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Monday 6th of July 2020

Is Trump Distracting You From The Deadly TrumpVirus? Asking For 132,000 Dead Americans.

Dear Republicans, Remember when you filed a lawsuit against Hillary, over 4 American deaths in Benghazi? You were outraged. 130,000 Americans have died from COVID. How would you rate Trump's response? You'd rate it a 10.

Woke up this beautiful morning AND -Trump is still a traitor -131K Covid deaths & still counting -47 million still unemployed -Russians still killing US troops Trump has still never apologized to the Central Park 5! REGISTER TO VOTE! mondaythoughts TrumpVirus KidVicious***nulb.

Dear Republicans, wouldn't it be a HUGE shame if this video exposing Trump's massive failure on COVID trended all day?
Heads up, resisters. In PAICULAR, males who wear masks under their noses or no mask at all may be the VERY SAME PEOPLE who lick their fingers and then touch produce, cans. They may pull mask down further and cough on the same. TrumpVirus These people are covert TERRORISTS.

Way to go.
Made it China realDonaldTrump ??? What about your hats, maybe that's where the virus came from???
It's not the China Virus. It's the TrumpVirus. PASS IT ON.
The Trump virus has taken 132,000 US lives. It didnt disappear like a miracle. It didnt go away with warmer weather. Its not called the China virus. This has realDonaldTrump brand all over it.
Maybe hes born with it. Maybe its bigotry. Expectation Vs. Reality.
Please retweet and report Trump's lie to TwitterSupport. According to Johns Hopkins the US has the 6th highest mortality rate out of the most affected countries in the world.
While this is happening, Rethuglicans are refusing more help to Americans who are suffering b/c of the TrumpVirus.
Rolls off the tongue so satisfyingly.
Racist trump is dog whistling to his deplorables to wreak havoc on Asian Americans when he consistently refers to Covid as "China Virus." From now on we need to refer to Covid as TrumpVirus until it becomes second nature. We need to give trump a taste of his own hateful shit.

I'd rather focus on this. Are you and kanyewest looking to try and split the black vote?
Hows that Hydroxychloroquine study working out for you Communists.
Probably because it's not, and we don't. Americans don't fall for your constant lies. We need truthful, intelligent leadership. We need.
Were not saying you should or shouldnt do this, just that it would be a real shame if you did.
Deaths lag behind cases and our caseload is growing rapidly by the day... TrumpVirus kills.
How will he feel the Virus is named after him? This guy is sha.
26% of people being tested in South Florida are testing positive. That's more than 1 in 4. Where is Ron DeSantis?
If Trump had blocked Coronavirus with the same self serving vigor he has blocked his associates criminal convictions, Epstein, Stone, Cohen, Trump biographers, Stormy, National Enquirer, McDougal, SDNY & Congressional Oversight we may have really beat this Pandemic.

The Trump Administration can bail out big buisness for 100s of Billions with our own tax money. BUT 7 million American People could face eviction?!! WHERE THE FUCK IS OUR STIMULUS PACKAGE?!!
Isn't QAnon just some dumb fucking conspiracy thing on Reddit or 4chan? Like Trump is going to arrest celebrities or some shit? Explain this some fucking thing to me.
Trump Presidential Legacy: Spreading the most death and disease in US History!
Why don't Democrats want to open schools in the fall? Because the RacistInChief is more concerned about defending the confederate flag, than stopping the spread of the TrumpVirus, which has already killed 132k Americans.

Is the RacistInChief distracting you from the deadly TrumpVirus with this attacks on NASCAR, Bubba Wallace, and his defense of the Confederate battle flag? Asking for 132,000 dead Americans.
It's the TrumpVirus, you abominable colostomy bag. 130,000 AMERICANS HAVE DIED. 40 million Americans unemployed. There are people on FOOD LINES, ffs. It's no cause to celebrate, jackass.
99% of COVID cases are totally harmless? 99% of what Mark Meadows says is totally garbage. Lying asshole. TrumpVirus NoDAPL PoorDeplorableTroll RacistInChief NASCAR Justice Kagan Mark Meadows My 401k Electoral College Dakota Access Central Park 5 Jimmy Johns Black Death.

