Friday 7th of April 2023


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I also read that a congressman peed on the chair of a colleague. There is a long list of behaviors that weren't expellable offenses however they can't handle people using their Constitutional rights. Absolutely absurd.

Last year, Cade Cothren, another one of speakers Casada's friends, was charged with sexual assault. Casada shielded him from expulsion as well as campaigning for him. Now there are reports that Casada and Durham ( the guy you are referring to) shared tests joking about sexual assault. While Durham was being asked to resign, Casada made him a high ranking committee chairman. Both of these Republicans were eventually expelled. Casada has been asked to resign.

Just so everyone is aware, the pedophile in question is former Rep David Byrd. Remember follks, that's David Byrd.

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]big list of convicted child predators elected to Republican office. 41 pages long. ]().

I mean, Republicans in the U.S. Congress refuses to remove a pedophile. That guy was the 45th President.

They dont want to save child lives, they want as many of them born as possible so they have more toys to torture.

The Repugnican Party has been the fascist party for quite some time now, they are just more brazen about it since Trump appeared on the scene.

The facists are no longer hiding, they are out to fuck around. When will someone let them find out?

Yep. The word "fascism" is sometimes misused, but in this case, it's entirely appropriate. This is the stuff of dictatorships, not functioning constitutional governments.

There can be no tolerance of fascism. None.

Lets call it what it is. Racism AF.

My friend who really likes to ride the center and "both sides are bad" got upset when I called his take on politics a "shit take" because it is a toxic and dangerous notion that downplays the exceptionally fascistic and dangerous position of the right. &x200B; One of his main complaints about the Left . they're too anti-religious freedom.

Yep. That second vote failed. I wonder what the key difference is between the first and the second. Couldnt have anything to do with a pigmentation? Over/under on the third being expelled? Q100%?

Rep. Gloria Johnson was saved by one vote... absolutely absurd.

To me, protesting is the most American thing you can do. But look how they treated Kapernick and others. And that's the party that supposedly worships the constitution.

"both sides are the same" people are always just repubs trying to generate apathy among democrats.

Oh boy I guess Tennessee senate might learn what wrath of people looks like.

I'm sorry America, but your country is actually now a shithole in the eyes of the rest of the world. Well, I suppose it already was. Cheers for that 2016... but now, dayum... what the fuck even happened? I truly feel sorry for people that live in States like these. Oppressive bigoted racist fuckwits in power and enough morons willing to continuously vote them in. What a shambles.

Fascism almost took America by force and we are seeing it happen again. We have a precedent of our corporations pushing for fascism. In the 1920s there was a plot to take over the government and create a fascist dictatorships using the American Legion. This was bank rolled by JP Morgan and other bankers. McCormack-Dickstein Committee investigated this and refused to interview anyone that was involved and let it side. Those in charge in the committee have links to the big bankers and corporations. This was called the Business Plot. History repeats and we are about to see it happen again with the rise of fascism pushed by our corporate overlords. Before they would have used the American Legion as their army now they have the Proud Boys and the republican party. The corporate media will help control the population and keep them complacent while they encroach on our freedoms and rights. This will only escalate from here.

What *can* you do, when one party cheats and lies? Fuck, in NC, a woman who was elected with a large majority in her district just switched from the Democratic party to the Republican party and is now going to help them fuck over all of the state's citizens. Even voting doesn't work at this point. The ballot box is gone. There's only one usable box left that I can see...

I'm a 59 year old gay man. I've been fighting these people all my life, and I am so tired. So damned tired. A bunch of y'all need to step up. I mean seriously.

Well when we talk about fighting back against Facism reddit mods ban us. If Hitler were alive today and I recommended kicking him in the balls a reddit Mod would ban me for inciting violence. Apparently it's okay to be the victim of violence and oppression but if we call to defend ourselves from tyranny that's just a step too far.

How can people still support these dirtbags with votes? Honestly, do they just not see it?

Not trying to catch a ban here but has there ever been a successful method of getting rid of fascists other than killing as many as possible until they are afraid to be outwardly fascist any longer?

Keep in mind these representatives were duly elected and their constituents will no longer be represented in Congress. I don't know what the protocol is for this but I can't imagine they would allow another Democrat to take their place.

They havent abandoned conservatism. People just arent educated enough to understand that fascism is exclusively a far right phenomenon and is what conservatism ALWAYS ends in if not regulated.

Incorrect. This is conservatism. Fascism is hyper-conservatism. Never misconstrue conservatism through the lens of fiscal conservatism or small government. Conservatism by definition is that the preservation of hierarchies, and those hierarchies being immutable, is the basis for how the state should be run. You can really consider fascism conservative-based flailing when their hold on the status quo starts to slip and lower castes start to seek to shift traditional hierarchies in lieu of some crisis they (the upper castes) caused. See: Worker's Movements in Europe through the post-WW1 period.

It's only a matter of time until they turn to violence to get their way.

Conservativism is inextricable from fascism. It is philosophically bankrupt as a political idea. Because when you break down what conservativism is, fundementally it's the belief that you can use old, failed solutions to contemporary problems. This is bound to failure, and as conservatives continue to fail they are faced with a choice; acknowledge reality is not aligned with their outdated political ideas and change those ideas or double down. They will continue to double down until the misalignment with reality becomes so severe and the cognitive dissonance so uncomfortable that they have to take action against reality to try and force it to align with their worldview. That's when it manifests fully as naked fascism.

Its definitely gonna get uglier and not just for us. May I remind you, many of us on the left, have been arming ourselves for a while now. No way in fucking hell Im going down without a fight.

