Monday 19th of April 2021

Liverpool Have Quit The European Club Association. Effectively no Longer Part of FIFA or UEFA. Awlfc ]telegraph].

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NEWS: In a joint statement, UEFA, English FA, Italian FA, Spanish FA, Premier, Liga, Serie A announce that the 12 clubs involved in SuperLeague will be banned from domestic league if they will pursue their project.

UEFA, the English Football Association, the Premier League, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), LaLiga, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and Lega Serie A have today released a statement. Read it in full here.

Official statement from UEFA about Super League: The clubs concerned will be banned from playing in any other domestic competition, European or International level, and the players could be denied the opportunity to represent their national teams.

UEFA: "Every player who participates in Super League will be banned from international football." Benzema.
Why would they? If they do, this will kill the Domestic league. If fifa and uefa dont prevent this from happening, league football is dead.
UEFA has NOT suspended the Champions League and Europa League.
FIFA official statement "FIFA can only express its DISAPPROVAL to a 'closed European breakaway league' outside of the international football structures and not respecting the aforementioned principles". So, UEFA and FIFA are both *against* the SuperLeague.

Burnley v Real Valladolid in the 2024 UEFA Champions League Final.
What a fucking night in the simulation we call life, Im fully expecting to wake up to news that Jake Paul has announced hes fighting John Henry on behalf of UEFA or some mad shit.
It's a new IPL style league and belive me, IPL has more interesting matches than the PL due to similar levels of competition and one thing we tend to forget is that this league WILL NOT REPLACE DOMESTIC LEAGUES. Let UEFA have taste of their own medicine.

Everyone needs to realise that the super league is the future. Like fuck this UEFA niggas.
Arsenal planned for the next 10 years in 2005 based on false promises made by Uefa RE Financial fair play and Uefa couldnt do the walk on the grounds. Arsenal stabbing Uefa in the back is not bad for me. Uefa kept failing with their promises.

No they are away from the UEFA champions league, they still want to remain in their domestic leagues.
There will be an emergency meeting by UEFA tomorrow to PUNISH all clubs involved in the Super League. ]carrusel - : theMadridZone].
Liverpool have quit the European Club Association. Effectively no longer part of FIFA or UEFA. awlfc ]telegraph].
UEFA has threatened to ban every team and player that participates in the newly formed Super League from all UEFA and FIFA competitions at the European and International level, per FabrizioRomano This would include the World Cup.

Finally a league system that rewards teams that want to improve & grow & not run terribly like UEFA & FIFA. A system when everyone is EQUAL & if you have money & fans you can SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY! These 2 corruption accused corporations finally getting what they deserve! (2/2).

UEFA Champions League already removed Real Madrid 13 UCL titles!
These clubs were all hard hit by covid and other things... It's only right they find more ways to get revenue. In the end... Uefa seems not to have their interests at heart when expanding their own competitions despite them being the biggest clubs in it. Money must be made.

UEFA isn't protecting any values wtf they were lining their pockets with oil money from psg and City but penalizing Milan and the likes. Fuck them.
Uefa dealing with SuperLeague teams.
UEFA Champions League 2024 final Barnsley vs Alcorcon highlights.
UEFA says every player and club who participate in new Super League will be banned from UEFA and FIFA football tournaments.
This will never happen. This idea has come from club owners who have no power over FIFA/any other federation. UEFA has already stated that if the league does go through every player participating in the so called SuperLeague will no longer be able to play for there country.

The Premier League have done an awful job protecting English football from profiteering ownership & sportswashing consortiums. The europeansuperleague is their punishment. The PL is a haven of greed for billionaires. The FA, UEFA & FIFA are all responsible for this new league.

After the SuperLeague statement, this is the UEFA position: "Every club and player participating in the Super League could be banned from all UEFA and FIFA competitions, European or International level".

UEFA Team of the Year 2022/23.
UEFA x FIFA vs billionaire owners vs the tories. This capitalist el clasico.
Today, UEFA are denouncing greed. On an unrelated note, tomorrow, UEFA are set to announce a revamped Champions League with even more teams and even more games to sell to broadcasters.
So you're saying top seven could be back on?
Theres *nothing* stated, official or confirmed yet about next Champions League and Europa League matches temporarily suspended. No press release, *nothing* decided yet. UEFA meeting in the next hours will clarify this point.

Lets go to the only thing that matters: if all those clubs get out of FIFA and UEFA, how the hell I will play with them in 2022 at my gaming console ? FIFA 2022 RIP.
FA have been hoarding money from the big 6 clubs that generate majority of their revenue because if they have done enough I do not think , 6 clubs from England will join. UEFA too handling of racism is quiet corrupt.

UEFA and FIFA: "Every player who participates in Super League will be banned from international football." Benzema.
Uefa has always been corrupt as shit anyways.
They're hiding behind the "let's stick it to UEFA and FAs incompetence" to excuse a decision that will hurt the majority of other clubs and fans more than it could ever hurt UEFA. The fact founding teams have guaranteed eternal spots and money says it all. Just a cash grab.

