Wednesday 31st of March 2021

Johnny Juzang Has 18 of UCLA's 27 First Half Points Vs. Michigan.

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The madness continues with the ELITE 8 TONIGHT : UCLA : Indianapolis, Ind. : Lucas Oil Stadium : 9:57 p.m. : : TBS GoBlue .
The MarchMadness Final Four teams will be decided TONIGHT. If either underdog (USC OR UCLA) wins tonights game, one retweeter will win a $250 prize! Must be following to qualify.
Shots Alex Reese wouldve hit against UCLA.
This is it. Please UCLA.
DAMN! UCLA is doing the damn thing!
How large does the line have to be for you to take UCLA vs Gonzaga?
Is that free throw going to cost UCLA?
I wonder if Coach Cal is watching this game. Johnny Juzang leads UCLA with 28 points and is shooting free throws to send the Bruins back to the FinalFour HAVE to be thinking..."yea, I messed that up.".

UCLA is stressing me out!!
Sincerest condolences and love to the Wallace Family and RCMAR Colleagues. Life is so fragile. Goodness.
So... UCLA needs to NOT do what they did two nights ago now up 2 right now against Michigan.
Juzang misses the second free throw, and Michigan gets the rebound and calls timeout. Refs are checking the clock to see how much time the Wolverines get, with UCLA up two.
Is going to take it from you.
I want to see UCLA win for the Pac 12 but Mick Cronin is such a lil whiner while Juwan Howard is the epitome of cool. So hard!!
UCLA been missing clutch free throws ALL DAMN SEASON man.
UCLA / Michigan oh my.
Why does my watch keep telling me to breath.
How bout UCLA tho? I thought Michigan would be the team that would beat Gonzaga.
I cant take this.
UCLA shouldnt have shot that three, but then Michigans shot made it not so bad.
Damn Michigan choked that damn game away!
Is a lottery pick. Take another year at UCLA, lead the team for a season, get ur bag.
I turned it off for two minutes to watch UCLA and youre telling me the Dodgers are almost losing?
We havent had a buzzer beater yet. Dont let it be Michigan UCLAs heart bro.
UCLA has made 1 field goal in the last 4 minutes.
UCLA still going to employ the foul strategy.
UCLA has been a nuisance all tournament.
A billion. And somehow couldnt take advantage of UCLA having 4 points at the 9:00 mark of the 1H. Just about as bad as you could play.
If Michigan beat UCLA this gonna be wild.
Ugh. Love Michigan, but seems like UCLA deserves to win this game. 6 seconds left. Still, Go Blue, she says deflatedly.
What a horrible shot for Wagner. Not sure why UCLA was so quick to shoot the possession prior. Juan Howard needs to draw up a nice 3 play here at the buzzer.
UCLA won dats crazy.
Gonzaga gonna wax UCLA.
Getting this Jalen and Jacoby ass squad outta here. You know what it izzzzz.
100% man. MSU had them beat too, Im not sure if MSU even gets past BYU but they shouldve beaten UCLA.
The only player in UCLA history with more points than Johnny Juzang (107) in his first five NCAA Tournament games is ... Kareem.
I predicted UCLA would win this game by 2 points.
My computer freaked out and I missed the end and lol that's what I missed. amazing that UCLA went from first four to final four though.
This game... Im all nerved up. Im not even a huge UCLA fan.
What UCLA and Michigan game looking like????
They clearly went P&R with their 2 bigs but UCLA refused to let Dickinson roll.
Juzang has more than half of UCLAs points. Give him his respect .
UCLA will lose by 30 against Gonzaga.
UCLA killin it out here.
Here we go foul or not to foul ? UCLA.
Juzang killing it all the clutch, UCLA goes to someone else. Michigan bigs killing it inside all the clutch, get an air ball 3 from a big. I mean...????
Let's finish this Bruins!
I dont not want another UCLA overtime game.
You have earned a hot dog from this reporting WHILE UCLA is on.
UCLA bounced MSU and UofM in the same tourney ***.
Omg that takes away UCLA's foul strategy yo.
Bruh trying to give me a heart attack here or what help ucla.
UCLA should guard everyone except Wagner here.
Also, what does UCLA do to make other teams miss so many free throws? Seems like other teams should study this strategy.
OMG THIS GAME!!!! MarchMaddness UCLA vs Michigan making me nauseous!!!
Ucla is too tough right now.
Shot clock table UCLA fans lol.
UCLA going to the Final 4 .
Look at UCLA dawg! Them Bruin boys out here.
Just one free throw and no fouls please.
Yo all HSBB players if you are between 61-63 come see me if you want scholarship money. Look I saw the starting lineup for the UM vs UCLA game, everyone was 66 to 71. Now im not the smartest man in the world buuuuuuuut..

