Sunday 12th of July 2020

Usmans Training For UFC251.

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Masvidal every time Usman stomps on his foot.
Usmans training for UFC251.
Usman takes down Masvidal Kamaru Usman defeats Jorge Masvidal in the main event of Fight Island.
Major success for security forces, LeT Terrorist Usman who was responsible for attack in which 1 CRPF jawan & a civilian lost life eliminated in Sopore encounter.
Usman for 5 rounds.
Usman tryna keep you off your toes.
With Usman unable to finish. Im surprised hes got kids.
He certainly engaged and worked towards putting Francis away more so than Usman did Jorge.
67irr Hamara_Desh IndiaUnleashed_ sunitpanna athavale_abhi shytigress bshariharan nalini51purohit desai_ujjwala i__Mystic RakeshBcpsgwl Sachin_vedic KrishnaSatyend2 Captsandeep2 mohana5121966 nano_arun Rahul_saffron nrajabpcl narendramodi PMOIndia desertfox61I seedhadilse Stuti8220 SortedEagle Pankaj_NaMo SoniaGurnani19 MBIndiaNews JoyKarmaker75 dhaval8456 savitha_rao lakshmianand96 PAWANSANAN ModiBrigade_Ind RituKulshresth Sowmiya07939778 Devv_1979 Richa_Anand73 AmitShah Pakistani LeT terrorist Usman killed in Sopore encounter. He was involved in the recent terror attack at Sopore in which one CRPF jawan lost his life and one civilian was killed.

If usman beats me ill retire never tweet again and delete my instagram send me the contract ill be waiting.
No hate but, Usman hugged Masvidal more then my dad's ever hugged me in my life.
99.9999% of the world vs Usman then.
What I said 2 weeks back occured today as Pakistani LeT terrorist Usman was killed in today's encounter. He was involved in recent terror attack at Sopore in which one CRPF jawan and one civilian died.

: Pakistani LeT terrorist Usman killed in encounter. He was involved in recent terror attack at Sopore in which one CRPF jawan was martyred and one civilian was killed. Big success for Police & SFs: IGP Kashmir.

Usman just hugged him and stomped on his toes.
I cannot get over this genius idea of dealing with water accumulation issue in Lahore. Not only does this deal with the excess water, it also provides stored water to be used for irrigation purposes afterwards! Well done Usman Buzdar.

"floyd mayweather" of the ufc "no-one will want to watch him fight" last time i checked floyd sold any venue he visited and had the biggest ppv numbers in combat histroy..get the f*ck outta here u bum , people will always pay for a chance to see usman lose.

Usman in particular tends to have boring fights cuz he is not as aggressive on the ground as someone like Khabib nor does he have as good submissions. But guys cant get him off them.
BIG success for security Forces Pakistani LeT Ter0rist Usman k!lled in Sopore encounter along with2 others . He was involved in recent terr0r attack at Sopore in which one CRPF jawan was martyred and one civilian was k!lled: IGP Kashmir He was on AAA list.

Dude you already lost to Usman.
If Jorge Masvidal beats Kamaru Usman tonight, Ill send a nude to everyone that likests this & FOLLOWS me.
Must is a keyword in my statement . Thats Usman game plan ***nulb is it enjoyable to watch no but Jorge has to eat them words what happend to that.
I don't think Khabib would beat Usman that easy, it would probably be Khabib's toughest fight of his career.
Usman ! Lets Go!!
This fight was so hyped up, I fell asleep after the 3rd round. It was a foot stomping fight for Usman.
Dana: I want to sell ppvs Usman: I know, foot stomps and hugging!
I think its obvious what you do for WW next. You match up Usman & Burns and you also match up Masvidal & Covington. Aldo I think the UFC should match up Edwards & Thompson.
Usman fighted body to body cause masvidal was better than usman at distance. He knew it, he worked on it.
Whats this underground water storage?! What kind of silly projects is CM Usman Buzdar launching? I miss Shahbaz Sharif who could bankrupt the province for a 30 km Orange Train. Disappointed. Want my vote back!

Bruh youll lose to usman and burns, youre fuckin talented but yanno, the levels thing.
Exactly. Then stop comparing fighters. Theyre totally different. Some people are complaining and making excuses for losers. If Usman is boring. Then why cant any fighters in the division beat him? This is not play station . This is a real fight.

I didnt say it was a excuse I said he did good for a 6 day notice Lmaoo that boy still landed some mean ass shots usman won the only way he coulda won all im saying I understand the fight game.
Usman by decision.
I love it that so many haters continue to complain about Usman. Its MMA not boxing. He relies on his strengths and will continue to do so until someone takes that belt away from him. Keep crying in the meantime though.

