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Saturday 9th of January 2021

A Source Sends This Video of a Group of Trump Supporters Today Harassing Sen. Lindsey Graham at Reagan Airport And Loudly Calling Him a Traitor After he Publicly Broke With Trump Earlier This Week.

In case you missed the last four years: Teleprompter Trump isnt the real Trump. Give it a few hours and hell disavow everything he was just forced to say.
Retweet if you vow to never set foot in another Trump owned property for as long as you live.
Congrats to Trump on his first ever consequence.
Trump feared being suspended from Twitter more than losing the election and this is the 2021 energy we need.
Twitter permanently suspends Trumps accounts.
Trump, for twitter to suspend his account it means twitter is against Trump.
A toxic environment forced trump off this site and maybe y'all need to take a look at yourselves.
Twitter has permanently banned President Trump from the platform, citing "risk of further incitement of violence.".
Twitter has finally shut down and shut up Donald Trump. Finally.
JUST IN: Twitter has permanently banned President Trump's account because of "the risk of further incitement of violence".
I hope we focus to impeach Trump so Congress has the constitutional authority to possibly disqualify him from future electionthe 25thAmendment doesnt disqualify him. He incited domestic terrorhow much more violence needs to happen? This is terrorism.

Arrest all the leaders. Start with Trump.
Participants of this riot will have lots of time to think about what they did. They can thank Mr Trump for both setting the stage for it to happen and then thank him again for putting them away for at least 10 YEARS. Don't forget they also contributed lots of cash over 4 years.

If you believe Donald Trump belongs in prison please this because I would like to follow you.
Pentagon restricting National Guard, police opening barriers & taking selfies with MAGATerrorists . Trump inciting his supporters prior to insurrection. Stalling Congress certification attempt. One word: premeditated.

When we think about those who gathered in Washington on Wednesday, and who continue their advance in opposition to democratic rule, let it not be lost on us that they do not simply come in defense of Donald Trump. They come in defense of white supremacy.

Trumps account got more and more dishonest over time. By the end, almost nothing he was tweeting was true.
Watergate was a burglary. Trump incited a violent overthrow of our democracy. There's evidence he stacked the Pentagon to delay the National Guard. Some Capitol police may've helped. Then he had a watch party to see it go down. The world waits to see if he's held accountable.

Keeping Trump from ever running again is important. If not he will be out asking for donations in February.
Trump his family, and more watching the riot at the Capitol.
If someone said you were like Goebbels in spreading propaganda and lies, in my opinion, they were spot on. All you did was continue to spread Trumps falsehoods.
Trump banned from Twitter.
When Trump told a mob to march on Congress to "stop the steal"at a rally he timed to begin two hours before the event he wanted "stopped"he knew what he was doing And after he fled to the White House to monitor the result of his words and was "pleased," he knew what he'd done.

In the end, Trump cost Republicans the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. The son of a bitch actually did it. He made America great again.
How how many times have Trump supporters told me that that they like him because of his policies and they wished he wouldn't tweet. Well. They should be totally fine with this, right?
And Trump Jr.
Lindsey Graham harassed at D.C. airport by Trump supporters for not objecting to electoral votes Just The News.
When it opens next week for the 2021 session, the Maryland General Assembly should pass a resolution of censure against Rep. Andy Harris, Marylands 1st District congressman, for his support of Trump lies about the election. . . .

Even if you agree that disnformation should be censored (which I disagree on), Trump hasn't posted any, nor has he incited violence as Twitter claims, quite the opposite as his last few posts called for de-escalation and peace (all of which Twitter removed).

Twitter I would love to know the standard used to permanently banned President Trump. As a lawyer I want to see if you have a applied the same standard to Democrats and Black Lives Matter.
Does anyone remember a time when there wasn't scandal and drama in the world? Yeah. I want those times back.
Alright trump you got tik tok that u tried to ban and MySpace left. Id go with MySpace youll get hate on tik tok.
Now lets get rid of the rest of the far right weasels that have made this place a living misery. Dont stop at Trump.
All of us looking at trump on Parlor after he got banned.
FINALLY... Trump's account is permanently suspended. Thankyou Twitter.
No paid speeches for Trump. No board memberships. No donations for a Presidential Library. No investments from banks to fund more building. No honors or awards Just shame for the rest of his life. He's given up the best job in the world -- former President of the United States.