Democrats are the only ones who still think its possible to accept someone disagreeing in politics. Governing is no longer about compromise, its about beating your opponents. They need to start fighting back just as hard.

I have always been a moderate and it pisses me off that I can no longer be that. Politics has become so damn polarizing and it is a shame. I remember when decent republicans like Romney would actually stand up to their party and not always agree for the fucks sake of it.

I actually want to see this happen.

Eject all of them that violated their oaths of office to uphold the constitution. They are going to fucking bleat about it either way, but everyone who participated and fuelled the insurrection attempt needed to be ejected yesterday. If Biden doesn't have the fucking balls, do ***not*** put that motherfucker in next time because he will be the equivalent of the president that did jack shit before the Civil War or the inept fucks that fed Hitler and did absolutely fucking nothing.

It is legal but I'd imagine a large portion the 70,000 people he represents do not agree with this. It hasn't been used since the 1800s but a two-thirds majority can expel a sitting member.

Can it really be, this time?

This is a valid reason to riot. While legally I cant advocate for vandalism, the houses of every republican in the Tennessee congress is a valid target with publicly available addresses.

Alexa, que up Limp Bizkit.

I hope they burn that city down.

Jokes aside, that's what should happen. This is the Republicans giving a blatant middle finger to representative democracy. ]This lady said it best]() during the BLM protests when she ended that rant with the "fuck you target" bit.

A two-thirds majority can expel a member. It's not been used since the 1800s. I don't know what the process is from here as I've never experienced this in my lifetime but I'm imagining there will be hell to pay in the following elections.

Imagine if a lawmaker tried to stab a colleague and for some reason wasn't charged. You would want some method to allow a supermajority of decent lawmakers to remove a bad one. Now a supermajority of evil lawmakers have used it to remove normal lawmakers (arguably great lawmakers for protesting to protect children's lives).

You and your friends will die screaming in school. And youll like it. Because were pro life.

Sex trafficking minors? Lying about every aspect of your life? Literal Treason? None of these are reason to expel a member provided they have the correct letter before their name. Leading a protest against gun violence after the 37th mass shooting of the week? Get the fuck outta here.

Unfortunately we're just Biden our time until President DeSantis and I'm absolutely terrified... (see what I did there) They're just paving the way like they did for Trump.

They already have absolute power. I don't get the point of expelling members who have no power anyway, although it is proof of how far we've gone away from democracy.

"We are all domestic terrorists" -CPAC 2022.

Most republicans first elected prior to 2016 hate orange Juliuss guts, but theyre too damn coward to say so because the people who vote in Republican primaries are fucking crazy. Thats the problem. The inmates are running the asylum.

> NOW FUCKING WHAT? now they say "tsk tsk tsk" and give them a stern look of disapproval. that'll teach 'em.

I think the times has passed for peaceful solutions. They only respond to force.

To what end? Like what are the goals of your general strike? Because if it's to remove Republicans you're going to have a tough time as at least 40% of the country supports that side of the spectrum.

We cannot and must not let it.

It's not dying, it's dead.

They are arresting the children of opponents in Florida. For nothing. Shared a meme. * they are going to impeach a newly elected judge. simply because they're sore losers. let's not forget... democracy was so we don't have to fight a war every time we have a political disagreement. if democracy disappears, then the while social contract is meaningless, and we go back to bloodshed when (for example) the new leader is Catholic instead of Protestant. *edit, there might be more to this story than I heard originally.

I believe so. The federal government can do it as well if I'm not mistaken.


This is essentially what they're doing.

This is the TN House, so the Congressional members are not involved. One of the republican members who just lost re-election was at the insurrection though.

I believe this is a nationwide power so any state can do it. I'm scared for the next General Assemblies because they 100% will attempt to do this.

There's nothing we can do either. Our votes don't count and we're going so backwards that it's going to take years to repair what they've done if we even get an opportunity to.

They just needed a 2/3 majority vote. Its fucking ridiculous.

Biden has absolutely zero authority in Tennessee state matters.

You're not being a moron, you're exactly right... and they're trying to equate it to January 6th.

It's looking less likely all the time.

It's legal but absolutely absurd and proof that the Constitution doesn't matter to the GOP.

A two-thirds majority can legally expel a sitting member. Absolutely absurd but it is legal. Hasn't been used in 200 years.

It's not a technicality, it's a power inherent to the legislative body. However abusing it has not been done until now.

> Fascism is not: an ideology. Well that's where you're objectively wrong.

Maybe by the next election cycle comes around the repubs in any local, state or national will be eliminated.

Come to Michigan. We're the anti Florida.

Thats what they want. You have to remember that the senate and electoral college value land over people, which means that if more democrats and independents leave a red state, the more likely they will solidify power federally. Yall need to stay and fight, and only leave as a last resort (not to mention how many people who CANT leave due to economic or other reasons) Edit: Heres youre constant reminder to VOTE PEOPLE! Its the goddamn bare minimum here to get us out of this mess, and until relatively recently weve been shit at it. But 2018, 2020 and 2022 have given me hope that we can pull out of this. Get out there, get informed, inform others, and drag yourselves and others to the polls for EVERY. SINGLE. ELECTION.

Biden doesn't do shit. It's infuriating.

Genuinely asking, what realistically can the president even do about this?

This is legal. A two-thirds majority can expel sitting members of Congress. However, it hasn't been used since the 1800s. I'm unsure what recourse there is for this as it's not happened in 200 years. There will most likely be another election to fill those seats in which new Democrats will be elected. I'd imagine there will also be lawsuits especially because the reason they are expelling them is absurd.

They no longer hold the seats they were elected to in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

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