Wednesday 7th of September 2022

Thomas Tuchel Doing an impression of Thiago Silva.

Social Media Says

Tuchel Kepa-Napoli deal collapsed: checked options summer which were aware They were satisfying stayed". "I'm very happy about that. always very clear with Kepa that wanted stay".

Stadion Maksimir. Thomas Tuchel mateokovacic8 will speak media here this evening before side then train ahead tomorrow!
Thomas Tuchel doing impression Thiago Silva.
Tuchel seems defensive minded keeps conceding goals despite defensive tactics. can't relying your wingbacks creativity. Loosen dump that back thing there refreshing attacking football.

Koulibaly explaining himself Tuchel.
Blaming himself Lack hunger [?] days Atmosphere Every word from angry Thomas Tuchel.
Tuchel masterclass.
Team Tuchel eyes.
Tuchel loss: underestimate them have problem. personally, didn't.".
Ruben Neves Eriksen were available Tuchel prioritized middle despite Kante's injuries, Jorginho's lack pace weakness that often punished opponents kovacic's limited ability provide penetrative passes rather than dribble tight spaces.

Tuchel running ideas players just don't wanna play anymore.
fuck even come with this question,iam darn sure there many people like this tell something Tuchel leaves there clubs lining small clubs giants game might even bigger success.

city that final that Tuchel Chelsea became confused about lineup.
Tuchel trying turn Broja into window closed.
just browsing Tuchel tweets this remains problem. shouldve properly switched last season least have alternative system.
Funniest thing will today This must score hattrick force Useless Tuchel koulibaly rudiger zakaria over1.5 Ancelotti.
think should give Tuchel least, another transfer windows just players in.Then youll surprised,how good football will then.
Tuchel cooking nyinaa abete3.
I We want face tuchel, you.
Sterling played point, looked Tuchel shaked head chai.
Tuchel 'looks like he's fighting with Chelsea squad' Auba struggles debut.
Tuchel should watch game tomorrow some things down.
seriousness, still even remotely thinking about Tuchel does need through this make players gel, motivate them. Well back
Thomas Tuchel doesnt have fear God, squandered PS400m nothing.
Thomas Tuchel: "It's clear underperformance there make them overperform, it's take responsibility. have, moment, zero appetite think about next game. It's hard enough digest this one." (ChelseaFC).

games ours loose. players have lost sweetness. cohesion, spice, can't even make successive passes. Tuchel seem have lost magic wand.
Tuchel says don't need midfielders.. clearly gaffer lost.
Yeah because tuchel weak manager.
BRUTAL assessment from Thomas Tuchel.
Tuchel good believe will turn around.
Wise tuchel doesn't need number 10 He doesn't need thuram. Give Raheem.
Players equally blame apart from obvious publicly known unhappy? rest blame? Theres logical reason them this poor September. What though when theres thought process football wise beyond Tuchel atm.

Tuchel will have back cabin woods with wardrobe full children shoes think about this.
Thomas Tuchel ever since handshake with Antonio Conte.
gonna mention o-line playcalling that first half? clemson lagging. who's bigger fraud, pep, tuchel, dabo?
would complain more about this Ziyech cameo theres point. genuinely still have idea what attacking team, bedsides poor. Maybe dont have profiles desired still should much better than this. Whats Tuchels plan?

terms 'Team Building' Tuchel bigger Rookie than Rookie managers.
signing Aubameyang from Barcelona, helped Barca unwanted player, helped them fund part transfer ideal Lewandowksi also gave them best goalscoring L(W)B last years. Tuchel Night King.

Truth told, Tuchel isn't different from Gerrard Lampard. fortunate pick cups boom, gave Chelsea fans false high hopes. things are, Fofana, Cucurella Koulibaly have joined Kepa money moves London club that flopped mercilessly.

players good enough. It's tuchel.
Tonight Thomas Tuchel's 100th match charge Chelsea; first games they only conceded goals, while last they have conceded goals. Breakdown.
This weird obsessed with mount tuchel never admits they have been shit.
This such nonsense today's match Chelsea play ,and that called striker can't even play shot also called James this very that can't also play shot from middle field your fort Thomas Tuchel but.