Its gotta burn Trumps ass that his least favorite kid still has his twitter account.
Twitter permanently suspends Donald Trumps account after petition from hundreds of employees.
Just think, next time you get trolled by an anonymous account with ten followers that joined in 2021 it might just be Trump himself.
Left, lanestream media are acting like rioters now. When they will be banned? They want to erase Trump from mind so that Trump cant make a comeback in 2024. Twitter is acting like 16 century monarch.
"Were going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and were going to the Capitol," Trump said. He didn't go. He left others to suffer the consequences.
I saw both "New Order" and "Age of Consent" trending and was certain both involved the Trump family.
Arrest Trump when he arrives in Scotland.
Parler is down Trump banned from Twitter Congressional "Republicans" and GOP are dead silent.
Twitter says its permanently suspended President Trumps account.
Trump finally got suspended.
Trump been doing fuck shit all presidency, now you want to delete his account lol. Im happy though.
You can follow Q and know that Jesus is king. God used Trump to bring in a new age of awakening.
Good night to the twt staff member that deciding s wording trump's twt acc was a great idea.
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York star Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter.
It only took a decade of Trump spewing conspiracy theories which culminated in the incitement of a straight up deadly insurrection, but Twitter has finally done it. Thank you Twitter.
If Trump cant be trusted to tweet, can he be trusted with the nuclear codes? Just asking for 7 billion friends.
Now trump is relegated to using shitty sock accounts just like his base (and the hordes of hateful people across fandoms of all kinds).
FYI!! Trump!! StaceyAbrahms lost an election she thought she was cheated out of too! But She didnt lead a riot! She led people to the polls!
Twitter HQ after banning trump now they've cashed in on four years of enabling him.
Twitter to Donald Trump.
Trump currently trying to fire this up.
We all have more followers than trump does now.
Them don suspend Trump Twitter Account *PERMANENTLY*.
James Carville: "If they're not going to look at ]Trumps crimes], I'm going to resign from the Democratic party. If it's not an impeachable offense to encourage a mob, to interfere with a constitutionally mandated congressional procedure, then there's nothing impeachable.".

You can believe both that tech companies have far too much power and that Trump getting banned is a very good thing.
Trump being permanently banned from Twitter is worse for him than losing the presidency.
Hitler tried a coup in 1923, failed and came back to power worse than ever. Trump wants to be the next Hitler. Make no mistake, he and all who enabled him must be held accountable. Sedition and treason charges all around.

I want Trump to be removed so that every 5th grader who asks why was Mike Pence President for 2 days hears a story about why white supremacy & fascism are threats to democracy. Millions of students in the next decades will ask this question and will know to reject fascism.

Lehigh University has rescinded Donald Trump's honorary degree.
Watching from New Zealand. America will have no authority on the world stage to comment on any nations undemocratic elections or any dictators lawlessness or inhumanity unless there are swift and legal consequences for Trump and all the other seditious Republicans.

The lying must end now. This election was not rigged or stolen. It is critical that elected officials, particularly those in Donald Trumps Republican Party, stand up and tell that truth to their constituents. Read my full statement here.

In all seriousness, I think Trump should dial into Fox tonight and just cut loose and tell us all what he really thinks about everything.
Fuck you Donald Trump.
Donald Trump at Twitter headquarters.
Donald j trump suspended twitter s worded washington DonaldTrump Trump's Twitter deletehisaccount permanently suspended banned TrumpBanned thank you twitter deleted.
Y'all dumb as Trump if y'all think this shtz over, the real game is played in the streets not online.
THANK YOU TWITTER trending now. Imagine this place when Trump is impeached for the second time.
This isn't about censorship or free speech. It's about protecting lives. Trump's words have now directly lead to 5 deaths & an attack on the US Capitol. Twitter/tech companies should always ban anyone who incites & encourages violence - especially when they have a big platform.

After rioters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, RepSeanMaloney tells Lawrence that President Trump, the rioters and Trumps Republican enablers in the House and Senate need to be held accountable.
The Twitter cabinet has spoken 25th amendment invoked. Trump is off.
The Trump family hosted a viewing party to watch the terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol. Kimberly Guilfoyle & Don Jr say fight with sick glee as they count down to the insurrection. Donald Trump stares at the screen, awaiting the violence he incited.

With Trump losing his Twitter account and Parler about to be de-platformed from the app stores, expect a rash of Republican discovering their spines.
RIP to all the people who made a living replying to Trump's tweets.
Trump permanently banned from Twitter? Sweet.
All those cretins that Trump invited to storm the Capitol yesterday wouldnt be welcome at the buffet line at Mar A Lago, or the backrooms of Taj Mahal. He would throw you out before you realized he had picked your pockets and hit on your daughter.

In front of our 4 yo I told Nik that Trumps Twitter account was finally suspended, and she asked what that meant so I started to say, Hes no longer able to... and she interrupts: Tell lies??? Yes, thats exactly right.

Yall trumps new account is dpanabaker omg.
A tweet about Terrorist Traitor Trump that has aged so well that permanently resting supporting actor Loozza Fox has felt obliged to delete it. I wonder why?
Hey SteveMarshallAL do you want to explain why you helped fund an insurrection and assault on our Capitol? Did you know there would be violence? As a prosecutor are you going to pursue criminal investigations against Trump supporters? You feel compromised to me.

Whatever you think of Trump or Pence, there is no doubt Pence was unceasingly loyal to POTUS. Would not badmouth him privately to anyone, even allies or others in admin. Defended all sorts of things Trump did. But Trump turned on him because Pence said he had to follow the law.

