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Social Media Says

"Fine, I'll do it myself".
N>!ASCA!<R !

What You Really Think

She also has the Israeli flag as flairstranger and stranger.

She gave herself the R word pass.

In the software world that's called a privilege escalation attack, and it's a fireable offense.

Its like Bryan Cranstons character that converts to Judaism in Seinfeld so he can tell Jewish jokes.


She also have herself the shot by police pass.

Well technically we are all able to, the question is should we?

Dude look at the mod comment lmao.

Thats Nigga with a HARD A at the end. Not the er so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

You get a free N-Word pass from me. And everyone on this tread. Dont overuse it!

"The procedure is totally, 100% possible. He's gonna look weird though...".

That made me happy. As a 35 year old white man, I do very much appreciate brown leather belts, patagonia and draught IPAs.

Never seen this before you just made my day lol. that boy dont work. He just goes to school and thats it had me dead.

Felon Degeneres.

Hahaha..This was funny.

Excuse me, what IPA do you have on tap?

Pretty funny, but also definitly shows that race as well as gender is a social construct to some degree. Sure, you cannot just change your race, because it is still based on biology, but there are definitly a lot of aspects that are habitus. Also technically there are no human races. So the concept while based on biological appearence is in itself a made up construct.

Holy shit its uncle ruckus.

He looks like a nice, respectable man. I should invite him to my next cross burning, and welcome him to the brotherhood. /s.

That was probably my second favorite episode of the show. I'm ready for season 3 to drop next month.

As a 32 year old white man I feel pretty called the fuck out by this video lol.

The video doesnt include the actual ending of the interview from Atlanta which tbh is the best part.

Follow up is great too.

Everyone praising her in this thread seems to have forgotten about Rachel Dolezal lmao.

Its honestly unbelievable. This dude wrote Im able to say nigga and people believe its true.

This is reddit. It doesn't matter how absurd the troll is, if it fits theirs beliefs, they will treat it like it's real. Don't look at reddit for opinions on anything that hits the front page, it's all manipulated so heavily it isn't even funny.

Dog whistles just sound like whistles to dogs.

Redditors need any excuse they can get to shit on people they don't like.

It got banned because it was a troll account. What happened to the Internet? People used to know how to reverse image search before Google made it easier, but still people are pushing each other out of the way to fall for dumb shit. The fact 90% of the comments in here take the tweet at face value shows how easy it is to manipulate people and how fucked humanity is. If you see a "trans-racial" post thats your first hint. It's usually a troll who wants to delegitmise trans people. Anyone who believes it is either dumb or know it's fake and are playing dumb. You expect this shit on twitter, but not reddit.

Oh yeah, a strange account saying they use the pronouns suxushwjsuus/28.&.& and are trans black, its obviously not a troll teen and of course all the trans community supports it and therefore all the trans community is a joke and america is being destroyed! /s Ive seen it so many times and not only for boomers, sigh.

I mean there's literally an Israeli flag lmao people are so gullible. It's perfect reddit bait.

Outrage porn gives dopamines. People crave the enjoyment they get being upset about something that doesnt affect them in any way.

I thought 10 years ago that soon enough people will come to realize how easy it is to fake generic social media posts & replace the words or even create a fake account to post & screenshot then delete HOW the fuck have some people not caught on & still fully believe every single post like this to be real? I dont get it lol.

Op claims they knew this was a joke lmao. op is cringe.

Bruh look at the comments. These people are just pining for reasons to dismiss trans people so much theyll go along with the most obvious rage bait. Either that or they are as oblivious as they feign to be. In fairness to them, I dont know what else to expect from a sub thats been taken over by middle school edgelords.

Because they need this to be real in order to have an excuse to say what they really think about trans people. Just look at the mod's stickied comment about how if you're going to support trans rights you have to support "all trans rights", as if this is an actual thing that has any resemblance to actual transgender people. It's just bullshit anti-trans propaganda for the moronic bigots who frequent this subreddit for some reason.

People don't come to the internet for truth anymore, they come to get angry.

There's a reason we made being 18 years old the bare minimum age for making decisions for yourself. Because teenagers are dumb as fuck. They're naive, easily fooled, emotional and arrogant to top it off. Half of Reddit is 18 or under.

An obviously fake account that also felt the need to include an Israeli flag on it. These people are getting outraged because of a nazi troll trying to outrage people smh.

This subreddit is full of the authoritarian-right or literal children (or both) who dont go outside or contribute to society. What did you expect?

It plays into their established narrative. Its not about facts, its about feeling right.

I feel the same way a lot of the time - people on Reddit have basically no desire or ability to check the validity of stuff they see posted, especially here.

This is correct. The image has been proven fake, and the girl was mortified what happened.

> if you're using this screenshot from a fake Twitter account that has stolen pics from a random girl, to get angry about woke people and leftists, then you probably need to take a break from the internet. but it's their job...

Also, as if leftists are ever okay with this kind of behavior even if it was real.

Literally no one who supports trans rights or is trans supports this. It's not a thing lol. It's the most ridiculous strawman you could come up with tbh.


