Saturday 20th of June 2020

Ready For The Presidential Rally in Tulsa, OK - OANN T-shirts Going Fast in The Home of Okstate!

I just spoke to the highly respected Mayor of Tulsa, G.T. Bynum, who informed me there will be no curfew tonight or tomorrow for our many supporters attending the MAGA Rally. Enjoy yourselves - thank you to Mayor Bynum!

Just landed here in Tulsa! Ready for an amazing Make America Great Again Rally!
The announcement comes amid widespread dispute over whether the Tulsa rally should even take place.
CNN just announced that 2200 people have died of Covid-19 as a result of attending Trump's rally in Tulsa this coming Saturday.
6 members of Trump campaign advance team in Tulsa test positive for COVID after routine screening according to the campaign.
I've spent a lot of my life studying cults. I was born in one, we escaped when I was very young. We witnessed mass denial, magical thinking, abuse, violence. And I just want to say for the record there is a cult gathering happening in Tulsa today.

Tulsa Trump rally attendees do not have to wear masks, Oklahoma Supreme Court rules.
"I don't support him [Trump]... not exposing [Bill] Gates financing it with Soros. The money going to Wuhan Lab. Fauci, as the leader of the NIH, sending the money to the Wuhan Lab as a biological weapons scientist who has the patent to HIV & that HIV was in the COVID-19.".

The campaign disclosed that six staff members who had been working on the rally had tested positive for the coronavirus. Mr. Trump, who was made aware of the sick campaign aides before departing for the rally, was incensed that the news was made public.

Good! She was arrested because she wanted to cause chaos to a peaceful Trump Rally. Thank God for our Police! I'm sick of seeing Anarchists ruin the America I love! God Bless President realDonaldTrump & all the Supporters in Tulsa. Be Safe?

"Somebody has to do this." A peaceful protester is arrested outside the location President Trump's rally will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday.
Trump campaign says six staffers helping set up for Tulsa rally have tested positive for coronavirus.
Sheila Buck a peaceful protester arrested in Tulsa for wearing an I CANT BREATHE TEE SHI. calling the ACLU ..
? BREAKING: SIX of realDonaldTrump's campaign staffers setting up the rally in Tulsa have already tested positive for COVID19 ?
Black gun owners matter.
Watch jimfannon's broadcast: LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa RSBN Feed.
Tulsa PD arrest woman for trespassing at Trump rally despite the fact that she had a ticket and the conditional right to protest. She says she was singled out because she has on an ICantBreath T-shirt.

New: Six Trump campaign staffers working on the Tulsa rally have tested positive for coronavirus, Trump campaign confirms.
Eric Trump Promotes QAnon Conspiracy On Instagram While Plugging Tulsa Rally..
6 members of Trump's Tulsa advance staff have tested positive for COVID-19. Each may have infected hundreds with the virus already.
JUST IN: Six members of the Trump campaign staff who were performing advance team and logistic duties in Tulsa have tested positive for COVID-19. (NBC News).
Goodmorning Tulsa ?
Frankly, I don't get it. Joe Biden is polling double digits up on Trump yet Trump gets a million ticket requests for one Tulsa rally while Biden can't fill a high school cafeteria.
Why are Tulsa police acting as if they are Trump campaign security? What law did this woman break?
The Trump campaign asked attendees of the Tulsa, Okla., rally to sign a waiver assuming the risks of exposure to COVID-19. Wearing masks will not be required.
LIVE: The Great American Comeback Festival in Tulsa, OK Tulsa Oklahoma MAGA Text TRUMP to 88022.
What's worse than the US president conflating law-abiding citizens--who are exercising their 1A right of free speech & peaceful protest--with "anarchists, looters & low-lifes"? Threatening them with violence. He's a despicable sociopath...

Landed in Tulsa for TRUMP RALLY. With Mike Lindell, Ginger Howard, Sharon Levell, Angela Stanton King, Tren Kutti.
Please stop calling this TrumpCoronaVirusRally because they are taking Covid 19 serious. They handing out mask, checking temperatures and more! We are glad to have President Trump in Tulsa Oklahoma so stop please stop trying to ruin our fun. We are practicing safety.

Watching thousands of die-hard, non-social distancing Trump supporters pour into the BOK Center in Tulsa for tonight's rally is like watching passengers board the RMS Titanic in 1912 if they had known in advance that the great ship was going to slam into an iceberg and sink.