NEWS: Twitter has now suspended Donald Trump account permanently.
I will miss StephenAtHome reading trump's tweets.
Trump is banned from Twitter permanently. But you know who's still here? -Iran's mullahs -The CCP -Terrorists.
Trump has been banned by twitter, facebook, and instagram.
Trump still has the nuclear codes.
Thank you, Twitter, for permanently suspending Trump's account. You could have done it four years ago as he consistently violated all your standards.

What You Really Think

I've never been a fan of Lindsey Graham, but these protesters are a-holes!

If you let Fascism out of the bottle it might take years or decades to get back democracy and peace. If ever! Ask Germans! If the monsters are in the streets it might be too late for America. Cage Trump & criminal Trumpers instead of innocent kids!

You reap what you sow, so says the Bible.

Do you think that Lindsey was afraid just like the people at the capital? Just like the black& brown people killed from the police?!?

Can something explain to me what JuJu juice Trump has to hypnotize all these deplorables?

How would you like to be married to that chick in the IVnulb trump shirt ??????? NO THANKS.

I hate Graham but he brought this on himself, He helped create the Head Freak so still its disturbing to watch as was Romney on plane. These ppl are INSANE. Why were there no cops arresting?, u know some were at capital...

See the privilege here? If these were black people, there would be over 300 police and some wont even be walking out alive.


Aaaw where does he belong now?

You reap what you sow. Its a shame that you spent the last 4 years enabling realDonaldTrump and now you are a nan without an island.

Graham is a total waste of life but trump supporters go under that low bar.

The question is, whos gonna pick these true believers up?

Once again... A missed opportunity to start slapping cuffs on people who so desperately deserve it...


He might just be the most hated man in America right now.

Yeah, and where is the police ? The police should have arrested at least 3 of these terrorists.

Im not a fan of Lindsey Graham but thats just wrong!!!

The RATS turning on their own!

The shirt on that woman tells it all Q a sad fact.

Fixed it slutbag.

Why theyre so maaaaad lol.

I hate Lindsey Ladybug, but find this unacceptable behaviour. Disagree, but with civility.

Deplorables are not happy.

I would guess these folks do not wipe after the go to bathroom, have filthy home and never wash their hands!

And in the game of love you reap what you sow.

Lindsay has long been a traitor to the constitution.


Does Q spend their days staking out airports now? CRAZY!

Stay calm USA Constitution was suspended by private Company.

First priority is respect for others... which ever political side you are on. ToneofVoice matters.

Strong plaid energy.

Love it and he really is a traitor!

These muthafuckas are crazy.

How in the hell were they allowed to fly after this? I would not feel safe on that plane.

Poor Lady G He will have to look for a new alpha male... ...sad...

They are even after lindsey graham ..its a shame where they got all this hatred from..i guess he is a rino also now .

Remember, Lindsey: "74 million Americans can't be wrong.".

They eat their own.

Yeah facism sucks.

What was that quote again- if we elect Trump, we will be crushed and we will deserve it? I think thats how it went?!

A meteorite striking both Graham and these miscreants would be the most just outcome here...

He deserves it, he helped feed this beast, he helped create the monster, Moscow Mitch next?

This needs to stop.

Banana republic/USA.

I'm sure Fox is reporting this as Antifa.

My heart bleeds for Lady G. Learn from it, Lindsey ... if you jump in bed with the devil ... sooner or later, you have to fuck. =D.

Rabid dogs... and the owner who bought them as puppies and thought they were cute.

Do ugly people hang out together?

Thats hilarious.

Whats with all the flannel?

I'm ok with that.

The sad part about all of this is that in reality, the real terrorists to The United States are actually our very own people. These Americans are real the terrorists and not other country. We should be United!!

Anthony of beauty. Karma at its best. He spent 4 years complicit to trumps gaslighting and rhetoric. This is the consequence of too little too late.

More angry white guys. Where do they all come from? They're like cockroaches.

Rats turn on each other.

You reap what you sow.

Loyalty to Satan rarely ends well. These maniacs will eat him alive along with other's they view as traitors to their mad king. Graham knew this but couldn't resist his addiction to power.

Graham deserves what he gets. You cant speak out of both sides of your face. Now he faces Trumps America.

They are sad people and Lindsey Graham brought this on himself! He falls on the wrong side of history!!!

These people are disgusting and Lindsey played a large role in the development their shared delusions.

Hahaha what a bunch of losers.

Sorry, much as I dislike Graham, hassling him at an airport is wrong.

After all your kneeling to potus, this is what you get. The killer MAGAts are on the prowl.

These people are terrorists.

Is it just me or for a handful of seconds there did it sound like a bunch of dogs all barking in their kennels at a Humane Society location? Starts at like :28s and lasts till the "Traitor" chant takes over, lol.

Loyal Trump terrorists at it again.

Galatians 6:7 "Be not decieved; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap".

Lindsey gets DogFooded at airport. In other words, he gets a little taste of the steaming mess he has helped to create over the past five years.

These people are ridiculous.

Couldnt happen to a nicer person. Lindsey you forgot your lipstick.

All this and he won't remove him from office.

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