Its an entertainment business and Usman doesnt provide. He definitely doesnt deserve to headline.
Both cuts were headbutts usman didnt do anything besides hug and toe tap the whole fight.. the only round he stood up and boxed was round 1 and he got dominated.. clearly didnt watch the fight.
The street can never be defeated . . . Rihanna Naira Marley Magu Usman Buhari Akpabio wecantbreathe NigerianNightmare IPHCChurchhostage TREM Grammy 9ice Entanglement Welcome to Church.
Lmao so true. Dont think Usman should headline any events in the future unless its against Colby.
I think Usman walks around at 205. He cuts so much weight to fight at 170 and uses his size to dominate the other guys.. really boring way to win.
People mad at Usman Lmfaoo.
Usman is soooooo dreary. Most boring champ ever.
Better than the Usman vs Masvidal fight.
I love seeing people bitching about Usman's style lmao, You know you got the job done when the only critique people have is "meh, boring". But not gonna lie, that first round was scary. Jorge is a vicious striker, good luck to any non wrestler out there (except Wonderboy).

Accidental headbutts .genius other than those two hits, what else did usman actually do?
Listen To Burnas Supportive Commentary On Usmans Fight Against Jorge.
You Reminded The World That Good Things Still Come From Nigeria, Buhari Hails Usman.
Burns might be the only guy right now that is strong enough and can grapple well enough to make Usman stand and strike.
Pakistani LeT terrorist Usman killed in Sopore encounter. He was involved in the recent terror attack at Sopore in which one CRPF jawan lost his life and one civilian was killed: IGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar (file pic).

Yall meet me irl and u gonna find me different from what u expect yeah even salt looks like sugar - awbyn.
Pls does it come with the skin? Because..
How usman trained for the fight.
And whats the difference between those guys and Usman? Yup Usman is a dominant champ lol.
Me staying up till 6am just to watch usman hug masvidal for 25 minutes.
Toe Stomping Fighting Championship. i didnt think it could get any worse watching max imo get robbed but then the usman fight happened so.
Watching Usman entangle Masvidal against the fence for 25 straight minutes.
Just think if hed actually taken the obvious winner, Usman, in that parlay. 6 days notice without a proper camp? All the Masvidal love last night was laughable.
Its my last usman fight.
Connor McGregor after seeing usman hitting masvidal with his shoulder.
Mixed martial arts: Usman grinds down Masvidal to retain UFC welterweight crown in Abu Dhabi - The Straits Times.
Dude might be the only kamaru usman fan in the world.
I thought burns would originally win and after seeing usman performance last night I think burns wins even more convincingly.
UFC 251 Recap FD smashed it and nearly took down in smaller GPPs. Cashed Cash games without a single problem aswell! Bets went 8-3 for a total of 4.87 units profit! DK core 4 : Rosa, Hollaway, Salikhov, usman (or Ribas over Rosa for people that saw update) did fairly well.

*Masvidal with a foot exposed* Usman.
You wanna box a wrestler dont get out wrestled. Dont blame Usman blame Masvidal for being 1 dimensional.
Thank you Usman. Was a good night.
Go try brobro..usman was just stronger and was the better fighter .lets goo second fight would be interesting..
Floyd actually FOUGHT those guys you mentioned. He engaged in a fight and SCHOOLED them. Thats why people complain that his fights were boring. Usman didnt wanna engage in a fight. He literally was stepping on mans toes and laying on him the whole fight damn near.

Kamaru Usman (USMAN84kg) fires back at critics of his performance: "Come share the octagon with Jorge Masvidal for 25 minutes." UFC251 Full interview.
Anyone else thought this was funny af?
Usmans coach preparing him for the fight.
THE NIGERIAN NIGHTMARE! Usman defeats Masvidal!
Usman be like.
Fighting Kamaru Usman seems like a truly awful experience.
Before the fight: Masvidal gonna destroy Usman After the fight: it was short notice.
Correct. You said "Usman was up 3-1" earlier, being just as wrong as me.
All shut the hell up chump. Usman fought like a punk. You people got the biggest mouths but the weakest spines and hearts. If youre so proud of your country then go back and fix it and stop pretending to be African American and speaking for them on that stupid show that you got.

Usman needs to be on the prelims... Not a main event draw.
Zhang, Nunes, and Shevchenko are all more exciting champs than Usman.

What You Really Think

Did he even have a camp.

Best sleep aid available Usman.

His foot was a balloon.

The Nigerian Toe Stomper.