Wednesday 12th of January 2022


Social Media Says

Goal Real Madrid. Vini 0-1.
HALFTIME Barca (LuukdeJong9, 41') Real Madrid (Vini 25').
Vini Foden comparisons.
Vini barber knows job.
vini wins UCL, Balon for, you're telling Neymar would still have better career than him?
Aloe Vera trying block Vini.
Vini really danced Barcelona.
Vini ball today.
Dont compare Foden Vini Vini clear.
vini clear cmon now.
just turned some mins, dint surprised better vini looks compared him?
Vini what United fans think Greenwood
Even someone failed Arts Culture could tell that once Vini sharpened finishing, over everyone over everyone.
know vini owns your debt club already.
Like Malcom Vini conk hair reach full potential.
Vini's goal foul benzema assist. Pathetic refereeing.
Because real madrid fans spam vini>fati everywhere both fanbases deluded.
Vini Instagram: bless Hala Madrid.
Vini Benzema great anti-colonial partnership that needed.
Alves good, sometimes struggled kwep with Vini's pace obv. Alba lacks brain cells. Busi just welk know now. mistake lead their goal.
wouldn't they protect future their nations football. Vini isn't even best young Brazilian.
clip those Modric balls. Vini that super casual switch Mendy? been best world last years was/is forever will underrated somehow.
pixel artist from France, working mostly Sci-fi Fantasy genre. Some fantasy pixel loops.
Very effective 3/4, what mission into them. -Madrid very Vini/Benz dependent. Receiving, dribbling creating scoring against side that tuned else will show NSNS?

your dance, Vini.
fact that even talking about Vini took goal shows ridiculous he's become, roof left foot, cold.
Same Madrid celebrated Vini goal.
Alves been successfull keeping vini hold That good aged fullback Frenkie Pedri Nico Fati Second half
Real Madrid, Vini
First half highlights: Gavi ferran, think are? Dembele better than Vini LUUK GOAT Carvajal ccoked Dembele. Barca better than Real.
They gonna move Vini right turn into just like Benzema Ronaldo back then.
Beautiful collection Vini.
hologram doing when vini scored.
basically. First titular Ferran. seen much. Couple lose touches keeping Mendy wide. Helps Alves it's just Vini 2v1. Also doesn't keep ball much Dembouz gets ball more, having rather more sensible than average.

wish could watch Vini, just score sheet every game.
HOLD $wkd Vini. Metaverso Metaverse.
Vini clear Messi.
Vini special man. Future Ballon winner.
Said same thing about Vini long look now, wont surprised this clown Asensio profile picture months.
once let's play with vini rings behind benz! every single time.
Imagine front line Benzema, Vini Mbappe.
Barcelona Real Madrid Live Streaming
Vini gonna lead Brazil world this year then 2026.
Damn, Vini going off.
Agree... There's bigger pressure weight using Brazil's jersey than other. Hopefully Vini will used
Contained, many breakaways have through vini. Just aint doing samba flick doesnt mean contained.
Dembele key! Danny really dealing with Vini hot.
Vini going star.

What You Really Think

No worry about football future with this type of players.

But Asensio ruins it.


Your going to Lost.