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Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

NEW: "This November, End Trump's American Carnage."The Ad, From Republican Voters Against Trump, is Airing On Fox News And is Being Promoted Digitally in Key States.

Trump just had peaceful demonstrators viciously attacked. No, Mr. President. This is not a dictatorship. This is the United States of America. Our citizens have a constitutional right to peacefully protest. It's called the First Amendment.

Blocks resolution condemning Trump's response to protests.
Trump falsly claims to be an American.
Mitch McConnell is approving ultra-conservative judges while black people are being killed in the streets. Trump is lining up Putin to visit the Oval Office before his term is finished. Mnuchin is feverishly feeding America's money-tree to the Fed before it all falls apart.

I have held off using the f word for three and a half years, but there is no longer any honest alternative. Trump is a fascist, and he is promoting fascism in America.
As much as I find myself wishing P.M. Justin Trudeau could've told Canadians how he "really" felt about President Trump's conduct yesterday, I was pleased with what he had to say shortly thereafter in the House of Commons.

Yes, the Narcissistic-Psychopath-in-Chief actually said that.
What kind of difference does it have on Trump possibly applying the martial law if we were never allowed to speak up in the first place?
Trump gassed Americans for a photo op. What would he be willing to do to hold onto power?
TRUMP LADY WARRIORS kimPKAG2020? AngelWarrior321? maga_girl_karen? aliatra1968? 125LolaLola? ASweetGirlInYou? PennylelFB? JessicaKAGMAGA? JanetTXBlessed? MarilynLavala? WenMaMa2? pjbowles4? fatima_italia? Debwrightjones? TrumpCat04? ? Ladies?

This is a direct effect of the failure of the DOJ to make any arrests of deepstate. Total sedition. These people do not fear any action being taken against dems by Trumps DOJ. This is not "the plan". We better see arrests of dems and DS or civil war is on.

?: Powerful video showing how peaceful protesters in DC were cleared with violent police actions so Trump could take a photo op.
The results coming out of Pennsylvania are really quite spectacular. Right now, President Trump has 94% of the Republican vote, while Biden has 77% of the democrat vote. We should be incredibly proud of the numbers in this primary.

The people in power - Trump and his thugs - will destroy this country and what it stands for if we let them. I am so terrified for our country. Lincoln would weep if he saw this at his feet.
At this point, Trump supporters are like flat-earthers. They believe that shit for no other reason than THEY WANT TO. I don't spend my time arguing with flat-earthers. You shouldn't either.
Wait what? Da Nang Dick SenBlumenthal just said that's Trump's militarization is a threat to Liberties, especially peaceful protesters? You ruddy faced bastard, you didn't give a damn about liberties when you were screaming for lockdown a nation from going to church or work!

When someone said Trump is the president America deserves they were right. Why? Because this man represents this white supremacist nation perfectly. He IS America. That is why America needs to be abolished.

Nov 2020: Aliens come to Trump ??
Lt. Gen. Honore has just stated that the Pentagon needs to deliver the message to Congress that they will not obey Trump's illegal order to use U.S. Troops against American citizens on home soil.
Donald trump is a ra_ist a) c b) p c) all of the above.
This is what happens when a Trump supporter goes to a college campus. Leftists at ohiou started a riot when Joelpatrick1776 and I showed up, and the oupolice let it happen. I think realDonaldTrump should strip funding from universities like this that harbor terrorists.

Both "religious" men waged war against America. One we killed. Rightfully so! The other is responsible for more than 105k deaths and we simply want him to RESIGN and STFU! Retweet, ask TrumpResignNow, let's end TrumpDictatorship &.

"Vote Trump Out!" How many more people have to die between now and November? He must resign now. A massive restructure or abolition of U.S. police departments in order to protect black lives, and life in general, cannot wait another day. We demand the fall of the regime.

It's going to be pretty hard for the Trump campaign to execute their strategy of painting Biden as not up to the task when Biden is delivering thoughtful speeches and Trump is tweeting out racist Mad Libs while holding a bible upside down.

I really do feel for the struggle you are describing, but I think you are chasing ghosts by hoping that Trump and MAGA will somehow come to your aid. The best you can hope for from Trump is nothing. The worst is the annihilation of your country.

Conservatives telling NYC protesters to "leave before curfew" when the NYPD is blocking off subway entrances before the curfew even begins. Shut the fuck up, I can't stand y'all. Go to Florida if you wanna be with Trump so fucking bad.

Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: "I have to date been reticent to speak out on issues surrounding President Trump's leadership, but we are at an inflection point, and the events of the past few weeks have made it impossible to remain silent.".

