Monday 22nd of May 2023

Vini Jr. Picks up His First Career Straight Red Card.

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Vini Everything this year just Liga little frustrating
Vini picks first career straight card.
Vini after received racist insults: don't want play anymore.
Vini gets attacked, nothing. Vini gets racially abused nothing, Vini gets into headlock submission, nothing. fights back gets sent off. This league disgrace.
play while clip like this instead they went Vini pushing other player only.
would even dare look vini sideways ramos still playing real madrid. stop for vini...
Dani alves same type rasisim vinicus didnt over react make fans angry responding rasism calmest saying rasism good saying vinicus makes himself target rasism angereing fans.

Tempers were flaring Valencia Real Madrid game with Vini sent stoppage time players having held back sidelines.
Vinis entrance music next match.
Valencia fan: "Are going apologise your gesture?" Vini: "Are st*pid?".
This Madrid squad bitch made, swear none players ever stand Vini. Where Casemiros Pepes Ramoss this Madrid side.
Vinicius doesnt have mature about racial abuse faces. doesnt have strong about being constant victim racism. vinicius doesnt shit nobody when being hurt abused every single day. enough with vini doesnt!

Summary todays game: Vini fouled game, reff didnt back him. racially abused Valencia fans, reff didnt back him. Then held chokehold Valencia player. pushed away rightfully Reff decides give Vini card. BIGGEST JOKE A.

know what think Mbappe would defend Vini maybe would change mind about transfer.
People comparing just games champions league with games liga, meeting same fans, refs players often. Even Vini should play premier league with this character, will only matter time before bomb goes off.

I've never seen Vini THIS frustrated, can't even imagine what this said fact that whole team behind means it's something very serious...
Spanish press have been pushing this line year that Vini deserves abuse. Thats gets hatred everywhere goes before even touches ball.
Vini literally grabbing referee pointing fans racially abusing him, honestly Real Madrid players should have walked off.
talks about Vini gets treated person said Vini thinks okay always talk fans after every skill shows. fans will everly win. supporting racial slurs though.

pathetic. Vini victim racism, you're here making stupid comparisons.
liga joke, Vini submission hold.
laliga acting against such things, they have been chanting racist slurs Vini since last year nothing done.
Whos the best like for Haaland Retweet for Mbappe.
People keep saying, VINI only black player attacked always ends facing monkey noises racism..i think best winger world football right noeTHEY RESULT RACISM ONLY AGAINST HIM, BECAUSE BEST. VINI COME PL.

forgetting what Benzema said about Vini just couple years back. surprised didnt stand today, Benzema quite lazy. Real Madrid might just fall soon. Terrible recruitment, Carlo staying, lazy senior players.smh Shameful.

True.. feel vini doing much lately***.
Entire dialogue about Vini should just down accept racism crickets about stopping racism first place.
Courtois: "Hugo Duro grabbed Vini neck then Vini reacts taking way. Only Vini card.".
Courtois: Vini said doesn't want play anymore, would have gotten field with him.".
wonder guys like RafaelH117 turn blind Vini being racially abused, their also turns blind
Etoo refusing play back 2006 because getting racially abused Zaragoza fans, even points those racists that some their players black. This Vini issue, just that these stadiums filled with some biggest scum earth.

Courtois captain without armband. Took defeat City head despite being best player addressed media. Today, only said right words about Vini. Benzema, Nacho, Modric Carvajal should ashamed.

"There other black players Liga it's only Vini creates issues" Black players subject racism always don't watch team other than Barca/Madrid Vini most targeted best itw, opposition hates more.

Vini player that carded.
outside mind. fervent defender Vini believe more should done help blame Karim beyond pale. Check yourself.
true vini handle better.
don't have words describe these actions anymore Tamu juntos vini.
Vini signals Valencia fans that they're being relegated Segunda Division Valencia currently five points clear relegation zone.
Liga embarrassing themselves with racism again. Vini needs leave that league ASAP, other players managers should talking about Disgusting.
They will only their pockets hurt. valencia asking vini apology spokesperson asking from carlo. this isn't just valencia every time like that. They don't really issue.

What meant think that vini himself reason there racism towards him.
Vini only sent off? reverse case Vini other player would sent off. Weve seen cards less than choking
This clip makes even worse. Vini red?
Thibaut Courtois: Hugo Duro grabbed Vini neck then Vini reacted taking Vini sent off.
Eto'o faced same problem Liga, remembered watching game where wanted walk pitch. can't black play well Liga. It's shameful that people defending racism because their jealousy dislike Vini.

Vini too.
Jong vini statement signings would nice.
Courtois: Vini says doesn't want play anymore, would have gotten field with him.
Vini Instagram.
commentary this pathetic. Trying suggest that Vini provokes crowd therefore brings abuse himself such dangerous precedent set.
Come to City Vini.
Liga will investigate incidents. tenth incident faced Vini this season. GuillerRai [?].
Justin Kluivert: don't like what happened Vini, it's football.".
Vini behavior another discussion. This about racist abuse people need stop justifying just because behavior, never justified. racism Spanish football stadiums very problem that needs stop being accepted.

Jihadi named Nadeem Khan doing obscene acts seeing Hindu women bullion market Indore Madhya Pradesh then public took care himand handedhimovertothepolice.
Co-commentator Liga asking Vini take look actions after been racially abused game headlock before lashing out, genuine state narrative theyre peddling.

Tibo should get the badge,either him or vini.

What You Really Think

He should be ban forever.


Seriously? This is the highlight from this game? Not a single word about the racist act against Vini? By doing this you help to normalize this criminal act that seems to be more common than usual in some parts of Spain.

La liga is racist because they don't have Spaniards with his talent.

Racist league.


You don't tweet about the racial abuse?


Becouse hes black. Shame on u.

Vini most overrated player in La liga.

Racism has no place in sports or society. Vinicius Junior is an incredible talent who deserves to be celebrated for his skills, not subjected to racial abuse.

La Liga fans have a lot to learn.

I won't blame Vini, he did what he did because he's depressed from the massive loss against city... it's normal.