Almost as if it's a fake account designed to generate outrage.

Her account got suspended!

Likely a right wing account doing cringe satire.

The true cringe was this sub all along...

I'm surprised nobody in this comment section could tell.

This is obvious right? Are we just pretending it's not satire even when it's this obvious now?

Whaaaat?? An account with an Israeli flag on twitter explicitly posting about being transracial is a troll account?? Noooooo.

Thank you, I can finally stop scrolling through the comments looking for background information.

The hatred for a certain goes up, their intellectual reasoning goes down.

It's what happens when a bunch of hate subs get banned, so they just make a new one. Same shit different sub.

With great power comes Great responsibility He should've definitely pulled out in time...

You know what they say, once you go black... terrible credit rating.


Mutt's law.

I've seen worms on fishing hooks which were more subtle.


No its intentional. Many of the People getting mistaken are intentionally using this to push their bigot views.

I think so, it looks like shes tried to black facing as much as she can without actually wearing black face. That way she can say its a joke and that she hasnt actually done/said anything cancellable. I could be wrong though.

Omg you racist! You can be black with light skin.

She looks about the same time as the girl on that school bus who someone said shed be cute if she didnt tab so much and just says but.. but Im black.

Thats literally what Reddit is.

I think you mean reddit.

This sub is what you get when you have a bunch of easy-to-make fun of edgelords.

That was 10 years ago. Now they explore new horizons, inventing new kinds of stupidity in-house.

I thought that was Reddit.

This is just the average twitter post.

Im transmillionaire - others should give me money to live the life Im meant to.

Are you saying redditors are gullible and will believe anything without question? Im shocked.

If by "satire" you mean "a disingenuous lie cooked up to make people I don't like look stupid," then yeah, sure.

I don't know how to react to this so you can take my upvote and I'll leave.

Dont say trump. Theres enough crap going on here.

An opinion that will likely get me downvotes from both sides, but the way I've framed it for myself is this: gender dysphoria is a real mental health condition with real effects that significantly reduce an individual's quality of life and increase suicide risk. The best treatment we currently have for gender dysphoria is transitioning to the congruent gender (this can be done socially, medically, or both, depending on the individual). Being trans is a treatment that helps people with gender dysphoria in the same way anti-depressants help someone with depression or that asking people to not shoot fireworks around you might help someone with PTSD. Accepting someone trans as their identifying gender is a moral good, but you aren't "obligated" to do it, the same way nobody "obligates" you to not make rape jokes even if you know the friend you are making them to has suffered violent sexual assault in the past. Racial transitioning lacks any kind of "dysphoria" element - at least, it lacks it at the moment. People *seem* to be doing it just do it because "they feel like it" or, worse, as rage-baiting. Therefore, there is no moral good behind accepting them as their "identified" race. If in the future "racial dysphoria" ends up being a recognised condition, I'll do my best to adapt (though for race it's not like you have pronouns or anything, so I don't know how it would even come up in conversation...).

The only thing imaginary here is the idea that this is a real thought and not a troll baiting idiot redditors into constantly reposting.

All of its bullshit tbh.

I agree. Unfortunately, this is no more cringe than all of the gender shit we are supposed to take seriously.

No, because it's really just not a thing. White families can adopt black babies, black families can adopt white babies, etc, and there's no need to attempt to change the baby's skin color or racial identity. Doing so is actually traumatic for the child (like how indigenous children have been kidnapped and robbed of their identity). Gender identity on the other hand is different. There's tons of evidence that being transgender is a very real thing, as is gender dysphoria, which can only be effectively treated by transitioning in a supportive environment. This also has tons of evidence behind it. The real point is that we have a societal problem of trans people not being allowed by our culture to express themselves as the correct gender, which leads to suffering and high rates of suicide. The solution to this is for us to simply respect them. There is no societal problem where people who aren't allowed to change their race are suffering.

No its not valid, its all 100% BS. You are what you are & your genetics are never going to change no matter what imaginary world you live in. If you cannot accept yourself then stop asking me to accept your fantasy.

Its not. Your skin color is far less significant than your gender. If you can change something as significant as your gender then you can change something highly insignificant like your age or race.

Gender transition is the best accepted treatment for something called gender dysphoria. Your brain has an internal map for what it expects its body to be and for reasons currently unknown in some people their mental map does not match their physical body. People have tried treating gender dysphoria through different methods for decades. Only transition works. There is no such thing as racial dysphoria. Race is not defined by what chromosomes you have. Your brain does not have a mental map at birth of what race you are. Kindergarteners generally understand boys and girls are fundamentally different and generally understand people of different races are fundamentally the same. There is no such thing as racial transition and it is not a treatment for any condition. Theres nothing to play devils advocate on here. Its pretty simple if you do the reading. Oh, and unless you would like being called a straight, there are nicer ways to refer to transgender people than transgenders. Theyre just fellow regular human beings. You can refer to them like it.

How dare you bring logic to a social construct argument.


Its obv satire.



Racist biggot. She is a beautiful black woman.

Someone doesnt seem to support trans rights. Shameful.

Don't be surprised when the kid comes out black.

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