Im a UCLA fan and I was yelling at the TV because that was so dumb.
UCLA hasnt been to the final 4 since 2008. Westbrook and Kevin Love year. Can they close?
Michigan's execution down the stretch has been lacking but it's not like UCLA has been much better.
UCLA is going to be dancing tonight no cap!
Which is worse the ref bias against UCLA or the announcers lovefest directed at Michigan. I'm embarrassed for.
UCLA about to beat MSU and U of M in the same tourney. Smh.
Credit to Howard for only burning fractions of a second to get UCLA on the line. Reverse kudos to Cronin would not trying at all to burn clock on any of those throw-ins.
Lets go UCLA!!
We need to wrap this up! Come on Juzang!
Then roll it over on UCLA ML vs Baylor.
People forget that UCLA was a play in game.
Juzangs second try bounces around and does not go. Another timeout by Michigan. UCLA 51, Michigan 49 0:04 2H.
If Juzang makes the second FT... does UCLA foul up 3??? Just got burned against Alabama the other night not fouling up 3.
Juzang should wear a chai pendant like Jerry Jeudy. broncos UCLA.
Zags going to beat the mess out of UCLA ***.
It's pretty pathetic how poorly Alabama and Michigan have played against UCLA. Either that or the NCAA is pathetic at seeding.
Michigan fans watching that last play against UCLA like.
I can honestly say I dont think I soul on earth enjoyed this game. Like if I was a UCLA fan Im cool with the result but watching it was not fun. AT ALL.
Come on UCLA.
DI Top 25 Coaches Poll 1. Oklahoma 2. UCLA 3. Oregon 4. Alabama 5. Florida 6. Washington 7. Texas 8. Kentucky 9. Arizona 10. Florida State.
If he makes this one, will UCLA foul this time?
Everyone needs to see the UCLA v. Michigan game right now.
Im betting my car against UCLA vs gonzaga.
UCLA will foul.
Juzang makes the first, misses the second. Timeout Michigan, down 51-49, 3.8 seconds left. Feels like some time needs to get back on the clock. The miss means UCLA can't foul.
Good thing I betted on UCLA.
Wow UCLA to the FinalFour LETS GO.
Bet UCLA fouls if he hits this second free throw.
But again, UCLA should foul lol.
It would be coaching malpractice if UCLA doesn't.
UCLA didn't foul Sunday against Alabama and gave up the game-tying 3 pointer. Let's NOT do that this time. Let's foul if Juzang makes this, up 3.
Gonzaga will beat UCLA by 50 . Cant wait to see that whooping.
I have no dog in this UCLA Michigan game and IM on pins and needles. Damn.
UCLA looks better than an 11 seed.

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Bill Walton is definitely hard af tonight.

No way.

Michigan can't stop one guy! Lol.


A member of the tribe?

Best team in LA!

Go Bruins!

Give that man some Gatorade at halftime.

Dude hoopin'.

We have seen it before player gets hot carries team.

If Bruins win this game Johnny Juzang will turn into a household name.

These copy/paste LeBron havent been funny ever.

CMON UCLA win this!!! I need my perfect bracket!

Moochegun sucks.

99% of comments now aren't even about the thing that's posted. Just copy-paste trash.

En fuego!

Love it but the rest of the teams gonna have to step up if they want to win.

Diakite > LeFraud.

Johnny Juzang.

Diakite is still better!

Is it possible to find a good guy on Twitter?


Pac-12 is best conference.

He fouled last game and they still won, ucla will win this.

Johnny sins betta.

Michigan will clutch up.


I have him over lechoke.

Post curry he better than lechoke.

Thats it i have him over AD.

Who is this guy.

Hes better than JorChoke.