Just a reminder: 2 Americans died from Ebola, you demanded Obama resign. 12,469 Americans died from H1N1, you said Obama and Biden were incompetent. 132,714 Americans have died (so far) from the TrumpVirus, you call that 'winning'.

This will be the anchor that will sink them BarrResign TrumpVirus.
Looting IS a problem. The GOP keeps looting a trillion dollars from workers & handing it to billionaires. The scheming assholes call it "tax cuts". BenghaziAintGoingAway TrumpVirus RacistInChief AbolishICE NASCAR Ayn Rand Central Park 5 Jimmy Johns Amy Cooper Mayor Bottoms.

Saw you on CNN. Nice job not answering the simple straight forward question. You are the swamp, correct?
Trump really does know his base MAGARacistMorons are complete idiots! -nulb.
It not the ChinaVirus. Its the TrumpVirus we are fighting ( you are not of course.).
Please Retweet To Send Trump Into Stroke-Worthy Rage: Trump is the Worst Dictator Wannabe Who Fails Again & Again.
Nobody wants in anymore because of the Trump Virus.
Has the maturity of a 3-year-old? Right, hope the book will tell us things we didnt deduce right off the bat with him.
They are protecting it the more the GOP and realDonaldTrump allow the TrumpVirus to grow the less we can travel. He has built his wall we are all locked in.
If you dont care about the live of kids.
I thought it was China! Oh wait.. Howmany millions of $s did China pay to WaPo?
The Death Toll from the TrumpVirus is over 132K. That's not FAKE NEWS!
Is anyone else worried about how schools and universities going back are going to impact the virus this fall? Wouldnt it be great if we had a national strategy? I am worried.
Embarrasses America with the same alacrity as he Lies & Steals from her.
The President of the United States is a racist who relies upon other racists for support. Don't be a racist!
Trump is a liar and a fraud. He's culpable for the deaths of over 132,000 Americans. He must resign and be held accountable. The hammer of justice must strike swiftly and harshly.
GOP: they were just saying hi to Hitler.
Vote against this criminal (Trump) before he kills some of our children in an attempt to re-elect. One child dead is one too many.
The RacistInChief wants you to think its the China virus. But his own actions make it abundantly clear: This is the Trump Virus.
Youre the one failure that cost us so much. All eyes on you.
Now Americans are banned from everywhere because your incompetence has unleashed the virus throughout the country.
Last night, trump said 99% of COVID-19 cases were "totally harmless." Tell that to the families of 130,000 dead Americans. His lies are literally killing people.
Says what?
Resign. Do it now, for the good of the country.
Oh but Trump can downplay the TrumpVirus right from the start and elisestefanik repstefanik NY21 has never disputed his statements.
Meanwhile: TrumpVirus hits record high in daily cases. Health officials in the US estimate the true number of cases is likely to be 10 times higher than the reported figure.
4x more people have died from Covid-19 in the US than died from influenza in 2019... ...and its only July ...and millions are unemployed ...and hundreds of thousands have lasting effects ...and hospital beds are filling up Harmless?What an irresponsible idiot!

"'Im ashamed to say that Ive voted for him,' said Ms. Goines, who described herself as a staunch Republican." -The New York Times.
Grifters. Crooks, every last one of them. Makes me sick. And Im sick of TraiterTrump bots! He cant attract real people who know how to read and write, so has bots. realDonaldTrump is such a loser.
Trump is racist. The GOP is racist. MAGA's are racist. Being on the WRONG side of history. A sordid GOP tradition. TrumpVirus NoDAPL PoorDeplorableTroll RacistInChief NASCAR Justice Kagan Mark Meadows My 401k Electoral College Dakota Access Central Park 5 Jimmy Johns.

Do you realize theres a pandemic ?
And 300 Million pissed off Americans!
Yeah, it's not like there are a big percentage of Americans with things like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease AMIRIIIIITTEE Say goodbye Grandma! Bye Auntie Mary! So sad but Trump's ego is more important than your life, Uncle Kevin!

Tons of tweets as I wag the dog to get your minds of Putin, Russia, bounties etc.

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