Wednesday 28th of April 2021

Timo Werner Missed This ...

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Timo Werner missed this
Kelechi Iheanacho reached Premier League goals season before likes Raheem Sterling, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Timo Werner Roberto Firmino Tonight marks only 12th start campaign.

performer this weekend? Kylian Mbappe [?][?] 2 Riyad Mahrez Phil Foden Timo Werner [?].
Everybody bashing Werner -People actually happy missed want Chelsea lose.
Werner will Just give time bro. think team doing far.
Pulisic Werner like, going alone.
Werner forward striker nigga even false That nigga just FALSE.
Second half thoughts: Timo Werner pitch.
grip, always trying make werner look good.
When Pulisic see's Werner asking pass.
Courtois whenever Chelsea counterattacking Timo Werner leading attack.
much Chelsea Timo Werner?
Pulisic looked seen Werner said gonna have this myself.
your players confirm Werner finishes meal ChelseaFC
Type Timo Werner Google translate youll Ahmed Musa English.
really cannot afford missing chances like these well, have Werner striker ***.
Havertz Werner please.
Pass to Werner, on my mothers life hes playing for us.
Werner shot JFK, today.
Understand Asamoah Gyan Missed Penalty knew CHELSHIT b3tc Player tes33 Werner ***kwasia player.
When Chelsea Werner.
This This a Timo Werner GermanShepherd.
Asamoah Gyan better striker than Timo Werner it's debatable.
Good Watch Neutrals like Madrid seemed confused with their game plan cause Tuchel team. Benzema Brilliant strike. Pulisic Great too. Also Werner missing again.
Timo Werner shot Tupac, today.
Retweet Benzema Like Timo Werner Legggoooo.
This Werner lose score now.
This goal doesnt happen without Werner. Look drags Varane back create space Pulisic.
Pass it to Werner, on my life hes playing with us.
Werner denied from point-blank range. Great chance open scoring. ]10'].
business attack. description. Werner letting down front.
"Pass the ball to Werner, on my mother's life he's playing for us".
runs search, like Germany take Werner Olympics. Just needful. many times have seen miss glaring chances like these? Countless.
Werner should leave where work ethic, talent mentality appreciated personal with you, just looking excuses abuse him. winner West Ham, works socks off, thats forgotten. Just embarrassing.

Chelsea decides Change Werner, Abraham will IntroducedFoolish Team.
Werner gives high blood pressure.
Werner girl, will always miss period.
Pass Werner, swear life playing
thing about Werner keeps getting chances. Again again.
Werner scored against then officially banter club.
What follow Timo Werner pass Yokozuna cos.
Werner coming half.
Please bring Giroud. dont wanna comment Werner much, still have faith patience running Ngl.
Take Werner off!!
Timo werner worst.
Werner Torres Chelsea remember Torres scored that crucial goal Chelsea against Barcelona.
Werner should immediately.
These misses from Werner paints perfect picture Acclaimed Lazy Tammy Abraham Leading Scorer this season! backed Timo, needs seat life matches!
Chelsea could have easily gone goals first half... Werner other plans.
Goalkeepers when they Werner charging goal.
Timo Werner Chelseas best striker they slating him.
Timo Werner, need proper talking half-time. even referencing horrible missed chance here, movement been pretty awful far. making runs, runs arent making easy teammates pick out.

Now, this just theory think that somewhere, Werner's stiff body positioning reason can't score. This visible when situation. upper body always stays little bent exact angle.

Werner Miss
support Manchester United every other team playing against Chelsea Werner/ benzena Mason mount.
Werner coming second half??? Wtf.
Whose worse: Timo Werner James? Personally throwing both jumble sale!! Give crate fosters take them.
will tell kids that Werner missed from here Rashford scored from here.
Timo Werner would send this God.
Timo Werner misses absolute sitter Thibaut Courtois makes save.
Havertz striker this game would have scored least goal. Werner only better relay race.
Werner gets ball dont worry shite will miss
grandma would score those chances Werner missed.
Werner: Pulisic! Pass!! I'm free! Pass RMACHE Pulisic.
Werner receiving ball knowing wont score.
Timo Werner score that. literally hear those words every week.
Please Werner need taken asap.
Chelsea fans cuss Werner every match day, rinse repeat.
Timo Werner cursed ngl.
Half-time Real Madrid Chelsea 1 -blistering Blues start -Pulisic -Werner chances -Benzema goal certainly can't blamed individual error! -exciting match, feels like there's plenty more come -Tuchel tactics subs second half will interesting. -KTBFFH.

No one trusts Werner.
Final pass letting down, through balls Werner being played quickly accurately enough.
Even Fernando Torres worst times better than Timo Werner.
Werner stays on...
boys song give Timo Werner " Timo Timo free night call One chance miss goal".
Nobody Absolutely nobody Timo Werner pitch tonight.
Chelsea want they need take Werner bring Abraham Giroud.
Pass werner mums life cant score.
Debate Machapo is more Clinical than your Werner.
Imagine Chelsea Werner becomes Chelsea legend.
Timo Werner first half?
Timo Werner shot 2Pac, cunt would bringing 50th album this summer!

What You Really Think

Giroud shld come on pls , am tired of seen timo Werner missin all this chances.

Tell us something new man *** he would miss his parents birthdays as well hes that bad.

That guy is too poor.

Crap it was a good save kmt you all not being fair.


It's not a new thing anyways.

This dude will miss heaven. WTF!!!!


As in ehe.. Hiss!

What has werner not missed? I pray he does not miss his life very soon.


Timo Werner was always overrated, this is just who he is.

Not bad for a flop.

Using pictures to manipulate show the whole clip Fraud.

More like TBO saved that.

No. Keeper saved it.

What did Timo Werner do to God wrong This isn't normal.


He never disappoints.


"pass to him,he's playing for us".

Too bad.

Espn you fucking haters!!

It does happen.

Get him out of the game.

Courtois saved this.

This guy has the poorest finishing Ive ever seen in football.

It would be more newsworthy if he didn't miss it. Missing is what he does.

He ddnt miss it waz saved.

Werner in Chelsea.

As usual mate.

Im tired of him tssw.

He is so shit.

Weve seen even worse.

That one Na normal thing na.

He'll strike back.

Timo flop.

Why not say good save from the kepper.

How werner is a Soccer player.

Normal .nothing new.

No Courtois saved that.


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