Trump Tulsa Rally ??
On our way to Tulsa, Oklahoma to support our President realdonaldtrump ??
She had a ticket. She wore an "I Can't Breathe Shirt." She was removed for "trespassing". Hoping that SheilaBuck sues Tulsa police back to the stone age.
In the USA, only twenty four hours from Tulsa.
Six of Trump's staffers tested positive for Corona, after spending a week in Tulsa setting up for PlagueFest 2020. At this point, realDonaldTrump is basically Typhoid Donnie.
If you are going to protest in Tulsa, then don't. Especially if you are Black or Native. This is 100% a trap and I don't want to see anyone get hurt or killed.
Thinking about the innocent hotel and food workers in Tulsa who have to deal with and be exposed to these immoral idiots this weekend.
The crowd in Tulsa, Oklahoma waiting for the realDonaldTrump rally tonight! if you're going to watch from home!
What Trump will not say at his rally today in Tulsa: - Today I fired a US Attorney who was getting close to revealing the true depth of my corruption. - You're here today to boost my ego, which has been sagging since my polls began tanking. - Many of you will get COVID-19.

Lord, We lift up the Tulsa Rally to you. We pray this will be a turning point for America. We pray for victory over the Satanic Cabal. Forgive our sins. Fill us with your Holy Spirit. Surround the rally with all the warrior angels of Heaven. Bless POTUS! Bless America! IJNA.

Sheila Buck is well-known and well-respected in Tulsa and Oklahoma in general. The Trump campaign, Tulsa Police, and Mayor Bynum fucked up by having her arrested on live television.
Trump's first rally since the coronavirus pandemic began will unfold on a tense Juneteenth weekend in the Oklahoma city where the 1921 Tulsa race massacre happened. Meanwhile, from NY to LA, thousands of protesters are expected to hold marches and rallies.

You're a weak little man threatening Americans who are exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest your racist orange ass. They have every right to be there, and if the Tulsa police are truly there to protect and serve its citizens they will protect those.

This made all media headlines.....BUT nothing was shared about what happened or about the woman ?
Make her name viral. She is a resident of Tulsa outside the BOK arena, peacefully protesting, arrested on live TV, for wearing an "I Can't Breath" T-shirt. Really.
6 Trump staffers (Tulsa rally advance team) have tested positive for COVID-19. dougducey, please stop the 3,200 person Trump rally in Phoenix on Tuesday. Public health over politics - lead!
A reminder. 99 years ago the successful, prosperous black district of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma was bombed, 6,000 black people were illegally interned, and hundreds of black people were murdered. How would we begin to measure the costs of such profound violence?

I don't mean to be morbid but seriously this Tulsa rally is giving off Jonestown vibes.

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How nice of you to supply tinder for the inevitable bonfires.

Stay safe Chanel!



You're so hot.

Go Chanel!!!!

You have part control of stage behind trump- you are circulating looking for minorities to fill - please do not put that woman there- her life will be ruined- thats on you, i know you dont care but i will follow her after and expose you.

Classy move wearing an OKState shirt after the crap that CoachGundy and Hubbard_RMN said about your channel. The two men, and I use that term lightly, could learn a great deal from your actions.

Great shirt ?

Love this! Wish I could have been there!! MAGA all the way!

The osu shirt is a nice touch.

Fantastic! Thank you, Chanel and OANN!! So glad that OANN has one of the most intelligent and beautiful people on TV to represent truth in America!

Love your shirt! ?????

You look maaaarvelous!!! Keep up the great work!

Keep up the good work !

State TV.

Are you looking for americans of color? Or let me guess they are drawn to you. They will never survive if they wear that symbol of hate in public but sure you know that, part of your immoral marketing campaign.


Every Democrat should be voted out of office this November! President Trump is solving problems and Democrats create problems! WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever Vote Straight Republican next election! Red tsunami is coming in November win back the House, add seats to Senate majority!

Get en channel.

Can I have one with you in it please.

Volunteering for COVID 19.

??? WWG1WGA!!!??????

Love the OSU!!! Lol.

Your Awesome Chanel! Your network will replace Fox. Sucks to see the Cabal funding these top 6 networks feeding lies. Operation Mockingbird.

Oh my gosh - you are precious. Bless you!

Wow so many people wearing masks!!! How great! ...... ?

You're a beautiful and amazing woman!! Thank you for all you do...( God Bless you) Trump 4 more years!!

Seem like a traitor in some ways. Do u think Trump would EVER speak to u if he saw u out? Hes a 3rd generation racist or do u not check ur facts? He disgusts me so why not u-a smart black woman? Help us understand cause after all hes said & done its just confusing Why uphold hate.

How many ways can I say ?

You GO Chanel!!

Conservative bae <333.

Thanks for keeping it real !! Be safe !!


I'm too old for Chanel, but damn...she's good looking.

Send me one.

Starts at the top USA- make a no fraud law you can not get a pay check telling America for 30 years on video how we need a boarder like a child knows that much..& and they did zero for 50 years so stop The fraud Zero taxes on us tax the liars & the lies No accountability IS HER.

Haha, Chanel Rion wearing an Oklahoma State shirt, love it, that is a slick move.

Beautiful ladies:) Have fun!


Go Pokes!

Protesting Democratic.. LOL.. Socialism.... ????????????????????

Did the mullet fraud CoachGundy show up or is he still bowing to the cancel culture that is still attacking him?