding From The Trudeau Liberal Government.

Social Media Says

What mess will have clean Trudeau government told people debt harmless because rates were low. people took massive mortgages face hike when they renew 2026. Trudeau will surfing somewhere then.

photo Prime Minister Justin Trudeau standing with legs wide open while shaking hand Korean official some Canadians accusing Trudeau embarrassing Canada while abroad once again.

Trudeau's Carbon details Trudeau's sneaky SECOND carbon out. Carbon will make gas, heat groceries even more expensive while JustinFlation rockets.
Meloni looks like shes scanning nearest exit. Trudeau calls Italy LGBTQ2S rights during meeting with Meloni summit.
More controlling spending taxpayer' money, Trudeau more quickly step down. Trudeau's time numbered. Kicking Trudeau shameless scandal ex-wife Sophie priority. over world look Trudeau's scandal Sophie.

Italian visibly annoyed summit Japan Trudeau slams Meloni over LGBTQ record.
Pierre Poilievre, leader opposition, recently took Twitter with splash humor heavy dose reality. colorfully painted picture financial surfboard Trudeau's government handed Canadians, financial wipeout anticipates.

Good morning! friendly reminder that vote Nauseating Notley vote Trudeau finish destroying Alberta. After yesterday's performance during debate, Smith definitely woman Premier!

When Pierre Poilievre didn't have guts confront David Johnston FACE Let's remember tweet MelissaLantsman sent BEFORE 2015 take Justin Trudeau name Pierre Poilievre name You're welcome.

Trudeau policies would bedrooms, this would been issue. Governance beyond laws cohesive society needless infringement everyone.
Justin Trudeau.
Whoa! The. Smoking. Gun. ...CSIS sought warrant early 2021, lawyers signed Blair approve until June, leaving little time approval federal judge decide best ways plant bugs before Trudeau called election August. Fadden says it.

Yeah, calling Trudeau's resignation setting precedent, which makes comment relevant your comment about precedent. honest smarter.
Italy what they want when they want. Trudeau needs stay lane.
anyone required more proof that Trudeau Liberals prioritize politics over national security here Public inquiry now!
headline should reflect sole person placed David Johnston untenable position- Justin Trudeau. accepting appointment, Johnston surely knew, should have known extent which compromised.

Trudeau should stop meddling affairs other countries considering mess made Canada!
LILLEY: Trudeau's second carbon cost Canadians time.
Trudeau calls Italy LGBTQ2S rights during meeting with Meloni summit.
joined Twitter this reason work tirelessly ensure defeat Trudeau authoritarian Govt! ending this have hope that restore lost values beliefs.
suspected undercover Chinese police station Montreal received $200,000 funding from Trudeau Liberal government.
Imagine strongest presence your crew being Justin Trudeau.
Another screw Incompetent Trudeau gang. China doing circles around political clowns Canada developing their battery technology infrastructure. Canadas politicians scratching their heads trying figure what going on.

Trudeau: I've watched Rome twice don't look like this know what talking about.
Johnston's inquiry isn't about investigation into Trudeau. It's investigation into foreign interference. David Tarrant talking about.
Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. TheraPsil joining forces drive innovation scientific research psychedelic medicine field. This collaboration holds great promise enhancing patient outcomes psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy. LucyDiscovery $LSDI.

David Johnston serves Canada Trudeau. Pollievre serves himself before Country hominem brand without integrity. Pierre Poilievre made Justin Trudeaus buddy almost impossible.

Justin Trudeau: "Canada concerned some positions that Italy taking LGBT rights." reality Italians concerned about what doing Canadian people. Let's hope Canadian truckers kick out.

"The Department Sociology Anthropology Carleton_U calls Trudeau Justice Lametti their discretionary powers declare that HassanDiab will extradited response extradition request from France. 1/.

Pierre Poilievre didn't want meet with President Biden. doesn't want meet with David Johnston. said Trudeau's meeting just meeting with elites. doesn't want anything with WEF. thinks alone answers. Exactly Like Trump.

Volkswagen's plan build massive electric-vehicle battery manufacturing plant Thomas, Ontario been cheered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Ontario Premier Doug Ford, some locals aren't exactly thrilled.

think Trudeaus been taking lessons from Biden.
More admiration of Chinas basic dictatorship by Trudeaus criminal party of Canada.
Debate: Smith lies second minute. Inflation caused NDP/Trudeau coalition spending.
True. Trudeau only Prime Minister history found guilty Ethics Breaches three times.
Trudeau doesnt believe this then urge call election. people judge jury when they cast their vote JustinTrudeau longer represent values beliefs majority Canadians! Who agrees?

think Trudeau Liberals want obstruct investigations into Beijing's interference?
Conservative leader PierrePoilievre grills Prime Minister Justin Trudeau connections executives Trudeau Foundation causing largest public servants strikes history.

