Sunday 12th of July 2020

Mannnn Lets Get This Shmoneyy.

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That makes 0 sense BlessedMMA won that fight.
The Nigerian Nightmare.
WHO YA GOT?! Stream UFC251 on ESPN nulb.
So I understand that if you wanna win a fight you shouldnt let it go to the judges but plain and simple they screwed BlessedMMA for a 2nd time he won the first fight and he with out a doubt won the 2nd.

The person who bet $200k on jorge masvidal.
Masvidal wants to fight. Usman wants an entanglement.
Just a level above the rest!
You over grown midget! You stole that one. Ill make sure to stop you you thief.
Who next for Usman84kg after UFC251?
Jorge watching Usman next fight.
Usman's training camp for.
The UFC must hire MojahedFudailat! /cc.
There is no one on the planet, besides the judges, that believe Volkanovski beat Max Holloway. It was 3-2 Max at best. Max was robbed and is the UFC Featherweight Champion. That decision can not slide. Something has to be done.

First Colby now Masvidal. Kamaru handing these MAGA boys Ls like.
Booooom Top rated power play !! Usman -220 cashes !! UFC251 Jerseykid 3-1 UFCFightIsland We dont control odds we only try picking winners.
I would also say Holloway won 3-2, but fair play to Volkanovski.
Amazing fight fellas!! Well deserved and earned by PetrYanUFC! You are the real deal and I cannot wait to share the octagon with you homie! FunkGotNext UFC251 TheWeeklyScraps!
Pat Barry in that corner was so annoying, leave it to Trevor -nulb.
How did you score AlexVolkanovski vs BlessedMMA at UFC251?
Who is the BMF now??
After watching the replay of Max vs Alexander. That is now 2 times Max has been robbed. The UFC need better judges.
Referee: He's good, keep fighting Meanwhile Aldo.
Masvidal when he tries gets out of bed tomorrow morning.
Dana on VolkanovskiHolloway2 : Weve got some bad judging. Did ANYONE in here score it for Volkanovski? Hard to disagree, Volk lost that fight.
1/4 but Max should've won so I'm counting that. Should've picked Usman.
Connor McGregor after seeing usman hitting masvidal with his shoulder.
Im Very Hungry Im next!
If Jorge Masvidal beats Kamaru Usman tonight, Ill send a nude to everyone that likests this & FOLLOWS me.
Hey usman.
: Kamaru Usman The champ defends with a dominant display over Jorge Masvidal. Doubt him now. The Nigerian Nightmare is no joke.
*Masvidal with a foot exposed* Usman.
Congrats to Kamaru Usman on his win over Jorge Masvidal in their ufc251 match & retaining the UFC Welterweight Championship.
Everyone seeing Volkanovski win.
Jorge Masvidals toes after the fight.
Two Nigerian champions undefeated in the UFC Represent.
Masvidal every time Usman stomps on his foot.
Took it on six days. Hats off to GamebredFighter!
Aldos corner looking at the ref waiting for him to stop the fight.
Me staying up till 6am just to watch usman hug masvidal for 25 minutes.
Kamaru Usman joins Khabib Nurmagomedov and Anderson Silva as the only fighters in history to start a UFC career with a 12-0 record.
White slams 'bad judging' following Volkanovski-Holloway rematch.
All Nigerians, please go and enjoy a full plate of goat meat & Jollof rice in Usmans honor.
He's a problem! Usman84kg closes the show on top!
Were gonna run it back. Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal all class after going the distance at.
Respect = earned Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman exchange words after the final buzzer. They're not going to be friends, but they definitely respect each other after sharing the Octagon.
Rolling into McDonalds with your Dad.
Dana White was not fond of the "bad judging" in Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway. UFC251 Full interview.
Usman Defeat Both Trump Cards Masvidal Or Colby He Dominate Whole Fight Congrats The Nigerian Nightmare.
Max Holloway is one of the only people in the world who has been robbed by the same person twice in two continents.
Rose Namajunas went through it all vs. Jessica Andrade.
Some Finnish!
Kamaru Usman retains his UFC welterweight championship with a win by unanimous decision over Jorge Masvidal UFC251 ( espnmma).
I know I called Usman winning Cuddle to anyone who asked, but that doesnt mean Im happy about it. Thats just what hes done for 12 of 14 UFC fights.
Usman vs Burns next, with Edwards taking the winner. Then while that's all going on we should get Masvidal vs Covington.
Max won.
THE NIGERIAN NIGHTMARE! Usman defeats Masvidal!
The new bantamweight king! Jose Aldo showed his class but Petr Yan would not be denied at.
.GamebredFighter won't make excuses following his loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC251: "He was the better man tonight He won fair and square." Watch full video.
There is NOTHING to THINK about danawhite! I am the next guy in line! I earned my shot and its time for me to realize a dream! Cut the games!
Max dropped him twice!! Two different rounds!! How does he lose that man?! UFC251 TheWeeklyScraps!
Usman takes down Masvidal Kamaru Usman defeats Jorge Masvidal in the main event of Fight Island.
If MMA were pro wrestling, we'd be getting ready for a rematch between Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson following their exchange during and after.
Welcome to Fight Island Lets do this.
Barn burner. Instant classic. Who couldve seen that coming?
So we gonna act like GSP didnt fight like Usman for fucking years and get praised for it?
Petr Yan beat the number 6 guy to become the Champ. Khabib beat the number 11 guy to become the Champ. Therefore, Yan > Khabib.
Am I the only one to like Usman? He stood toe to toe with Colby & won Trained a full fight camp to fight Burns Had to take on very dangerous Masvidal on short notice too Sometimes you need to go back to what youre beat at Do what you need to do to W.