Tuchel honeymoon over remember mateo us(Chelsea) same champions league guarded before next chant banner will tuchel OUT.
Have lost three consecutive away games first time under Thomas Tuchel, having last done December 2020 under Frank Lampard. OptaJoe].
Sack Tuchel. That cant coach. Every game this same. doesnt know what doing.
watched when champions league, team revolve around attacking players wingback. creativity comes upward. Tuchel altered whole system.
100% Tuchel btw. want those matchgoing fans keep paying money watch this rubbish. change channel cant.
Tuchel coaching scared
much despise Tuchel moment, once wish we'd just take this chin keep long-term still.
call those have given Tuchel, reactionary, reactionary when Chelsea havent been good since start 2022. like only about these games. much deeper than that.

Tuchel OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still think players fault? Considering Tuchel spent entire window chasing Wingbacks defenders?
will change fucking rubish coach thomas tuchel.
Tuchel used tactical genius PSG. remember switching between formations every game, 4222 4231 4222 locker man.
Watching Potter's football great joy. feel depressed when watch Chelsea under Tuchel...
Don't blame players blame tuchel wonder what type drills this players when training wasted time watching this nonsense Whether 3atb back don't have good build attacking pattern can't far.

Thomas Tuchel's Blues continue awful start season.
Tuchel took Kova instead Mount, have laugh you'll cry.
coach always been fault when comes Chelsea, never players. Azpi Kova Mount Sterling Chilwell first half lets blame that coach, must employ Graham Potter, ONE.

assume tuchel will prove everyone wrong.
Aint suggesting nobody Tuchel need head game take tough decisions, most players performing their best level needs either motivate them them outta starting time gimmicks.

Tuchel blamed, motivating team doesnt have system that work. will manager cant motivate your players.
Stfu Tuchel cause everything,players arent performing playing well because uses them position expect players happy playing coach.
Thomas Tuchel: "There's days off, next working. can't have moment." NizaarKinsella].
Tuchel maad funny
mean come man. course tuchel responsible this grand scheme things sacking would solve jack shit.
ready relegate then. Even Leicester plays better football than Even Roman tired wanting just trophies some point hired Sarri just watch play some good football. Tuchel man.

know emotions running high (and this draw your ire, please spare when Tuchel says this team transition, he's spot until goal, looked bright. 2-3-5, even 2-2-4-2/3-1-4-2, showed that willing afford risks. then Koulibaly.

Tuchel just dropped Mount Gallagher played players correct positions problems would fixed. sadly doesn't have balls drop Mount. Wish like Haag ditched English boys after that Brentford game.

Thomas Tuchel really riding luck. were Roman era, would've been gone long ago. This isn't club support.
That trophy gave Tuchel shield against criticism from Chelsea base. This system horrible.
season, Chelsea will tenth position then, Tuchel don't know sign players [?].
Tuchel does know best best formation, really shows. Chopping changing during game constantly players clearly taking board. have season?
Tuchel when kid.
Thomas Tuchel: need while digest things, cannot understand where this ]performance] comes from. This this what want. Individually enough team enough. part this, it's clearly enough." (ChelseaFC).

Youre going sack Tuchel next manager going face same problem with these same players.
Thomas Tuchel legitimately German Matteo. gone.

What You Really Think

What do we think of this man now.

This is reason we losing.

Tony Adams coaching lesson 1.

Bring Zedane please TB. TT is overrated.

How I am supposed to believe that they build around 250m squad just to get this defeat against Dinamo .

God Where are u heading chelsea 2 De first time i've seen chelsea loose their first game In champion league.

Now this makes more sense.

You dvmb coach you should leave immediately.

Tuchel out.

Lolz this man is not okay.


Useless tactic from the coach, lack of discipline from the coach.


Wouldn't he remind you of a young Monty Burns!

Oh my god its bang on haha.

Thomas should be given 5 match to win and play clean sheet failure to do so he should be sacked.


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