Trudeau adding second carbon that will cost time Toronto Sun.
Justin Trudeaus fault.
media would chase Trudeau, liberal/NDP government lying they they hounding Premier Smith. I look forward defunding Racheal Nutley's career week.

missed debate last night here nutshell. Danielle: didnt know rules/laws. need retake Grade Social Studies. Lie, lie, lie. Blah blah Rachels fault. Blah, Blah, Trudeau. Rachel: protect education, healthcare, maintain lowest business taxes.

Trudeau's SECOND Carbon Will Bankrupt Canadian Families Pierre Poi... YouTube Carbon carbon $.61 EXTRA LITRE over $2,000/year Trudy's 'FEAR PORN' both 'CLIMATE CHANGE Carbon' completely FALSE! SCAM! WAKE UP!

2023, Prime Minister Kishida, during visit Hiroshima Prefecture, held summit meeting with Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Canada.
many ethics violations does Trudeau? surprised someone would want bring that hey, dealing with best brightest.
Danielle Smith does promise never make mistakes. does promise serve Albertans always Albertans first. contrast, Notley will always Singh, Trudeau, Socialist ideals first. remain firm support.

Trudeau such clown. world much bigger issues than that
Canadians should longer regard Trudeau, Singh their caucuses form Canadian Government. These parties have played into attempted coup d'etats with help Chinese Government. These people traitors.

Trudeau Liberal Richmond hosting immigration, citizenship passport redesign minister cashforaccess event CSIS leaks indicate Parm Bains Wilson Miao benefited from meddling 2021.

already claiming online that Trudeau going steal next election. they least original copy OrangeCheeto
people South Korea offended EMBARASSING Prime Minister They calling Justin Trudeau "rude" this RIDICULOUS pose.
Enough, this become hilarious. shall forget this before becomes international incident with committee deciding hotness poor Trudeau. Have great weekend, thanks laughs.

under Trudeau fought every step hypocrite almost lost because ford took long agree because dont care about parents children.
MUST WATCH! "Where think Justin Trudeau idea 'Just Transition,' emissions cap, carbon tax? from Notley.".
Trudeau Canada what "bomb" Hiroshima!
Article should "Leftists continue pretend upset about Danielles ethics violation, still unable hold Notley Trudeau cabinet responsible their ethics violations scandals.".

benefits globalists. Aside from benefits proxy war, skyrocketed Zelenskyy worldwide fame. Created Trudeau virtuous pedestal worldwide stage. disgusting.
note: Critical Election Incident Public Protocol (CEIPP) created Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 2019 prior 2019 federal election, reported that there were significant incidents foreign interference 2019 2021 federal elections.

What will Trudeau carbon money for??
Murphy: Scott Moe's buying net-zero nonsense, NationalPost this Premier that wont pushed around Trudeau centralized agenda need more like Scot
Surprised Trudeau isn't carrying Melanie Joly's purse.
Trudeau found guilty ethics violations conservatives dont vote him. Danielle Smith found guilty ethics violations conservatives vote her. These really people, just hypocrites, people.

Canada will always there defend right peaceful protest. Justin Trudeau stands protesting farmers India 2020. Shame didnt this country with peaceful protests Canadian farmers truckers.

Remember when Poilievre complained that Trudeau wasn't getting vaccines quickly enough? wanted more more shots. Wonder many supporters recall that?
love Trudeau much??
entire platform anti Danielle! cant dismal past history thing said opposition! insanity boils over with MANIFESTO Trudeau butt kissing.
least you're showing your true colors. useless Trudeau government.
Did somebody say.TRUDEAU?!?!?!?!?
Wrong. Made correct decision that this investigation independent therefore invalid waste time. It's Trudeau that putting party above country with this partisan sham investigation.

Trudeau will leave behind mess that can't fix.
Trudeau's carbon scam poorest Canadians hardest. It's wealth transfer from everyday Canadians rich Liberal insiders corporations taking government contracts handouts. It'll make everything even more expensive.

Canadians cant afford groceries. Trudeau's solution? SECOND carbon drive cost these basic necessities.
Does anyone know just what Rachel Notley's election Platform really know that supports Trudeau's Carbon know that loyal Trudeau Singh, anyone expect stand Alberta Industry Would attack agriculture again before?

Poilievre right meet with Johnston call fake special rapporteur. Read

What You Really Think

All Police Officers were mandated to take the kool-aide . When they are all dead and gone , who else do you think will take over in Chinada ? Seeing it yet ?


...but marcomendicino said all of the Chinese police stations are closed! Does Marco lie?

Here we go again!! When is enough, ENOUGH!!! What an absolute joke this liberal government it, its appalling and quit frankly embarrassing world wide!

Are the NDP propping him up on this too? Looks like bribe money! Lets have an investigation this is OUR money hes giving away!

I want my money back!

The plot just keeps getting thicker with this guy when is someone going to hold him accountable!

My God, can we just war already! I didnt want to come out of retirement but here we are.


Proof of treason?

Our own govtMARCO and JT are compliant!

Mr partisan Johnson see this yet?

He disgraces Canada in everything he does.

Not as if that is a shocker...move the money games of commies with their Chinadian puppet Turdo.

He is so corrupt its insane that he has not been arrested for treason.

He needs to be gotten rid of. Real fast!!

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