Actually goes for the finish and mauls people usman just holds on and does.
Usman Kamaru making us proud Anthony Joshua making us proud Israel Adesanya making us proud The media won't celebrate this, but if it's fraudulent activities, they'll be quick to put it on your faces. We still hv Nigerians doing well Naija to the world.

As for Usman the guy is just too damn good. Nobody at welterweight beats this guy!
RETWEET if you think Max Holloway won that fight.
This is my entry for the BettyButterchallenge BettyButter please help me tag IamMayorKun Please Help my craft retweet . .
People comparing Usman to Khabib in terms of style, Khabib actually goes for the finish and mauls people.
So I stayed up all night for that? Bet.

What You Really Think

Date and time.

If you want to know what dominance is, watch Khabib's fights. Go fight for the belt "of the most Boring Motherfucker in the Stalls>>.

Iesli khochiesh' uznat', chto takoie dominirovaniie, to posmotri boi Khabiba. Idi dieris' za poias <>.

Iebat' ty dominator, ia iebu. Dominiroval ot samogho nachala i kontsa. Ia tak ponimaiu, osnovnym dominiruiushchim sriedstvom bylo PROSTO UDIeRZhANIIe BIeZ ZNAChIMYKh UDAROV ( naniesieniia urona) I UDAROV PO STOPIe KhORKhIe?? Vot eto dominantnost', ia iebu. Takoie ssyklo, stydno za tiebia.

Are you Russian? I noticed your fighting style is Stallin.

Naija ftw ".

I told them that you gonna win.

This man likes to attack from the head, I wish u best of luck. It is well.


Congratulations Usman u made us proud.

All fake usman had.

Hugs anh stomps??? Thats all you have??? WTF champ??? [?]nulb.

And Still, The Nigeria Nightmare.

The Nebraskan Nightmare, cause youre boring to watch.

Marty from Nebraska.


You managed to put your fans to sleep! That is even more impressive.

Shitty win couldnt stand, scared to trade punches.

Congrats kamaruuuuu,, bro ur head gat oil,,..big ups bro Continue f*cking em up.

Blacks no fears.

Congratulations champ! We move!

Congratulations Bro.

Respect to Saying you wanna fight him again.

Do more bro and takecare for his flighting knee.

Bro, am seriously proud of you. Who is next? Everybody is next. Continue beating them am looking upward for a day u will destroy blayde.

The Real Tiger Congrats Dear USMAN84kg we Love You Alot as a war Fighter im Huge Fan of you.

Destroy his fine white face man.

Kill am.

Can you send me a refund? Remind me to never buy a PPV youre in. I can watch my neighbors kids hug and step on each others feet for free.

Usman insha Allah.

Only getting money of GamebredFighter coat tail.

CHAMP!!! Enough said!

Congratulations Champ.

Only bought the fight for masvidal!

Omo iya this one don go so who's next? Dem go eat beaten tire and na unbeaten we dey do 4life.

Boring ass personality. Just like your boring ass fight.

Foot stomp champ! Sad Marty fake ass usman.

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