Thursday 2nd of June 2022


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Damn yeah!
As the former smallest kid in my school. class="u-nolinkc" href="">I can confirm this.
Nearly caused it for me. Trust me, I've thought of hurting some class="u-nolinkc" href="">people but ultimately class="u-nolinkc" href="">I can't bring myself to do anything except what's absolutely necessary. class="u-nolinkc" href="">People fucking suck and class="u-nolinkc" href="">I can't stand class="u-nolinkc" href="">how our world works because of it. Selfish, shitty class="u-nolinkc" href="">people are the ones running the world. The class="u-nolinkc" href="">people screaming about their guns every time class="u-nolinkc" href="">a school gets shot up are the fucking problem. They're the class="u-nolinkc" href="">same ones screaming about gays and abortions. class="u-nolinkc" href="">Politicians pander to them and get away with literal child trafficking.

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Yup. Caused me to end up in a mental hospital for 3 weeks with a roommate that had slit her wrists, and who continued the same bullying that had put me there! Probably the worst experience of my life.

Yup! Former fat kid here. Never once have I committed mass murder.

Shes wrong about a lot of other things though. Whose doing the shooting? White bits whose parents dont secure their guns The latest shooting was done by a Hispanic boy, who was raised by his grandmother who didnt buy him gunshe bought them himself. One of the Columbine shooters was raised in an anti-gun home. Its too easy to obtain guns, but its also too easy to fall through the cracks as a failed student. The kids that do these shootings are angry and expect to die, they feel slighted, isolated, and have lost all hope. Schools need better tools to deal with bullying and help students who are genuinely struggling. Guns are part of the problem, removing them doesnt give us the clean solution of fixing the number of kids who are suicidal and angry.

True. Ive dealt with suicidal issues most of my life due to it. I struggled a lot at the end of last year. I really thought I was gonna do it but I pressed on. I still struggle with it to this day but after unexpectedly losing my grandma this year, I cant bring myself to do it for the sake of my mom. Ill admit it has gotten better and Im happy about that but I do have my moments. If anyone else is struggling, just know that as hard as things can be it can and will get better.

And strangely, everyone is comfortable with that.

Leaves you to wonder how many suicides have prevented mass shootings.

And mass shootings are just ultra-suicide.

And slow drivers.

Lol! So they feel that pot being legal leads to mass shootings, but legal guns do not?

Mas taco bell.

Mass shootings of hot sauce on my eyes!

But pot is illegal in texas. Soooo.

Fox has the research skills and self awareness of a cactus.

Ive only done it a few times but tbf I didnt get bullied that much.

Show off.

Sure bud. I saw those chicken tendies when you were done with em.

Not true! You killed all those fat cells! Lard killer!

Former weird kid wait no I'm still weird. Still haven't had the urge to point a firearm at a person. I'm starting to think fox news might be full of it. Dunno, just a hunch.

I told myself that once I lost the weight Id go blasting a group of kids, but Im still fat so..

I bet you murdered a 20 piece chicken mcnugget in your day tho. Speaking from experience.

She's implying that being male makes you a mass-murderer. What's stopping you?

You murdered your mass.

Trust me, its alarming to many in America too.

Teenagers having babies is the root cause of many many of our social problems, but we'll just keep pretending that we're not failing these teenagers.

If these were the two biggest factors, white males wouldn't be so overrepresented.

Sorry, how do your child psychiatrist friends know these mass shooters had poor attachment with their parents?

What do they call a mass shooting? Other reports say there have been 233 mass shootings in 2022 alone.

Whats missing from this is mass shooters are overwhelming male.

What are you defining as a mass shooting? 4 or more victims?

Arnt percentages supost to add up to 100%?

Sorry, what are these percentages supposed to mean? We only deal with absolutes here. I see that there is a number beside non-whites, therefore this tweet is rendered invalid. Get outta here with you and your facts that make sense.

I thought we cant apply race to criminal stats?

Facts dont matter here. Woke Reddit tries to create its own pseudo-reality by downvoting objective facts.

Can I just say how freaking abhorrent it is that we have a large enough sample size on that to say that with confidence.

Thank you lol.

How do the statistics change if we narrow it down from mass shootings to school shootings?

]Here's a list of mass shooting in the US for 2022 alone.]() Obviously it will depend on how you define a "mass shooting". I would say what you have defined is closer to a "murder spree" or something. Mass shootings are FAR more common than you've implied.

That's a false statistic that uses a narrow definition of mass shooting, it intentionally leaves out gang shootings because they are considered 'targeted' and often not by lone gunmen, skewing the real statistics. Its from Mother Jones, a San Francisco based far left publication.

So 100 of 128 mass shootings, or 77.5% of the the American demographic? Who did the rest of the shooting? And did you know that 93.2% of statistics are made up?