I explained things.
European Super League on the phone to UEFA and FIFA.
UEFA's statement on a Super League today: 'The clubs concerned will be banned from playing in any other competition at domestic, European or world level, and their players could be denied the opportunity to represent their national teams.'.

Either way, UEFA and FIFA are equally as corrupt.
Florentino Perez after opening a Good Luck gift from UEFA.
Chelsea & Man City were backed into a corner to accept the europeansuperleague invitation. Neither owners need the additional money, but the fear of being left behind is thought to have been central to their thinking when adding their names. ] MikeKeegan_DM].

Must strip Liverpool of their six European Cups then, alongside stripping Man Utd of their three wins - therefore Nottingham Forest are now Englands most successful team in Europe with two wins followed by Aston Villa with one!!!

I know I;m in the minority, but I will absolutely not watch this fuckery.
The SuperLeague is the end of the UEFA doing whatever they want and now there is a better tournament which would affect everyone if they doesn't make peace because the teams are without their leagues and tournaments and the FIFA is without their best teams and players.

Now a joint statement on the European Super League reports from UEFA, the English FA, the Premier League, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, La Liga, the Italian Football Federation and Serie A in the thread below.

Don't get it twisted, UEFA & FIFA are not clean either. They're only panicking now because the money in their pockets is being moved elsewhere. The beautiful game has been slowly falling apart for a while now.

Kroos (11/11/2020): "European Super League? We are just puppets of FIFA and UEFA. If there was a players' union, we would not be playing the Nations League or Supercopa de Espana in Saudi Arabia.".
UEFA and FIFA don't want the competition because they won't see any money in theirs pockets trust me that's the main reason that they don't want it. This is so weird, until the end of the month we will know more.

Honestly we're all scared of change, nothing more. Everyone against this idea either supports a club not included or is naive to the fact that UEFA has always been greedy. These big clubs takes all the risks weekly,UEFA never cared about the lower teams either. FIFA's next to go.

When FIFA and UEFA questions the clubs why they agreed to join the European Super League.
I still its Uefas fault , they re doing something wrong.
This is the last year Real Madrid will be in the UEFA Champions League.
Exactly!!!! UEFA is trying to muscle these teams from doing business as they choose. UEFA doesnt own the teams anymore than the NCAA owns the power 5 if they decide to go into business for themselves someday.

Omg Omg here's some more.
As much as the FA or UEFA threaten, its the clubs that hold the leverage.
No i wasnt lol. i was just pointing out how corrupt the uefa are themselves. its just karma for being so corrupt.
Bro its all a power struggle for money and uefa and league fas will lose lot of big clubs go through with this so their threats to ban and restrict players are useless.
Fuck UEFA, if they can work out an agreement to keep the teams that are in the ESL in the domestic leagues then its literally the best thing that could happen for us in general as City fans.
West Ham vs Celta Vigo in the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final.
PSG's owners own beINSPOS, heavily invested in UEFA CL coverage etc. It's not out of nobility.
Florentino Perez when UEFA ask him why hes forming a European super league.
UEFA could ban every player and club involved in the European Super League from ALL European or international competitions, according to FabrizioRomano. [?].
Ban them all from European competition and domestic leagues and revoke the players rights to represent their country in UEFA European Championships and FIFA World Cups. When the clubs want to return to their leagues, start at the bottom of the pyramid.

So UEFA can ban players from playing in the World Cup for being apart of this Super League but only give fines for racism. Alright.
They concerned about worldcup lot of money has gone into that worldcup prep plus they have always wanted to be the big boys and hold fifa and uefa by their necks so wid all the big boys gone they ll have it.

realmadriden LFC juventusfcen Inter_en SpursOfficial Did you clubs afraid of losing supremacy that over the years with VAR system? You dont want BlackYellow crvenazvezdafk rscanderlecht fcsbofficial_ro OM_English etc clubs to win cups anymore!

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Is this a good thing ?


If these clubs leave the EPL and are barred from the CL, FA and League cups then fans have no choice but to find new clubs. For Man U, that's Salford, for City, Oldham or Rochdale, for Spurs; Enfield Town, Arsenal; Brentford and sorry guys, but for LFC, that's the bitters.

When they allowed the oil money in, it was always going to lead to this. Who tf can compete with the coffers of a whole state. Totalitarian one at that.

Im a united fan, but i feel really bad for liverpool fans. we stand together in this battle against the super league.


Como la ves meazza1990_ , esto no lo esperaba?

Matte vente til dere var ute av CL ja.


Going to be a costly exercise leaving the EPL. Compensation will be what, tens or hundreds of PSm? Will the super league clubs be able to buy players from non super league clubs?

Any words on this? I mean, the Super League thing is, in my opinion, A PILE OF HORSE SHIT.

Nope count me out...


R.i.p LFC.

What was that song the fans sang after the final win the other year.

I think the owners made a mistake!

Is gone "You'll Never Walk Alone" . Finished.