Priest and peaceful protesters tear-gassed so Donald Trump could walk to church.
When Trump said he was an ally of all peaceful protesters, my head exploded. That man dragged Kaepernick7 to hell and back!
BEWARE. The Deep State is attempting to frame the National Guard by staging an act of excessive and lethal force against innocent protesters. They hope to inflame public outrage against their presence and blame Trump for activating them in our defense.

On a video, cops are betting if they kill a black they'll pay $100.00 and $50.00 to kill latinos. Also trump is telling the cops shoot to kill. I will be posting a video.
Marshall law?? You think I give a fuck if trump sends Eminem out here??
Trump cost his party 42 seats in congress. This is only slightly above the average party swing for the first midterm after a party switch in the executive branch. Gubernatorial elections stayed largely average. Republicans gained 2 senate seats, a rarity for first midterms.

FYI if you are making stickers for Pride, protests or Black Lives Matter, don't print through Sticker Mule. They support Trump and supposedly donate to anti LGBT charities, fuck that. I've used Sticker Ninja and it's priced similar, great quality AND.

I just wanna let democrats know that they are the reason why I'm a Trump supporter. All their tantrums and panic over Trump made me curious as to why he was the next Hitler. Turns out after doing my own research and common sense, they were the racists, socialists and sore loosers.

Remember Hitler and Jim Jones. That's Trump.
It would be good if Biden won all 50 states. This is possible. Trump is in meltdown mode now. Take him, and his Senate and House Republicans enablers down with him. 100,000 dead and silence. Let's make it so!

List of people I want to fight: 1. Donald Trump 2. Officer Yuen 3. Virgil 4. LAPD Chief Michael Moore 5. Shameik Moore.
Image of the Trump regime military at the Lincoln Memorial with their faces hidden to prevent any accountability for their actions against civilians. ICantBreathe GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMattter (? MarthaRaddatz).

I voted 3rd party in 2016, but voting Trump in November.
President Trump was elected in 2016. His first two years were focused on: tax cuts for the rich, trying to dismantle the healthcare plan many poor families rely on, defunding programs that support women, defunding programs that support minorities, and supporting white supremacy.

The Attorney General of the United States ordered an attack on a peaceful assembly of US citizens exercising their 1st amendment RIGHTS of assembly and speech. Violence, ordered by the state, was loosed on innocent people so Trump could hold a bible over his head.

All my Fuck Trump Supporters check in ???
You **probably** also don't think Trump is serious about getting reelected either, so that means your opinion is pretty much worthless.
Chinese Journalist Li Gang on Arabic-Language Chinese TV: Trump Is Falsely Accusing China Regarding COVID-19 in Order to Make Excuses for His Incompetence; There Will Be A Post-Corona U.S.-China Conflict; China Will Be a Leader in the New World Order.

... "Will's view is, effectively, that the Trump version of the GOP is so corrupted, so broken, so beyond repair that the only solution is to raze it -- and start from the ground up again.".

What You Really Think

Nah, we just begun to fight krissy.

Democrats are burning down minority communities. Our cities. Our country. ???

Is everyone involved that created this anti-Trump garbage? Or are you deep state also.

Love it!

Fantastic ad. Go after the family for their grifting. Take the gloves off. IvankaTrump and Jared Kushner are criminals. Go after them.

Will not utter a word, not only Canada even other European are zipped. They bark only on countries who boldly refuse to bow to war mongers & Capitalist. Why not sanction USA , as Canada/Europe joined in sanctioning Syria, Iraq,Iran,Venzuela,Yemen & Afghanistan.

Imagine the damage and destruction Trump, Barr & Cocaine Mitch are gonna do you this country before Nov 3.

I don't get it... those were all Democrats leadership states. Maybe try not to be such hypocrites. Hows the Obamacare plan working these days? That Green Plan is paying off now huh? No! They failed just like you failed to provide the hardcore evidence of Russian Hoax. You lost 2x.

Trump 2020! It was a calm night, no military!


If only I was dumb enough to vote for a democrat.

Instigated by left wing radical leaders who lie and spin the truth. Until we are all implanted with a chip at birth that prohibits hatred and violence, there will always remain individuals from all races who will do aweful things to each other. This has nothing to do w/ Trump.

Never gonna happen!! Trump2020VictoryNowMoreThanEver KAG2020 Trump2020Landslide Trump America AmericaFirst Make America Great Again.

Fuck yeah.

Not happening idiot.


Not too shabby. Keep it up.

In times of deceit and oppression, the Truth is certainly a Revolutionary act. PeacefulProtests VoteByMail In times of deceit and oppression, the Truth is certainly a Revolutionary act.

Is the BEST POTUS EVERRRR!!! The American people know just how corrupt the democRATS and many Republicans are. We will all VoteTrump again!!

Iam sure this is paid by Soros just like the riots.

Excellent Ad, using his words ??????

Trump 2020.....buckle up!