Sunday 16th of October 2022

Well Folks, Tomorrow is BC Municipal Election Day. Make a Plan to Vote! And For Those in Vancouver, Why Should You Vote For Christineeboyle And The Entire OneCityVan Slate? Just Watch.

Social Media Says

Right-wing group funded Lululemon founder helped promote film demonizing Vancouvers homeless. group funded Lululemon founder Chip Wilson sponsored event that united Vancouvers police union with local right-wing activists.

defeated Kennedy Stewart become next mayor Vancouver, News Decision Desk declared.
next mayor Vancouver. defeated Kennedy Stewart. CITY.
Capitals Canucks meet out-of-conference matchup.
While threat downturn Vancouvers real estate been spoken about while, Swiss bank suggesting current might little more worrisome.
Waiting ferry Vancouver Island. skyV.
This rock show, everybodyVV.
Thank Vancouver!
Remember that time Chip Wilson bought Vancouver?
Looks like life been kicking shins. still living motel Vancouver?
Thousands people Vancouver! countless! everywhere!
Vancouver just elected police city, funded Lululemon. Amazing.
When takes business casual date Contact stay Vancouver gents, will pleasure meet. Also, chat privately with onlyfans
Thank you, Vancouver! thank every hundreds volunteers tens thousands supporters. Together, campaign proud centered ideas scale challenges face.

Absolutely wild that Vancouver city hall would swing right like this, after these years making abundantly clear that only rich people matter here, driving anyone interested saving down payment house less than years.

Didnt elect single Indigenous person. Despite high Indigenous candidates running.
ParentsVoice party targeting school boards that raised eyebrows with links Christian conservatism anti-lockdown movement almost completely shut Metro Vancouver. looks like Chilliwack's Richard Procee only elected.

Thousands Iranians marching Vancouver third week.
Kevin needs collect some money from Uncle Chad paper route. Uncle Chad something else mind! KevinWiles ChadDouglas BigGuns CatalinaVideo PT1/2 Vintage Porn!
Jesus Christ Vancouver really elected right-leaning Mayor with zero political experience hangs with billionaires, against renter protections, could name Ministers Housing have actual plan crisis. disbelief.

Congratulations KenSimCity your election next mayor Vancouver. CityofVancouver Also, sending congratulations everybody elected tonight across province shoutout their names ideas forward.

looks like Vancouver votes 51.0% Sim 29.5% Stewart 10.0% Hardwick 3.5% Marissen 2.3% Harding (3.8% others) Council: (incl. mayor), GREEN, OneCity Park Board: ABC, GREEN School Board: ABC, GREEN, OneCity, COPE, listed ABC.

Rocked Millennium Place Stadium Vancouver.
Glad stayed ground today.
What online citizenship process Dominion Vancouver Islands?
Vancouver really turned said cops hate poor people.
Your opinion irrelevant, youre from Vancouver.
(1/3) Taka's Vancouver: tour various countries like this, today kind feels like we're home. There sometimes differences languages such difficult, having much today. Thank coming tonight.

have Wolves Netflix gotta check out. Vancouver Island.
Larkin fallen love with perfect man. Vancouver's bachelor year asked marry him, imagines Larkin's Choice: time traveling historical romance.
defeats Kennedy Stewart become mayor party sweeps Vancouver election.
elected next mayor Vancouver. results municipal elections across B.C.
Vancouver elects first Chinese mayor: businessman with previous political experience promised rethink city hall run.
party wins Vancouver mayoral election News.
BREAKING... Mayor-elect Sim's Vancouver party secured majority elected bodies. just majority City Council, seats PARK BOARD seats SCHOOL BOARD.

Took seconds find example.
Good morning Vancouver.
VancouverVotes election, left asked, "But surely, people can't simply *buy* election Vancouver?" answer tonight, clearly, was: "Yes. they can. They just did.".
supermajority council, every their promises them. Vancouver going what it's like when there's power bloc that promised austerity, that people going suffer learn this particular lesson.

Many important aspects tonights Vancouver election results. super-majority Mayor-Elect Council, Park Board gives Strong Mayor powers weak mayor system. more amendments amendments record-long Council meetings. NPA?

vote Vancouver. That's most since Gregor Robertson 2014, larger than pollsters forecasted (and, bluntly, massive repudiation poll that showed tied yesterday). Just massive win, with lots political capital.