Yes, Same here. 100%.

I posted data citing the historical racial makeup of mass shooters, and that the numbers closely match the makeup of society. That was my other account, and it got a site-wide permaban for "hate speech".

White in this case isn't really being used as a race, it's a cultural signifier for a confluence of class and cultural identity elements. That's actually how it's used almost always and that's why a lot of people don't understand the concept that you can't really be racist against white people - it's not a race in the same way that Black is. Like when people say Karen is a white woman thing. Not every Karen is ethnically white, but every Karen has white woman energy.

No, only being born with a white penis causes gunfire...I guess.

It isn't about race. It is a very noticeable and very obvious PERSONALITY TRAIT. This is my theory. Any woman that has ever survived a relationship with someone like this can confirm it. The obsessinvess, the pestering, the self-hate, the alarming tendency to use violence against themselves or using furniture to use it against you, the light and jovial and side VS the dark...distant and controlling side. I guarantee these men had a "dark" place wash over them that people could describe. It's a fucking personality trait. ***I do have to say though based on just life observations, it is vastly the white man that has this personality.

Mass shootings != school shootings.

Get ready to be downvoted. Reality has no place in this discussion.

While you're right about the most recent one, it's telling that your brain goes to the small-picture rather than the big-picture, white boys with guns slaughtering young children at school is much more common than Latino or any other race. We aren't only pissed about Uvalde, it's all the other shootings too, stop being a small-minded prick. This problem isn't going to go away and we aren't going to forget about it in a week from now even if you and your pathetic memory does.

You're not trash for having those thoughts. Lots of people have strange thoughts. You've got a lot of inner strength for someone who survived the bullying and urge to get back at them. Deep down you don't want to hurt anyone and did the smart thing by getting help. Hopefully you will be kinder to yourself, you deserve that kindness.

That's almost definitely every group, to be characterized as a mass shooting someone would need to kill more than one person. So no matter what there are more victims of mass shootings than mass shooters.


That would require people to stop yelling at each other on social media about whatever reasons they think are the cause of the shootings.

One thing you can be almost 100% sure of is that it will be a man/boy.

The mentally ill are much more likely to harm themselves than others. Mass killers are psychotic and unable to relate to others; this is not a diagnosable or treatable mental illness. Explaining it as such only stigmatizes those that are already at high risk of suicide without addressing the real issue: access to guns.

>Why deny that? Because facing some uncomfortable truths about society and working to fix complex issues is, as it turns out, very hard, whereas taking advantage of people's strong emotional reactions to have them engage with my internet circlejerking nets me sweet, sweet social-media validation.

Indeed. But bullying isn't the root cause because other people are _also_ bullied without the same outcome. Hell, even plenty of cis, straight, white dudes of average physical and mental features get bullied without shooting up a school _if they don't have easy access to firearms_.

Yeah I dont know why the tweet is implying that you have to belong to some marginalized group to be bullied. Weird take. Its not like bullying first started happening when segregation ended.

And not white lol.

I went to an all girl Catholic high school and I definitely can say we handle bullying differently, at least at my school when I went there. Its more psychological warfare or creatively targeted retaliation at the person who was bullying us, like one example, one person dumped a drink over someone elses head at lunch, that was the highest level of physical violence I witnessed.

The Texas school shooting was committed by a person of color. What the post supposed to be a joke? Or maybe the poster is just clueless.

We suck as a gender? Our proclivity towards violence has defended our families and civilizations as a whole for thousands of years. Theres a reason men are inherently more violent then woman and its not because we suck as a gender. Dont lump us all in with some psychopaths that cant handle their emotions.

>We suck as a gender. We've literally done everything, including inventing abortions.

That's what you got from this? You know white kids can be LGBT, Disabled, and Poor, too right? It's pretty racist for you to think they can't be.

Nobody said that. The tweet says that many people are being bullied but still dont sort up people. So bullying - even if its white boys - cant be the cause. Really, you didnt even read 140 characters correctly.

For saying white people are victims? I don't get it The only group she lists that doesn't include white people are "kids of color" - all the other groups include white people.

This sub is cringe level 100.

Oh no, there are exceptions to a statement, shock and horror!

I do not understand why you are being downvoted this is precisely what happened.

Fair point but still a man. Like 99% of the others.

It's called cultural appropriation.

Not sure what race the Tulsa shooter is.

Definitely not the last one, but yeah that guy was. A black man shot up a hospital killing 5 and injuring 10 about 5 hours ago in Tulsa. Sadly, I dont know if thats even the most recent one.

Stop pointing out facts, the woke people here cant deal with any reality that disrupts their rigid narrative.

Same here. If I had access to guns, I would have turned to be a school shooter to kill my bullies.

I mean when you have so many mass shootings a year, eventually some minority is gonna do them. It's just American things!