Tonights results strong sign that Vancouver needs proportional representation, e.g. Single Transferable Vote. "majority" council. broken plurality at-large voting system allowed plurality steal disproportional majority.

book plumbs citys history, revealing past tensions between elites masses define present shape future.
Vancouver protests today, hours after Evin Prison Tehran caught fire.
Thank you, Vancouver. cannot fully express grateful Vote4ABC will work hard during next four years.
LETS VANCOUVER!!!!! Rock totally killed tonight.
Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart been defeated. Good riddance.
Never give up Vancouver, Washington.
will next mayor Vancouver, News projects News.
Stuck month Vancouver area, Canada. Seriously, month thick 1999.
Tonights results make sense complete repudiation left wing, group hug, circle jerk nonsense that Kennedy band poverty pimps Thank funk some sanity returned Vancouver before late.

crowd some great response that this lovely movie garnered yesterday Vancouver, Canada.
Tickets sale 2022 Kpop Canada Concert Vancouver[?] (WED) Sign Event (THU) Kpop Concert Toronto (SAT) Sign Event (SUN) Kpop Concert (MON) Halloween Concert.

Amazing. socialist_vote 1000s votes, with basically budget. Knowing there's many others there share values inspiring. Thank giving hope. Let's keep fighting.

Nobig winners residents Vancouver have endure horrible deteriorating conditions dtes areas increase violence crime. Stewart been absolutely useless dealing with this. Maybe things might start improve.

This from October 2019, Vancouver. Haven't seen anything like this this year. Taken Samsung Galaxy
Hard overstate just disastrous these election results going Vancouver. Full slate cartoon villains looking make this city unlivable normal people.
Demko just lost liquor license! Jake scores Vancouver lead
Violent crime, homelessness rampant drug addiction Vancouver rise. will decriminalization heroin, fentanyl crystal meth really help situation? about safe supply toxic drugs? This VANCOUVER DYING.

Poor might many pictures Vancouver this year.
Wards might help. names ballot pick need names your nomination. Should hundred can't that shouldn't Reduce vanity candidates.
night when Vancouver fell money, about those Squamish voters, resisted attempt$ subvert local democracy. Congrats Jenna, Chris Lauren! shout TheBreachMedia's CaraMcK, great journalist dragged conspiracy into light.

make poverty porn living"- person filmed "vancouver dying" they realize illicit supply toxic Fuck this piece crap video dosnt show community care DTES has.
Great news. Lets hope Sims delivers. crime problem control Vancouver. Getting that other Canadian cities too. order will become increasingly potent issue suburbs Poilievre. beautifully positioned this issue.

hundred thirty five years after first Chinese head paid just right come here work building railway, Vancouver elected first Chinese Canadian mayor, Xian Shan V.

Another seismic change politics Vancouver. Tyee takes inside ballrooms, wedding halls, polish community centres ABBA dance-offs where happened.
Thank much your documentary Vancouver Dying. opener many headed polls. Evidence that safety indeed major issue. Even though kept downplaying .

Project Ragtag video game development studio Vancouver after Visceral Games, game's previous developers, were closed down. canceled early 2019.
form, candidate vanre parrots well known intelligence talking point; looks worse after meetings with UFWD boss, also spotted event.Plan200_ca Vancouver mayoral candidate with CSIS.

Dont know were aware election Vancouver today. results dispiriting.
Updated post election results: Vancouver City Hall Server Budget Chip Wilson Slush fund United Front
city Vancouver overwhelmingly tried years letting crime rampant being soft crime. Let's years opposite. will which policies better!
Eby's endorsement will backfire think. want Mayor Vancouver, Mayor Cabinet Victoria.
Vancouver, Canada: love city call home, today citizens vote centre-right local government. came close shedding tear telling myself happening, must not. will just have harder. first drink small vodka.

Richmond obvious. Most Asians Asians Richmond don't like change. Vancouver desperate voted Sims partly because wealth privilege instead invisible Mayor others they don't know. It's messed time.

wonder what liberal_party will make these Vancouver results. looks like voters went mostly Sim. Will feds take meaningful action fighting crime facilitating economic projects? will they just that Poilievre can't attract centrists?

What You Really Think

Hahahahaha.. No.

No thank you.

Hard pass.

By all means, vote for OneCity if you want less police, more crime, and general anarchy. Taxpayers are only wallets to Boyle and OneCity, to fund their far-left agenda.

My plan was to vote yesterday!

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